RED ROCKS WORSHIP - Right Here, Right Now: Song Session

Spotify: />iTunes: />Resources: /> Subscribe to our YouTube channel: /> Lord, You have our attention Every eye is fixed on you Burn away every distraction So You can move, Come and move And we won’t hesitate to bring You praise Open up the gates of heaven Right here, right now we seek you Right here, right now we trust you Your presence falling down Our worship pouring out Right here, right now Lord, You’ve won our affection We are leaving it to You Tear the walls down between us So You can move, Come and move This is where healing starts This is where lives are changed Sprit, come break through, break through You have made a way This is where we belong Here in Your full embrace Sprit, come and break through, break through You have made a way Songwriters: Jerrica Matrone, Tyler Roberts, Ethan Hulse, Jonathan Smith © All Essential Music, Be Essential Songs, EGH Music, Hickory Bill Doc, Red Rocks Worship, So Essential Tunes CCLI: 7095739

India Bunnell
This song has been on repeat. Love it, awesome job guys😀
Cloud Judah
Good looking with good voice.. Lord love this
Vito Aye
I'm a big fan of Red Rocks worship 🤗 love from India 🤗
Eben-Ezer Angula
I don't know why this song speaks to me so amazingly
Faith & Action
It must be cool to be able to express your heart in song like that. The rest of us depend on you to express our hearts for us. Thx.
Laura Billy
Love this song.mi and my family..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
This song touched my heart, too. :) <3
Caleb Rapp
this is soooo good
Salducci Kheira
This Worship's a peace of heaven on earth.
Living On Purpose 🌻
Amen 🙏🏿. Beautiful song. God bless you all