Ashley Blue video postcard

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hi mom

william cameron
You don't know me at all my name is billy Cameron I would like to be your friend on Facebook you look so hot and very sexy too you look so cute Can i date you some time very soon
Ben Potaka
what a cumhag!!!
Caslav Djordjevic
Kinda weird to hear sentences coming out of her mouth for a change. She's in those types of vids i like to fap to but feel very bad afterwards.
She is so cuuuute
gotta' love Ashley Blue
she sould make a psychiatrists job very easy
Jason Macko
This is probably one of the best arguments for girls staying the Fcuk away from the hardcore porn industry; which is run by greasy slimy bastards for the most part. If she doesn't end up ODing or robbing a liquor store when she runs out of cash, she'll need years of therapy. Hope she ends up okay and gets better.
screw you fatass
I fuckin love her soooooo much!
send some dirty skanks my way!!!!!!!!!!
And she really did kill her mom. :( :( :(
I like Ashley's smile. She smiles a lot :-)
what and youve never watched one of her videos?,you wouldnt have just stumbled on ashley blue ,on youtube,which tells me youve just ejaculated over her and are full of post orgasmic guilt,and your dealing with the guilt by trying to get on the moral highground,YOU ARE TRULY A RIGHT LOSER WHO SHOULD BE let ashley do what the fuck she wants with her body,i bet your a mad christian who has some fucked up crusade against sex and masturbation LOL
who the fuck is that stupid bitch?
thats so nice that ashley blue sent her mom a video postcard, good to see they have a happy healthy relationship
Stop imagining her loverofpoon, go and get her and start the gagging! Porn has taught you well.
That sounds very awkward and awesome at the same time
She's basically a walking sperm bank. Care to make a deposit?
Your opinion means so much to all of us. Thanks for sharing.
Wow, you are very insightful. Except for the part where you are a total idiot.
Who gives a shit how good she looks. Check her out in Gag Factor and Throat Gaggers and the like. She's taken some of the most brutal throat-fuckings I've ever seen, it's totally badass! Ashley Blue is the shit, grade A slut.
This is not real, it is a clip of one of her Girlvert Porn Movies, you know acting, the bit porn stars do between the fucking and sucking, oh yeah the women in the movie who plays her white trash mom, is not her real mom, she is an actor too, you lot in the USA really need to work out whats real life and whats fiction. Oh by the way Ashley Blue is as far as porn stars go a good and funny actor, and as sexy as fuck too.
ugh, I'm going to try to refrain from generalizing, but I'm always amazed at the issues that pornstars have. Mostly they are parental (for others it's a yeast infection). It's just too bad she can't forgive her mother, not to condone what her mother did, but for the sake of her own emotional health.
are you her relative or something?
I love her.
Ori, Kelley and I hate to see you like this. For christ sake you were the maid of honor at our wedding you are a good person and need to belive in yourself. Kelley was your best friend for years and it makes her sad to see you doing this to yourself. This is a terrible message to Donna. I know she wasnt the best mom in the world but she is still your mom. There are alot of people out here that care for you please think about what you are doing to yourself and the ones who love you. Kelley
Christophe Outdoors
Yeah but she takes 2 dicks in her ass.
most porn stars charge 1600 an hr. goodluck with that. maybe 150 will buy you a feel.
Alexander Mosson
No problem with her gobbling knob until it's a black man's. I wouldn't invite her to any garden parties either way. But just 'cause she's a vapid slore oesn't mean she isn't fappable
god i love this girl, shes so fucking hot
she is one ugly bitch. Ugly as fuck.
Axi Baximillion
ouu, Ashleys pretty damn hot. Love bad girls ^^
this is from the series "Girlvert", a porn series
....................ROFL! Defenetly has issues.
she has issues, but that just means shes a great f***!
PT 2. ...a new chick is doing what ur doing today, u may break down and wanna die!!! Don't let this happen, save urself, start a psycho-analysis and accept the fact that ur mother is irrecoverable BUT U AIN'T. U AIN'T HER, UR BETTER (if u want). I know, I can see sweetness in ur eyes :) LoveXXX
PT 1. Ashley, if u'll ever read this; u don't need to hurt urself to punish her. Yes, you're hurting urself doing that kind of porn; I love it, I jerked to it so much, and many others like me do likewise BUT ur mother closes her eyes instead. She won't see, she'll avoid suffering coz she's too hard at her age. There's nothing u can to hurt her. Killing her would make her happy I guess. It's too late for her BUT NOT FOR YOU. U ain't doing this forever. One day, on your 50's, when...