Day of Fate ~Spirit VS Spirit~ Lyric Video (Unmei No Hi English Cover) | Team Four Star

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Took a powerful scene and turned it godlike. I'm glad to have grown up with TFS.
lol squared
You see Toei, you're not dealing with the average abridged series anymore
I think i have finally figured it out! *Yuduliya - Vele* many people think that this line means that Gohan is comparing himself to god, but when thinking about the context of the song, Gohan is actually represented as the: Messiah - the savior sent by god. which has led me to believe that the Yudoliya - vele doesn't mean "יודו כי אני ה' - ואילו" "yudu ki ani adonai(ya) - vaeilo" literally meaning - "they will confess that i am god (godlike) - or else" but actually means: "יודו לי ה' - ואלה" (which also sounds exactly the same in Hebrew as it's heard in the song) "yudu li adonai(ya) - vele" literally meaning - "they will thank me: God and them" This gives the line a new meaning - both god and *them* would express their gratitude before me - because i am the messiah and it is my duty to do right and rid of evil. The *them* in the line may refer to the z - fighters, or perhaps all other living beings - they are protected by the messiah, and that is why they will thank him. The second line "Yuduliya Iyaliya" Many also think that the "Iya" in the sentence represents עיט - a bird of prey however, that is pronounced "ayit" with a "t" at the end. Iya is actually a question word which means: איה - where? a direct translation of the line "Iyaliya" from this point would be: איה לי ה'? - where (should i be), my lord? I believe that in the line "Iyaliya" Gohan is questioning god: "where is the place that i belong to?" Think about it! Gohan was a crybaby up untill that point, and he never liked the idea of fighting! The instant Gohan saw 16's head getting squashed under cell's leg, he was forced to not only go through a dramatic change in power, but also in his ideology: "Violence is not the way, but doing nothing is not the way either!" "which way should i choose to be in?" i believe that is what Gohan was questioning himself, and that that is why it appears in the song. I hope this clears some confusions and some arguments - even i'm not sure it is the real meaning behind these lines, but as an Israeli who knows the Hebrew language, i think it's likely to be the case (: Let me know what you guys think!
Adriel Oliveira
EA version: *BUY MY POWER!*
When TFS does Vegetas Sacrifice against buu is it too much for his final words to be : WANNA SEE MY CHIAOTZU IMPRESSION? "GOOODBYE TIEEENN!
if i had a dollar for everytime i listened to this *uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*
The Plasmic Alchemist
Gohan! Grow. Up. You act like you are the only one suffering, but I believe that Trunks has some stories for you, and I can assume they all end with "...and then he died, too." And before you start whining about your father—and I get it—take a moment to consider that my father made me a soulless killing machine to kill your father. And that doesn't even come close to the complete tragedy of fatherhood that is Vegeta. Cell was right. You think you're better than everyone else, but there you stand: the good man doing nothing. And while evil triumphs, and your rigid pacifism crumbles into blood-stained dust, the only victory afforded to you is that you stuck true to your guns. You are a coward, to your last whimper. Of fear and love, I fear not that I will die, but that all I have come to love—the birds, and the things that are not birds—will perish with me. So please... Gohan... *Stop holding back.* And hey, if we do make it out of this, please pick up my head, AND BEAT YOUR FATHER TO DEATH WITH--! ............ I'd say he's gone to a better place, but... we both know he never had a soul.
Michael Navarro
Me 1st time listening: "This cover is not bad." Me 10th time listening: *"BY MY POWER! WHOA WHOA!"*
Whoa-whoa , it's clear to me! My stomach growls and I will eat that horse, yeah!
Gabriel Aponte
Piccolo gave Gohan strength Krillen gave Gohan support Chi chi gave Gohan love Goku and Cell gave Gohan rage 16 gave Gohan his will and soul to protect
Just when you thought that Something Witty Entertainment were the new abridged rulers. The abridged legends come back with another opus. Thanks for making this song a reality.
It is a secret we have known before gohan could even form words in his mouth. Through fights with raditz, garlic jr, the ginyu force, and even Frieza. We’ve caught glimpses of the child’s explosive power, but like an explosion; it vanished with the moment; it couldn’t be controlled, until now! At last the beastly power has been harnessed. Gohan has awoken. Now cell will battle a warrior eleven years in the making, on the next dragon ball z!
Psychic Duck
You see Perfect Cell you're not dealing with the average Super Saiyan warrior anymore, I have risen above and become the legendary... SUPER DUPER SAIYAN!!!
I. Can't. Stop. Listening. To. This. Song.
The DBZ Abridged series was the first time I heard this song, and the moment I heard it, seeing Gohans transformation, is when I finally learned to appreciate and respect DBZ in a way I never did before.
Vegeta and Slaine
*This song describes gohan so* *well..*
Cory Stapivic
So this made #43 on the Billboard 50 Hot Rock Charts.
Cristina Vanni
Who's here after watching Part 3?
The day of fate has finally come... And so have I...
Soni32ultra alpha
My pig listened to this. He became the legendary super swine
Best english dub of the song ever. The power of the song is still intact. Love it!
I am at my office working on music programming for my station when I see TFS on the Billboard charts. So proud of you bois!!!
Zeel 9000
English dub + Japanese Original Music = *Abridged*
Salty Stick
It pisses me off so much when people say they preferred Gohan's Anger It's good and all but _This is god-like_
Tai Dunca
No joke, I listen to this before a rugby match to get myself psyched up. Absolutely amazing!
This song makes me make an O Messiah in my pants
Ion Skankam
My mother listened to this song Now the Kardashians are keeping up with her
Joseph 420Gamer
Now plant your feet!.......Grit your teeth! And eat that horse! Gohan:*just killed cell* horse eaten!
"I'll turn your laughter into fear" Wow...My freaking lord that hit me harder than kamehameha to the face. Love you guys!!
Please upload the instrumental version you used in the credits of part 3.
this is one of those songs/covers so good that you memorize most of it by the 4th listen
My air conditioning listened to this. It's now a wind tunnel.
Lancer Mafia
Just know one of the reasons Gohan got to go Super Sayian 2 was because Krillin wanted cyber sex.
Almost forgot to listen to it today, pheww
Huh... I have a sudden urge to eat that horse
Dee Bee Geek
This literally took my breath away.. I am speechless.. It truly makes me so happy to see where you guys started and where you are today! An inspiring song sang so beautifully signifying the journey of TeamFourStar! Congratulations and thank you for the laughs!! <3
Fourth time watching DBZA.. wondered if there was a full version of this transformation song... was not disappointed. Except for one thing - Who the hell downvotes this? And WHY?!
Kevin Zhang
Back from the finale, who else?
man, we've come a long way from one weed farm joke. I can TELL, that the buu saga is gonna kick ALL SORTS OF ASS. Guys, For the love of god don't do an abridged version of GT. Not because i think its bad, but because it wouldn't ever beat the level of childhood reincarnation DBZ Abridged did.
Ivory Valor
For some reason I get real power metal vibes from this song... it's probably the 'woahs'. A bit of a Tobias Sammet feeling....
I can't still believe they got Paulo Cuevas to sing this cover. That's freaking awesome.
Syncrossus BAR
I usually dislike English covers for several reasons : I find Japanese to generally sound prettier, the lyrics often sound cringey in English (they might also sound cringey in Japanese but I don't speak it so I wouldn't notice), and translations are often mediocre linguistically speaking. However, I love this cover, and I find it way better than the original. The arrangement is much crisper and better, the intro is much clearer sounds more elegant, and the english lyrics rhyme incredibly well. Outstanding work by everyone involved.
Air's Life
Looks like Cell made 1200 accounts and hit dislike with all of them
Friedrich Habetler Music
I keep coming back for it! Love it! <3
I'm here after the Cell saga finale.
Yoshidraco S.A.
You see TeamFourStar, you know you'll see nothing more but pure excellence
I remember listening to the original years ago and thinking that an English version wouldn't have the same impact as the original, but so happy TFS came along and made this!!! Just as good as the original. Love listening to this, having the feels as the original! TFS truly know their craft and deserve their current level of success and much more!
Lil Spill
Remember when Gohan wasn’t like he is in super
Jorge Cruz
TFS has a worldwide audience, so, most of the audience except americans, were used to the japanese soundtrack, which is my case, but TFS did an amazing job, trying to please all the fans later with the father-son kamehameha song, now the torch is very very high. i have followed this show for almost 10 years, and i can't wait to see, what they have to offer us in the future, as a fan of DB, all i can say is thank you, for being more than just a "parody"
TFS has my infinite respect for managing to make an already perfect scene even *better.*
Who else felt chills at beginning And I still feel chills every time!!!
Kain VS Predator
HOW are there so many dislikes on this video?!! 1,300 people simply have no fate.
Anime Master
Had to come back to finally conclude it time to wait until season 4 now
Raymond Bradley II
I listen to this everyday.
Crona Albarn
Perhaps the best song tfs has done in any series they have. [Edit] wow over 140 likes, that's just amazing. Thanks.
Toasty Chrome
This is just one of those songs where you need to listen to it on almost max volume. Amy lower and it loses its power
I gotta say I love all the abrigded staff: KaiserNeko, Lanipator, Takahata101, MasakoX, Hbi2k, Megami33, Ganxingba, Antfish, Remix, Faulerro , Shudo Ranmaru and so on but man AinTunez is a freaking genius. He keeps on giving us these gems and I love them all.
Harmony Jewl
Gohan. If you don't do this Piccolo is going to die. Your mom is gonna die. Everyone you know, is gonna die. But more importantly, if you don't do this, you're gonna die. So plant your feet, grit your teeth, and *EAT THAT HORSE!!!!!!!* Horse... Eaten...
HSingh21 ,
Man I’ll never forget the greatness of tfs this song will always bring good memories can’t wait for bus saga abridged
Ruby Riding Hood
It's so cliche.... But it's so cool! BUT IT'S SO GOD DAMN CLICHE!
Keaton Brooks
Practically listen to this every day and still gives me chills.
Black Cloud
*I think, this song is more than just a background music. This can be either a motivational force.* Because there is hope for those who have already lost faith in themselves, in humans and in life. There may be a lot of wickedness and depravity in the world, and may be the man often feels hopeless everything and thinks death is better than life. But all hope was not lost yet. The evilness does not remain forever. *_Feel it grow inside you, a burning flame and force of will - This flame inside of me burns brighter then it ever has before - My spirit grows and I will face this demon - The day of fate has finally come_* Lot of truth...
Angela Francis
I wish I could like it more than once
Otaku Lord8
I can’t stop replaying! It’s that powerful! 🤩
Coolio Ash
What an absolutely amazing rendition of this beautiful song. I love dbza when its light hearted but I'm truly reminded of the quality of the series (both the original and dbza) during moments like when this song played. (It also reminds me of the absolutely amazing voice actors behind the characters I'm watching). Thanks tfs, and I hope that you guys have at least half as much fun making what you make as I like watching it!
Mercury Zam
I just realized. In Dragonball Gokus first gi is purple. the one he got from Grandpa Gohan. Gohan receives his own purple gi from Piccolo. Not only does the purple Gi return to a Gohan, but both Gohan and Goku got their purple Gis from someone who was a father figure in their life when their own father was deceased.
Silver Red
Gohan: The Messiah!
Yuduliya-vele Yuduliya-vele Yuduliya-vele Yuduliya-vele Yuduliya-vele Yuduliya lyalilya Feel it drawing nearer,an endless fear that takes you hold feel it getting closer revealing such an evil soul right now it's do or died; my life on the line and I will not free by my power Whoa whoa it's clear to me My sprint grows and I will this demon Whoa whoa whith burning energy The day of late finaly come Yuduliya-vele Yuduliya-vele Yuduliya-vele Yuduliya lyalilya Feel it right behind you,a grinning monster out to kill Fell I grow inside you,a burning flame and force of will thought of a broken Earth in ev'vy corner of my mind a loveless world , devoid of life ,is what you hope to leave behind Hear me crying
I’ll turn your laughter into fear Gives me chills
Some Anime Lover I Am.
When You Accidently Go SSJ2 Against Cell In Xenoverse
Does anyone know where the instrumental version of this song is?
Everything about the lyrics of the song fit great I can't get over lines like "I can't surrender at the turning point of destiny right now its do or die my life is on the line and I will not flee" later it says "Thoughts of a broken world in every corner of my mind a loveless world devoid of life is what you hope to leave behind" these lyrics have the greatest symbolism in the entire song conveying the idea that destiny is changing, remember this is a world that was supposed to be conquered by the androids in trunks future yet now they stand at the literal the turning point of destiny and Gohan knows that he can't flee from this fight because right now its due or die and he is all that stands between cell and the broken world of the future devoid of life and love. STAKES ESTABLISHED GET HYPE!!!
Cybard Sands
Am really glad they completed the cell saga they did such a good job
Listening to the whole song, imagine a scene where it starts as just one person standing alone against some big calamity in the start of the song, then by the last chorus part of the song, that person's friends and allies stand in front of them, forming a line between the calamity and the lone hero, going "You did good...we'll take care of the rest."
Who is the singer?
Gintoki Sakata
Like an explosion his power goes with the moment, but now Gohan has harnessed this beastly power, now hear him roar
Devil Trigger: "Ha! I'm gonna be the badass tune of 2018" TFS' Day of Fate: "Hold my Heatap"
Poor gohan, a lot of people say they hate kid and teen gohan because he’s such a whimp and a cry baby, but it’s not like that doesn’t bother him, during the father son kamehameha before he beat cell, he was thinking about how he has let his friends down all of the time and how he feels terrible that he couldn’t help them, then his father makes the sacrifice for him and the earth, one person to be pushed that much should be shown sympathy and amiability to. One like one feels for gohan
La Serpiente Del Mundo
Esta mejor esta versión que la de español :v
If this doesn't play when Gohan goes SS when Videl's getting beaten up, I'm out.
This song brought tears to my eyes when I saw Gohan transform! Thank you, TFS! ;)
ᴍᴏɴᴋᴇʏ ᴅ. ʟᴜғғʏ
_"Gohan. Grow up. You act like you're the only one suffering. But I believe that Trunks has some stories for you. And I can assume they all ended with: "And then he died too". And before you start whining about your Father, again-and I get it-take a moment to consider that my Father made me a soulless killing machine to kill your Father. And that doesn't even come close to the complete tragedy of Fatherhood that is Vegeta. Cell was right. You think you're better than everyone else, but there you stand: the good man doing nothing. And while evil triumphs, and your rigid pacifism crumbles into blood-stained dust, the only victory afforded to you is that you stuck true to your guns. You were a coward. To your last whimper. Of fear and love, I fear not that I will die, but that all I have come to love: the birds, and the things that are not birds, will perish with me. So please...Gohan...Stop holding back. And hey, if we do make it out of this, please pick up my head, and beat your father to death with--"_ *Head gets crushed by foot*
This scene, the music, the drama, the transformation, my God you guys gave me goosebumps that i haven't felt in this scene since the FIRST time i saw it as a kid. Hearing the lyric while gohan stands there with his tears flowing slowly evaporated, just goosebumps all over. Cudos to every single one of you guys who worked hard on this whole series. Makes me proud to be a DragonBall fan
Ziku Productions
Joe Green
I heard the original and I thought it was good, but nothing all that memorable to me. This version however, kicks ass
Thank you TFS for exposing the english speaking world to the Japanese version of this scene. I know a lot of dragon ball fans who have only heard of the dub of this.
tgrace1911 _
"Oh yeah...cell...youre gonna die..."
Expect to hear this cover in hundreds of future AMVs to come.
Syed Noore Rasul
5 months later. Still listening to this
coco cornflake
give tfs control over american dragon ball z please they will do it way better. and for a cheaper price am i right guys???????
this song amazingly suits gohan well done bro
This is like an audio senzu bean!
Tin Watchman
Hey, are you guys planning to release the orchestral version you used in the Part 3 end credits?
Andre Flores
Songs for freiza cell.... Oml will one of the buu's get a song?
Mahmudul Hassan Hasib
1.25x is just lit! 👌
Mike Atkins
This is the most incredible remix of a song I have ever heard. Gives me chills. I remember as a teenager, almost 20 years ago now, watching the original Japanese version and seeing Gohan go SSJ2 for the first time. A memory I never have forgotten. Call me a nerd, but one of the most iconic growing up memories I had. My next bodybuilding competition this is going to be my routine song. I see many PR's in my future when this is playing.
Jarvo 4444
'Never before have I needed something so bad and not know until I receive it' - abridged vegeta- broly movie