10 Kids Products That Should Be Recalled!

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10 Products From The 90's That Are *NEVER* Coming Back! ➡ I Bought a Credit Card for $14... | 10 Ridiculous Tech Gadgets ➡ /> Welcome to the first DOPE or NOPE episode EVER! Today we're looking at kid's products that should be RECALLED, due to their dangerous, inappropriate, or just plain weird nature - let us know in the comments which one you thought was the most bizarre! Vote On Upcoming Videos! Vote Now! ➡ /> Found a product you'd like us to review? Post it on our subreddit! ➡ /> Click here to check out our merch! ➡ ⬇️ FOLLOW ME! ⬇️ Matthias' Vlogs ➡ />TWITTER ➡ />INSTAGRAM ➡ Check out some other awesome channels at Hi5 Studios with the links below! Battle Universe ➡ /> REKT ➡ /> Get Good Gaming ➡ /> Fail Time! ➡ /> Check out these other videos you might enjoy! DISCONTINUED Baby Product! | 10 Strange Shark Tank Items ➡ I Bought Nothing...Again?! | 10 Strange Amazon Products ➡ /> Painting With Spray Can Explosions! ➡ /> VAT19 MYSTERY BOX....UNBOXING! ➡ /> The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup ➡ /> $125 Fake iPhone X - How Bad Is It? ➡

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Channel is still called “Matthias” for now so we don’t confuse people who might think “when did I sub to this random channel”. It will soon change to DOPE or NOPE when we feel people are familiar with the new name. Glad you guys are enjoying the new show. Means the world to me.
Emmanuel Ayala
I really loved the old setup
Mark Tube
15:53 this is the part you might be interested to watch,they didnt actually buy it and review it tho
22:52 You see the baby in the window behind Matthias.
Milly Ballard
I loved when Matthias used to do these videos at his desk with Bryan in the corner, and he would use different ratings, not just 'Dope or Nope'. He would use things like 'Savage or Average', and it seemed like he was having a lot more fun just him and Bryan. But now that's changed, and I don't know why, but I'm sad about it.
Sophia Broshes
Me: that dude that has the girl on his back in the picture looks insane Mathis(sorry I can’t spell): is that mat pat form game theory?!? Me: finally someone says something about the smartest dude on youtube
Capt'n Joe
Nope... *walks back to 2017 Matthias channel*
Tanner: SHE IS LIKE DORA BUT BETTER Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brickmaster E
That doesn't look like MatPat though?
Demon Dog
I have blonde hair and blue eyes also I'm a female Scared of first product it is a copy of me!
Fluttershy Channel
2:14 Just Imagine if a Parent Came in Your Room
As long as i can focus on Matthias and his beardly glory im fine with those other two peasants.
Ashley! Bruce
This is amazing, different, and hilarious. I love the change, and I love them being in the video some more. I think its much more fun watching and I feel you guys feel much more comfortable and that you guys are having more fun with this change. And I love this, will be watching for much longer!
NOname ._.
Who else remembers when this channel was actually good and still watchable
Chelsea Wells
Why is there a vape for 9 and + months.
16:24 *Clip In "10 Products To Help You CATCH a GHOST!"*
“oH tHeY’rE bEiNg *rOnChEy* nOw”
Adeleon 6129
At 10:58-10:59 there’s a weird whisper in the background
Cottonball the bunny
I like your look better without the beard
heavyn leigh
10:58 *_potato_* Did anyone else here that?
I’m two hours late, but I absolutely love this set up
Zoraida Beltran
16:20 thumbnail
Rowiobot Plays
When I was little I had one of those flying doll things
Bill Chesher
21:56 l didn’t know what you meant the doll or your face 😸😸😸😸😸😸
Unknown Co
Probably 1/3 of this video I couldn’t breathe
NOOOO!!! Keep the Matthias name, it’s like a brother to me!
The omega boba fett 69
18:20 and that’s just a theory a film theory
Adyson Drebes
7:15 the doll deep throated that banana😂💀
paty casas
MATPAT !!!!!!
Huskey Plays
Narwhals don't have horns they have tusks and that's why there are rare narwales with two tusks
Justin Y.
"Youtube only allows family friendly content" *Looks at intro*
Rainy Smith
I want matthias back!!!
hoodie penguin
oh mah gosh i have not watched this dude in ages and he even changed his name what the heck and who are these two people like wahatatata
Flaming EMIE
Dope or Nope: is that MatPat from Gametheory? MatPat when he sees the video: hey Mario... round up the bullet bill... and grab me a power up mushroom.
Tocko Licious
Omg I want this cabbage patch doll!!! When I was a kid, my grandma had a donkey that did this and it would appear in this like saddle bag. I loved that toy! I dunno what happened to it when she died. I wish I could have got it LoL
wait. does that mean the cool shelf with the cool stuff is gone?
Rain Kallis
I had a little fairy that can fly when I was younger so you put it on you can charge it then you press a button after it starts flying you can put your hand udder to make it go higher.
Friendly Flamer
Mansplaning, fakin feminists
Jonathan Sullivan
How anyone can write anything negative about friends making funny content is silly
I was confused at first but thx for confirming that it is storks😁
Oooh this’ll take some time to get used to but I think it’ll be fun.
The 3 of you are hilarious! Awesome name, kickass set and just a god laugh. Thank you guys for making this!
The Real Gummysaurus
Tanner x Matt
Ummmm...Did anybody else notice that he was still wearing that 'saddle'.....24:17 Yes....oh ok. Uh, ill just like my own comment now... he he
Hannah Kitching
18:23 “is that matpat from Game Theory??”😂😂
Actar Raikit
The setup is fine. The wall, on the other hand, is painful to the eye.
Wolfie Gurrl
"I'm not helping you get dressed" "You have before, what's stopping you now"
Adeleon 6129
Lol the birds and the bees part 2:07 (in case anyone was wondering)
Ella Martin
I just realized that these are grown men...
Mintie: Channel for boredom!
No! It’s only been around a month I come back and you’re not Matthias anymore!? Cmon dude every the “M” intro is much better
Virtual Human Experiment
The seating placement is rather odd. It seems like Matthias should be in the middle, not on the side. Maybe get a corner sofa so everyone is in the same space? A dark or neutral background would be nice as well. I assume everyone is nervous right now but a less necrotic conversation between everyone would be nice, like in the old format. There are too many visual cuts between product and the guys and the conversations...the whole thing is a bit visually uncomfortable. Looking forward to seeing the new format settle in. <3
pete parker
the dancing baby looks like bruce willis
Gavin link
Matt. It would fly to the kids head Me. Or the crotch
Michi No
I have one of those flying things when I was 7
alex's games and more
At 20:05 Who ales Google advises went off
36 Volts Son
Is this show dope or nope......NOPE
Zakary Dodson
Mr beast microwaves weird stuff...
Jedd Salter
What happened to Matthias sister?
Kitten Gacha YouTuber
At 12:07 MATT I'M A RED HEAD AND I'M NOT A PYROMANIAC!!!!!!!!! How dare you!! Love your videos still
Fritz Mangiral
My eyes would focus on the background not on their faces. 😂
Jazmyne Hecker
CyberKitten Warrior
I haz a doggo called Luna
Rachel Deeves
Matt's face 😅😅😅😅😅😅
A to Rhombus
Don't really like this new change. Too many people talking at the same time, feels way too zoomed out. I feel like they're talking more to each other than the audience, which was one of the main appeals to the old format for me. Also this one might just be me, but Tanner is a little annoying when he's the center of attention. The whole "pitch" thing is also really awkward and not very entertaining
Bri TheRobloxGamer
I like the old name
DJ PartyPon3
Hey I got one: Terror Teddy. When I first saw a picture of the Terror Teddy I saw not scared of the teddy bear but I will say this it is really creepy looking. And I also had a sky dancer before but I would only play with it not having it like spin around or something. (I have the movie too sadly it very old and scratched up still have it tho.) 😀😅
Meloby Matchen
It's all nopeeeeee
Qweem Soda
Poor tanner he gets bullied
Chloe AF
I LOVE Tanner in front of the camera!
Nat Suarez
I have the first one
I had one of those bubble pipes as a kid over 20 years ago lol. I really loved blowing bubbles and that was actually my favorite toy to blow bubbles with lol. I never got soap in my mouth. :P
Dat_one_autistic bird 1
I like it because it’s funny
Definitely Not Jimin
Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope
I miss the old set ahh,,
Moana’s World
what is wrong with the thumbnail "my first vape🙄"WTF😤😖
poppy deakin
I had the pipe bubble thingy when I was younger xD
Imaan Mahmood
I hate tanner Britainis an amazing country and i live there 😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡
Phox gamer
"Children stick their fingers in its mouth and it eats their fingers off" Tanner(being the genius he is):*sticks finger in dolls mouth*
grecia world
That doll is at Walmart 😂😂😂
PSP Gamer
Megan Scott
*Like it cuz its funny*
• believe •
Cloudy Blue Bird
That red and blue is killing me
FuntimeFoxy KERMIT XD this a meme
sadgirl sad
magenta melon
I hate this I hate this I hate this please change it back before it's too late please
Vee G.
I never got the “birds and the bees” talk. I had to learn on my own ((: #teenmomlife
Wake Dreamwalker
You need a dope or nope series called ‘Pitch About It’ Where you are given random products without explanation and you have to pitch them to each other.
The 144 Gamer
I like how your channel was before when it was Matthias
A person who likes to draw ;-;
If the telle tubies have a hole on there head they are a girl, if it’s a line it’s a boy!
Tristan Lukens
I’m to late and nobody is going to see this, but whatever: Come on Matt. You need to reverse this. It all began when Bryan left, (I know it was his own choice) I started with not watching this channel. Then this happend. I’m not glad with this, among with many, many people. I loved the channel before this change, the jokes where amazing, (I legit laughed over a day with the Mobo-Pro 😂) Bryan was amazing, and just everything was amazing tbh. One of the best channels ever. But then this happend. It’s so different now, and in a negative way, unfortunately. I’m 99% sure that you’re never going to do it, but please, just please reverse the changes and you’ll make many people happy.
reborn lover and collector
This was made on my 13 bday. I think I watched it on the 11 because I was with my family or at school
CayNin X75
R I P Matthias :(
Emily Tyner
3 guys ya know just chillin playin with bubbles and children’s toys 😂
UNIcorns Are alive
Yeah I got the pipe before I always got bubbles in my mouth
A Dancer
A Narwhal’s horn can grow up to 10 ft long!!
Savage Austin Austin vlogs
I am 8 and I no what a vape in is
I still think you should have gone for Matthi-yes or Matthi-no.