Glass - Official Trailer [HD]

Glass In Theaters January 18, 2019 /> M. Night Shyamalan brings together the narratives of two of his standout originals—2000’s Unbreakable, from Touchstone, and 2016’s Split, from Universal—in one explosive, all-new comic-book thriller: Glass. From Unbreakable, Bruce Willis returns as David Dunn as does Samuel L. Jackson as Elijah Price, known also by his pseudonym Mr. Glass. Joining from Split are James McAvoy, reprising his role as Kevin Wendell Crumb and the multiple identities who reside within, and Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey Cooke, the only captive to survive an encounter with The Beast. Following the conclusion of Split, Glass finds Dunn pursuing Crumb’s superhuman figure of The Beast in a series of escalating encounters, while the shadowy presence of Price emerges as an orchestrator who holds secrets critical to both men. Joining the all-star cast are Unbreakable’s Spencer Treat Clark and Charlayne Woodard, who reprise their roles as Dunn’s son and Price’s mother, as well as Golden Globe Award winner Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story series). This riveting culmination of his worldwide blockbusters is produced by Shyamalan and Blumhouse Production’s Jason Blum, who also produced the writer/director’s previous two films for Universal. They produce again with Ashwin Rajan and Marc Bienstock, and Steven Schneider and Kevin Frakes, who executive produce. Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum also serve as executive producers. A Blinding Edge Pictures and Blumhouse production, Glass will be released by Universal Pictures in North America on January 18, 2019, and by Buena Vista International abroad.

That Other Guy
This is like the avengers for adults
I only watch this because of Split his multiple personality acting skills amazes me alot
King DaVinci
James McAvoy, by far, was the best in this movie. He absolutely murdered his role in this movie! (No pun intended) His acting skills are improving leaps and bounds, its a nice thing to behold.
Dani Munif
if i have to choose between marvel and DC universe, i would rather choose Shyamalan's Universe!!!!
The reason why these big corporate critics dump this movie I believe is because it has a powerful message. And it’s through out the whole movie mostly towards the end on how the slightest self doubt can rob you from your joy and that their is truly evil people out their that don’t want you to reach your full potential they want to keep you fat dumb and slow the (elites) and if you believe in yourself extraordinary things can happen things that other men will look at you in a God way not know that they also have the same gift but have to learn to tap into it.
Teodor Recabarren
1:22 the Logan Paul personality
Alex Stone
Revanoxx XD
The critics said it was bad/regular. You know what? They know nothing. Absolutely masterpiece!!
Ned Achilles
this is NOT the type of superhero movie that separate u from reality for 2hrs while chewing popcorn waiting for Thor entrance and couple of unnecessary superhero landing, - its gonna provoke ur dying feelings and leave u slightly depressed towards the end.
Ilze Grina
Just watched the movie. This is definitely not one of Shyamalan's failed projects. I very much enjoyed it.
KAIDO el de las pinches bestias
*90-2000's kids watch UNBREAKABLE and find SPLIT.* *2000-10's kids watch SPLIT and find UNBREAKABLE.* *TODAY all of us wait for GLASS*
This movie left me depressed for weeks!! The entire trilogy is so touching & real :,) 💞
Faithful Collections
This is how the theatre reacted to this movie.... So about the first half of the movie, I could hear people weren't into it. I heard talking. People mostly wondering what's going on. A lot of confusing stuff that didn't make sense. THEN. The last 40 percent of the movie. The "break out" scenes. The audience was dead silent. Glued to it. In awe. Not a peep from anyone. Until the last scene. And when the credits rolled...Nobody got up. It was weird. Usually ppl start leaving when the ending music plays. Or, the first word of the credit appears. But not this film....people wanted more. I've never seen an entire theatre watch the whole credits. We all wanted a bonus scene. Or maybe, it was so good at the end, we were paralyzed. Well done M Night Shamalan! VERY nice comeback :)
Just watched the movie, now let me speak to the 1% What people don't realise is that the ending is very much REAL, the elite (and illuminati) control everything by hiding the truth and getting rid of anyone that tries to surface it, these movies are trying to tell you something: Glass, Get Out, The Island etc.. "I understand how important what we're doing is, maintaining balance, keeping order" (quote from the actual movie). It's 1am now let me sleep...
swagmaster flex taemin
the ending still makes me cry like a newborn baby and it's only been a week since i've seen it. the movie is amazing, the critics are stupid- go watch the movie :)
Jean Nguyen
They should really give James McAvoy an oscar for such a role with 23 personalities.
James McAvoy blew my mind with his acting. Simply incredible. As far as the movie goes I have to say it's one of the best I've seen this year. Probably one of the most interesting and fascinating stories. I just finished it and kind of want to watch it again.
Anshul Yadav
Most dumba$$ critics of the all time !!! Glass ❤️
Lisa Monaban
This is Nick Fury before joinning SHIELD
The Audience: What a Shitty Superhero Ending. Producer: WE ALMOST GOT YOU BRO!
The Commenter
Who is hyped for this movie?
Robert Tinsley
Just finished watching this movie. IHMO, M. Night is the penultimate cinema genius of our generation. Unbreakable, split and glass is a shining example of excellence in screenwriting. All of his films are poetic and sensitive and beautiful in their own way. I hope this man lives a long time, and I get to see many more of his works.
Lorenzo Pasqualini
Phenomenal movie. Unbreakable is a superior movie from a film-making standpoint, but nonetheless, this is a fantastic movie. Excellent villan, script & themes.
Phoenix X
Shamalamalama has lost his edge. Did not have the dark unknown edgy feel like the first. Took off way too slow, too much dialogue, not enough suspense with Bruce and Samuel, glossing over things like why the laser was aimed at 3rd eye, secret society thing etc...and ending was weak weak weak. Too bad. I was really hoping he got his MoJo back but no he is writing like a satisfied cat instead of the hungry cat he used to be...
Ending had me shook I love these films especially split!
After all these years. Gonna be a ride.
Chris Corley
I'd love to help expand GLASS (2019) up to 180 minutes of epic finale proportions. Needs more scenes. ☕🗽 _c.
Priya Dharshv
1.56 "Do you like kevin now?"
Isa Bergeron
whatta plot twist at the end
Mike Lucas
One awesome movie, I rate as five star!...its nice to see originality in movies again, the story and the twist was great and never expected.
Damn it Samuel L. Jackson cant stop putting super teams together.
e Zee
Yep, Shyamalan made the unexpected. A great Trilogy.
Your Local Lizoggo
The movie was fantastic The trailer doesnt explain the movie it drives your minds to think what the movie will be, like mr glass droves your mind from his plan
Rose Marie
I dont know what the critics saw. A masterpiece
Benjamin Mphisa
"what do we call you sir?" "1st name Mr last name Glass"
Unbreakable is a classic, Split was a surprise & Glass will conclude the trilogy we never knew we wanted.
sara star
افضل فلم شاهدته الى الآن لك كامل تقديري وأحترامي 👏👌👍❤
Wow glass was so fucking good! I enjoyed it a lot. Shooketh
shehan silva
Everyone hates the psychiatrist now 😂😂😂😂
camaa pearl
Don't listen to critics! This movie is the bestest super hero movie ever! Felt so real.
Devon Palmer
Will shyamalan do the impossible and make a perfect trilogy
First name: Mister. Last name: _Glass_ Best line of the movie. So badass.
Muhammad Firdaus Mohd Azmi
Already watch this film today. I just want to say, this film is incredible. Heartbreaking. This film is a perfect ending for The Eastrail 177 trilogy. . . . . . . . I hope M. Night Shamalan will continue this trilogy for another film and new characters someday.
Haibat Sherwani
Man this movie brought back a lot of memoriez from the past, when i first saw unbreakable, i just feel amazed and nostalgic, who else fedls like tgis
Stijn Dijkman
You watch unbreakable. Then you watch split and then glass.
Brett Putman
This is exactly what the comic movie genre needs right now. A fresh take with completely original characters. None of the baggage that comes with fanboys freaking out and nitpicking stuff that does not matter for the film. Can not wait!
Umair Hussain
When Professor Xavier returns as BEAST again.
Was tired of watching regular superhero movies. This is breather. Awesome movie.
They called me Mr. Twist!
Richard WILSON
mmmmm... NOPE! straight to *BetaMax*
An unbreakable glass, splits.
Seth B
This movie was Excellent! The “critics” are on crack. Great ending! Watch this movie!
Black on Black Kindness
This trailer was far better than the movie. I truly wish it had lived up to this.
The movie was wonderful, and the twist at the end was a complete surprise. Don't listen to critics. If you liked Unbreakable and Split, you must watch Glass.
Jason Paulin
Phenomenal film I’m glad to see M. Night Shyamalan giving us a super hero film that stands out from the Visual effects driven Marvel films.
LiL OverDose
The Gaming jello
My thing is that the critics are downing this move without a deep understanding of it. If you really look into it, it is not a movie for you to sit down and grab some popcorn to....Though you can if you want. Its not meant to entertain, or be of interest. Its to show there are unique people in this world and some even more unique then those. There are many secrets in this world, that only little know. They are hidden or terminated. Other secrets lay dormant or camouflaged from the world to save there own skin or the existence of the unknown. Im not much of a conspirator but I do believe there are things hidden from us that we must not know. This movie right here is for those thoughts to come out and make you imagine the possibility's. Great movie and hope to see another one.
Don Wimalasiri
I Was Diagnosed With ASD, ADHD & DID For More Than 20 Years!!! Mr. Night's Works Inspire Me To The Core!!! Thank You Soo Much!!! 😎😎😎👽👽👽👾
The Transporter
It doesn't matter if Samuel Jackson has got one eye or fragile bones cuz nothing is gonna stop him from teaming up the avengers or any comic book characters.
Andrei Tulbure
I will include this movie in my "best movies ever made" list
Jane Leelavathi
James McAvoy is so underrated.
Fleet Admiral Auto
Shyamalan pulled the biggest sneaky over all of us
Jessie Ngo
Kevin was 👏 awesome
Carlo Angelo Apawan
I only watch this because of Ana Taylor joy😍😍😍
Jay Town
This is the cinematic universe we never knew we needed
Némesis Reising
I just came from watching it I'm triggered af right now lol
Himanshu Rai
Wtf .. i watched Unbreakable just today
Rahul Chakravarthy
മനോജ്‌ ഏട്ടൻ... ഇത് സംവിധാനം ചെയ്തിരിക്കുന്നത് ഒരു മലയാളി ആണ് ബ്രോസ്.... 😎😘😍
Secret XD XP
So this was Fury's story before he met captain marvel and lost his eye😕 he does love to team up super humans
I will seriously forgive m night for ruining the last air bender if this movie is good.
Damn, that was a bumpy ride. Thrilling and entertaining. McAvoy was spectacular.
Then later on Avengers Endgame would just wipe this off the spotlight
Videos Society
James mcAvoy at his best 👌❤
This series was fantastic
Adrian Willis
Marvel: We are the best crossover in movie history! Glass: Hold my beer...
Delphia Kerluke
Will shyamalan do the impossible and make a perfect trilogy
Homie Bat
Amazing ending. Loved the movie. Critics are the worst
Big D
And 1:21 is his Logan Paul personality...
anj 123
All three movies are soooo good and interesting.u should definitely watch it,but first watch unbreakable and split so u know what's going on otherwise u will be so confused.
“I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.” - Glass (Spongebob)
I was so disappointed, wasted £30 on 2 cinema tickets. Should have gone straight to DVD. 5/10 at best
BEST FUKING FINAL EVER !!!!! Great final guys still having chills
Revanth Bharathwaj I-yer
whole India is proud of yu Manoj❤❤
Nora Naser
I saw it today amazing
*”There was an idea”*
Ardi Shehu
This movie is so ffucking wonderful
Fulfilled expectations 🤙😎 Classic trilogy
Lena Doot
first name *gonna* last name *watch*
Professor X is still a mutant :V
Wade Lewis
Plot twist: this is only the beginning.
NEVER LISTEN TO CRITICS! ALWAYS TRUST YOURSELF!💙💜 The critics are like the elite they want to hold you back from your true potential...
cesar garcia
David Dunn The Beast A Clash for the Ages
Noah Mukhtar
Don't watch this trailer, please! Just go watch the movie already
Jerry Reynolds
Didn't had these goosebumps even after the movie was released
Rómulo Figueroa
1:22 is Logan Paul one of the 24 identities? Lmao
I Loved This Movie So Much I Don't Care About Haters And Critics
Zeda Haas
Michael Myers vs the split dude
Meadow Skye
Amazinggggg movie!! Saw it the day it came out and seeing it again today!!
Karma IsReal
James Mcavoy is hot !! OMG
perfect actors on perfect story, perfect movie