Silent Hill: Downpour Gameplay [1080p HD, Xbox 360]

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No Commentary, Pure Gameplay. Spooky... 52:29

Silent Hill Downpour Gameplay Walkthrough Xbox 360 HD PS3 Playstation Konami Let's Play Playthrough 1080p Silent Hill: Downpour (Video Game)

Well I wont be buying this
Alvaro Escalante
It was like watching a scary movie lol. Creepy
Jessie Patt
I want PewDiePie to play this
The game has a strong atmosphere.
Silent hills please be better than this crap and bring the series back to its former glory
Shinox Jonin
me da mello...
Seems pretty cool :) great video
Cristina Marie
Ugh you need inception to beat this game .
Well, the thing with the live commentary is that it helps people who either get scared easily or are just bored because they can't play it themselves. So, yeah, i kinda' have both cases pretty much :))
I think Rockstar took the Max Payne 3 Walkthrough down :(
50 minutes in and all I got was a lukewarm fight with some female creature. Next!
Serious Question, Do people/you guys seriously like, or love non commentary gameplay videos? I ask because, I like them, but then again, I like both. But, I can easily add some non commentary videos to YT. Commentary videos would be harder with all the things going on at the house. Plus, I am not the commentary/talking over a video type. Just curious.
Alot of upper body strength. lol
Haha, cute use of Silent Hill 1 theme at the part with the jukebox. You know, I'm warming up to this game. I always try to be as optimistic as I can be, and I realize that SH probably will never be the same as it was after 3. I was willing to give Shattered Memories a try and I didn't like it all, and I'm more than willing to give Downpour a shot as well.
Abhik Paul
11:04 the music starts and the ride to the Silent Hill... damn that music is too haunting...!!
Looks like the most boring game ever. Ok, the graphics are fantastic, but over an hour running and nearly nothing happens???
fuktha polize
if u ever played manhunt u dont would say this.
So is this it? Very disappointed.
Screamer seems to be Sanchez's monster and the Doll is Murphy's inability to cope. Most games have a female monster due to the male main (or secondary list Sanchez) characters having problems in some form or fashion with women.
This was great. Part 2 coming soon?
Evil Uchiha
very ncccccccccccccc <3 love this game ..... n nc quality btw :) ..... n n much to watch thx
I was thinking the same thing ._.
don't listen to Merc, just keep silence. That will be better
Dannnnnnng a full hour? I'm subscribing lol
silent hill can have some silence, thanks, nice walkthrough
Noemi Corigliano
padella xD?
Noemi Corigliano
love this game
Gunnar Vittrup
El Ojo Que Todo Lo Ve
second part!!!plz !!
this is the lameist of all the silent hill games it doesn't even feel like a silent hill game. you cant even analyse the background or objects you find and it doesn't have that classic deep symbolism like the older games. its just seems thrown together.
Paulo Ricardo
Very good video congratulations!
Lady C
30:50 he had a Henry Townshed moment XD
NO commentary!!! ;)
D Gallardo
Very Good, this video had to do gameplay silent hill downpour, so with the game's sound effects.
Warren Holt
Because this series has always been neck deep in metaphors. Personally the later games have lost a lot of that in favor of more gameplay and scares to me, but they still keep somethings up regardless. If you've played 1-4 notice how the nurses are different in 1 and 3 compared to 2 and 4. It wasn't just an artistic change, it has to do with the characters and the plot.
Make it quick cupcake lol
Roope Heikkinen
48:57 Best position ever xD
alexa corgan
Thank you!!!!
Roope Heikkinen
21:08 oh no i can't never get over that. xD
when u play using Xbox or PS your playing sucks
damian forero
hola como se llama el programa donde hace vídeos con el xbox
john sheppard
Max Payne 3 on xbox 360 will run on 1080p which is the highest graphics but on ps3 it will run on 720p which is lower so basically xbox 360 graphics will be.better
Rowland Dj
Gabriel Martins
Clinton Oh
I respect your opinion, and I see where you're coming from. But for me, I like that commentary. It adds flavour to the game, as each commentator is different in their commentary styles, and I like that. Three commentators could make a Let's Play for the same game, but it would be different each time due to the different commentaries.
Clinton Oh
It doesn't matter if you're a girl or boy, your opinion is equally respected :)
Ryo Onizuka
That was an awesome hats off to the decade Silent Hill has progressed when you used the money for the jukebox
what a gross opening like manhunt
yeah! gross
Thank you--I love non commentary gameplay. I don't get why people want a ton of running of the mouth to ruin the intricacies of a great game playthrough.
I guess I'm just a girl who wants the games to speak for themselves.
Sure, the graphics of this new silent hill may be better, but the old Silent Hill games; Silent Hill 1,2, and 3, had far better plots then this one.
Io_ Otonashi
poor fat I still do not understand why I kill murphy
Hey man do you think max payne 3 graphics are same in xbox 360 and ps3 please tell me i have ps3 but i want to know is it going to be good on ps3 too ?
is this worth getting ?
Arodi's Film Music
I bought this game when it came out the first day. When I played this game, this game is not silent hill anymore, this sucks!!! I regret buying this game. It's not worth to play or buy this game
How did that guys neighbor take that long to die??
Katyfox208 KAGE
plz play the silent hills PTPLEASE!
I RATHER PREFER NO COMMENTS ON A GAMEPLAY PLAYTHROUGH... instead of a gamer talking like a slut, shouting and laughing... If it is to say something...say only the necessary. But I DO PREFER THIS WAY... NO COMMENTS. ONLY THE GAME AUDIO!
Alexia L.
do you have playstesion 2 or 3 because i have playsesion 2 and i want this game so much its so cool and real im really so jeualas
summer shaffer
its like a movie!
Chow Timothy
It looks like dmc5 @@
Nick Whittemore
If you're watching a "Gameplay" video, people want to see the game itself and not hear talking (most of the time). A "Let's Play" video is more likely to have commentary and for good reason. "Let's Play" makes you think talk, laugh, have fun while playing, not watch the game and not hear anyone. I do agree with you though. It really depends on the viewer. Non-commentary isn't better or worse than commentary and vice versa.
HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU PUT THE BRIGHTNESS UP IN A SILENT HILL GAME! THAT RUINS THE ENTIRE PURPOSE OF IT BEING SCARY! YA FUCKIN NOOB!!!!! Why the fuck do you think you care that flash light 24/7 and if it dies you are fucked.....
الحمد لله
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movies And seriens
how he can beat him brutal?
I feel so bad for this guy.
The Serfs
Horror games are the greatest. I wish more people learned about pissing themselves. Gotta spread the good word.
Kyle Sergei
Shattered Memories all over again
never played this one it looks very scray
Cade Ford
and that tree happens to fall over at that time
Cade Ford
they did a good job on the graphics ;)
kpop genial
it looks in parts to resident evil nemesis
Henrique alonso
mais 1 inscrito kk
Mr.Rod TV
Graphics Look good, but compared to other games they could be better =)
Mr.Rod TV
lol at murphy's scream!.
That Kid James
xpertthief should play this
spaike neskenedi
silent hill e um dos melhores jogos de terror de todos tempos
spaike neskenedi
usa porrada nos inimigos para economizar munição e amas de manos assim
its more like manhunt to me ,... silent hill rest in peace u___u
Watch the whole game.You'll find out.
Alex Iasonidis :)
Slayer Gamer
Yalguun Altanbal
im gay roast me
José Paulo Marques Filho
gotta love the surrealism in this game
The Flea Productions
i dont belive that theress is such thing as a asian that doesnt knows how to make pc games
Shelly ODEN
killed @ i
Shelly ODEN
nathan explosion
KONAMI why u no release it for pc
Is that Jerry Sandusky in the shower?
Len Rioku
mhm, the feels
Len Rioku
how the fuck is he still alive after all those hits from that logic -.-
the momment he sead " where ever this thing goes....cant be worse than back there" he instantly fucked himself
Sucks PC gamers wont be getting this :( . Homecoming is on PC, why not this?
Thomas Labat
Walking While Holding Random Objects Simulator 2012
Yahjme Rerref
36:50 when i was playing for the first time, i kept running until 20 minutes that goddamn stair x_x