DJ Tiesto - Adagio For Strings

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Marcin Zebryk
anyone 2019?
Omer Schreiber
December 2018 still here?
jd dr.jkindle
Roses are red. Violets are blue. When I listen to Adagio, My neighbors do, too.
Isabella Oriol
I loved the 00's! - Tuvan - Destination Calabria - Played A Live - La Passion - Pulsar - Airwave - Cafe Del Mar - For An Angel - Giulia - Call On Me - Komodo - Now You're Gone - Insomnia - Hot Summer Night - Sandstorm - Dragostea Din Tei - El Nino - Another Way - Adagio For Strings - Summerlove - Traffic - Calabria 2007 - Elements Of Life - The Riddle - Out of the blue - Ella, Elle L'a - L'amour Toujours - Better Off Alone - Silence Those were THE days.
Marco Meľoš
I am so proud that I was born in the right generation to listen to this, and not like these kids today <3 Edit: Anyone 2019 here? :3
V Moscow
Crazy how music with no words can make you feel so much. In this case, remember so much. This is nostalgic, tiesto was the shit back in the day!
Old memories when i was younger time flies😢
Sam Blackburn
The song with the infinite build-up.. years later and still a masterpiece
My neighbors love this song so much, they broke my window with a rock so they could hear better
Javi Dominguez
para mi es y sera la mejor cancion de tiesto en la historia
Lee Warner
kto slucha w grudniu 2018? to jest epickie ;P
Time to piss off the neighbours
Dieter Bohlen
When you in the Club partying hard and you get Vietnam Flashbacks.
hanif arza
This is beter than despacito
Mohammed Kurayzim
Full of energy in Christmas 🤶 25-12-2018
Paul Forrest
God these tunes .ake the hair on my arms raise still at 51 cause of course old skool late 80s early 90s, fantazia 95kB blasting it Harddddddddd
Amar Mrkulić
Stefani Blake
This just kicked in tabs I took 13 years ago
Hu. Özgür
Burdan bütün eski müptezellere selam olsun )))
Safado Ns12
viva la musica
max 245
Last day of 2018
Colourful 999 Real
dankiel memelife
I'm trance gender.
Bass song channel 2
el parlante
Simha Lecht
fabian flores
6:54 la transformación a super sayayin de Goku frente freezeer
I get a vietnam flashback while listenning to this THEY WEREN'T IN THE TREES THEY WERE THE TREES
Panchoman :v
Master piece...
Dj Sanskrit
2019 ????
If i had to explain the feeling this song gives me, it's like being at a concert and it's around 6 or 7 am and the party will be over soon and the ecstasy effects have almost passed away and this dream like state will soon be over, but it's okay, everything is going to be okay <3
مسكون | Mskon
i'm so glad that i was born in 90's :) best days ever.
กกαiκ ηıяⱱαηα
Still Playing In Every Event (ASOT 650)
December 2018
The Sage Of Many Paths
Wopwop wopwop wopwop wopwop wopwop wopwop wopwop wopwop wopwop wopwop wopwop wopwop
KingGameZ 123
KINE Master
2019 ??
Mazen Izzeddine
why do drugs when you can Adagio For Strings
jose cabello
esta es una genial canción lastima que ya no hace mas de este estilo
i have been listening to this song for a week straight and am still not sick of it (edit) 2 weeks now
Nolan Nortje
Masterpiece of pure trance at it's finest.
what ?
December 2018?
Alexander Kim
like if youre still listening in 2018!
Denis Weisz
Dec '18
Vision Of Extacy Trance
1:26 first stairway to heaven
Batman 558
Juan Urdaneta
2 de Enero de 2019
keka dimar
tenia 12 años cuando escuche esta maravillosa y hermosa pieza y me di cuenta que me encantaba la música electrónica me pregunte de quien era y una amiga de la misma edad me presto un dvd de un concierto de un DJ y su nombre era TIESTO.......
Mario36 Kopi
I jego muza rozwala umysl.. Jedziemy !!!!!
Muhammad Afiqhur Rahman of Ariel Rahman JivanMukta
Аn0nym ous
Тиесто охуенен!!!
Idk it reminds me to interstellar
Anthony C
Play this when the world is ending ?
Annmarie's Youtube
September 2018 😁😁😁 Excellent
Xtreme Martz
This feeling when random channel has got much more watches than Tiesto's
The Rookie Gamer
Anyone 2019?
i listen to metal & i have no idea how i ended up here..........
Damaris Gutierrez
es esta musica la que m recuerdaque estoy viva
Levente Jandó
Ez nagyon jo
Southsound beat
Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.
Stefano Marandola
Irfan Eftal
Сентябрь 2018
I miss this Tiesto, old Tiesto.
Bô Janssens
Cillian L
Dec 2018!!!!
share YourDance
💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 Makes me Happy ELectróniKa ..!!! 💥💥💥💥💥💥
gotta shout out my big bro on this jam right here hahahah he had me listening to like every tiesto cd some crazy music lol good stuff right here for sure
DJMegatron LIFTA
I paused my porn to listen to this, but I didn't stop masturbating
Rodrigo Martins
2018❤ best forever music
Manu Hernandez
Woh can it be so culiao.. Tiesto.. i'll tell my sons who you where.. Legend.. so far. Unbelieveable.. thank you so much my friend
Reminds me of old runescape pking videos...
Michael Hogan
Victor Velasco
I got to see him live in EDC
tzimiz zyo
damn that song, still givs chills.....
Brian G
I like this song so much I broke my neighbour's window to hear it better, then they called the cops to come listen too.
Miguel Pereira
The drama, melody and beuty from the original and the energy of trance. Together they make one masterpiece. Very well done by Tiesto and of course, Samuel Barber.
Gaurav Pratap Singh Singh
December 2018
Zoe Norris
Hello 2019
Alenchek Trance
hala tüylerimi diken diken ediyor dinlerken bu parça.. Bir parça bu kadar duygu yüklü ve bir o kadar da coşkulu olamaz.
very very good can u send me extacy song?
sorry e
Tiesto didnt become bad New generations are getting worst n worst taste in music.
Alenchek Trance
Dave Common
Dan kun je alleen maar trots zijn dat je een landgenoot bent ... MEGA
Dany FCD
Nearly 2019..this banger never gets old !
Akhil Sharma
Whose listening In 2050 ? This song has a emotional connection with everyone in different ways ❤️🔥
WOW just WOW
jesus sosa
En todas
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Annmarie's Youtube
Fantastic 😁😁😁👍
Ákos Makrányi
still the best in 2019
Holland!!! Make some noise