DJ Tiesto - Adagio For Strings

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Mazen Izzeddine
why do drugs when you can Adagio For Strings
My neighbors love this song so much, they broke my window with a rock so they could hear better
Fluox Trix Channel
sanj das
My neighbours love this song so much they called the police to come listen to it as well
BroI〈 en drum Machine
Tiesto wtf is that Jackie Chan garbage I keep hearing on the radio at work? Man how the mighty has fallen.
Fluox Trix Channel
muito bom viajar neste set ....
Mick Stocks
This is truly one of the best trance tunes I hav heard , I'm 50 years old now still play this loud in the car amazing. U all need the album lost in trance in your life's, truly amazing...😉😉😁😁..
Fanatycy Piłki
this song will fly at my funeral
Shahin Shahsavari
One day I came home, opened my computer and looked up EDM. This song came up. I have been listening to trance since that day. I was 15, now I'm 22.
Shady Kozak
I miss times when tiesto was a god of trance
ELriza Rizky
Still listening at 2018, i love this **ckin music, but old tiesto better than tiesto now, :'(
el parlante
carol orellana
No se como algunos tarados pueden decir que esto no es música. No sólo lo es, es algo casi místico, la mezcla de los sonidos, los ritmos, la emoción, la coloratura de las melodías. LA SUBLIMACIÓN DE LAS SENSACIONES!
tzimiz zyo
damn that song, still givs chills.....
2018 anyone?
Hu. Özgür
Burdan bütün eski müptezellere selam olsun )))
Dave Common
Dieter Bohlen
When you in the Club partying hard and you get Vietnam Flashbacks.
Optic killer Newton
Been listening for ten yrs
Artan Shirqi
Great! I'm almost 49 yo and love to hear it. Thank you DJ.
Paul Forrest
God these tunes .ake the hair on my arms raise still at 51 cause of course old skool late 80s early 90s, fantazia 95kB blasting it Harddddddddd
Annmarie's Youtube
September 2018 😁😁😁 Excellent
Isabella Oriol
I loved the 00's! - Tuvan - Destination Calabria - Played A Live - La Passion - Pulsar - Airwave - Cafe Del Mar - For An Angel - Giulia - Call On Me - Komodo - Now You're Gone - Insomnia - Hot Summer Night - Sandstorm - Dragostea Din Tei - El Nino - Another Way - Adagio For Strings - Summerlove - Traffic - Calabria 2007 - Elements Of Life - The Riddle - Out of the blue - Ella, Elle L'a - L'amour Toujours - Better Off Alone - Silence Those were THE days.
Idk it reminds me to interstellar
Lol Right
Let's all never let this die :) Long live trance music! Keep posting comments and sharing this with your friends.
2018 ?
Dora Burgul
2018!! Still listening
Alexander Kim
like if youre still listening in 2018!
Levente Popovics
This music always get me depressed, I dont know why...
Annmarie's Youtube
Excellent November 2018 😁😁😁👍
Simha Lecht
I luv this remix so much I’ll be watching in 2050
Anthony C
Play this when the world is ending ?
i have been listening to this song for a week straight and am still not sick of it (edit) 2 weeks now
Paloma Mrqz
me gusta cuando se revienta🎧🎈💊 👊🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼☄️💥💥💥🔥
kellyann noble
Always will be a tune ✌️👌😍pure euphoria
Javi Dominguez
para mi es y sera la mejor cancion de tiesto en la historia
Stefani Blake
This just kicked in tabs I took 13 years ago
Чайный Гриб
Тиесто охуенен!!!
Emilka Szumska
Kocham cie tiesto najpiekniesza pisoenka swiata nuty mojego serca love
Yiğit Binyaşar
All good things come to adagio for. Strings
Damaris Gutierrez
es esta musica la que m recuerdaque estoy viva
Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.
Александр Иванов
This is Trance
Nolan Nortje
Masterpiece of pure trance at it's finest.
Carina Natália
Samuel Barber - Adagio for strings uauuuuu👐🇧🇷🇧🇷👐👐👐🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Сентябрь 2018
I get a vietnam flashback while listenning to this THEY WEREN'T IN THE TREES THEY WERE THE TREES
Omar Manrq
dj tiesto el mejor trance
Toma Makhviladze
2018 😍😇
Michael Hogan
Still in 2018
keka dimar
tenia 12 años cuando escuche esta maravillosa y hermosa pieza y me di cuenta que me encantaba la música electrónica me pregunte de quien era y una amiga de la misma edad me presto un dvd de un concierto de un DJ y su nombre era TIESTO.......
gotta shout out my big bro on this jam right here hahahah he had me listening to like every tiesto cd some crazy music lol good stuff right here for sure
Manu Hernandez
Woh can it be so culiao.. Tiesto.. i'll tell my sons who you where.. Legend.. so far. Unbelieveable.. thank you so much my friend
Luis Lopez
Amaizing song !! i love this shit !!! yeahh
Waleed Banjar
I just was in tommorwland festival, feeling very sad not a single good track like this played in any stage. 😔
dankiel memelife
I'm trance gender.
Буду бить провокаторов, это уроды!!!!!
Brian G
I like this song so much I broke my neighbour's window to hear it better, then they called the cops to come listen too.
Best song ever thanks so much for putting this on YouTube
People saying this song destroyed the original, but in my opinion, is not destroyed, the song just got more rhythm. I like classic version and this version, there's nothing bad about liking both versions. This song still is a bit sad.
This feeling when random channel has got much more watches than Tiesto's
Rodrigo Martins
2018❤ best forever music
Mario36 Kopi
I jego muza rozwala umysl.. Jedziemy !!!!!
Anunnaki Arandio
⭐ Parceros I need Colombian COCAINE now. ❄
I miss this Tiesto, old Tiesto.
Muhammet Halil
Play musıc 🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧
jesus sosa
En todas
Annmarie's Youtube
Fantastic 😁😁😁👍
Mario36 Kopi
Jak zwykle Tiesto the best
Marc Anthony
I'm 49 and still want to dance when I hear this, someone please invent a time machine.
Marco Meľoš
I am so proud that I was born in the right generation to listen to this, and not like these kids today <3
Velly Bryzi
Tiesto... best Dj in the world ... king of the music trance dance music 😘😘😘😘 Love it💖
Reminds me of old runescape pking videos...
Alessandro Scuppa
This melody gives me hope i n the world
Bô Janssens
Miguel Martinez
Torm Tormi
Can someone recommend me more songs like these?
Przemek Żurek
Much respect to Samuel Barber, what a beautiful thing music is
jose cabello
esta es una genial canción lastima que ya no hace mas de este estilo
Oli 227
Aida Pupovic
Alexander D. Mendoza
Miguel Pereira
The drama, melody and beuty from the original and the energy of trance. Together they make one masterpiece. Very well done by Tiesto and of course, Samuel Barber.
Imagine if Remo Giazotto heard this
Nathaniel Burdon
Last time I listened to this I was tripping on 2 blotters m8
lilly buckle
In love😻💗
tupac easy biggy tupac easy biggy
This should be played at very high volume .
sorry e
Tiesto didnt become bad New generations are getting worst n worst taste in music.
Przemyslaw Kopczynski
Tiesto Forever 😁😁😁🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱📣📣📣 suuuppeerr🤗🤗🤗🤗
Safado Ns12
viva la musica
palo Hamrla
Turker Kahya
Perfect 🤗🤗
กกαiκ ηıяⱱαηα
Still Playing In Every Event (ASOT 650)
Roy Meadows
Sunderland AFC new walk out music..Class.... :)
Dusko Gvozdenovic
Ja sa ovim dj tiesto uzivam
saityboi haha lolol