DJ Tiesto - Adagio For Strings

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Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.
Marcin Zebryk
anyone 2019?
jd dr.jkindle
Roses are red. Violets are blue. When I listen to Adagio, My neighbors do, too.
Although this is not the best song in the world, but I have shivers every time I listen to it
Lazar Bojcic
This is REAL Tiesto. Tracks like this never die.
Krish Khemaney
people still here in February 2019? This song makes me think of tropical cyclones. Guess this song blows you away.
Released 14 years ago TODAY (Jan 31st) and just as powerful and haunting as ever. Much love to everyone here listening with me.
Sam Blackburn
The song with the infinite build-up.. years later and still a masterpiece
Kael97 Rage
Vengo del futuro y sigue sonando en el 2050 :v
Dieter Bohlen
When you in the Club partying hard and you get Vietnam Flashbacks.
Omer Schreiber
December 2018 still here?
V Moscow
Crazy how music with no words can make you feel so much. In this case, remember so much. This is nostalgic, tiesto was the shit back in the day!
Snowcone Madafaka
march 2019, i come back to this song
Matthew Franklin
The definitive sound the first casualty of war is innocence Platoon ♊️♓️👍✨
Old memories when i was younger time flies😢
Princess Benedicta Princess Benedicta
Roses are red. Violets are blue. Honey is sweet. But not as sweet as you.
Dish Washer
King of the Bests ‘King Tiesto’ love your music
5:57 I cried. Did you feel that intensity?? Such powerful.
dankiel memelife
I'm trance gender.
Jokin 4 Life
Imagine this playing in an earthquake...
Steve Parker
Song never dies 2019
I’m catching a beer on the doorstep of my house in Brooklyn listening to this MARCH 2019
Consuelo Bonet
Es incondicional, para las personas que la sienten!!!! Me encanta!!!
Stefani Blake
This just kicked in tabs I took 13 years ago
Great version from Tiesto. I also guys reccomends version from 1999 William Orbit - Barber's Adagio For Strings (Ferry Corsten Remix)
Sandie Lu
My all time favorite track 😍 never gets old 👌 🔥
Sarah Gálvez
Mi favorita ❤️🎶 eres un crack Tiesto 😍😘
Jordan Thomspon
Permanent shivers and goosebumps? Anyone? ANYONEEEE?????????
My neighbors love this song so much, they broke my window with a rock so they could hear better
Merlin Schüren
Who is listening to this in Oktuary 4729?
2:26 Am so yeah❤
Amar Mrkulić
I loved the 00's! - Tuvan - Destination Calabria - Played A Live - La Passion - Pulsar - Airwave - Cafe Del Mar - For An Angel - Giulia - Call On Me - Komodo - Now You're Gone - Insomnia - Hot Summer Night - Sandstorm - Dragostea Din Tei - El Nino - Another Way - Adagio For Strings - Summerlove - Traffic - Calabria 2007 - Elements Of Life - The Riddle - Out of the blue - Ella, Elle L'a - L'amour Toujours - Better Off Alone - Silence Those were THE days.
The Rookie Gamer
Anyone 2019?
chris bow
elephant man death scene tune, gets me 100% of the time.
Mohammed Kurayzim
Full of energy in Christmas 🤶 25-12-2018
Shane Shanks
Bloody ❤️ this tune and still fantastic in 2019 ✊
Mazen Izzeddine
why do drugs when you can Adagio For Strings
Need a music festival with this kind of music, not the actual bullshit, just artist like tiesto, Gigi...
March 2019, still ravin'
Lucas wilson
Podemos chamar de som perfeito ❤👽
Wesley Caballero
Cat having a Vietnam flashback brought me here
Shane Mooney
What a tune bring me back to my teens going to the discos partying mad and still going yupzz...👍👍👍😊😊😊🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮
He doesn't play music. He is a music!
graham keetom
Awesome trance tune Never tire of listening to this
Александр Иванов
This is the important trancemission to go on the planet of liquid skies
Zachariah Goodworth
I <3 techno
Shaheer Malik
Whoelse came here after seeing Frank Costanza from Seinfeld?
Malek TW
Who’s is on this one 1 march 2019?
San Jaya
5:19 5:19 5:19 the best part
I miss this Tiesto, old Tiesto.
Shi... So nostalgic...
elrubius OMG
Ákos Makrányi
still the best in 2019
Seyx 123
Today's people will never know good music. Someone 2019-2020!!?
I get a vietnam flashback while listenning to this THEY WEREN'T IN THE TREES THEY WERE THE TREES
Flow Wolf
and much honor goes also to Samuel Barber - Adagio for Strings
Shadow Lorri - Official
The best song of Tiësto and still is the best 00's dance track in my opinion Man, I miss the 00's 😭😔
vortexx killaxx
I personally do not care what Tiesto has done with his career as of now, i fully respect his mainstream transition, i will always respect him as he is one of the Pioneers alongside PVD, Ferry Corsten, AVB, A&B, of the wonderful Trance community we had in the 90's - early 2000's. I am not a gatekeeper and let anyone listen to what they like, but THIS, you must admit is fucking Heaven on earth. Much respect to this legend and all other pioneers of Trance.
Anthony C
Play this when the world is ending ?
Dany FCD
Nearly 2019..this banger never gets old !
Batman 558
Dominika Skoracka
I m cry I swear :") 2019 :")😍😍👀❤👌🔥🔥
Domaszeki simsonosok
Alexander Kim
like if youre still listening in 2018!
DinamikXXL Helios
2019 <3 <3
M Gosp
Samuel Barber - Agnus Dei is the original song if someone wondered.
kalnins ugis
2030 anyone?
Broken Vodka
Cows go moo Cats go meaw Dogs go woof Idiots go *2019 2019*
L2 blackbird +adagio+ ghost hunter =3.5k in your brain Have a nice Day
Dave Common
el_ portistaa_94
2019? I love this song 💙 PORTUGAAAL 💪
Kelly Burton
Cannot actually believe how old this track is and it still sounds sh!t hot !!!!!!
Johann S
My neighbors are listening to this a lot lately.. whether they want it or not
Κωνσταντινος Πουλινακης
I can't describe the power I get when I listen to this !!
el yisus
Master piece...
Ozay Veral
April 2019, endless taste
Gabriel Alkimim
2018. Escutava esse mito antes sem msm saber q era psytrance ❤
I hope people know that there is an original 'adagio for strings' which is a masterpiece.
1:26 gets me every time...🔥 classic Tiesto..
max 245
Last day of 2018
clever name
Omg my spine is tingling... total rolling flashback. I practically trip all over again hearing this!
Eamonn McAnena
This song is saved for the amps no bluetooth speakers , such a tune😬
Pizza TV
OMFG , 2018.. anyone?
Nolan Nortje
This is either the no1 or no2 greatest trance track of all time.
Best!! Anyone 2019?
Lee Warner
JaffaBoo 2000
Gotta love this tune.. Also can't get kevin and perry outta my head😂
Tiesto was Garrix's inspiration...Garrix was supposed to become Tiesto... Not the other way around... It's sad really.
i love the original and i love this.
Александр Иванов
February 2122 Great sound when fly by in the traffic
Herb Slim
K4NE at illusive festival 2018 dropped this, went off hard!!!
Just when i believe life is pointless,this song makes me believe that everything has meaning,anythings possible,The serotonin is strong in this one.
omfg i remember watching a video about counter strike while this music on 8 years ago and i wanted this music so bad but none gave me a name of the music and now after 8 years i found it what a fucking coincidence, thats give you the meaning of  DO NOT GIVE UP :)
Markus Valent
Agnus Dei 70 years older... innit bruv!
Eri Shijaku
full of love for the coming Valentine's Day "2019"
share YourDance
💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 Makes me Happy ELectróniKa ..!!! 💥💥💥💥💥💥
Shreyas Gowda
Luv this got back my 16eens with this track!!!
Marc Anthony
I'm 49 and still want to dance when I hear this, someone please invent a time machine.