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Luis cuenca
Upload a House tour ? 👏🏻
Name Here
He spent my life savings in one day
Financial freedom is the dream. You're smashing it!
hubgger vfd
It would be dope if you helped a homeless person out for a vlog (get them a haircut, clothes, etc.)
I went to harrods today and what did i buy? Water. 😂😂
The Balenciaga Jacket is crazy
Kyro Raj
Buy a 2018 e63 s sedan it suits you
Tom Reacts
Mohamed Salah at 5:43?
Quanda Don
This the definition of money can't make you un-corny
Nick M
3k for a jacket?!? Wtf
Why does the thumbnail show the amount you spent in dollars when you shopped in England??!? Wtf 😏😐
What does this guy work as? How does he splash dat much
Pablo Schwaiger
Whats your profession may I ask?
Hey mate, I've been going to harrods for quite a while and always seen Gucci at ridiculous prices but have never understood why it's 1 grand and so started to try to get money online. It's highly difficult earning money at 13 and so really want to be able to have a chat or a few tips to get me going. Thanks for being such a good influence and encouraging me to work hard to be able to buy whatever I want.
AmanZYT _
Do a closet and house tour
Kyhn Dnz
i get $15,000 in one year he's buying stuff and clothes with it .. sad world
Trixx_ ghostx
1:19 cringey
Arsene Wenger
Jesus christ £25 for two hours? Lmao this is how i wana live
I m a d
Seeing you just spending 12k like its nothing inspires me! I hope I can become successful like you
Sebastian Paul Dora'
You are bloody tacky. Sad person, no taste and you know it.
Kyro Raj
He annoys me when he says gts cause its a gtr
Hey just so u know, with D&G it's not pronounced 'Gabarna' (as in rhyming with 'Banana') it's 'Ga-banner' 😉
Michal Kucmierz
You sell drugs
david hernandz
You saying all the brands you used to buy like topman,Zara,hollister all that doesn’t matter just because an item cost more doesn’t mean anything it’s how good your style is, having money doesn’t mean you have style
Ugly decoration for such an expensive store
Leonardo Vinicius
Beware, material things do not "deliver" you what you do not have. Beware of the pitfalls of perception.
Song at 2:00 ??
Mz K
Ayy love the music you put in every video bro, when I win the giveaway can I get the package to learn the 3 ways of income please
miguel 14048
Nav 🔥🔥
Camron Sobirov
How can u buy so much things you only have 15.000 subs
Like hvis du er fra Danmark
Gucciboy 1234
Can you do spending spree a new car
Real Music
you are my motivation for success.
Bumpy Johnson
WHAT is the name of the song at 1:42 ??????
Ian Seiler
that SINNERS Denim jacket is str8 FIRE!!!!
Elias L
Spent some money on your hair plz!
Stefan Bozovic
That jacket is cold
Freddie Soskin
Can I have the money please I subscribed and turned on notifications
clown a
That Balenziaga jacket is hideous
Romel Ricardo
its really inspirational to see a young black male do so well for him self. i hope to be like that some day.
Ali Attia
song at 8:54?
Ahmed Mohamed
wavey guy
Sharif Gauri
Please shopping haul that would be SICK
icedout grandma
Hes cool but hes kinda cringy
L 03
Do a house toor
Playboii Var
Big racks💶
what is the name of the song at 7:10
MaverickMyers Radio
I have already left a comment but I'm back just to boost my chances of winning just got to say keep up the good work
Play "New Slaves" at 8:20!
If youre house is nice im starting now!
Snapped Oyster
I have been there when you had like 9k now look at you. Wow please may I have 500 pound plz
Lampros Vasileiou
What’s the name of the song? 4:33
Ackeem Tucker
Hi, I would be grateful see you come wolverhampton and help me become successful as you. You can keep that £500, knowledge is the 🔑
Nassim Saidy
“It will be rude not to cop” - GODNAT
Canis Majoris
ok so everybody understands you re rich, is your ego satisfied now?
Louis Baker-Madec
I need that program !!!
Jerrin Scott
Does anyone else see the views on a video and see that it has more views than their subscriber count and your like wow this video blew up and he has barely any subs and then you realize your one of those views and your not subbed lmao 😂
Watching these videos gives us all inspiration and motivation to work hard and better ourselves. Keep up the videos Nat! :)
Can you pleaaaaase cop from other designers ? I love Bal and Gucci but there's so much drip out there that you don't even look at! it sad !!
>british using dollar signs in title
Arora Arti
Bro this is the best video . Just single piece of question How you earned this much money ? Just create a video on your business . Through which you earned this much money . And I loved your jacket.
Layla Day
lol why’s he talking about topman & urban outfitters like they’re bad quality. those are actually pretty high end shops.
are you danish since your name on youtube is godnat
Fennell Games
Always good to see people doing well ))))
7:00 thats more than my bank account..
alvin 0113
Arman Hakobyan
Bro you’re awesome! I love the songs, your blogs, everything. Continue the same way!
Brendan Jonas
You are amazing at what you do you are an inspiration to all and if I would to win the give away I would choose to be part of your learning process to be successful thanks 💚
Anonymous A
Balenziaga coat is dope 😍🤑🔥
Adam Clark
Sick cops
Kobe Bryant
bro I just subbed I’ve never seen you on yt before! you’re slept on, keep grindin
Do the sneakers collection or Daily Routine. 😊 I do really love your videos and I want to watch more of your DOPE videos. 🤘🏼 Continue to Be Dope and Inspiration to us. 🤘🏼Balenciaga 😍
I went to harrods yesterday and I was so shocked in the elevator, I left
This is crazy Nat! massive inspiration for us younger hustlers! Success is the only option
You must've bought BTC early lmao
Got some sick gear he has trust me defo know his style
Ayodele Omokoga
Highly motivated to work hard in 2018. GOTTA BE AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN
cake fudge
I like how you seem humble which is the best trait! :)
On danish, your nickname means GOODNIGHT
Jonathan Milton
How can I get apart of the giveaways?
Carlton Kambate
nat if u dnt post ur vlog in the next 24 hrs....ima kill u
Luis M
Worth 25k I subbed and liked the vid by the way
Shannon Nyhoff
BigHero! Good beats in your blogs
Callum Dixon
Sick vlog man
Ayo Ayeketi
Financial freedom
Ansel Temile
Why did he unbox all the heat in the garage
Sami Rehman
Giuseppe's were certiiiii 💯💥💎
Sick vlog mate
Saj Begzino
Our Graves will be the same size....
Victor Taylor
Wow, you did a hugh shoping that day! :D i like it :D
Luis M
Jewelery spree plz
Harry Norfolk
BRO when you mention crazy how i come from zara, tompan and shit just made me die inside
Sick! House tour?
yall got a wanna be Drake LMAO