Casting Couch with Amey & Nipun | Priya Bapat | Episode 5

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Marathi Casting Couch! Yes, a undercover web series with Marathi celebs... Check out our Fifth episode feat. Priya Bapat, Abhay Mahajan & Siddharth Menon A marathi web series Amey Wagh, Nipun Dharmadikari Writer/Director - Sarang Sathaye Producer: Ashish Mehta, Paula McGlynn, Anusha Nandakumar Camera: Aditya Divekar, Ankush Kulal, Kunal Tiwari Editor: Kunal Tiwari Sound Recordist: Mayank Asthana Music: Saket Kanetkar Assistant Director: Henny Gurnasighani Production Manager: Yashwant Spot: Jyoti Location: Sitara Studio Digital Partners: Vizual Junkies Follow us on : /> />

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abhijeet ingle
OMG OMG OMG Viral fever,s mandal is maharastrian .what a talent . .. wooohoooo :)
hrishikesh lele
abhay mahajan is mandal from TVF pitchers right?
Abhi Ghosh
Guys! Again! Promote this show out of non-marathi circles too! Its damnn good! Anyone living in mumbai with even slight marathi skills will LOVE this! Comic timing, pauses, and the overall roasts are superbly done!
Aniruddha Modak
Episode Chi Length Wadhava na re...... Budget Kay Kami aahe ka.....?
Yusuf Akhter
i had my enginnering in fifty percent i know language...but honestky i loved this show .....humor is usp....of your show bro....God bless u guys
Lauukik Mhatre
ghari kiss Karna allowed nai ka.. lol .... please have more episodes
prathamesh pant
I have never seen a single Marathi show since watching gangadhar tirpre, de dhamaal. Great concept , great acting . kudos to your creative team to use the wall as the background. keep it up.
SuperIntuitive Womaniya
yogi lovers
plz ameya ani nipun cha casting couch LA jatana , I think celebrities ne apaman karayala shikala hava....😜😜😜😜
prashant patankar
That was awesome... "Yani Vadhdivsala salla dila hota" :)
Creative _lifeline
You guys are incredibly talented! The script, comic timing, dialogues everything is just flawless! I wish you guys would get more views and comments karan tumcha show apratim ahe! I think you guys should try to promote the show as much as you can. This show definitely deserves a millions views and subscribers and I'm not even lying when I say this :D
sathya Nimbalker
I am big fan of yours priya mam
Uddhav Shinde
that b'day gift wala joke was just too good can't stop laughing when ever i think of it
chaitanya kokil
BDP is the best Marathi YouTube channel.. I share all your videos with my friends and family.. Do you guys hear scripts from writers outside your circle? Is there any process for it?
Devendra Jadhav
नाही आवडला. सर्वात कंटाळवाणा Episode...
rock 123
to mulga tvf pitchers madla ahe kay
Be Real Be you
Kddk amey
vijay salunkhe
pls add something new to ur concept guys.......will love to watch some twists otherwise it will get boaring...its like only actress changes in every episode and u both are continuing ur faaltugiri...but must say Good work.
Rohit Lambrud
Maja nhi aali. would like to see Mithila with you in evry episode .she smile amazingly . i enjoy lot whenever she smile . Amey tuza humar bhari y :)
हाहाहा तू जा wine शॉप मध्ये तसा पण तू बिअर आहेस तुला तर कोण पण घेईल 😂😂
Prashant Jadhav
Amya nipya...bhari hota ha episode...... Nipya...monotony of success.....kutun shodhun kadla rao....bhari hot te....n priya bapat maja ali ya episode la...
tushar deore
Awsome show guys....!! I'm really like this show alott ... Just amazing... Hoping for many more to come.... Yooo..BHADIPA !!!!
Sameer Gore
cool-cab driver......ha ah ha
Abhishek Baraskar
I allways wanted a show with this format in Marathi !! Ameya & Nipun tumhi doge lai bhari !!! keep up the good work.
Vaibhav Mane
Hi Abhay, I still remember your work in 'Don Shoor'.. So good to see you changed...
aakash jadhav80
love from satara
sunil karlekar
Amol Takale
Superb!!! Hasun hasun pot dukala guys are so funny.
Videha X
Why only heroines? hero la suddha bolva na kadhi kadhi; chatakdar mast hotil shows ;) Vaibhav Tatwawadi, Umesh Kamat, Sid Chandekar, Ankush..
Pankaj Donde
nice show
indian stunners
love u amey n nipun this was really cool 😉👌
Avinash Patil
अमेय दादा...दिल दोस्ती दुनियादारी कधी परत येणार??? तू खुप भारी आहेस रे...
Rohan Chavan
humm...avg episode.. little boring little kart raha new episode..
viiay c
Zakkas episode.... fantastic concept... very entertaining... watching this one for 10 th time.... Priya is as beautiful as always... and hats off to both of you... very funny...
Akshay Yeole
ultimate funny moment 8:14
Vaibhav Joshi
You guys are awesome!! You both rock this!!!
Saurabh Vartak
full on mast show ahhe ha saurabh vartak
Awesome guys ,,,I am born in mumbai , non maharashtrian now live in london ,, your comic timing is top class
varun sakpal
तुम्ही हे वेबसीरीज करता ते खुप छान आहे. आम्ही मनसोक्त हसतो अमेय आणि निपून तुमचा कार्यक्रम आणि कुशल बद्रिके, संतोष जुवेकर यांचा struggler sala "chavat" खुप चांगले कार्यक्रम आहेत....पण हे सर्व करताना त्या "चुतिया" Tanmay bhat सारखी विनोदाची पातली घसरवू नये हिच नम्र विनंती ...तुम्ही चांगल्या मार्गाने तुमचा show promote केला तर प्रेक्षक नक्कीच तुम्हाला खूप चांगला प्रतिसाद देतील.....By the way Amey da and nipun da your show is superb...keep it up and all the best for your next journey.
Fookat TV
अरे शिव्या घाल घाबरु नको...Bc.
अरे अमेय आणि निपुण तुम्ही दोघे वेडे आहात रे....काय भन्नाट कंसेप्ट आहे यार....मी या प्रोग्राम चा fan च झालो. तुम्ही समोर च्याचा जीव घेता रे....मस्तच....go ahead u
o priya o priya ....nice
Aashu Rock
Quirky Cab Driver.... hahahahahaha... :D
Ved More
@8:04 the most sadist "sang atta Kay" 😂
Pranita Jagtap
superb episode..
Rasika Bhagade
wow. love today's episode.
Vikas Awale
azun navin episodes taka ny tar mi tumhla daga dein .. ! :D
Selfish Rohan
last is best yarr..... Concept kay hoti.... ha ha ha ha
Pranit Patole
ameya kharach tula acting jamte
Shrikant Kumkar
sahi acting... ossume expressions
Ganesh Toke
ghari kiss karne allowed nahi ahe ka? heheheheheeheheheee pagal ahat rao :D
Aagri Koli Vlogs
Neeraj Lagwankar
àD theroyalty
😂cool amey cab driver
Vishal V. Navekar
परप्रांतीय आहे तो , हा हा हा 😂😀😁😀
confused Indian
Awesome episode 😂😂😂
Rasika's Kitchen
Priya Sobat Cha Episode Chaan Hota..
nilesh patil
great going..ekdum zakas..please send some more!!
nice episode
vicky sahdeo
Cool cab
prakash pujari
This video was uploaded on my Birthday 😊😊😊
Amar Armstrong
14:14 stool varti mashi..te pan studio madhe tumchi paristhithi majhyapeksha hi kharab ahe.
OG 4Real
i'm priyas fan and i was so excited 4 this... and you did superb plz we want plz just dont stop here...
Mahesh Patil
not keeping up to the mark set in earlier with sairat was best..ameya kindly dont mind ppls comments, u can do better than this..bring more coolness.. u guys got that..lets have some male leads now..good to see abhay mahajan..proud of u all..thanks
Nice to see Mandal here..
Abhijeet Patil
superb..!!! very funny
Santosh Bhagat
Ajay Jadhav
Hahahahahaha at last priya la pan palun lavla😂😂😂😂lol
Ajay Jadhav
Lagna chya goshti badal bolayla bolvla aahe priya la ki casting couch sathi😂😂😂😂
Nilesh Pol
8:14 hasta hasta dolyatun pani aala rao... lay bhari....
siddhant more
1 no
Prajakta Prabhat
like just for Priya
Prajakta Prabhat
Priya is so cute ,m watching this again juz 4 her. guys please invite her again! Ameya n Nipun u guys r awesome. keep up the good work!
Sujit Tikekar
I can see mike hanging at 14.13. Its purposely done or technical fault ?
Siddharth Shelar
fab episode... amey Roxx & really u don't deserve to be nd cab driver, uaa cool.....nd mandal bro uaa juss beer :)....... want to see Hindi Actress on C.C.W.A.A.N ASAP. I hope u will full field this wish. :)
vivek desai
@10.53 Amey's reaction is priceless..!! Have seen that scene probably more than 100 times and still it's too damn funny...!!
Jagdamb Nirmiti
Lay Bhari....
Rohit Shinde
chutya saale...acting sudha karta yet nahi
Aarsh Mehta
Amey Wagh you have acted very well in this episode. Well done! Also the "Cool-cab driver" line cracked me up. Brilliant stuff, you guys!! :D
Raju ininjoy this episod very well
sorry mistec ,must love story ahe plz help mi ,raju
Shailesh Varade
अमेय भाऊ T-shirt कुठनं घेतलीये . प्लिझ लिंक शेर करा जरा. एपिसोड आवडला. अप्रतिम. तुमचं बाकी चालू द्या, पण लिंक जरूर शेर करा. मंडळ आभारी आहे.
I was sleeping all the way. thanks bhadipa for making such a boring episode. Not in sync with earlier episodes. काही नवीन म्हणाल, तर ते ही दिसत नाहीये! हाण धरून त्याज्यायला.... मोबिल फोन चा ढाटा वाया गेला ना...
Pooja Kini
good to see mandal 😂..... apart you ppl are fun...... tu beer hai @ ameya was awesome😂
Dhanu M
ameyy and nipun are awesome ..pun ata dil dosti pun madhe ektra ya....
Kailash Mendadkar
Watching it for the fourth time.. Excellent and witty content... Everything perfect about the whole series..
Rupesh Patil
Nice episode
this episode was vry nyc!!!!! ...sensible n nyc one !!!! keep it up guys!!!!
Achit gachi 😁😁😁
are mandal sir ikde kuthe?
Ram Tarte
Dev Hajare
Honestly, not up to mark, to much boring, compare to last episodes . Good work
Atul Tandale
Shubham Chavan
ekch number....!!!!!
PaNKaJ Mhatre
jump here 8:13
Unmesh Deshpande
jabardast episode... priya mam खूप मोठा फॅन आहे मी तुमचा... i like ur SMILE..बस एक वेळा भेटायची इच्छा आहे.... ! Amey & Nipun as always Coooooooollll.....
Sagar Dhulsada
Amey and Nipun you are a great
Bhavesh Sonawane
that birthday gift joke😹😹😹
Nidhi Sardal
What A Class Episode It was! Best Was Priya's Acting!😊😘 Keep doing great work. And ha... the quirky cab driver isn't stubborn i gues😄 He Is damn cute and flirty❤
Mudassar Shaikhnag
Ek no bhava..salla dila hota
neha supe