Assassin Build Is Unstoppable & Does It ALL!

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giannhs aggelakos
wtf is happening with that lag
Robert Eden
I love this. I use the green snake legendary suit. It compliments the fang bow and daggers, greatly.
Name [][][][][]{}.
I’m only level 13 lol
azeron bloodmoone
rock the pirate set you will do more assassin damage, i'm still over 240k with my current build for assassin damage and i one shot everything while sneaking on the hardest difficulty.
I know that I've been saying it for years, but......I really want an AC: Ancient Japan game.
I really like the look of your Ninja Assassin. But for me the build isn't as assassin as it could be. First of all, I prefer full legendary . I use the Pilgrimset , with greeks hello dagger, and a sword with the perk of 1 more rush assassination. Bow is the achilleus bow. Im not sure but i think i have about 200k+ Assassin Damage. since i dont use any adrenaline for nyx shadow i walk around invisible. Incase i got caught i use vanish to get invisible again . Im killing everybody with normal assassination, rush assassination or heroes strike. I have a few more skills on hunter since I used to be hunter before and also a few more warrior skills. But nearly anyone is a one hit and if they survive they have just 2-10% health left so normal attacks or hero strike does the rest.
Marcos Yuxie
The best one shot assassin build is whole pilgrim set engrave it with critical damage. Use flax of Olympos +100% damage -75% health engrave it with +15% assassin damage -15% melee resistance legendary perk. Second weapon polyphemos cyclop bludgeon for that sweet +25% elite enemy damage engrave it with +40% damage from behind or +1 rush assassination chain. This build will allow you use shadow of nyx without limit and can one shot most of the enemy if not a hero strike will take care of it.
This build has been the most Hybrid and fun build ive made and played on this game to date! It feels like old AC games mixed with the new warrior and hunter features from Origins and Odyssey! Try it out! Also I am going to start including transmog on these builds check it out @ 9:08
Little advice, you should put mastery points towards hit returns heath. I believe it can be found under the assassin tree. If you use daggers you are hitting a lot more then any other weapon so if you do get trapped into a fight then you'll most likely stay alive with every hit you land. Or perhaps use the battle cry of ares so you never die.
Great vid. Made me respec and believe in assassination again.
it's good. but amazon build is more fun. 10% health every hit + 10% damage WFH + 10% ele resistance + 10% Adrenaline each hit. almost unkillable
On which difficulty are you playing? Nice video btw
Mount Brocepsius
I got a build that deals 200k+ warrior damage and 1 million assasin damage and I only have 63 ability points to work with. Only 25 ability points invested in mastery and all the other invested in the main warrior/assasin tree with 3 ability points in the hunter tree for the devastating shot. Feels pretty good to just melt people. 1 hit simple assasination kill on mercenaries and 1 hit warrior kills in conquest battles
The Dude
I can't run a single build in this game that doesn't include Battlecry of Ares. At level three you get 50% more damage for 20secs, but more importantly, all enemy attacks are non-lethal. It's essentially a get-out-of-jail free card.
Vids Produc
Pirate Set ... and errr.. 100% damage but 25% health is my current build... :P i like to play stealth, if spotted... RUN !
Hi @ itsJordanDoes, Wow almost the same build as me, except for the epic armour and weapons. What great fun and not nerfed too much from patch I had dropped Time slow for insta vanish awhile back, but i think i'll respeck to Time slow. I like your just using Epic Armour, it perks are way better 4 compared to 3 on Legendary.
Zaoshi Kung
Lol I had this build but slightly different gear even before the patch but yah it rocks face! :)
Joe Perry
Ok. Any build in this game can tear right through the whole game with out much trouble. Combat is very easy . Time seems to slow down with every other dodge or parry which kills immersion for me and makes for not very challenging combat. I'm not a fan of the combat animations. I think origins were better in every aspect. Is love this game if it had the exact same combat as origins but for what ever reason they couldn't do that so they decided to give u super human abilities instead to try to make up for a simple combat system. Blocking looks terrible and the attack animations ate all wild and loop g all over the place so u can hit 5 guys at the same time. I thought this was supposed to b an assassins creed game where u play as a skilled warrior not a marvel comics super hero. Where is the blocking/ parry counters and dodge attack counters that a skilled warrior would actually use? There was actually several combat skills I didn't upgrade or acquire cuz I thought it would make the game to easy and it didn't matter cuz it was still to easy. I wish they would have had more DLC content for origins and just skipped this game. Maybe Alexios and Cassandra are going to b in the new avengers movie and this was a way to introduce them. They have way more than enough abilities to easily crush thanos. They should have been around for infinity war. They have shoved that guanlet right up his ass even with all the gem slots filled. Maybe the avengers travel back in time and bring the over powered so called assassins to the present to do just that and the snap never happens.
Awesome build ill give it a try
Hey, I can't make my assassin's builds on your site. just to say, i can't use the pilgrim armor on it.
Finally a build that doesn't copy every other build out there with the +100% damage but health capped to 25%. Kudos to you sir. Very good build. Glad to see something a little different for a change. Liked and subscribed =)
Youn Tune
With Rush Assassination you can start off on the boss, bounce to regular guy and go back to boss to finish them off. I don't use it much cuz it make things too easy.
Can you do a assassin/ hunter build? I have been trying to do one where I can headshot most enemies in stealth without abilities because most of the abilities rag doll enemies into line of sight. I want to be a stealthy Archer that can also do take-downs easy.
Alfie R
the only jordan i watch is jordanraptor
I use the pirate set and I crit for over 980000
This is so close to my build (or at least what Im trying to build) with some nice suggestions (ignores half damage), plus I l9ve the look you went with. We have very similar tastes.
Quelana of Izalith
Where do you get that perk 30% elemental damage
Marco Teixeira
great build this is an awesome game
Another good video with lots of viable suggestions, but since I do not use anything but legendary gear I'll be focusing on the "Viper" gear you get from finishing the Eyes of Kosmos branch of the cult. Although the bonuses may not be as specific to a build like yours, this set will at least deliver predictable results without the headache of hoarding epic gear. With all the ability points we'll be able to accumulate now, it shouldn't be too hard to fill in the gaps. :-)
eldarjane lopezon
Wtf! Epic armor are way better than Legendary
Interesting I'm on ng nightmare been awhile since I played a lot new stuff lol
How does this perform in arenas?
Fatal Exception
do the stats on your secondary weapon apply at all times or only while you have it equipped?
This is just like my build except I have all warrior damage lol
Travis Mobley
Can you make this build with the pirate armor set as well ?
Sid Ninja
I honestly feels u need more subs, I gotcha on that
The Rivers Editor
Great build and explainations, keep it up !
Jason Stampt
nice 👍 video, so detail even visual! 👍
Lezio Montair
A 3-tree hybrid without the Legendary Falx engraving!?
nice build but i would say try to get new boots, yours are really trashy :)
Ty Budd
Clarify this please, the per on your daggers, does it really make the full blunt of damage from the weapon 100% poison damage? Or just increases how much poison damage is down?
Laurens Wolf
Hey man, I love the build so much!!! I'm trying to build my character with legendary items only, would you recommend the viper set for this? And what other weapon? Was thinking Poseidon's trident with an enchantment for exploration purposes :-) Thanks in advance!
Not sure why but your video is really choppy during the fight scenes. Really great, informative video though. Thanks for sharing!!
Lolita Mackrill
nice .very nice.
Anthony Z
How did u get so much wood
Nathan Servo
ok, just one question? how did u get lvl 7 engraves? i'm lvl 62 and still my legendaries have lvl 6 engraves
Any more Live Videos planned?
Mairi Rose
Loved ur build, thx a lot for great suggestions, subscribed and liked...
Do you recommend this build only for lvl 70/+ players? or it would work for all lvls? im currently 40 so the mastery levels are a no go for me just yet
Hello, Great video ! 🤩 Actually I played a hunter fire build for finish to the first time the game. It is possible that I start the game a second time and I will want to leave on a build assassin, or assassin / archer. Is this build viable when we start the game again? Or will it be difficult to master low level because it lacks skills? Thank you !
Bit of advice, when you do a build video, hit L3 on the inventory screen to show every bonus. Maybe you did and I blinked?
he is lv 70 and has so few ability points... wtf?
Eric Johnson
Want to stay out of melee? Try Death Veil ability.
Raymond Jacobs
Brother I like your build I'm going to use this for my playthrough.. do you have any tips on what armor I can use before I get to the armor your character has on? I'm at level 15 right now
Nice build! Might want to try this one out. Thanks for sharing this. :)
Gear shown at 3:20
Damn, looks very fun. Thanks for the wonderful video!
What outfit you have on
marko dasic
2 questions Is every assination garanted crit? And is epic or lehendary gear better in your opinion?
Nice built, is it worth to use in conquer battles as well?
I love this type of build for hunting leaders. With assassin and crit damage plus the exte rush assassination strike you can easily take out the leader and all his or her guards easily even if the region is fortified
I miss the elegant assassin outfits
Hi, can you tell me the diffeance between hunter and assasin? I mean isnt hunter exactly the same as assassin since you trying to sneak up to the enemy?
If i didnt want something like half damage dealt, would adding the points into assassin and dagger damage be good? Just wondering as i like to dodge a lot and parry, just to keep the challenge alive in fights
alfonso chy
How do I get the mastery option I dont have
Joe Perry
They need to focus on the basic combat system and not so many ridiculous special abilities. It's pretty dn hard to miss the parry window which isn't the way parties should work. There supposed to b a timed block that gives u a good opportunity to counter.. I also hate the fact there's only 1 animation for it for each weapon. Some even share the same animation. They should get rid of some of the weapons. The club's should go and maybe the ace or the spear. I like the spear better but if it getting rid of them would help with the combat then I'm all for it. All they need is daggers , swords, 2 handed swords, and maybe 1 other weapon type. Axe or spear maybe. My favorite weapon in origins was the sickle sword. Of course they took it out of odyssey. I'm not buying the next game til I c reviews
Craig Barlow
I nearly have 200k assassin damage in game i use a epic set each piece has assassin damage but also +6 all damage the most overpowered stat in game why the demi god set is very effective but basically my epic set is like the celestial set but better . I use arachne's stinger dagger with the poison damage as daggers refill my assassin abilities quicker . Ghost arrows ability is miles better than the shadow of nyx ability aswell .
Joe Perry
I like some if the stuff they added to for honor in the crossover they had recently. The outfits are prolly my favorite in the game. I use the assasins outfit designs on my orochi and warden.
Did you play on nightmare?
Berend Kuiper
I rock slow time damage build, with the 50% more damage while time is slowed armour set. And max out the less cooldown master ability so you can have as much slow time as possible. Because it will multiply all damage by 1,5 it makes your build very all rounded and multipurpose so I can have tons of damage output without getting hit. It is the most fun I have had, I'd advise you to make a build like that too. edit: certainly gonna try this build as well seems really fun!
I have a similar build, but I use fire damage because it does allot more damage than poison. Right now I do 20000 Hunter damage, 25000 warrior damage and 183000 assassin damage. I use a heavy axe for melee, the Hades bow, and I rock the full Demi God, with my own visualization.
Walkthrough World FT
Im lvl 36 and i am assasin build when I started play the game I’m like start watch the talents specialization and I love assasin right now I see some gameplays people lvl 50 and that people have 60k dmg on assasin 60k on fighter and hunter not too much I’m lvl 36 I have 55k dmg on Assasin obviously my gear is focus on assasin dmg and is so good and on the nights is more easy kill npc for the talent on the night, ur assasination dmg is x2 something like that pfff for me is the best specialization on assasins creed rip for the people like to be fighter xd and good video too :3 I’m looking something like this when I’m reach more lvl cuz every video on YouTube or every people is fighter on assasin creed wtf ty for the video :3
How do you get the masteries ? do you have to purchase something or what? im level 43 and dont have them ^^
Gian Guintu
I like your build and the item customization rocks. Personally, I rock the pure warrior-crit build as I had chanced upon multiple epic gears with 2 Warrior Damage perks. You might wanna try that one too. :) Keep up the awesome content!
Ben Leblanc
How do you get the backround to your waists black? Mines are all blue or red... the father time on mine is blue behind the main design.
kiss my assassin
God damn, what console ae you playing on? I play on Pro and don't have any noticable framerate problems, or extremely rare and slight. But I felt like I was going to get seasick with the chugging your game seemed to be doing.
george nakayama
where can i get that +30% elemental damage but -30% elemental resistance engraving?
um with the 100% health but health capped to 25 % the best set u can use is not epic but the legendary pilgrim set because ur invisible so no1 can see u so its easy assassinations Edit* at this point in time all of my weapons and armor have the assassin damage and i use on the spear with that engraving above ^ also the engraving from greek hello with 15% all damge but 15% less health and on some of my armor pieces the all damage engraving and with that my total assassin damage is around the 301000
Andres Cetina
Try using the Pirate armor full set, so you get the 50% Assassin damage, also you are missing legendary perk that adds an extra kill with Rush assassination ability, that'll get you +200k assassin damage
Dominik Heller
I use the full Pirate set for it the +50% dmg for all assasin skills is great. And i rather use Call to Arms instead of Slow Time because one Legendary crew Member most of the time shreds enemy groups to peaces even if its 4-5 of them.
Jack Pocht
My assassin damage is :241785 😅 and I can kill the most mercenarys instantly 😂😎
The Curator
nice man thx
Tony Julien
I’m try I’m just on level 39 me 😂
Dima Podlipalin
Hi, thanks for video! My question is if I will upgrade weapon or armor to my current level , perks of this weapon| armor will be upgaded to? (or only number of damage \ armor)
Jake Kearns
RIP framerate
Smooth 4fps gameplay
okay great, but wtf is wrong with your video frame... it's giving me motion sickness.
Szymon Krenski
Upgraded rush assassination with engraving allows for 4 kills not 5.
Need a walkthrough for the this build with abilities and engravings
Silver Francis
How come you don't lose adrenaline when you use rush assassination?