Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Black Masquerade (Black Masquerade)

Digital Audio: />Digital Video: />CD: />DVD: />After his departure from Deep Purple in 1993, Ritchie Blackmore reformed Rainbow with a new line-up and went into the studio to record the acclaimed "Stranger In Us All" album. The band then took to the road for an extensive tour which included this 1995 live concert in Dusseldorf filmed for Germany's famous Rockpalast TV series. The set features several tracks from the "Stranger In Us All" album alongside classic Rainbow and Deep Purple tracks. The band is in blistering form and Ritchie Blackmore shows just why he is so revered as a guitarist. This previously unreleased show is a great addition to any Rainbow fan's collection. Like and Share our videos to encourage us to post more. Subscribe to our channel for more live concert footage: /> Sign up to our mailing list: /> Follow us on twitter, Facebook and google plus: /> />

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Emrah Gundogdu
Ritchie's on God mode in this concert.
Alex Azazel
Doesn't matter who's on vocals, David Coverdale, Ian Gillan, DIO.... Ritchie Blackmore makes music sound brutally awesome! DIO was the best though.
Steve Morse couldn't play this way even if he had ten hands
Miika Suominen
This... This is EPIC. How can anyone say anything negative on this. To me, Ritchie will always be number one guitarist EVER. Doogie also fantastic singer, in this and also overall (people listen Cornestone).
Dimo Kumanov
Ричи как всегда великолепен.
Rich Humus
...and then, at 2:54 - 3:00, all other guitarists went "WTF!".. :)
Black Masquerade (LIVE 1995 DUSSELDORF) Rainbow 1995: Ritchie Blackmore - Guitar Doogie White - Vocals Greg Smith - Bass, Backing Vocals Paul Morris - Keyboards Chuck Burgi - Drums Candice Night - Backing Vocals
Вася васин
Ritchie -- это КЛАССИКА !!
Blackers is easily up there with Clapton and Page. No problem, but he is always overlooked in history. Same with Coverdale. He has still the best voice EVER in rock, but all you hear about is Plant or Dickinson.
Walter Mueller
There are some excellent guitarists - just solid craftmanship. But in Ritchie's playing you can feel the genius.
Manlei Santeoni
Ritchie Blackmore in his peak, just outstanding melody and performance. This guy is just brlliant!!
wölfgang wölfle
Blackmore is my Special Guitar Player !
What a song and what a guitarist!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw it in the same tour and Blackmore was always the best!!!
Ritchie, you're a legend!! You're the best !!
Roby Lazarus
My God, what a performance. The whole band is fantastic. Thanks for sharing this.
I saw Rainbow on this tour and Blackmore was simply awesome, as is demonstrated in this clip.
Ismail Ali
Ritchie is fantastic
Hong Jin
Richie Blackmore you are my Guitar Hero...The flying fingers genius
Randy Shoai
Jaw-dropping performance! Ferocious yet soulful. The sign of a master!
Dave Mustaine 3:18 amazing (lol)
Dmitry Chernenko
He shook my hand at the concert in Kiev in 2013. I didn't wash it for a week )
jacob wang
Ritchie still the Best !!!
Geir Andreassen
Blackmore's up there with Clapton and Page....well,thats an understatement. Let's say lightyears past.
Grave Raven
Great solo!
Amazing Ritchie ! !
Marco Ecija Rune
Awesome Ritchie Blackmore !! The best 
Joachim Sudergat
Worlds First Class. Respect.
Ben Adam775
This is more Deep Purple than that crap Gillan and Morse put out now under the DP banner!
Александр Невский
Весь концерт хреначит мимо ударки. Ни разу не попал
This band, and particularly Blackers , are something else entirely.
The king in person…Richie...
Denis Fomin
Вот он вот он балалайщик Ричи! Класс! Молодца! отлично жгёт!
Stunning guitar work!
Nina Vulcheva
Ritchie Blackmore - the God of Rock!
Hellraiser Gordon
Better than the studio version, no doubt about it.
Neo Isa
sorry to say but deep purple is nothing without blackmore..
never tire of watching this performance ,brilliant !
Long live Ritchie!!!
Ritchie was 50 in this gig, amazing!
im a blackmores night fan but when i listen back on this stuff ......well ..yeah i wanna cry man ...its just the way it is..
Joachim Sudergat
The vocal is a great voice. Blackmore, normal, he`s great. All here sounds gooooooooooood.-:)
Dmitry Chernenko
As to me he has always been the best. The vocal is also perfect. 
V Anderson
OMG I  LOVE Ritchie Blackmore!!!
Willem Sterk
This was, to me, but who am I, by far the best line up of Rainbow and this song stands out as one of the best rock songs ever aswell as the other songs on " The stranger in us all" my fav. Rainbow album.
yves perrin
Ritchie the best guitar player from all Time 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Ricardo's brought along some truly monumental rock singers over the years. Pity about Turner … God, he's ghastly.
Richie sounds and looks great 👍 rocks with the best and always sounds like Richie! Truly an original and his height of playing ! He is tremendous
Hunter Cazador
Ya hacia barridos, antes que Malmsteen.
Leszek Jedryk
Ritchie forever 🤘🎸
For this time and era, Doogie did a great job & Ritchie was on fire. Really great stuff!!
Vashti Ayla
I miss my entire album collection of Dio that I collected from a young age on!  I still remember some of the great cover art!  I wore my Long Live Rock N Roll and Straight between the Eyes tshirts to shreads!  I also had a difficult to cure one which I did not wear as often because it just was not as Cool!
Mike Whipps
Where does he keep finding these bloody great singers?
Gia Kavelashvili
Ritchie Blackmore! you are Supppper !
Vladimir Faminsky
The best performance by Ritchie!
I saw him in 86 with Purple.. great concert.. Then saw Purple in 99 with Morse.. his guitar sound spoiled Purples music.Ritchie is on fire here.. playing his best.
Alexei Popkov
Sounds sweet as honey. Magically
Blackmore was on fire in this tour.
probably the best solo from ritchie
Ritchie is King of the Kings
Fun than watching malmsteen running over his fretboard
Kathy Debrouwere
Blackmore = god ? yes ...
Christophe Pellier
Certainly the best song of rainbow
thonny sanchez
buen concierto .me encanta esta versión en vivo .como que tiene pilas y también mucha energía esta chebreeeeee
My favourite song of the album.. absolutely amazing
Benoit Vanhees
The outfit and r"n'r attitudes are a strange mix of Bruce Dickinson and your average caveman, the vocals are less powerful than Dio's or even Bonnet's, but it's certainly an OK performance. I'm not convinced that after 8 Rainbow albums with Dio it would not have become too much "too old wine in new bottles". Now we've gotten excellent Dio -solo albums and a more adventurous Rainbow. I can live with that, pity for the silly looks and stage attitudes of the singer, but well, nobody's perfect, not even dear Ritchie :)
kostas di
.......Let the darkness surround you The game that we play is the black masquerade.....
Игорь Клаптенко
It's awesome
Виталик Виталик
ezequiel escudero
Rata blanca
fj gonzález
Máster Class for the rest of guitarristas
Gia Kavelashvili
R.B flying high again here. Underrated song from a somewhat overlooked album: Stranger In Us All . Its another masterpiece.
György Wágner B.
Blackmore and Luigi Montanaro (his best heir) foreverest!
Je suis FAN !!!
Mico Wikström
Probably the best excecution of all time in rock'n roll hstory? So perfect playing.
Humberto Lima
Doogie White's such a great singer!!!!
Михаил Займидоров
𝔏𝔦𝔰𝔶 𝔅
Even before seeing this I knew Ritchie is totally out of this world. .. this is just a confirmation... Thank you Ritchie, metal fans salute you!!!!!!☆☆☆☆☆☆
The art of hard rock.
Ray Gonzalez
Beautiful song. Ritchie Blackmore is Master Yoda.
Stranger from space
I also really like !
Ritchie = riff master.
fj gonzález
Simple: Ritchie is the King !
no doubt....he is the real rock God
Edward Kohv
ричи велик!!
anna closa
Richie genial!!
andrea ardito
This is definitely one of the best live performance from Ritchie!
Kevin Dunn
It's a real shame he gave this up for Renaissance music.
Timo Joki
Martin Jambor
one of the best modulations
Romulus Romulus
This is full on exhilaration, melody, verve, he was in the lap of the gods !
Mico Wikström
So close to perfection! 10/10 Paul Morris' 80's casio-sound sucks big time though. :(
Timo Joki
Ritchie is best ever!
Настоящий Рок-н-рольщик
Ritchie -the God of guitare!