Children of Bodom Living Dead Beat Guitar cover

I'm playing living dead beat by children of bodom =) I'm 11 years old =)Sorry for the mistakes =(

Henri Holopainen
@bodomcovers09 Well that explains why you got so many guitars and band shirts and shit... Im so damn jealous:/ Are you from Finland btw??
@wannabeserpento99 youre an idiot, and youre like 11 or 12
@Dara6611 shorthaired "metalheads" are mostly posers, long hair is part of the culture
being "metal" doesnt involve having certain hair dumbasses
you have to grow your hair longer and comb it straight, so it looks badass
Joszel 66
@DeathBringer99999 Metal heads have long hair dude! Why would he cuts he's hair?
Joszel 66
You have to grow you're hair longer. Bud awesome cover dude!
i ment to put thumb down :P
free real world
when did u start
You will blow our minds in future kid!!! Awesome..
Christian J
wow 2 years of playin? very well played dude
Jonathan Wolford
shit dude your only 11 and your that good..very good cover, im workin on this song.=]
Kim Clijsters
Hey! It's a good cover; good job. :)
christ on a cracker!! bloody awesome dude =]
sweeet! legend in the makin
Hold the door
awsome dude, stay metal \m/
good done^^
Dude you're great and only 11 yo. Keep rocking.
Karina Luna
Ow n.n :3
Karina Luna
Ow n.n :3