Children of Bodom Living Dead Beat Guitar cover

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I'm playing living dead beat by children of bodom =) I'm 11 years old =)Sorry for the mistakes =(

Children of bodom COBHC Living dead beat Guitar Cover Alexi Laiho Roope Latvala

Hold the door
awsome dude, stay metal \m/
Joszel 66
You have to grow you're hair longer. Bud awesome cover dude!
Joszel 66
@DeathBringer99999 Metal heads have long hair dude! Why would he cuts he's hair?
christ on a cracker!! bloody awesome dude =]
you have to grow your hair longer and comb it straight, so it looks badass
Karina Luna
Ow n.n :3
Karina Luna
Ow n.n :3
good done^^
sweeet! legend in the makin
free real world
when did u start
You will blow our minds in future kid!!! Awesome..
@wannabeserpento99 youre an idiot, and youre like 11 or 12
being "metal" doesnt involve having certain hair dumbasses
Christian J
wow 2 years of playin? very well played dude
@Dara6611 shorthaired "metalheads" are mostly posers, long hair is part of the culture
Dude you're great and only 11 yo. Keep rocking.
Kim Clijsters
Hey! It's a good cover; good job. :)
Henri Holopainen
@bodomcovers09 Well that explains why you got so many guitars and band shirts and shit... Im so damn jealous:/ Are you from Finland btw??
Jonathan Wolford
shit dude your only 11 and your that good..very good cover, im workin on this song.=]
That makes you an even bigger idiot , only girls have long hair, the only reason you have long hair is so you can let it down when youre suckin your boyfriends dick and look like one
@Dara6611 no mr faggot i'm 17
i ment to put thumb down :P