Helios / 摩天楼オペラ

2011年7月6日発売 Major 1st Maxi Single "Helios" [初回限定盤 Type-A] KICM-91348 M1. Helios (A prayer to Helios Ver.) M2. マグノリア Bonus Track  絆 1,050円(税込価格) [初回限定盤 Type-B] KICM-91349 CD  M1. Helios DVD "Helios"マルチアングルPV 《マキシシングル+DVD》 1,050円(税込価格) [通常盤] KICM-1350 M1. Helios M2. Adult Children 《マキシシングル1枚》 1,050円(税込価格) 【Official Web】

摩天楼 オペラ マテンロウ Matenrou Opera Helios ベルウッドレコード へヴィーメタル V系 ビジュアル

I can't find god to pray to Now, we are standing here Feeling our unsure feeling about that It's not something that I should hate And there's no one that I should hate I understand, I have see the path to move forward, so don't afraid anymore I look up to the sky that strike the earth, and I stretch my hand just like to stop it My heart wish for the warmth to change my voice so I can sing Don't let the freezing coldness bury in your heart Please just make those ears to listen to my voice The smile still remain in my mind, in your mind It's okay if you want to cry Because the smile wait you there I look up to the sky that strike the earth, and I stretch my hand just like to stop it My heart wish for the warmth Light of hope that wrap up my body, is feel more preminent than anything All of the sky will shine upon my breath until the end of time I sing just like to burst, screaming for the shining existence of mine Please let it to ring in my body Love and affection My heart know about it My warmth is rising, and my voice is withering It's burning through our identical life
Sometimes I forget just how awesome they are and I think to listen to one of their songs and I start loving them all over again. That aside, the comments on this PV are dreadful and embarrassing.
This is pretty awesome... glad I'm getting back into j-rock
Park Jimin
I got here through two bands I listen to, one is called The Gazette the other one is called DIAURA. I'm glad I found this band here:)
Evie dabubbleflower
もう祈る神も見当たらない Mou inoru kami mo miataranai 今ここに僕らは立っている Ima koko ni bokura wa tatteiru どうしようもなく今を感じてる Dou shiyou monaku ima wo kanjiteru 憎むべきことじゃないこと Nikumubeki koto janai koto 憎むべき相手がいないこと Nikumubeki aite ga inai koto わかっている 前に進むべき道は見えてる 恐れないで Wakatteiru mae ni susumubeki michi wa mieteru osorenaide 地表を打つ雨を見上げ 遮るように腕伸ばし Chihyou wo utsu ame wo miage saegiru you ni ude nobashi 心が望んだ温かさを この声に変え歌った Kokoro ga nozonda atatakasa wo kono koe ni kae utatta 凍えるような冷たさで その心まで埋めないで Kogoeru you na tsumeta sa de sono kokoro made umenaide どうかこの声に耳を傾けて Douka kono koe ni mimi wo katamukete 笑顔は残ってる 僕の中にあなたの中に Egao wa nokotteru boku no naka ni anata no naka ni 泣きたいように泣いたほうがいい Nakitai you ni naita hou ga ii 笑顔は待っているから Egao wa matteiru kara 地表を打つ雨を見上げ 遮るように腕伸ばし Chihyou wo utsu ame wo miage saegiru you ni ude nobashi 心が望んだ温かさ Kokoro ga nozonda atatakasa 覆い尽くせ 希望の陽よ 何よりも天高くあれ Ooi tsukuse kibou no hi yo nani yori mo tentakaku are この空の全て 大地の果て 生きる呼吸を照らして Kono sora no subete daichi no hate ikiru kokyuu wo terashite 弾けるように歌いだす 輝く生命の叫び Hajikeru you ni utaidasu kagayaku seimei no sakebi この身の全てを響かせて Kono mi no subete wo hibikasete 愛せる 慈愛を Aiseru jiai wo この胸は知ってる Kono mune wa shitteru 熱を上げ 声枯らし Netsu wo age koe karashi 僕達は同じ命を燃やして Bokutachi wa onaji inochi wo moyashite.
Gabriel DeGuire
This would make a hella good anime opening theme.
Cαiτιiη βroωηιε
Before the video Me: Pfft. Another ordinary J-rock band. After Me:........What is this feeling in my heart???? ♥
mariana londoño
Ana Caroline Carvalho
olha essa voz, olha esse MV como não amar???
『j』BTS-17th oct
I have listened to this song on repeat the entire day, and I have lost count how many times it's been.... love this song sosososo much!!!
Na Ru
Su voz es de lo mas genial, :D me sorprende que me haya gustado :3 ese bajo de 6 cuerdas vaya la combinación de piano es completamente estupendo!!
Misaki Phantomhive
Escuchando esta canción genial en 2017 💟 la sigo amando todavía
Gloria Gogo
I wish ot wake up one day and have his voice in mythroat. don't give a damn if he's a man and I'm a woman...I would love to have that voice!
LLLLLLLLLOVE IT!!! *stares at Manterou Opera eyes full of sparkles* I want his voice and singing ability and others ability to play like that <3
Zack Metalcore
intro sounds like Within Temptation - See Who I Am. Might be wrong
vanee kpoper
Todavía sigo amando está canción 😍❤️
Red Bird Commentaries
Damn... Did they ever make a song for D. Grey Man? They sound SO AWESOME to not be!!
Niko Carvajal
hablan español :c alguien? xd 
His voice is beautiful, the vibrato is just perfect.
Seeing them live in two days, I really really hope they will play this song!!
Milseki H.
A voz do Sono é o tipo de coisa que eu não posso ficar sem ouvir
Tóth Marianna Viktória 維多利亞
the important thing is that your eyes closed, you can not see ...... what you need to feel the sound of the song ...... unimportant man or woman, and it looks like it is only important that what should be feeling you, what you hear ..............
Jai Crawford
now I really am torn between 4 bands as my 2nd fav Japanese band. 1st place for me will always be DIAURA, 2nd, not sure between, these guys, the GazettE or Ayabie or Spiv states
Yuna Stilinski
Gentiiiiiiii que voz e essa <3
Olivia Rose
Uhg, J-Rock is the coolest thing EVER.
Lexus C
This is one of those songs with amazing vocals but omg the music is fantastic. Probably my favorite song.
Diana Ximena Rodriguez
uff q buen tema, q bien q suena, amor puro para esta banda @[email protected]
Dean Mitchell
Fantastic song, amazing music, awsome vocals and Sono is just beautiful.
Even with hairspray i'm very confused as to how visual kei bands manage those hairstyles
Mie Watanabe
♥♥♥♥♥Love Helios♥♥♥♥♥
Daittos San
2018 e nois aqui ouvindo essa obra prima de música ❤❤❤
Fujiko Fox
<3 <3 your voice is amazing!!
Saya Lee Walker
-mindblown- where have i been!?! These guys are amazing!! *-* i love the singer... But i want the guitarist XD
Natsume Amano
The singer has a name it's SONO.
AYokMizumi kiaiKazeyuki
WOAH!!! *holds up a shield*
good song!!
otaku desu
Crystal K
My love, my darling, I'm going to kidnap you so you may sing to me forever- I MEAN yeah!! Totally love this song! Yeah I'd much rather buy the album and break the replay button than kidnap you, sweet heavenly vocal angel.... .-.
brasileiro brasil
gostei muito dessa musica
KpopGaming Studios
Almost every time I want to listen to a Visual Kei song to get inspiration, I tend to come to this song first.
And just like that I fell in love with Sono I would be gay for him! 😂😂
Lu Kaulitz
I cannot stop listening to it,the combination piano+guitar solo is amazing!
ミ ̄ー ̄ミHeonsu
I love their outfits *o* <3
Joshua Puariea
so like the music.... like the vocalists voice.... but he looks like a woman
Carol Corn
Beautiful I love it 😍
Michelle Swearingen
Who is that guitarist ? Wow
Snowii Nguyen
does this remind anyone of vampire knight,,,? o.O maybe just me...? like kalafina-esque ... XD
Entraya Crosshill
This is an unexpected place to find something that scratches that symphonic power metal itch, a goddahm show about a merman in a tub lead me to this...
please no "Weeaboo-ing".
Megami Manni
anyone knows anything about their concerts plz tell me !!
Gojin Yamada
that voice omg
Orm Embar
О. МОЙ. БОГ. И тут меня бросило в дрожь... Это шедевр мать вашу
Lanthanide Druitt
Can y'all please tell me your favourite Jrock songs? Or ones I should listen to? thanks,
Kiri Hellion
First time listening to it and i love it!!! I want the drummer though XD
Samuel J. Rivard
i really love this song here is the traduction i found (french) Je ne peux même plus trouver un dieu pour prier, Maintenant, nous nous tenons ici, debout, Incertains de ce qu'il faut faire mais nous le ressentons.  Je comprends que Ce n'est pas quelque chose que je devrais haïr, Ni quelqu'un que je devrais haïr.  Je peux apercevoir le chemin que je dois suivre, déroulé sous mes yeux, donc n'aie pas peur.  Levant les yeux vers la pluie frappant la Terre, j'étends mes bras comme pour l'arrêter.  La chaleur que mon coeur espérait a changé ma voix chantante.  S'il te plaît, ne laisse pas ce froid glacial remplir ton coeur.  S'il te plaît écoute ma voix.  Les visages souriants se sont enfouis au fond de moi, et au fond de toi.  Si tu veux pleurer, pleure, Parce que ce visage souriant t'attend.  Levant les yeux vers la pluie frappant la Terre, j'étends mes bras comme pour l'arrêter.  La chaleur que mon coeur espérait...  Ô lumière de l'espoir m'enveloppant, tu es ce qu'il y a de plus beau...  Le souffle de vie annonce la fin de cette Terre, et de tout l'univers.  Je chante comme si j'allais disparaître, et le cri rayonnant de la vie Résonne à travers mon corps.  Ce coeur connait L'amour et l'affection.  Ma température augmente, et ma voix dépérit.  Nous brûlons tous avec la même vie.
Kate Brinfour
Best looking Keyboardist EVER!!!!!
Ichu chan
still love this song <3
Marija Magdalena Šepak
I just can't get enough of this song...srsly its amazing (^.^) ♥
Lexi Luna
Amazing, it has a bit of a gothic vibe to it! Love it !
who's watching2018???
y f
Within Temptation - See Who I am :) <---- very similar melody. Which one song was the first ? :D
Juulia Saarinen
The man playing keyboard similar to Yoshiki(X Japan)!He is very cool!! I was interested in this band!
summer minn
I want the bassist, end of story
Watashi wa Javier Betancourt desu
I see dislikes how do people dislike this
A-mei-zing 😍😍😍
Yuuki Shiroma
What is the name of this band?
Myunjung kisx
The Count of Monte Cristo
Is the lead singer a crossdresser/ transexual? I only ask this because she/he has a very genderless face. Judging from vocals I would say she/he is a man but I can't really tell.
Sigui Kin
Is the singer a man or a woman?
Rosana Angela Costa
Eu adoro bandas de visual Kei minhas bandas favoritas sãos diaura kamijo datura acid Black Cherry xjapan Buck tick expher Helios escarlet valse zin
Imas Tuti
We were'd just watch Shemale band. They make me confusing, there was so dificult to gues band Vocalist.. girl or a boy with woman haircut.
James Brown
Name of the song in Romanji or English is what?
brasil brasil
Алексей ZZeRRiko
Ta Dahora, faz mais sobre comunismo :D
Riyad Hassaine
Probably one of the most beautiful thing i've heard in my whole life. Awesome lyrics too...
Helios D'Andrea
Thank you
jyumha Azhidahaka
Tremenda cancion ... muy buenos
Arianna Musulmán
Yes, of curse, congratulasions
Mailla park tk
Qual o nome dessa musica
Pardon my rudeness and noneducational self, but is that a male or female vocalist?
Ruandeson Dias
Br 2018 perfeição
Stephanie Johnson
This is magnificent
Karina N
#Brasil! <3
yuri _
Eu amo meus pais <333
愛 奈
Amanda Fonseca
Thank you for these video clips, I discover another universe of J. Rock... The singer sings maginifiquement well, (' I even chorriste in choirs), His voice has at least 3 and a half tones, what is brilliant....  I become a fan of this group, for, this musical mixture, for the voice(), and themes of the various songs... I am going to buy them singles, and I am anxious to speak about it on my page Facebook in the column(section): Androgyny; known personalities... Dahlia Uzu...
Mariana Lopez
epiphany's world
I'm getting evanescence vibes from this group
Hola administradores de King Records!!! Woow creo que esta música es muy épica, debería de ser conocido mas el jrock y el visual kei, que se expandiera por todo el mundo. Porque es hermoso y woow!!!! I love it jrock and visual kei <3 Saludos desde México n.n/
Xilema Gr
Goth Metal influences?~ omg i love their sound, but I'd just wish know japonese to feel the vibe of their song even harder than now :c
Deivis Jordan
Matenrou Opera. uma de minhas favoritas. eu a descobri procurando uma musica para min ouvir e jogar um jogo on-line.
Jürgen Durden
Regalese la oportunidad de conocer grupos nuevos y nuevas formas de interpretación otros idiomas y culturas! Jibun de atarashī gurūpu ya hoka no gengo to bunka o kaishaku suru atarashī hōhō o mitasu tame ni kikai o ataemasu
Ale Corpse Filth
Aun en el 2018 ♫ {{{(^_^)}}} ♪
Mari Souza
Primeira basileira a comentar huhu 😆