Bristol: A short film about my home

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I recently read a book called 'Do Fly - Find your way. Make a living. Be your best self'. The author, Gavin Strange, talks about developing creative side projects. It was such a refreshing read and I felt totally inspired, so I set myself a project and this is the result. Hope you all enjoy it! Let me know what you think! Credit to: Rob Potter: />Simon Clements: />Josh Morgan (HighDrone Bristol): /> Bristol Colour Capital: />Gavin's Book: /> (P.S I know it says I uploaded it on the November 30th and the film says December 1st. I made it public on the 1st but uploaded it privately a day earlier, just to make sure all was good!) ☺Subscribe />☺Twitter: ☺Instagram: />☺Snapchat: ciarahillyer

made me feel proud to live here thank you. x
bobby midha
Bristol is very good and now has more job opportunities than many other cities in the UK
Damn, this has really made me miss living in Bristol. Great video <3
I love this city - and your editing and stunning shots made it justice. Ace x
Emre Aktaş
skinssssss <3
Paul J
I too didn't particularly appreciate just what a great place my hometown was, until I (foolishly) moved away back in 2004. I miss the place so much.
Knowle westerrrr
Ian Osborne
Left Bristol 18 yrs Ago.. It Has Never left My Heart. I moved to Southern Ireland ? After Running The One n Only MARDYKE MOTORCYCLE ROCK BAR! 😎. At least It Was Back Then! Got despondent..😢 ..Culture of England was Dying and Everybody was Paddy's Day Mad! So I embarked on Trying to Promote St George's Day from my Shop on The Christmas Steps and My Organic Veg Stall in The Glass Arcade St Nicks Market.. I handed out And Gave away Red Cross 'St George's' Flags.. I offered them To My Bank My Churches Establishments With Bare Flag poles Etc Etc Etc .. But To No Avail.. I heard The Waterboys singing Old ENGLAND Is Dying.. And I couldn't ve Have Agreed More.. I sadly came to The conclusion She Was lost and Spiritually Dying... So I embarked on A journey That Id've NEVER Believed..That I'd leave My Home Town Port of BRISTOL.. What a Religious trip I've Been On both Highs n Lows. But Now I see England Is Sinking even Deeper down The Tubes!😢 . Overcrowded Messy And Not A Red Cross Banner to be Seen??? Madness at Work.. I've spent More Times visiting Home.. Now I Carry My Red Cross And Raise It Where ever I Go!😇.No Other Flag Can Hold A Candle to It! So Get out and Join the Few! HallelUjah and Amen. Yours Sincerely Ozzy Osborne Aka BRISTOL IAN. Non Nobis Domini.
Jason Gage
Great short film of a City I call home too
Farra Rosenzweig
that was amazing!!! you should definitely do more cinematic vlogs and short films because that was breathe taking!!! love everything you do!
Beautiful. Just found out one of my friends is moving here, so this gives me even more to look forward to if I ever get to visit
Zanett Schiller
Knowle and Totterdown is life <3
Casey Neistat should be proud of this video! :)
Gaming Kids
me and my mum were at the dragon boat race we sold cupcakes and other things for my mums charity,i love helping her make things
Wicked Video!! Great commentary, some amazing shots. Loved it from start to finish! From a fellow Bristolian, 26 Years Old.. Southmead Hospital!! lol. All the best. :-)
Amine Moroccan
it's a very nice this video don't stop continue......
Awesome video and the music is Rocking!
I love your voice and accent...good video
moonage daydream
No filming of the members of public in this video, well'' well well, what surprises. Everything to try and make bristol look like paradise. Propaganda!
Casinors 12
Bristol til I die
Ben Wherlock
Born In Bristol and I still love the place!
Yeh Bristol is great, love that I live here
Bianca Quickfall
I just got to Bristol, I'm from South Africa. I would like to tour around the city. Do you perhaps know who I could contact to help show me around??
Kihyo Bhak
The first city to which I visit in Europe and the UK. All people whom I met in the city were funny, nice and kind. I still remember that I talked with a Bristolian guy who was really interested in the Northeastern Asia where I'm from. I do miss when I was in there so much. Thanks for uploading the viedo. Gert lush!
chris bis
Shoutout to montpelier
Zach Ockwell
This is brilliant!
Emma Grimshaw
Hello, I work for the Bristol Post and was wondering if we could use your video on our website? Best wishes, Emma
George Savage
this is brilliant.
Huddersfield and Man City fan 777
Celia Tulk
Proud to call it home
Elizabeth Roberts
This is a great video - of such a lovely place! :) I lived there for just under a year and a half, but now live elsewhere, and I'm hoping to move back to Bristol or Cardiff asap as I love the Somerset/South East Wales part of the UK so much. x
Nice video, really makes me want to visit the city even more now! Great voiceover as well :D
I love this. Bristol is a so great glad I decided to make it my home.
Saeed Kabrah
lovely city and nice film
I can wait visit in July
Little Emma-Louise
I'm hopefully going to be moving to Bristol later this year for uni and I can't wait! This video makes me love the city even more! ☺️😄
Oliver Lee
Nice video, I like it.
Im from Australia and I really want to do an exchange at the University of Bristol
Stride Treglown
Fantastic video Ciara! Thank you also for the Colour Capital initiative shout out :)
Very Lisa
Awesome video!
Ben Hutchings
Good stuff Ciara
this reminds me of halifax, nova scotia :)
Neil Hobbs
Great video, Ciara. Deserves to be seen by many more people.
Absolutely amazing 🙌
Peter Olsavsky
good job. nice video. i am really excited about Bristol. i moving in couple months. can't wait for it.
Lorenzo Valen
thanks for the video
bistols shit dont know what ur saying lmao
1:06 I live less than 5 minuites away from there, so proud this is my city :)
City or Rovers?
Vincenzo S
I love Bristol!
Jannuk S.
Need to go to Bristol, amazing. You really should make more short films like this, you are so talented!
Chloe Solomon
amazing as always
Great video! I studied in bristol just for a year. It was a really inspiring year. I miss the city a lot.
groundskeeper 52
Great stuff. My dad has a place there. Someday I'll call it home too. Thanks for helping to keep my dream alive...
Sarah Dawes
it's so nice to see such a creative piece of film being made in the place i grew up
Well done Ciara lovely film x :D
gwen doline
really cool video!
Tiny Rick
Growing up in New Zealand to Bristolian parents I often got weird looks for my general attitude, accent (a unique hybrid Kiwi/Bristol accent) and outlook on the world, or generally considered an outsider, when I visited Bristol I learnt where everything that made me who I am came from and that I wasn't "a weird outsider" but that there was a place where I could fit in and not be judged. I've visited Bristol 3 times now in my adult life and still like to think of it as a kinda home away from home, or at least feels more homely than here at times. I love walking through St Nicholas Markets and checking out the stalls or just walking the city in general.
Simon Melon
Bristol is only up the motorway for me. I've always liked it more then any other English city.
Moved here 5 and a half years ago and I love it. Great film Ciara :)
does England still use british standards (BS) in engineering?
Living Walks
Hi there, we've been enjoying watching this. We film 4k walks in cities too, and have just filmed Bristol, so it's lovely to see someone doing something similar but from an informative viewpoint, thank you for taking the time to add your video. As we do a similar thing, perhaps we could subscribe to each other and share more? we'd like that.
Bristol TV
Love it. We'd love to show this on Bristol TV on our regular segment showcasing great local videos from social media. Would you be happy to let us broadcast this with a credit to you?
Really loved your video! We´re a young couple of photographers planing on moving to Bristol this year. We visited 2 years ago and fell in love with the city
Lucky Lucia
I love this it is so beautiful 💕💗well done u creative beautiful soul
Brett Keepin
Wow,loved this, grew up in hartcliffe till 1985 moved to knowle for 20 years now living the quiet life in Ashton, love Bristol.
Game of Life
Bristol TV
Love it. We'd love to show this on Made in Bristol TV on our regular segment showcasing great local videos from social media. Would you be happy to let us broadcast this with a credit to you?
Kimberly Ormesher
I was born in that same hospital but haven't lived in Bristol for most of my life. Want to get back there as soon as I can 💙
lauren :3
I live in Bristol in the flats near the suspension bridge the road is called Paxton drive
Camille Voyage
This is so awesome! I was there this past summer for the first time, I remember seeing those Grommet sculptures on the boats ^^ i made a short video about it too, i liked the bear pit a lot!
Bristol TV
Love it. We'd love to show this on Bristol TV on our regular segment showcasing great local videos from social media. Would you be happy to let us broadcast this with a credit to you?
Chris Verrall
I LOVE THIS VIDEO! It's how I feel about this place.
Luke DeBrincat
I wish to visit Bristol and some cities in the South West! Thanks for your video Ciara I found it very interesting and you are such a charming lady!😀
You captured the City's atmosphere perfectly! It's a beautiful place which has so much on offer. I love a coffee in The Canteen, or a pint somewhere in Kings Street. My Sister moved there from Belfast last year, so I always get over with my Camera every couple months. Great Video, hope you're keeping well!
Anthony Wozniczka
We lived in Congresbury for 1.5 year and visited Bristol many times and always will have wonderful memories.
FJ Hansen
I'm hoping to be able to call Bristol my home someday, too.
robert smith
good film , a travelogue, and as personal as a can of cola. i m sure it got you a good mark at college.
I love this, makes me proud to be Bristolian :). Thank you for making and sharing xxx
Abdullah Faheem
I was born at the same hospital lol
Annabelle Prst
Hey Ciara! I've just seen your video and really enjoyed. I am french and living in London since Feb 2016. I've been in Bristol for 2 days trip 3 times now and I like it so much ! Your video shows exactly how I see Bristol and how I would like people to look at it ! Everyone shoud come to discover :) !
Is that churchdown skatepark at 1:50
Liam Roberts
Bristol metropolis
Will Morrish
I'm glad to say that I live in Bristol for 14 years of my life and I've go to each festival every year
Simon Zeng
Nice one! Would you like to have a look of a hyper lapse video I made for Bristol?
Aleksandra Chodorowska
I spent a week in Bristol this year and I've missed it a lot ever since... Definitely going back as soon as I can! <3
Thank you for this three minutes. I love Bristol with whole my heart. And with whole my heart I wish to move back to that wonderful city. Greets!
Carl White
i live in bristol & you absolutely mailed it in the video, stunning footage! 👍👍👍👍
Petina Carvalho
I live in Bristol for almost 3 years and im so in love with the city and i always find something to do and it´s pretty amazing .
Amine Moroccan
hello, Ms. "Ciara hillyer how are you, I just added ur chanel (liked)&(subsrib) so wish good luck
DynamicSines GaborBalintKovacs
do more bristol video's mate
VJ Titicaca
great great great movie better than the one from that annoying vegan girl
Krishna Love
Nice video! Thank you :)
Will Smile
Ciara, that's fantastic. Thank you very much. I'm glad to call Bristol my home too :)
This videos great, I'm hoping to get the grades to get into bristol uni and this has only inspired me more
Hannah Louise
In love with this video
girls vs boys
I live here
Roisin Wootton
This is so cool! X