Unbreakable and Split's Story in 9 Minutes

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With M. Night Shyamalan about to wrap up his Eastrail 177 trilogy with Glass, it's time to get caught up on the story of the first two entries: Unbreakable and Split. Glass Review: /> Subscribe to IGN for more! /> ------------------------------ ---- Watch more on IGN here! ------------------------------ ---- DAILY FIX: />GAME REVIEWS: />MOVIE REVIEWS: />TRAILERS: />NEWS: /> #ign

Who's your favorite: Mr. Glass, David Dunn, or The Beast?
Spidey Sense
Hmmm, I actually wasn't gonna watch Glass at all but now i think I might!
jie pin lim
Split is the sequel that we never thought existed, and Glass makes it a perfect trilogy we never thought we need! Kudos to M. Night Shyamalan
Probably the best most original crossover story ever told. Thank you M knight shamalahmadingdong.
Antisocial loser
I’d say drowning is a pretty big weakness
Mars Hall
I didn’t know split was a sequel never seen unbreakable
Nick Arias
So professor x is really the beast?!
General Grevious
He only said "they call me mr.glass" twice dude
The scars are not self-harm. She's being tortured by her sadistic uncle. They elude to his abusive tendencies throughout the movie. A lot of those marks look like they were definitely inflicted by someone else. There was a cigar burn. Not to mention that every person I have ever known who's self-harmed did it on their wrists and she has no scars there.
Logan Treesh
If you set the speed on 2.0, you get the story in 5 minutes.
Oh dope now i dont have to watch the other movies... I still will though
Mark O'Brien
[SPOILER] The reason James Mcavoy goes to the empty train car to summon The Beast is that his dad died in the same train that David Dunn survived, which ultimately created 'The Beast' personality meaning Mr. Glass discovered both superheros. At least that is a theory from Reddit that seems to make perfect sense. I just hope that isn't the reveal in Glass.
i loved unbreakable and split. super excited for glass! going to see it in 2 weeks.
ballistic fox
Shyamalan's version of the avengers movie
Josh Bennett
I feel like the sixth sense should be apart of the unbreakable universe, he has the power to see dead people, he’s one of the special people with powers
I saw Unbreakable at a dollar theater a couple months after it came out. I smoked a blunt to the head by myself before going in, and there was like 4 other people in the whole theater. One of the best cinema experiences I ever had. Up there with seeing Jurassic Park when I was 11.
Zvi mur
Ehmm, what about the mandatory twist? In case of Split, the surviving girl is apparently still a victim of her uncle, who is her legal guardian. Or am I wrong?
If you put the titles together you get: "Unbreakable Split Glass" Mind=Blown
Strider Stryker
*Thanks for telling me this because I was about to watch these 2 films on Netflix...* Edit: Did some searching from Netflix and there was none, but I wish they release those films when the movie Glass shows up in theaters.
Challenge Brain
If the Beast is here, I have something to say........KEVIN WENDELL CRUMB!!!!!!!!!!!
Marcus Kemp
Glass is going to be interesting
Arjay King
Did you really say Casey's scars were from self-harm? Did I hear that correctly? I think you need to watch Split again.
The Infinexos
Marvel: Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history! M. Night Shyamalan: **laughs in Indian**
Dante DiFederico
I loved both of these movies, so I CANNOT WAIT FOR "GLASS"!
I have a theory MR. GLASS is a Metahuman but he didn't realize his ability is ENHANCED INTELLIGENCE
Marco Polo
Man, Split feels so detached from Unbreakable it should just had been its own movie.
Bennett Witcher
I like how glass is black.
Gamal Sheikh
I went and watched glass but I didn't watch the first 2 movies and I was confused af. I had to come here to really understand what was going on. Great movie though! :)
Jon Startop
She didn't self-harm. It was her uncle that scratched her.
6:46 Dem sick dance moves
Dankest Media
Mr.Glass planted a bomb on the train that David Dunn & Kevin Wendle Crumb's father was on, to discover David's super powers and create the Beast as we know him.
Prasad Gujar
But ign why did you gave 5 ?
Sinister K.I.D. America
If they were smart the would re-release unbreakable and split the week b4 glass, but i guess that ship has sailed
I give this video a 5.5/10
Split? I thought its Activision Bumgie
Dank Frank666
Why does IGN keep making videos on this film if they only cage it a 5/10
Dan Copeland
I think after watching Split and Glass, I'm almost ready to forgive Shyamalan for The Last Airbender ALMOST
You missed the part of unbreakable where you meet the character from split.
Kal-El Clark Kent
Well, Batman doesn’t have a weakness! Why did you say that na- Okay, I get it.
*_Elijah deliberately escaped via the tunnels in order for the surveillance cameras to record himself, plus David and Kevin. The footage is uploaded to the web by Casey, Joseph, and Mrs. Price, and they watch as the world learns about the existence of the superpowered._* *_SAVED YOU GUYS 9 MINUTES._*
Nonyabiz Gaming
I believe the doctor that's running the hospital is the real villain, she may have powers herself.
8:08 What's the guy's name???
Jay Edwards
Signs was WAY better than unbreakable
fsggf jsgg
08:15 he ain't Dutch he can't implore.
Yaz TheAngel
Dennis from Always Sunny in Philadelphia that’s too perfect
James Carrillo
Thanks for the run down! I saw halfway of Split and didn't see unbreakable so this helped! I don't know if I'm going to see glass in theaters but I'm definitely going to try to see it!
Melvin Williams
I’ve never been more impressed with a trilogy. Masterpiece
Clams McGee
Props for the mention of the mastermind behind the D.E.N.N.I.S. system @ 4:37
Jake The Snake
There ain't no metahuman in Marvel Universe.
Batman should recruit them.
Kc Thunder
This kc girl is Morgan in the movie Morgan. I'd nvr forget those creepy eyes
ash muryode
ready for 1 billion grossing Mr Glass?
Hunter Wheeler
So Glass is basically Marvel's Avengers (2012)
Split was one of the worst films I've see
whatever you say fam
I remember in the theater at the end of split, there was only me and 13 other people who cheered at what was happening.
500 subs with 0 vids
Oh yeah yeah
pls end me
The twist in Glass is that it wasn’t the story we thought it was.
Nolay Austin
N Aditya
Unbreakable Split Glass
500 subs with 0 vids
Oh yeah yeah
EL Güiro Q T Importa
Excelent video.... one question: what is your favorite ``novela`` (mexico) Posdata: hablo español
Birdman PB
The movie will be great but probably wont be reflected in the box office.
The 4th sequel introduces a new hero. The Unwakeable.
Jean-Paul Faye
How about they turn this into a tv show spinoff
I was disappointed that split just turned out to be another super hero derived film. I was hoping for a sequel that was a sick twisted psycho thrill. That being said glass was alright but nothing to brag about. Slow build and settings not vast enough. Nothing exciting came from it for me. Meh no money lost for me.
I think it's implied that she was abused, not that she harmed herself
ItzMatty 56
I think M knight has the most potential to make the most unique original superhero universe that could rival Marvel Studios
If you haven't seen first two movies.. stop this video.. go watch the movies. They are masterpiece and way ahead of their time.. especially unbreakable.. which is the most realistic origin superhero movie.
Samuel Leslie
Bruh I can’t believe you said her scars were from self harm
clearwaterbeach florida
I love Elijah
Kashan SR
Thanks for explaining now i will watch glass more interestingly
This was explained pretty well
Michael Laureano
Isn't the first movie called The Sixth Sense?
Pigsdontmatter :D
Why is Mr. glass David Dunn’s enemy?
Nick Billions
That breakdown and narrative of the two movies was SUPERB! Keep it going!
Such a great recap! I laughed being old enough to have seen unbreakable before know all these sequels would come!
Hell of a story, ain't it?
What an amazing story. Great to see movies that are not like all other.
Hopeless Retard
man you really are trying hard to be funny
Your Mom
How could you?! It was nine minutes AND TWENTY THREE SECONDS
How the hell did McAvoy NOT get an Oscar for Split?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rai x
wow this saved me from watching 2 whole movies
kevin nelson
John McLain vs Professor X
Watching this video in preparation for Glass!
Bob Saget
there is truth in these movies, the mind body connection. In today’s world of media consumption and distractions this connection is severely dampened. It’s about time to go over nine thousand
this is secretly part of the X-men universe
itsyeboi Rasec
Oh yeah
Peter Alvarez
Danny Welbeck
This is actually the story of Nick Fury in an alternate universe
Cédric the Other Entertainer
Now I'm ready for Glass
The scars on the girl in split aren’t self harm it’s abuse from her uncle
@7:34 fatality 😁
Oscar Cortez
I think that female doctor has some abilities...
Kishan Bhatt
Why do you care a-hoots You gave Glass a *FREAKING 5.5!!!!!!!*
Hillel Rudy
"Not that one"
Heard glass movie did really bad though what a disappointment I was looking forward to watching it but now I'm gunna never watch it lol
Timothy Chizmar
I hear GLASS is awful
Andre Betita
A little detail that might have been nice to mention was that in Unbreakable, one of the people that David "intuits" is a woman in a red dress who is implied to be abusive of her child. There is strong likelihood that the child grew up to be Kevin/The Beast/The Horde, and that his Patricia "persona" might have taken cues from the woman in the red dress.