9 Times Snooki & JWoww Proved They’re BFF As Hell 👯 | MTV Ranked

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Kristal C
Jwoww is such a amazing friend. That’s a never forgettable moment she punched the girl for calling Snooks fat.
Jordan Rider
How did they not add when jwoww chased jionni all over Italy 😂😂😂😂
Vane B
Omg this show was gold because it was so raw and unscripted
Nick Melton
Everyone is focusing on Jenni and Snooki's friendship while I'm focusing on Vinny getting hella mad and Snooki getting punch and than claiming down saying "Where is she ? Let me talk to her." like aww
cristal meza
Snooki is real asf she has her make up from the club the night b4 rolled out of bed and was like girrl letss goo get ur doggos
Karma Kuntz
JWOWW needs to join the "Total Divas" cast on WWE...
Jada Flowers
when Snooki got punched that was the best bonding moment i ever seen in the house. that shit made me cry but at that point she knew that she had real brothers and sisters .
Ana with one N
For #4 Jenni also went and hit the guy before going to help Nicole
4:35 the strength and vulnerability of a woman. Jenni is in shock, keeps it together. The moment Snooki comes and hugs her, she lets go
Dania Hernandez
I disagree with the video of when the guy punched snooki..only because jwoww right away drops her bag and starts to get punches on the guy while the other guys are getting him too!! That video should be number 1 #friendship
I loved when Snooki got hit and you see Jwoww start delivering absolute hammers to the guy that hit her. That's exactly how I'd react too if my bff got hit by a grown ass man.
Suga Ray
If Jersey shore wasn't a thing Jwoww definitely would have been the baddest bad girl! Edit: thanks for the likes and I'm mad we never got to meet Emilio #5 too funny!
The way the boys come for blood when that idiot punches Nicole... and it’s Ron that’s telling Vinny to calm down (when usually it’s the other way around). They really are family ❤️
w j
2:11 never noticed her spray tan running lol
dude did Jenni's ex got to prison or smth? He literally stole from her, that's a crime
Jes Lynne
Jersey Shore was a dumb show, but the friendship between these two was actually refreshing in a reality show. Truly good friendships always have the same core values and you can see it in these two. They might've had their dumb moments growing up (and publicized, no less) but how they have each other's backs, stick by each other, and truly support each other is really sweet.
jwow and snooki was all cute and shit but then Vinny being all protective was even better
Michie Oo
The best friendship formed from a reality show!!! Love their relationship
Jenni was the only person to swing !! Even Pauly stood on the chair and did nothing ! True best friend 💓
Amanda Caribbean baby
#4 Jenni did get some punches at the guy tho.
“We used the word breasts, so they probably won’t even know it’s us” lmao
Kiwi Baby
I LOVE how the whole Jersey Family cared for her. The girls jumped in to clean her up and comfort her and the boys went to fight the guy for her. True family right there, true and loyal. During the time she got punched by a man.
Lumen Lights
everyone going after that guy for hitting snooki was so sweet like they are just a big family. i need me some friends like that.
Madison Drake
Amber Lucille
Why cant reality shows not be scripted anymore like this? I miss these days when reality shows were real 😔
caligirl20 4
Looking at the scene of when Snooki got punched in the face by that loser makes me feel so bad for her! Glad she was ok.
Alexis Misqueda
Jwowww- drama!!! Mike- Oh really where!!!!!! Im so dead right there
Straight Motivation
Jenni looks really good with that short hair. Paulys such a good guy
Randi Wines
Jenni has got one hell of a punch. I hope any woman who try’s her is genuinely ready to brawl, and hopefully has some type of training.
Melly Duran
Its so cute how pauly aproches jenni when her and snooki are fighting
Anitzel Rivera
STILL think they shoulda told sammy they wrote it when they talked to her. She probably wouldnt have gotten mad and went back with ron honestly.
Badd Bitchh27
When Jenni was crying all her foundation was running down her neck I'm weak lol even though that was really upsetting with her ex of what happened
ana belem
I've ALWAYS had a mad crush on Vinny I MEANNNNNN
Quxn Jay
#4 The guys were ready to whoop some ass. Jenni was by her side the minute the argument started.
J. Lekim
I love JWoww.....she's a bad ass chick. I really liked Sammi too and I'm was bummed her and JWoww got in a fight. I'm glad they ended up becoming friends.
Vee Leal
Mike’s laugh when reading the note 😂
lol, before snooki changed her voice to sound classier.
monstarr .x
Jwoww such a strong women like literally lol love her ☺
Kat Ferguson
snooki getting punched was the saddest thing ever
Figure Of Art
I wonder if Snooki sued that guy who punched her.
Woo Woo
Vinny was bout to beat the friends ass he didn’t even do anything ☠️☠️☠️☠️
lily tatui
Back when we didn't like Mike
Eagles Fan4Life
Jen doesn’t even look like the same person after all her surgeries
Kira Butler
#8 was so hard to watch
kribettxo smith
what about jenni walking around italy for nicole for number one ??
Shemeka meemee Beamon
I know this doesn't have anything to do with Jenny and snooki friendship but I'm irritated that Jenny and Roger is getting a divorce. On another note, 4:14 I always wondered how much money did Tom take out of Jenny's account. I know he wiped it clean but how much...I would've went looking for him to handle that
Im laughing at Tom for stealing jenni money. Because he's probably hitting himself thinking "if I would have waited a little more I would have gotten that jersey money and a show"😁😩
ew get lost
I love jenni she really did help Snooki but for real VINNY was the cutest in that moment and the sweetest and most worried 😍😍😍❤️
that makes me so happy that snooki had that many people to defend her
Kristen R
"I see hair being pulled and im like how do i get in?" 😂😂😂
Sharae Mcclain
Love them true friendship wish I had that
Ariana Quinones
im just laughing at jwoww’s tan running down ha neck @ 2:12 😂
annamaria xo
I feel like if they were honest about the note she shouldn’t have gotten mad, but I see why they didn’t want to say anything because at the end of the day sam loved Ron too much to leave him. It was a good season tho..
Sydney & Wolf Speak
Wish I had a loyal bestie like that... 😧😩 But Snooks did deserve to get chewed out for getting so upset with Vinny. That was dumb... love💜them both. Anyway can't wait to see them back at the New Shore/old Shore House. Sam needs to get some of that money while she's at it BUT NOPE RON will be there. Not gonna happen. Can't wait...🤗💜
Shemeka meemee Beamon
I have 2 best friends like this... We're always ready to ride for each other... whenever one of us is down, we can count on each other to lift us up. The only difference is that we don't see each other that much because we're all in relationships and have kids but we will always be best friends... ALWAYS ...
Quay Mcconico
Snooki was a thot and I love it
Love watching YouTube 2003
Yoooo glow up game strong as helll💫💫💫💫
Shakira I
Pauly and vinny are married (the bromance is real)
Chelsea Anna
How could you have left out when Jenni was running around Italy in like 6" heels on cobblestone looking for Jionni?! That was an amazing expression of how much Jenni cares for Snooki.
China Kweess
Heighton 720
Jesus some of these are before they had OODLES of plastic surgery..
ew get lost
Awwww I’m so happy that jWow’s beautiful dogs are okay ❤️❤️
B. L.
I still cry rewatching the punching scene. It kills me but I'm so glad everyone tried protecting Nicole, literally friendship goals right there.
karla cortes
Omfg when they all had her back and vinny wanted to kill someone everyone basically wanted to kill that dude that was the most beautiful moment ever . I love them all
Ida Spoor
Vinny is the brother every girl deserves
michelle mayhem
#8 and #4 gives me chills and got me emotional damn
Watching Snooki and jwoww be drunk is honestly the best thing I have ever seen.😂😂😂
Rebecca Eising
I wish I had a BFF relationship like that 💔😭
Kay Deep
Tom deserves to rot in hell
Amina Mowjun
Nicole ”Snooki” (Polizzi) LaValle & Jenni ”Jwoww” (Farley) Mathews are real Sisters❣️💎💞
brielle ricker
the fact jwoww was the only person to fight the guy that hit snooki
Milagros Encarnacion
Hard to believe my sister worked with Snookie
Sydney & Wolf Speak
Jennie with the SouthPaw punches... Ayyee
Jazzy 901
It’s crazy how these people are still entertaining
Ay Namyeol
Jwoww and Snooki are legit friend goals ❤️❤️❤️
Jackie De Leon
I wish they would've kept their original faces
Jane Mosh
Jenni is a true friend.
Boo boo Kitty
Snooki and Jwoww❤
LMAO #5 is this a voice mail? imagine lol
Julia Roth
Is it just me or was her spray tan dripping down her neck😂
MaKenna Sakiestewa
i need a best friend.
fried chicken
It's all about the meatballs
Jen kb
Vin liked her from day 1. Awe.....
We’re only child syndrome 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yasmin Ayala
When JWoww went off on Emilio 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
William Jean
1 Corinthians 16: 14 "Do everything in love."
Jen Marcela
I wonder if jenni still has her dogs lol
I really don't understand why Sammi was mad at them but not Ron.
King P
Jwoww’s bronzer dripping down her neck from her tears 😭😭 TBT
Kerstin Claire
What were they thinking when they lied about the note???????? That shit will air on TV omg
When Snooki got punched vinny was so heated out of all the guys !!! He cares about her so much !! It’s sad to see what happened to them
Ericka B
Wow #8 was incredibly sad
Nic Cap
Vinny was so worried about Nicole ♥️
Armando Villa villa
Snooki is so dramatic I swear😂
Alexandra Caggiano
The grammar in the note😂😂😂
Leslie Hardeman
HELP, IM BEING ATTACKED BY A JWOW! The shit that comes outta snooks mouth is priceless! GOD I LOVE THESE TWO GIRLS.
Miss Daliyah
Besties 😙
Super Babie
#4 the guy shouldve bought his own drinks instead of taking someone else drink
Jwow is a great friend, i feel like snooki isnt