Step-by-Step Professional Home Recording Studio Build in Nashville

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I rebuilt my home studio and documented it, so I put together this video that takes you through the journey and the thought processes behind why I did everything I did to make this the best possible space to record music. UPDATE: My life is great so I'm giving away my country guitar book for free now! Get it here: /> I can't wait to show you the stuff I'm currently making and going to make in this room. I may make an overall gear video to show you the gear in this room and how I use it if I have time between gigs and actually doing work in here. PS: If you want to know what gear I use to sound like the best version of myself, here are some links (if you buy through these links, amazon gives me a percentage): My Kemper Profiling Amp: /> My electric guitar strings: /> My acoustic guitar strings: /> My Tele pickups: /> My overdrive pedal: /> My compressor pedal: /> My delay pedal: /> My tuner pedal: /> My Slate vocal mic: /> My drum mic package: /> I have two other fun projects right now: Guitar Lick A Day, where I post a guitar lick every day with TAB on Instagram (@GuitarLickADay) and Back From The Gig, a podcast that I record every time I get back from a gig. I'll talk about any cool stuff that happened, take you behind the scenes, and answer questions that you submit to the site! -Jim

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Hello Jim. I'm an acoustical engineer. you did a great job. The definitions were spot-on.
Carol Kay
Wow, incredibly detailed and helpful video. Amazing job from a fellow DIY studio dweller. I built my own panels as well and this was spot on.
Nick Pappas
Really cool video! Some day...some day....
Kley De Jong
Awesome video Jim, thanks!
Matt Watson
Great video, and the outro track is tasty
Maestro Ernesto Gitarrenkurse
Super! Thanks for your excellent videos and informations. Top quality and you are a great musician as well :-)
La Guitarra Chapina
Hi! I am glad I found this channel. Well I am 29 years old and just started my career as Musician 4 months ago! Before this I think I have lost 29 years doing nothing! so Even thoung it seems kind of hard your channel gave me hope. thanks for sharing! Greeting from Quetzaltenango, Gutemala; Central America. (i just wanted you to know how far your videos are reaching)
33% absorption, 33% diffusion and 33% reflection... this more looks like 70% absorption and 30% reflection? This may well be the best way to go in such a small room tho. Are you happy with the results?
I can already hear my wife saying "no".
Luke Gallagher
I am so intimidated by your intelligence, it's not funny!
i think you are a genius!
Parker Dumas
Hey Jim sweet video. Could you make a video more about the recording software or systems that you use. That has been a huge trouble for me.
ryan chatterjee
Hey Jim, I live in Texas where it gets HOT in the summers. How do you keep studios cool without having the noise from fans and air conditioners?
Jaser Blades
the Rockboard 40 is awesome its what I used. I made 2, 2ftx4ftx4in bass traps and 2 2ftx2ftx4in and they are so effective and much much cheaper than the normal 1 or 2 in thick foam panels that really don't do much. if you take the time to build these acoustic panels you will not regret it :)
Jordan Maher
Brilliant video! Definitely going to come back to this in the future when I have my own place :)
Zbytečnej Kanál
So that means... I... have to sell couple of my guitars? You ruined my life, man
Nice Music Room Jim !
Andrew Gordon
Nice work Jim. I’m catching up on all your vids. Thanks to Paisley Dog video. Great work man.
Justice Beeman
AHHHHH ive never seen so much audio engineering science in a youtube video
Eugene Shin
dang dude!!!! that's crazy cool!!!
hows it sound now to your ears?
GREAT job bro! Out of curiosity, the production on this video was really great...How many hours did it take to edit this together?...You had a TON of elements in there! Awesome!
Duncan Plexico
John Webster
Great vid Jim. Love the attention to detail. I will need to find out what the rockboard equivalent is in Oz. I take it that the instrumental at the end of the video was recorded in the new room...sounds really, really good!
Nice! I really like the idea of using rock board instead of the foam acoustic squares. What if the room is already carpeted?
Hi Jim, I'm living in Istanbul/Turkey and summers are a little bit more hell-ish here. I have exact same ceiling fan in my room and when i listening music or playing guitar in my room it gives me kinda strange "rotary speaker/tremolo effect" :) sometimes it sounds cool some times it annoying. do you experiencing it too?
Great video. I am working with about the same size room. So the supplies and drawings helped me out a lot. Not to mention the Room Mode calculator. Now I just have to save my money. LOL
Shortcut Coldwater
Hey man, I love all of your videos you are a true professional but you keep it light and fun. Could you make a video on the cheapest possible way to make the nose floor almost inaudible? Interfaces, mics, micpres. How do I do it without spending 80,000 dollars?
Jake Walker
How was your experience at Belmont?
Emílio Cordeiro
Man, this is fenomenal! Thank you!
Wong Jian Ming
great video, really clear and concise!
Bishal Gurung
Thank you for sharing..
Scott North
Hey Jim, this was a kickass video to watch. Keep up to good vibes and great music!
Tyler Baker
Incredibly well put together, instructional, with solid points to backup.
Devon Hanrahan
Awesome stuff!
Graeme Woller
I loved the combo of build with info. Great job!
Clearly someones mother never taught them how to iron their walls.
Jimmy C
excellent just like your steel vid. Moved from NY to outside Nashville 6mo ago, building 8x12 control rm inside 2 car garage, packed with great info here, great job and good luck w the room.thanks
Wesley Peck
Hey Jim, could you do a video on tips for playing square-neck resonator/dobro? Thank you!
Love the info!! For anyone else, please be sure to notice he is using a space heater for a reason!! The rockboard insulates and would ignite that fabric covering the baseboard heater in the blink of an eye!
Daniel prado allao
dude... I felt like i was at UNI having that one class that makes time fly! Great Job!! Best 12 min of musical content for soo long..
Buddy Ollie
the level of understanding in this video makes me feel dumb
Saul Velazquez
Dude! If your girlfriend was willing to help you out with building your studio there is no better definition of "She's a keeper!" Treat that beautiful lady right! Great job on the build, by the way!
The Upstate Sound
Sick vid bud!
Steven Pomeranz
Great Job. It was fun to watch you put it together and learn the math too. Good Luck!
Andrew Sartin
You skipped the best part, hearing it before and after.
Reny Jacob
please suggest a good audio interface for imac
CCM Guitarist
Very well done... That's a heck of a lot for under 12-minutes.
Adam Vogel
Super helpful! Thanks man.
so sick man!
Great video!
F. Paul Yorio
#HomeStudioGoals Seriously man this shit is inspiring. I'm guessing you own the house?
Zane Price
Awesome stuff Jim!
Vincent Lay
great video!
Robb Garcia
Best real life studio build .TY for all the tips.So will your 1st CD be titled "In My Room "
Really nice work. Thank you for sharing this. I was starting to think about building something very similar, and then I thought.. Am I nuts? Does anyone really do that??! Well I guess they do! Pretty awesome and inspiring. I think this is my next investment. And by the way, hats off to your girlfriend for helping you out! You got something good there bud!
Daniar studio دانيار
Good job
Eugene Shin
This is amazing!!!!
Will Smyser
Wow that's awesome. You're very inspiring.
Russell Carter
Awesome video. I've been looking for information on the proper ration between the 2 types of treatment and this is the first time I've seen it laid out in a way my brain could understand :) Thanks a ton!
Paul F
Thank you so much for taking the time to share and upload your video. Very informative and enjoyable. I have a hobby studio myself, but to me they are my toys. If I ever get serious, your video is indeed a great inspiration and extremely helpful! Thank you again for taking the time to share!
yotam amit
Your definitions and explainations at the beggining were spot on, as I would expect from a fellow audio engineer. Yet at the end there are so many wrong stuff being done. This room will be far from linear or predictable, and I'll explain. Absorbtion and diffusion needs to be placed according to room modes and points of early reflections, which directly responds to the position of the monitors. Everything is related to the sweet spot. In your room nothing is related to it. It means trouble. Your listening position is located in a very unbalanced location, thus causing phase issues and uneven stereo image. WAY TOO MUCH absorbtion, mate! Unless you where shooting for the Non-Environment approach rather than LEDE. You Left too many variables when it comes to diffusion, so it will be pretty much impossible to predict and manage the scattering, which might cause some phase issues. The room might be good for recording purposes, but for mixing - probably not. Going the LEDE approach (also reffered to as "Reflection Free Zone") will save space, money, and will give you a much more balanced room. That's my 50 cents. But I do like the DIY way and the technical job was done pretty good.
Elliot Ignasiak
Thanks again, one of the best home studio how to's I've seen
Hey Jim, great vid! Board sizes are different because lumber is sold in metric. Americans hold onto the imperial naming customer, but production is done to meet global trade.
Joel Scarbrough
Great set up man.
Great Job ,Jim
Sterling Pilgrim
HD 598s... sweet
Great video. Very informative and compacted.
Miguel Ogas
Next level brilliance. I learned so much bro.
You're wicked smart, Jim!
Chris James
Wow awesome video dude, very informative. Is being a musician your career and/or primary source of income?
Soundcast Studios
no before and after of how it sounds?
Box Truck Studios
This setup is ridiculously awesome. Please, teach me your ways! I'm converting a box truck into a mobile recording studio and with such limited space it's a challenge to produce top quality sound. But I'm going to make it happen no matter what. Watch me do it 🤘🤘🤘 Oh and thanks for the dope vid btw
Juan Rosario Jr
Houston Hilburn
Hey, can you do a video about how a cajon fits in country/folk/bluegrass music?
this is ecxellent info my man. oh to be young again and have all your energy :)
Very smart approach, but as an acoustics major I cringed when you didn't put your desk back in the center of the room. Bet it sounds a whole lot better. How dead sounding was the room after, I see you didn't go with any diffusion.
Ronnie Turk
good video Jim when you finish recording do you send it to artist that you know or ascap
Are you going to rent out studio time?
Hey there Jim, What is the song in the playing the first 3 minutes? Thanks, Jason
Darryl Deezo Adams
Jim if thats the sound you get out of you room my friend. AMAZING!!!!!! Thanks for sharing. I will use your specs for one of my rooms
Make a video on recording signal chain options. Pre amp, interface, etc. Thanks
Johnno Dorber
Very nice job. I got quite a few good ideas from you. My house is 200 years old and out of more than 11 rooms I haven't found a straight or level section or 90 degree corner yet! I have a sloping roof section at the end section of my room so I have my computer and some keyboards there to utilise the sit-down-only space.
Henrique Silva
The build of the pleasure room of my dreams ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Top build looks ace. Love the video, to the point and concise as ever . Cheers for sharing
John Garbarino
I am really glad I watched this. Very informative. I am new to sound treatments, etc. For my room (16L x 12W x 11H), I was looking for a combination of studio recording and jamming out live. I purchased some sound treatment panels (Prime Acoustics) and the room sounds good to my ears. I did research on the first reflection, back wall diffusers, etc. Your video has me thinking about the clouds given my 11' ceiling. Also, my studio desk is in the middle of the 12W wall, at one end. and faces a 6' sliding glass door. I have heavy drapes to cover if needed. Per your video, I thought the Bolt Area information was interesting. It looks like my room is NOT in the Bolt Area. Nice track at the end ;-) -Garbo
Paul Amble
Nice job Jim. I'm inspired to build my own. Thanks for the video, keep them coming. Doesn't matter what they're about, you do a great job.
Glenn Stanton
nice job! couple things to add - please treat fabric with flame retardant - very important for safety and also you could end up with insurance issues in the event of a fire. ventilation is critical - you can make a pair of isolation boxes to allow venting between your room and the rest of the host - one for intake, one for venting. once in the room, you can use flex duct to route so you get best air flow. this will allow you to keep air exchanging and also keeping your isolation decent. also, adding a heavy Plexiglas or float glass over the windows adds more isolation if desired. proper seals on your doors also. you can use velcro straps to secure the clouds to the bars. lastly the closet can add more bass trapping if you put vented slat doors on it...
Mark Walsh
Great Job Jim, I need to check my music room on that website (Cement floor, dow corning insulation w/no covering ...) Oh and Logic Pro X (Thank You!)
Joshua Slye
So much great info here. Thank you! What about non rectangular rooms? I'm learning about treatment for a room that begins roughly at 39'x22' but widens to 39'x29' about 1/3 of the way back. Any guidance you can provide would be most welcome.
Jess Morris Music
Nice video and info Jim! Just curious if you have to deal with computer noise? I need to get a quieter fan for mine, not to mention it's putting out some RF and the pickups are picking up and coming out of my amps. Kind of a pain!
bryan macneil
I bought speaker cloth when I was making sound panels, they were pretty cheap and come in a variety of colors. That was the best deal I could find for cloth material.
Jeffrey Arnold
Oscar Rivas
Good job on the vid. Don't forget though that sometimes you don't want your room to be "dead". It's easier to make a live room dead (with gobos and such), than a dead room live. =)
Basically, the room was so small you had to deaden it almost completely in order to get an acceptable recording, right?
Clayton Brown
from my reading about architecture the biggest problem a room has comes from the windows. That's where you get the most bleed of sound. Good video, interesting, uh still don't understand the point of the viewing window into the outside, major problem in my opinion. For me a studio means, no windows (not a reference to computers, I use Microsoft). You lost a lot of space in that room by doing it that way. I would have found a way to do it for less money. and save space.
Sean Rose
Great video~! Really liked it. Why make the wall sections one piece? They won't go through the door when you move, right? An effective and cheaper alternative that I built for my room was 1x8" boxes like yours, but smaller and stackable, filled with regular fiberglass insulation with a nice fabric over the front. They looked good, worked fantastic and were super cheap. And you can get all that at any hardware store. Thanks again for the video!
guilherme zanella
Nice brow, although rock wool down here in UK is bloody expensive! £60 for 2.88 square meters! Any suggestions to use something else instead? Cheers
Industry Instrumentals
exactly how i treated my studio. with a few doubled in thickness as bass traps. Id still like to add a ceiling deflector and some bigger bass traps but its a world of difference the way it is already . good job btw