Lazy-Boy - Gang Shit (Exclusive Music Video) || Dir. King Looi

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Download: />Shout Out Em Dub & youngMONC @LAZY5777 delivers us a brand new video "Gang Shit" produced by Slimmy On The Beat. The San Jose artist just gave us a new one yesterday with "Rep My Gang" produced by Koast & Traxmillion. But he wanted to hit the world with something new. "Gang Shit" directed by King Looi. Off the upcoming "Locked In" project by Lazy-Boy. He's gonna keep the feeding the streets with dope melodic music. Grab his debut project "In My Hood" available online now. Showing no signs of slowing down, Lazy-Boy proves that he can make a great song to ride to. - youngMONC iTunes: />Google Play: />CDBaby: />Amazon: />Want more Bay Area music? is updated every day with new songs, music videos, albums, interviews & more from Bay Area artists. Watch @TZLRNews every Friday night for all the latest in Bay Area news. You can submit Bay Area music to [email protected] or for guaranteed placement & promotional packages you can email [email protected] or text/call (415) 662-3084 for current rates and more information. Twitter: />Soundcloud: />Instagram: />Facebook: />YouTube:

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East Salinas 9 Squad
LLLs Los Latinos Locos
Salena Hernandez
This song goes💯💯💯💯 another banger to add to one of my favs list! #KeepItUp Lazy
getting finger prints all over the thang smh. no disrespect to homie but this shit lightweight weak
East Hillz
weak shit
Tee pom
lol another slim jesus warning stfu boy
shout out to my Nigga Frankie yee lmao
Reynaldo Olea
intro:these guns are fake they're just for entertainment first lyrics of song: "I ain't with that fake shit"😂
Hyphy Brii
Eli Ramirez
What does he mean by opps? Rival gangs?
Goku Black
why they walk funny tho lol
Rich Benz
💯 slapz homie did that 👌🏽
Dee Macc
anotha $LAPPA bruh 🔥🕪💯
Nelson Teaupa
before 2,000 views
Hyphy Brii
Louie B Tha Name
Cecilia Lopez
Cruz Leon
Chill it's a 250 dollar belt pimp not that expensive
Tap In
That's right eNe keep striving
David Montoya
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Alan Rodriguez
Lame ass farmero keep it sur trece
Norte or Sur ? I can't tell.
East San jo
member when this foo gave some nugger head
Eli Garcia
michael lopez
the don
Hit you with the 40 skrrrrtttt off an toss it
Efrain Fernandez
everyone go hear j.$teazy
MrNewtowner13 LA
Leva head
Caleb Wahlstrom
this video go crazy
take that fat L
Jr Sylva
Gavino Garcia
i like it lazy Boy
austin montgomery
Cj the one
$ACRA dpH keep it up ENE
NorthernCalifornia HeemTeam
but they ain't really on shit
what set is he from?
Jose Acosta
Does anyone know what the L on his forehead mean ??? I reason Ik lazy boy is bc of his L on his forehead
Andres Martinez
slapper 💯
bj 209
A1 SJ408