Easy Autumn

Crazy October is over, and it's back to simple makeup. This tutorial is very simple and quick. We're going to use only 2 colors and eyeliner, but the effect will bring an overall natural warmth to your face. Perfect for the earth tone Autumn lovers. Simplicity brings out your best features. Before you start any makeup maintain Clear skin A clear canvas is the most quintessential part in any makeup. ♥ Please Subscribe! />♥ My Twitter: />♥ My Facebook: />♥ My Instagram: />♥ My Blog: />♥ ICON Network: /> All products listed in order My contacts lens are from here. />Solotica Natural Color Mel. Lancome Le Crayon Poudre Brows in Sable /> Lancome Color Design Palette />Go to any Lancome makeup counter or Sephora and ask for the one I used. The color is in Warm Contour Make Up Forever Eyeliner /> 24 K Gold Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler /> Yves Saint Laurent Luxurious Mascara - High Density Black /> Lancome Lipstick Color Design in Cream /> I'm wearing a scarf from Express Vest from Bebe Top from Forever 21

Who's watching this in 2017?
I can't believe this video was posted 6 years ago, I keep using this look a lot.
Thu Dao
You were such an inspiration back then when you showed us how to wear make up with seasons. I loved it. Now makeup is way far away from art, its more like promote a product and wear as much makeup as possible to feel flawless "on point"
Sania P.
OMGG MEMORIES!  I remember watching this when it came out :')
Kupo Sempai
Literally, my fave video because of fall. The contacts, the balance, the natural, amateur yet clean and beginning professional makeup look. She was truly the inspiration behind my makeup history. Happy for her and everything but i really do miss these kinds of videos. It's settle, calming and always enjoyable to watch.
Can't believe this is five years old! Still my favourite makeup tutorial :)
Cassey Reyes
Vintage Michelle Phan! :)
rhona rapiz
2017 still watching... 2018... yup.. who’s with me?👊🏻
Wylla Loriardy
Goodbye Sunday //
I am really inlove with this eye makeup😍
Nhung Ivy Bui
Its autumn again and im watching this again in 2015 to add this to my fall make up routines. Honestly, she looks so good. Ill never stop being in love with her! 😍😍😍
What happened to "Summer's over..." and Late Night Alumni's 'Light Reading' playing in the backround?
Rachel Martin
Beautiful look, and I know all the steps- but the captions disappear too quickly!
Nabila Rahman
2016 👍🏻
How do you record when a voice( your voice) is there too
Rita de cássia
nice look :)
Your green contacts are amazing... you look so mysterious and wonderful when you wear them.
Melanie Murphy
I just uploaded my first fall makeup tutorial of the season, with my gorgeous younger sister as my model! <3 Michelle, you're such an inspiration to me...I used to wear this look all the time 2 years ago! I'd love you to check my video out :) Also, any Michelle 'Phans' (ha ha...best pun ever, right?) feel free to drop by...I'm Irish & pretty new, doing well, but always looking to reach new people! X
Eight year olds can still be thrown in jail for threatening someone, which you just did.
look, im only 8 so leave me ALONEEEEEEEEE or else
anyone know a dupe for Model..the coppery shadow? It's amazing omg
Jennifer Love
Wow you've grown so much!
kathy william
She color eyes as mee
I love it
Ok is it just me or the Idea of putting on makeup and watching as entertainment is different than actually caking on layers and layers of makeup?
your gay mr
my name is phoebe but not spelled pheobe
vanessa nessa
Ohh i remember this is my first michelle phan's makeup tutorial video :D sooo nostalgic
try reds with different undertones and it should work out :)
Angie Gonzalez
1:55 one direction ❤
Flandre Scarlet
My name is Autumn..... .__.
Alexia Limon
I love your backround
and 1:53
Ho hi Michelle can you do a video on my birthday which is in 2 months the date is 12/5/5
I always want to try eyeshadows but when ever i do it, I look like a monkey. Not even joking, Whenever I try red colors, I look like I have swollen red eyeballs.. and THAT'S the reason I never wear eyeshadow lol
No one really cares.....
One of my favourite looks! :D
Richelle Gonzaga
To me, you look the same from this except you're older now. Beautiful A'f
At 1:55 she says one direction
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diane harrison
love this,make up is gorg and you are pretty,i could give this a go!
Jena Gilkeson
one of my fave make up tutorial of her
Emily Linville
I don't know how people normally put eyeshadow on the lower lash line, and it looks good. I always look like a raccoon when I do it.
its not emo
Jennifer Garland
that mascara is awesome
Tori Nguyen
... well.. this is 2009 lol
Her hair doesnt look dead here....
Fandom Trash
Do a makeup collection.
I fangirled when she said one direction.
Danyal Elia
Awwww you look really cute....... Marry me
kritsadawan thongsiphrai
cool !!!
Natasha Hsu
winder wiper motion
joy divisin
this is how i discovered ypu. this was my first video and i fell in love with you. you are amazing!!
joy divisin
I fucking HATE One direction..and justin beiber...I'm all about indie and psychedelic rock.
Charlotte Garcia
Its sad that every time the wprd 'direction' or 'one direction' is mentioned in videos, people freak the fuck out. Just, please, chill. (and I'm a BIG Directioner, but really guys?!)
sye ara
my fav :)
Ally Allen
Guy stop arguing (how ever you spell it) about 1D it doesn't matter now. And that sailormoon girl doesn't need 5,000 people telling her that this was made before one direction. And....i bet all of you wouldn't like it if you typed something like "OMG MICHELLE PHAN SAID blah blah blah I LOVE them AHHHH" Also no need to swear at her i saw 3 people do that.
I tried this simple tutorial and it looks great!! :)
Did anyone notice at 0:14, it said 'Darkern' instead of 'Darken'? lolol
Sam King
But I didn't, so please stop. :)
My arguement? Jesus some people are hypocritical..they are the ones who brought them on themselves by replying to my comment about one direction
Sam King
Take your arguement somewhere else please.
Emmae Frankii
Oooo kay. But noted, maybe you should've seen this coming with the boy bands and JB. People either love them or hate them and a lot hate them and we don't like anything about them. It is proven in neurobiology studies so there you have it. I feel bad now.
this is my favourite video of hers :D
Thanks for sticking up for me
As i will be reminded every day for the rest of my life..i already knew this before i posted the comment i just am obsessed with one direction and tbh i dont see why everyone thinks they are that bad. im not stupid..and the videos from 2009 get your facts right. If u looked u will see atleast one person makes a smart remark to the comment i already made, i dont need you to do the same
Emmae Frankii
You are an idiot. A.She is doing a makeup tutorial not singing to the radio. B. THIS VIDEO IS FROM 2006. My god.
If you hadnt realised already , many people have already verbally attacked me because i made such a comment, if they dont like one direction thats their problem i do not need about 5 people telling me everyday!
one direction.. and traffic jam and messy.. cos there is just 1 road
she's talking about the way you apply the eye linear...this video was in 2009.
You mean you? no thats called defendin yourself dear..theres a difference
Well to be honest you dont even know me...so what right do you have to judge me on the fact i posted a comment? honestly people are ridiculous..
Rachel Choi
Omg ur mascara is awesome
Siena Hughes
that is amazing mascara
guy hughes
I just tried this look and it looks AMAZING!!!! Thank you sooo much Michelle!
with makeup terms dumbass.
Luv this vid
-kill yourself meme- >.>
Sarah Lechuga
I've watched this video multiple times (one of my faves) and I just noticed in the beginning it says "darkern your brows" instead of darken... Lol, yes I know "who cares" :P
Hitachi Himatsubushi
Because people care more about that than the fact that shes got a 24k gold eyelash curler...
Sample Cosplay
where did you get the contacts?
k gamer
Love it
Elisa Martínez
solo es una palabra ... el grupo no la invento :) pero no se porque la dijo
Caitlyn Cantrell
Iwatch all of Michelle's videos when she uploads them and this is the first time I saw this one :/
@AlwaysInlove211 so is your negativity towards others. nobody was even talking to you. by the way, next time you are being rude to someone, check your grammer first. make sure it isn't as atrocious as it was this time.
honestlyrandom !
thats so dumb.
this is absolutely gorgeous.
ella gerven
0mq gu3zzz sh3 [email protected]!d 0n3 d!r3+!0n !!!!11!!!1!one!!!1! jks no one gives a flying fuck.
Mine too! I always come back to this
bunny berzie
This will always be my favourite tutorial of her's!
Khải Thư Hoàng
she looks like a vampire
it doesn't, but directioners like me and Jeanie Chan just kinda freak out when the words one direction are said. it's just what happens.
Shane Montes
i am a directioner too but michelle said "One Direction" isn't she is a Directioner too.. She use the word One Direction is for tips or anything of this video. :) (sorry for the wrong grammar)
For the love of God!
just saying but this video was made waaay before one direction boys even knew each other so don't have high hopes of michelle being a directioner because of this video -__-
Melissa Smith
Omg the people freaking because she said one direction -.- she's not a directioner because she said that. Idiots. The video was made before the band, I think.