Toys From The 2000's (My Childhood)

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Link To Article: /> In this episode I looked at things that are just as cool as the most unique fidget spinners. Fidget spinners are currently the most popular toy in 2017 so I thought I should go back in the past and look at what the most popular toys were from my childhood. For Video Submissions E-mail: [email protected] Follow Me: Twitter: />Instagram: />Facebook: />Snapchat: TheTalFishman P.O. BOX: Tal Fishman 19300 Rinaldi St. P.O. Box 7356 Porter Ranch CA 91327

Action Jackson 4236
You forgot beyblades plz like so tal can see
Alexandra Borchardt
Who is in the 2018
Dude, what about HOT WHEELS????????????????? They're still legends
Flashy TV
I remember them all and I was born in 2005
Golden Gamers
IT'S TIME TO D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D DUEL Edit: it took me 5 minutes to write that cuz I'm lazy.
This is how you know you're getting old.....
That One Annoying Child
I’m a 13 and a half year old and have all of those and my girlfriend thinks I’m crazy when I draw on her hand which the color pen 😂😂😂
Karen Ali
I'm in highschool as of 2018 and I still use the multied colour pens to write
Swimming246 Aj
Ya furgot Zhu-Zhu Pets!!!
Alara Blood
Who remembers Puppy In My Pocket? They were so cute!!! 😍❤
Andy Kim
I always killed my pets in tamagochi and i cried everytime
Samson Amari
We still have slap bands and the bracelet kit and bakugans and pokemon and mighty beans and I have a multicolored pen
Potterz Palz
How about the iPod I am from 2007 and I remember it. Practically me and my friends owned almost all of these. I owned Pokémon cards, my brother owned an iPod, and most of my friends owned some Mighty Beans. I still play with the fortune teller, Mighty Beans, and multi colored pens.
SophiaPlayz 2018
One time my sister thought my teachers name was Mrs.Tamagachi. Her name was Mrs.Teshima. btw I can spin a pencil REALLY fast with ONE HAND! Okay I guess I’m overreacting
It’s called a fortuneteller and we still use those in 2018 sometimes
Disney Addict
Tal is hungry.😋 One like= 1 piece of food FEED TAL!! Btw luv your vids 👍🏼😍
Nichole Marie
i was born on march 19th 1999
Qisstina Vlogs
I was born in the year of 2008
Jocelyn Anderson
Towards the middle of the video he just proved us that he does have a sister! It's confirmed! It's confirmed!
KiwiGirl 02
I’m an early 2000’s girl... WHO REMEMBERS LOOM BANDS??? Ahh... the original shopkins... the memories...
Sarcastic P J
School : Multi-colored pen High school : Pens, Mechanical pencils etc. College : *asking friends* Hey do u have an extra pen to lend..? :(
LanMan Drew
I still have Bakugan toys and wii games today
Kai_Gamer 11
3:41 Scared kid: UHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGH.. I thought that was a monster
Wishdan Pendaliday
Did you said 2010 that's wen I was born
iiXingGoldii Meme's and more
I still have bakugan and old school pokemon cards
sp00ky phand0m
I remember almost all of those. i feel old
Victor Ferreira
Pikachus your boy well mine is umbreon
David Gottstein
I was born in 2010 but I now slap bands
David Gottstein
And Pokemon cards they still make them
Bluetnt Btnt
Some of these are still popular today
Lennon C
Who here remembers silly bands???
Emmalets _play
monica mcguire
I have one of those pixel things Edit: My brother had lots of they little ball things and I've still got them
goku ga
I my state it is called scooby wires
Superhero Gamer
I love slap bands
I still use tech decks they're fun
Kristupas Krukauskas
i still loved bakugan in 2012
TheGoldenPizza 63
I know many of these and I was born on 2008 _(/•0•_)/ Nostalgia
Ruby Gaming
Fireblaze Ali
I heard that blrateslets are for girls??
The Dark Mist
Bakugon!!!!!!!! XD ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Ilianon x
Oh my god!!!! I remember some of these 😂😂♥️
David Gottstein
And mighty beans there new
Kai_Gamer 11
I collected two of the last legendary bakugan
Omar Betety
I love bakougan and thy Ar getig a reboots
Zulma Rodriguez
it 2018😂😂
beast 8
It was my favorite show click this button if you like yugioh 👇
I have lots of balugons
Diamond Foxy x Mangle
I was born in 2001 wood Lego and Lego Luke Skywalker I still love my childhood toys and modern toys
Crazyunicorn 060
I still have a stack of pokèmon and yugio cards
ayza and noraiz
The last one I still buy those!the fortune teller ya!I still make it!!
i was born 2008 and... i dont remember anything
Amy Plays Roblox
I was born 2003 and I remember them toys. Man, everything was easy back then.
b612charmer family channel
Slap bracelet I still have one
D Apostol
I was at kindergarten when bakugan was still with style. Lol, i remeber i haved an arena for bakugans and everyone was like: "we need your arena, NOW!"
b612charmer family channel
It's called a fortune teller
beast 8
I love yugioh
Riya Rasheed
my friends have those pokemon cards. it's fun to play
Dhruv Wadhwani
The slapbands the fortune paper thing still exist
i'm literally spinning my fidget spinner while watching this video LOL
Lizzie Santoro
Some of these toys still exist
blackout venom
Flax bands are still around
5:27 pika pika
Kamberlynn Murphy
👦 🔜 This is tal 1 like 1 kiss how many kisses?? 💋 👕 👖 👞
I have those and I am a 2000s kid
Shawn Harmon
The 7 year old was so dumb
Aristotelis anime fan
Britney Beauchard
MSG Maldo
2018 anybody?
michelle 444
I got a tamogachi for my birthday recently. How nostalgic!
Karen Ali
Im a 2000s kid and I remember everything
Gamer_ Girl13
During this videos I was playing with my Tamagotchi
Mr. Adrian
yugioh pokemon still have these cards man
Mølly F
Tal has way too much fun with editing. I love it though. I want to see a video without editing.
Mcrae Williams
I do
Alexcuber 921
"Gives slap band to friend" Me:slap it Them:ok "Slaps on hand" Them: AHHHHHH me: oh yeah its just a stick
Dhruv Wadhwani
And the water ring toss and the multi coloured pen exists too
acille laput-villocillo
Pokémon gonna catch them all
Things you forgot: Gameboy Pogs Skip-it Gak Furbies Beanie babies Bop-it Moon shoes Etch a sketch Tiger games Beyblades Creepy crawlers Magic 8 ball Skydancers Pogo ball
BFF Twins Forever
i was born in the 2010
How about Tamiya
Corbin Belnap
i have the bakugan wii game
Ajahi Gambrell
Beyblade are the best old show
Who remembers rainbow loom or silly bands!!!
Automatic_Animation S
Pokèmon cards are still a thing where I am
Adorn XdGamer
6:32 i was born in 2007 but i know those 6:57there still used
Goose R
Tamarion Freeman
I was born in 2004
Madison Isgitt
Who else put the slap braclet around everything
LpsKara WithLiv
Wb slime Lol
Lily Licious
I have a slap band and I am 9
athens mmer
I owned a tamagochi😖😖😖😖
Andrew Playz
I used to be scared of slap bands xD
Brianna M
Person: tell me about ur life Me: shows this video.
I was born in 2009 :p
Kayla coolest
I was born 2010. So yes. Im still a kid
Diana Ojukwu
I thought you don't have a sister
Adorn XdGamer
ive hadnt had a slap hand,but i did have slap watches
I remember all of them😭❤ And I was born in 2004
방탄 소녀 정찰BangtanAbbie
Half of these are still alive 😂