PLAY - Girls (Made In Sweden)

PLAY's (Fanny "Faye" Hamlin, Anaïs Lameche and new member Sanne Karlsson) new song "Girls" from their 2010 single 'Famous'.

PLAY Girls

Idol-Sanne brought me here!
zoe faye
me too . yes fayeeeee ^^ or no i like the Girls all
Pascal Crawford
but the old play was so much better
I Love Anaïs Voice She Sooo Pretty She's My Favorite !
Fanny is the redhead, Anaïs is the black girl, and the blond girl is Sanne!! :D
Evelina Lindqvist
Ni är ett av mina favorit band! Jag ÄLSKAR play! <33 ♥
sarah lau
well it was her cause they even said it but it was just some parts they used not really that much of her vocals
Cammy O
Faye Power <333 i miss rosie and anna xD
sarah lau
u know Janet was not really singing they used Faye's high vocals in some parts of that song of evergirl