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Hey guys! A bunch of you were asking about the hairstyle that I have been wearing lately, so here's a little TRU-TORIAL about how I get this look! xox Subscribe! />Official Site: /> JOIN SNOOKI'S REWARD PROGRAM! /> CONNECT WITH SNOOKI: TWITTER: />FACEBOOK: />INSTAGRAM: />PINTEREST: /> Nicole Elizabeth "Snooki" Polizzi is an American reality television personality who is best known for being a cast member of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. For more up-to-date-news on the reality star, visit her official website:

Life with the Arellano’s
I wish I had me a joey 💜💖😫
China Kweess
I love watching you and Joey! You guys are relaxing
Carolyn Gloria
Joey is friendship goals! I need a joey in my life. I love watching your videos nicole you are so down to earth and a great mom❤
T. Renae
I feel like everyone needs a Joey in their life ! ❤️ #friendshipgoals
I love “the fountain”! I call it “The Selena” though. Much love! 💜
By my window Broken glass
Am I the only one who finds Joey very attractive? even tho I'm a female
OT Garza
I love Joey😩🤗 he’s really good at what he does.Hes a walking sunshine🌞
Megan Danielle
Lmaooooo he should be in every video I love when he says calm down or stop 😂😂😂😂😂😂 he’s so serious right now like girl shut up hahhhajahaa but he loves you. This is how my friend and I are to each other
Alexis Morgan Pestorious
I wish I had Nicole's hairline! I have a slightly receded hairline after having kids. Mainly in the corners so now my hairline is very square and I feel super self conscious wearing my hair up.
Danielle Taylor
Anything with joey in the thumbnail I’m like yasss!!!
Serena Davis
I’ve been binge watching your channel for days 😩😘
marilin Gutierrez
Bout to do this hairstyle for next Monday when I go back to school💜❣💕
Mrs. Gabriela Copes
I need a Joey! I love your friendship!!!!
Billy Bob1097
Omggggg😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘 your hair still looks good and your make up.
Maya Tinoco
Joey always slays your hair and face cause you always look good 💕💁🏻‍♀️
Steven Ferguson
Maybe he shouldn't do hair. He is so funny though. I love him no shade but I died watching this video. Snooki be having somebody do her hair on the low cause ain't no way hahaha
Nicole, your red hair was so fitting on you
Nicoles poor head lol
Natalie Grice
I absolutely love you two please post more! Have joey give sissy a makeover!! or like a mommy and me make over!!!!!
Alex Miller
Oh hayyy Snooki and Joey! Could iiii???
Mrs. Holmes
I need a Joey Taking applications
Orchid Moon
I love Snooki's makeup its gorgeous! You should do a tutorial on it. I would love to look this glamorous everyday.
Lore Gonzalez
I adore watching you both😎👍🏼❤️💙✨ Great job Joey😎👍🏼
Joy aka beautynspice84
I LOVE you two!! So funny and entertaining!! Nicole. was this the hairstyle that Vinny called the Laso-Apso on "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation"? I like it!!
Sahraya Ramirez
I am rolling on the floor laughing 😂😂😂 You two are my fave!!!!! It turned out in the end, haha.
Samantha Liz
Youve been doing that hair for like 2 years cuz i remember seeing it during nicole and jionni shore flip and i like ure hair like that
Bella Estrella***17
Well if Joey does her hair I hope he isn’t responsible for those God awful bangs she had awhile ago . So glad she got rid of that look ! 🤷🏻‍♀️
Candice Lugo
Lmao the bungees are great!!! You have to hold down the first hook you place and like throw the other part around till it gets really tight then hook it to the first hook
Omg PLEASE do my hair
I want a Joey and a snookie
Nikki Kimi
Bunjee cords? I just use a rubber band and put 2 bobby pins on opposite sides and do exactly what joey does with that. Vola!!
Violet Crum
Joey u can do my hair anytime
Bianca Cook
Super cute!
Nasus Mondragon
U guys r so lovable !!
Carrie Bowlen
I love it Nicole!!! Great Job Joey!!!!!
Elizabeth Calderon
" for all you old hoes out there" 😂 oh Joey hahahaha
Nery H
❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍luv snooki 🖒🖒🖒🖒❤❤
Megan Danielle
Omg I’m still watching and commenting it’s soooo funny 😂😂😂 the bungee was cracking me up
Diana Ibañez
Nicole I love ur hair and the thickness ♥️ You and Joey are best friend goals
Michaela Neylan
My God, you guys are hilarious 🤣😙
Megan Danielle
I’m a hairstylist too and I really wanna wax Joey !!!! Lol!!!!
I wish I had your luscious hair 😍😩
Ks 412
I swear i love seeing ya both lol ❤️
Dominique Porchi
I love the half up because I hate when my hair is in my face. I actually don’t think my hair is never not tucked behind my ear. Love that you guys did a tutorial because Nicole always looks amazing
Linda Ferro
A high pony like I Dream Of Jeannie would look great on Nicole! ❤️
Too cute!!!
sandy c
Snookiiii I love you
Robbswaggs X3
Lmaooo she has ADHD.
Ronnie Kitty
Love you Snooki❤
Yvonne Chee
Her hair not even thick it’s pretty thin
Violet Crum
Linda Ferro
Hello doll face! Hope you're having a great Friday! I have to ask, what in the world is up with Jenny? She was different in Miami, and definitely not herself in Vegas...not that I even know her. I know everyone grows up and mellows, but I see some unhappiness with Jenny. I hope you two are back together as good friends. Sometimes old friends change, and it's never the same as before. I can say this; Nicole you have grown up to a gorgeous woman, wife, and mother! I love your attitude, your grace, and spirit. You still have that sense of humor that all of us fell in love with. You're the same age as my daughters. It may seem weird that an older woman such as myself watches the Jersey Shore and your vlogs . Bottom line, you make this girl laugh! Ya never get too old to enjoy laughter and being silly. So thanks Nicole! Thanks for being you! 😘😜🥂✨
Italian CIA
I hate to tell you this but you did not invent the proof the proof is been around since oh God actually it's been around since the early eighties even longer so I don't know why you trying to take credit for something you did not come up with.... also Joey if you take two bobby pins and did a chris cross with her thick hair .It would stay in better I also have thrick hair to and curly. Also you don't use brown with black hair use black when it comes to bobby pins
C. Wood
I want to see a makeup tutorial of Joey doing a full face of makeup on you!
Keisha Hopkins
Her poof turned into The Fountain I love it !!!!!!!!! my snooki is all grown up !!!!!!! @Nicole Polizzi
Zafiro S.
"I'm an old hoe" your too funny!!!😂😂😂😂
Kristian M
Love the video girl . Awesome job I love it when you two do videos together . Hair looked great
Prissy Meadows
I love you guys! Nicole is so cool and down to earth with a side of sassy! That friend that you want to hang out always but keep away when she is having those get out of my face days. Joey is overall cool hahah
lol I do a half up pony all the time but I never curl it. used to back in the day. tfs
LuLu Live
I wish I could afford to have Joey come over and do my hair and makeup. He is such a doll! The both of you are super fun together! X0X0
Call me Poetic
Joey: for all you old hoes out there Snooki: I’m an old hoe 😂😂😂😂
Stephanie Solis
I love Joey, he’s literally best friend goals!!! Need his energy in my life!
Jay Chayne
I always did my hair like this when I had long hair 😭 honestly it looks best with black hair then any other hair colours 😆
Stephanie Valdez
Omg love yesss boo💕💕💕👌
Glamour Bella
Girl if you keep moving he's going to burn you by accident.
Mrs. Gabriela Copes
This is also my fav look. My Selena look❤❤
Jessica Meza
I love the way snooki hair looks I have trouble with my hair ant ideas for my hair
Sheri desmarais
I used to have a somewhat Joey lol Joey you're great!!! Great personality! U handle Nicole's spoiled ness well lol
Sherry Guns
Joey come fix my hair!!!! I love you!!!!!!
Tia Davis
You should do a video about how you lost your baby weight!!
reina williams-arana
this is the best thing i've seen all day
Guadalupe Sanchez
Lmfao horrible 😂😂 love them both but this video was such a fail lol
T Swag
This made my night. I rele love y'alls relationship ❤
Alexandra Antoniou
“Wait, can we edit this” 😂 ugh love Joey!
chaeyoung's a wifey
"For all you old hoes out there" 😂
Kay Ricketts
I want joey to my wedding hair and make up
clementine Shmementine
13 minutes of Nicole being an unsupportive friend lol, she complains a lot. Sorry girl but c’mon
reina williams-arana
joey sould be in your videos more this was hilarious
Ashley Hansen
Love u Nicole!!! Do more makeup videos!!!
Liz marie
" I'm going to get so many jobs from this " - Joey 😂😂😂😂😂 poor guy hahaha. I love them together.
Clinton James
Lol Joey’s reactions are the best. Nicole: being a skank Joey: 😳 Nicole: I love being a skank Joey: same 💅🏻
Jamie Rodriguez
Omg i need a Man like that to do my hair and makeup so cute ❤❤
Dawn Merrill
I used to do my hair like this in the 80’s but I’d crimp it. Or all curl tight ponytail high on top of my head. No I’m 44 maybe I’ll have to bring my old style back again. We will call it the Snooki😊
Alexis Schwartz
joey makes my day... ❤️ love you girl
Stephanie Shinebrightlikeadiamond561
Joey and you looked like y’all had fun but I was disappointed bc y’all did not take it seriously and the steps were not completely clear bc y’all kept on pushing and joking and taking about going out lol
Dallas'sjourney B
Joey your amazing and so sexy
Da Di
I would've done it myself with a scrunchie too lol cute mess of a video
Natalie zen
I was always jealous of Snooki’s hair it’s so thick and shiny ugh
Random Tea
I saw him on the show ,he looks like a handful and a very good friend and funny 😂
Pandora Velazquez
Its called the pineapple i do it too
Glenda David
LOLOL That was so cute and funny!! Well done!
Danielle Heinrichs
Joey come to my house!!! I’m a hairstylist with a Italian fro and my arm hurts 🦄
Gabriella Brito
Lol I loved this TBH I'd hang out with y'all forsure haha.
You guys are so funny!! Love the hairstyle i sometimes do it
Enrique Ramirez
reina williams-arana
The Lifted Life
Joey is the shit! I need a one! 💖
Victoria Morrisa
Which Oribe shampoo and conditioner do you use? Have you tried any of their masks?
Kata Aguirre
I love Joey ❤ he's hilarious