Fades & Fadeaways: Behind the Clippers of an NBA Barber

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Get the latest from HYPEBEAST TV by hitting the SUBSCRIBE button! Having started out cutting hair for his friends in a garage, JayR, the Legends on Fairfax barber now has a client list that includes Clippers center and head coach DeAndre Jordan and Doc Rivers, as well as the most exciting player in the league and reigning champion, Stephen Curry. We recently linked up with JayR to hear about his journey, his approach, and the key to being a great barber. For up-to-date news and more: />View more HYPEBEAST videos: /> Stay connected with us on your favorite social media platform: /> /> /> />

Mike Locke
Doc Rivers always stay lined up.
damn felt like i just watched a 30 min documentary on netflix. good ish hypebeast.
Kenny Huang
How the heck do you cut Doc's hair? It's like a tenth of a millimeter long.
LeBron the GOAT
Curry is low key ripped
curry bout to hook up durant with this dude!
Pernell Moore
so the Clips and Warriors hate each other because they're tired of sharing a barber. Now I get it lol
Francesco Gattinoni
That 6s plus looked like a regular 6s in his hands
Proud Filipino right here!
Tyrone Jackson
What the hell Doc Rivers in the chair for ? 😕😂😂
ira lopez
Steph gotta take kd to this dude 😂😂😂
Orlando Coombs
This Filipino dude doing his thing, I can't even hate on him either, he used what he had and made it work, you gotta use what you got in this world.
Adriell R
But can this dude fix Lebrons hairline?
I've seen way sharper barbers.......
i bet he gets hella cash
Thurnis Haley
I don't know why I watched this but I'm glad I did.
Gerrel Saunders
Good job, Hypebeast. Nice feature.
S Ly
respect the hustle and dedication this man put in his line of work
Ralph D
TMZ gonna be camping outside that barber shop now lol
Mr Epifany
Steph's hair never looks CRISP and SHARP because hes so light skinned and his hair isnt black. its very light brown and almost red. So its hard to see the contrast between his skin and hair. Not to mention hes showing signs of early male pattern balding like Lebron.
Von Vex
Y'all need to make all your content 6-7 mins long like this. Good content
Kel Tsang
This is what Pinoys should be proud of, somebody who worked himself to the top.
Tihs aggin Yag
Clippers and warriors rivalry thing started because of barber...
tentanicvirus boss
Stephen currys haircut is better than Most of y'all
How could you say anything negative about this video he started from his garage to cutting in a barber shop to professional ball player now that's just crazy
Wait Steph curry gets haircuts?
Sin In a Suit
what's the song playing when he's cutting steph currys hair?
I'm trying to get my hair like Deandre Jordan
Steph Curry's hair is neva crisp....don't know y he's in this feature. smh
Barmelo Xanthony
Stephen haircuts be terrible. boy get u a black barber and quit playing lol
Armando Koz
Doc got a dope cut. He his hair goals
I respect the hustle good shit
Kee Onn Kuan
good video,. what is the song playing on the end scene?
Kevin Marcel M.
Lol what exactly is Doc CUTTING?
wow same barber shop from the Kendrick x Beats by Dre commercial
Jam Chua
people starting in garages... never afraid to start small.
I'm Mikey
Your barber decides whether you get laid for that two weeks or not
Eboy Cerceda
Filipino pride #represent
Windex from the 1990s
deandre is on the clippers
Macon Sumpter
joven arevalo
6:38 "I can do all things... through him who strengthens me."
Nick Szczypinski
I need myself a black barber
It's Cheeto
my has deandre's hair progressed over the year
what does doc need a haircut for
Sam Sayabalian
This was great hypebeast
Colin McLaughlin
anyone else think DeAndre Jordan kinda looks + sounds like Tyler the Creator
2:56 is hypebeast O'clock
His work can definitely be better. No offense. But he's been cutting hair longer than me and I know for a fact my work is much cleaner.
Carlton Banks
Lmao it's not that deep fam
Jose Meneses Montano
He just made doc sit in the chair turn him around 360 and said “u good bro”
Reppin that flip pride all day!
shout out to walter warm for making those fresh beats to compliment this nicely made mini doc
Get Sideverson to react to this. He will be amazed you can actually get a hair cut
Humble Warrior
Anyone know the beat playing when he cuts Stephen curry? That sound is ill
Sun and Cloud
Great music
In Our Barber Shop You Walk In With Confidence And Walk Out With No Confidence
Dios Divine
I peep that fox body 'Stang. Props.
Omar Hall
What’s the name of the beats??
Omg Stephen curry was in there omg
anyone know the song or beat at 0:16 ?????
DeAndre haircut be on point, I alwayz wonder who cut his hair. Keep grinding bro!!!! good job
proud filipino here. great work dude.
Mister Miggs
Stephs hair isn't dark, plus his complexion is very light, and the corners of his lining are faint. His haircuts won't have a natural crisp look unless he adds cosmetics to his hair to make it appear darker. So, its not the barber, its his hair in its natural state
Gred Samonte
Good job..
Soviet DogeXP
I knew this guy was Pinoy from the moment he started talking. Peenoy Boys
6:02 Yoo that's the spot where kendrick shot that barber shop scene for the beats commercial a couple of years back
Anyone know the soundtracks
Omar Chavez
That's wassup filos stand up!
I can't find the walter warm music
Jose Palanca
Can anyone tell me the song that plays during Curry's cut? I can't find anyone named Walter Warm
Does that 50 swang or what? Swang that shyt!
Loomy Narty
am I the only one who thinks Deandre Jordan looks like Tyler the Creator
started from the bottom
Ethan Angud
Clipper gettin clipped
what is the song that starts at 0:15
Norris Smith II
Those beats were low key fire
Rafaelo Cacho
Pinoy is the best !
Carlos Caparas
Proud to be a Pilipino!
My Opinion Doesn't Matter
deandre has cornrows now
This was cool
LaVar Ball
What is the name of the song or beat that starts at 2:42?
Aye sloth team
LeBron The GOAT
Huge respect for this man
TTP 25 21
dudes got mad skills
Kevin John
42 LeBron fans, am I right?? xD
Marabe Family
proud to be filipino ^^
Justin David
What should I tell my barber if I want the haircut at 1:21?
A haircut can save your life-2017
Allen Li
bruh at 2:02 WHAT HE CUTTIN???
how do you get twists like DJ
I'm about to pullup, how much for that swaggy p fade?
Mich L
i've always asked myself how the nba players have always a clean ass haircut, while they're cruisin around in US everyday. Now i have the answer
#1 Thunder Fan
Don't sell drugs if you need money, start a hair cuttery
Tim Uhle
dude lets be for real the only reason people go there is becouse the supreme store is right next to it xd
Yeezus Pimp Of Nazareth
The barbershop at 6:07 is the same barbershop Kendrick shot that Beats commercial
Weslie Villejo
So much respect for this guy. I wish he could cut my hair someday. :)
Rolando Jr. Bunag
That was a pretty dope feature of a "Kababayan" reppin! I gotta visit that shop in Fairfax and have my fade fix when I visit Cali. :)
People worried bout stephs hair lol get a new hobby stop hating
Leandrew Magistrado
Never knew their barber was a Filipino aye (I do also)
Tttt Lll
Doc rivers tattooed his hair line huh? Like fouseytube