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Hey guys!! A little bit of a different video for you today, I wanted to get serious for a few minutes to open up about something I struggled with growing up. I know there are others out there going through this right now and I wanted you to know that your not alone, and you can overcome this. Subscribe! />Official Site: /> JOIN SNOOKI'S REWARD PROGRAM! /> CONNECT WITH SNOOKI: TWITTER: />FACEBOOK: />INSTAGRAM: />PINTEREST: /> Nicole Elizabeth "Snooki" Polizzi is an American reality television personality who is best known for being a cast member of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. For more up-to-date-news on the reality star, visit her official website:

Kati Morton
Thanks for talking openly about mental health struggles. :)
Article Obsessed
I love learning about the “real” nicole. Thanks for sharing this with us. Snooki was fun to know, but girl the real you is amazing💜💜
I remember when mike called you fat and it hurt you because of this. I cried a lil that episode. I was like aww I never knew Hun 😩
Michael Butler
I love these raw, personal videos. I've always loved your character of Snooki but it's fantastic to see the "human" side of Nicole!
Sally Brown
u should talk about crocodilly
Keto Genic
I am dealing with binge eating...and i feel like i am running in a day i am totally fine...eating high fat low carb but then i totally freak out and eat like 5000kcal in 20min until i am so full that i just want to throw up ... but i am always telling myself: tomorrow is a new day... So if you are reading this and also deal with problems like this, remember: You are not alone! Try to love kind to yourself and it’s totally fine to have „bad“ days! Just work on it! And never give up ❤️
How has your life changed since jersey shore? That would be a good video!
Bob Bob
I remember in season 1 in Atlantic City mike told you you had rolls and you opened up to Jenny in the bathroom about your eating disorder in highschool. You definitely lost a lot of weight before Lorenzo, you lost a bunch between season 3 and season 4. When you went to Italy season 4 after dating Jionni for a few months you looked so tiny. I think even mike commented on it when you first got to Italy. I hate men like that. You were always beautiful and still are no matter your weight and how much it may fluctuate ❤️
Rachel Paul
im 5'8" and i used to be obsessed with looking like a model. i would work out everyday, run 6 miles , and just not eat. I would eat maybe 500 calories a day. i got to 117 pounds and was a size two and still looked into the mirror and saw a fat girl. i also didn't get my period for about four months. i honestly didn't think anything was wrong with me and none of my friends seemed to notice. after high school i moved to israel and started a new adventure and being skinny wasn't my main priority then. (also the food in israel is AMAZING). i found a great group of friends and just enjoyed life. im about 140 pounds now, size six, and i feel beautiful! i want to share this story, maybe it can help someone else! thanks nicole, i love how strong you are! <3
I'm suffering from an eating disorder {starvation some days and bulimia on the other days as well as laxative abuse} and have been for the last 9 months. I let myself go and 2 kids and 10 years later I ballooned up to 273 lbs and im 5ft7. Last December I lost my mom to suicide 8 days before Christmas and something snapped in me. Thats when it all started. In the last 9 months ive dropped 76 lbs and im down to 197lbs. Its so hard to stop once you start. People start giving you compliments left and right and tell you how much better you look. I'll start eating a meal and in my head im telling myself that im not going to make myself sick afterwards and about halfway through the meal I know that im going to make myself sick... Im trying so hard to snap out of it. Im so happy for you being able to overcome your eating disorder. Hopefully I can do the same. <3 Thank you for speaking out about one of the most embarrassing and hush hush diseases. God bless.
Alanna Shaw
Maybe talk about how you girls sort of brought women and their sexuality into the mainstream, and that women can have hook ups just like men can. How you would meet guys at bars and have fun but now you're married and happy. I don't know if that makes sense but I hope you get what I mean
G DeVz
i'm 5 feet tall so i know what you're talking about gaining weight it shows everywhere!
We need a HUSBAND TAG/or anything about marriage, if Jionni made it to JS he should make it for YouTube!!! Pls
Kim kardashian's got nothing on you, Snookie. ❤
_ anon _
Thanks for opening up about it! I know you’ve gotten hate for gaining weight/ losing weight & everything in between. Maybe your story and confidence will help someone. Love you, Nicole❤️
Vanessa Massacre
This kind of videos are so important, we are proud of you 💖 and we love you
Nicole Marie
I went through the same thing when I was a Freshman in High School and it lasted until I was a Senior. For me mine started obviously by seeing other girls with a flat stomach but I actually went through with it when I started dating an abusive guy. I developed anxiety and depression shortly after and my eating disorder went on for four years until I hid rock bottom and ended up in the hospital. It was one of the scariest moments in my life and I’m glad that chapter in my life is behind me. I loved hearing your story Nicole and I can’t wait for more stories to come. ❤️
Erica Patterson
I was anorexic from 7th grade until two years after I graduated high school. At my skinniest I was about 85 pounds at 5'4" and even now I still want that. I eat when I'm hungry and try to eat the right things but those thoughts are still there. In high school I took diet pills multiple times a day so that I wasn't hungry and if I did get hungry I would chug water so that the hunger pains would stop. My mom made breakfast one day and all I let myself eat was one bite of a sausage and one bite of a pancake and called that good. I remember being 13 years old and my mom was straightening my hair on Thanksgiving morning and I got super nauseous and so my mom left so I could puke in privacy and I passed out and woke up in a pool of my own blood from cracking my head open. Now I refuse to weigh myself. I don't own a scale. Now I'm pregnant and cry every time I get weighed at the doctor, or I just dont look at the scale. I sincerely hope my child doesn't go through what I did, and if they do I'm going to help more than my family did.
Kay Ashley
I didn't feel right 'liking' this video, but you spoke so well and articulated how you felt in such a beautiful and wonderful way. I have the utmost respect for you Nicole.
Sherry Guns
I had EDNOS eating disorder not otherwise specified from 20 to 32. I don’t think I will really ever get over it. I still try to eat just once a day. Right now it feels like my stomach is eating its self. It is a life long struggle. I was 5 9 and 102 pounds of skin and bones. Mental abuse is what put me there. Thank you for sharing. You are beautiful on the inside and out ❤️❤️❤️
Kelly's Creative Korner 2018
.omg Nicole I am in tears. You are so beautiful inside and out. Im glad you don't care what other ppl think of you anymore. Im sooo sorry you had to go thru all that. I <3 you as you are. You were ALWAYS my fav on JS from day 1. You are STILL my fav even today
Michelle Glover
Girl... you've always had such a cute body! I love that your short because you look good in heels... I'm 5 6' and look like a flamingo in heels haha
Ciara Cee
I love you but those botched lips need fixed boooo
Giggles Bloody Murder
I went through the "Flyer Panic", as well. It's a lot easier when you're already really short, uk? Most girls can't achieve <100lbs. Especially not healthily.
3:43 Is that how you say Areopostale? I've been saying it differently LOL
LaLa R
So right, eating disorders are no joke nor are they an easy fix. It sometimes takes people a life-time to overcome eating issues.
Sylvia Bustamante
I like the serious nicole
I fucking love her she is just so open and real ! So humble and relatable 💕
Thanks for sharing! I love how she bleeps out some swears and not others lol
Amber dominguez
Hey Snooki love u girl
Taylor Ahlvers
I love how real and honest you are. I also really needed to hear this. The last year I went from 110 pounds (I fluctuated between that and 100) and wearing a 00 to currently being between 140-145 wearing a size 7. I just turned 24 and I've been married to my husband for 3 years and I didn't really notice how much weight I was gaining until other people started pointing it out to me. I couldn't go anywhere without hearing the "Are you pregnant??" Oh wow Taylor, you're really starting to get some hips on you" "Maybe that's just your body preparing itself for getting pregnant" "Oh, you must just be comfortable in your relationship." I started looking back at old pictures and comparing myself. I started getting stretch marks all over my body and not fitting into any of my clothes. My husband is so sweet and says he doesn't care and he loves me how I am but he doesn't understand how much girls get scrutinized for their weight and body shape and it makes me sad because I can't fully be myself anymore because I'm so insecure, I'm only 24, I'm supposed to be in my prime and feel good. I've been trying to eat healthy and I've been drinking tons of water and taking pictures every few days to compare and I noticed my stomach getting bigger and when I weighed myself today I actually gained a few pounds... I'm feeling a little defeated atm but you're such an inspiration to keep going. Thank you. Love you. 💕
Alex Lesane
I used to have anorexia. It got so bad that my heart was only beating 30 beats per minute. I was dying. I was terrified to even drink water. I would have break down if I even ate a grape. Plus I was taking 12 laxatives a day almost not even kidding.
Michelle Ruiz
Love u schnook just don’t like the musica 😩🤮🤢🤕😷🤒
Jessi Greer
Thank you for sharing! ❤️👍🏻
Carolina Perez
We love you Snooki ❤️
Alexis Janae
Y am I the only one that's crying here
M & T Gang
Much love snooks!❤️❤️
Alex Torres
I love you so much Snooki ✨💘
Chloe Romero
I love how real you are, don't ever change! Xx
Sammie Darden
Hey snooki I love you so much your the best actress and you tuber ever and the best mom and the world and amazing friend. I hope your doing well
Dana B
It's not that u trained ur body to not be hungry Nicole. Ur stomach literally shrinks after not having anything in it.
i went threw this same thing but I was born with type 1 diabetes, so I was taking my insulin shots but not eating and one day when I was 14 I didn't wake up because my sugar dropped so low! my mom freaked called the paramedics and I was in a diabetic coma for a few days. then after all that I go back to school and some random dude calls me a fat ass, which I am 5 foot even and at the time I think I weighed like 130 or 135 but yea I got so embarrassed and was looking for a different way to lose the weight well one night my mom was watching the news and I over heard them saying that teenage girls with type 1 diabetes where lowering or not taking there injections to lose weight so I started doing that and was constantly getting sick from my diabetes BUT I lost all the weight and went down to 100 pounds yea I felt like shit everyday but my body looked good so that's all I cared about! now I am 28 with 3 kids and im still struggling with that problem that the doctors now call DIABULIMIA.
Megan Gallagher
Do a video on relationship advice! Or how you knew Jionni was the one!
Bryttani Elbert
I love this!!! Can you do videos on how you lost weight with your trainer and what you ate during the process?
Billy Bob1097
I hope u be okay ily your so cute and I got trouble of eating too and thanks for the advice it help me a lot ly so much
rae of sunshine
I'm the same age as you and was a cheerleader for 11 years. I remember back then being stick thin was in. But I was always curvy. Had muscular naturally thick thighs and a big booty.. But I went through an anorexic stage as well freshman year. I look at pictures and I was too thin for my frame. I remember not long after high school being "thick" became in. And women with curves were embraced. Thank God lol but I needed that confidence when I was younger when it was most important. Point is, I can relate.
Alain Bruno
I appreciate her honesty
Bella K. M
I basically went through the same thing 8th grade through sophomore year in HS. I’m 5’2 and dropped down to 76lbs freshmen year. I just wouldn’t eat. I was always cold and shaking from low blood sugar due to not eating. A size double zero OO. Very unhealthy. I’m 37 now and still struggle with food but the prob is I love to eat 😆 Thanks for sharing Nicole 💖
Katrina D
I love your sit down videos! 💕
Lisa Villanueva
I love story so much am 4”11 and I had the same thing with me but it was mor then just one thing I did both things when I was younger am 38 years old and have three kids now but am still goin threw a hard time right now cause I gained a lot of weight cause of me having a hysterectomy at the age 25 my body went threw so many change’s I gained 230 pounds cause of change’s I had back surgery to to lower back so it’s harder to lose the weight so my dr put me on some pills so I can lose it and I do try to work out as much as I can but I do to much otherwise I’m in a lot of pain cause I also have nerve damage in the one leg I did lose some weight now from havin some help with this but am getting there but it’s hard for me to cause my family on my side of the family they say am a lazt fat bitch that hurts the most of all things so there times I will not eat at all because for me it brings me back to when I was younger but love u girl and great story
Marlene Castaneda
*Hi Nichole!* *thank you for sharing your story with us* *I would love to know if you and your husband are still flipping houses? I really enjoyed your show shore flip*
Sophia Dilmore
Love these videos. Love you! What color is on your lips😍
Keesh M
Take things one day at a time .. God bless you 😋❤👍
Rebecca Berte
Omg she’s such an angel❤️❤️ Everything was so genuine and well spoken LOVE YA MAWMA
Selena Live Tribute
This video so relatable I went thru this in high school too my highest weight tho was 205 n now I'm on a diet n I'm down to 184 so it's a progress n I'm 5'4 so I gotta get to 130 for my height..i used to even make my self throw up n starvation n eat once a day...plz post more workout videos
Lettie Pacheco
nichole I think you look good! !!!!
Danae Hernandez
Can you do a video on being a new mom I’m about to give birth in 8 weeks and I love your parenting style
Kendall Taylor
Thank you so much for sharing❤️ You’re helping so many people😘
Angela Delia
Wow, what a great video, thank you so much for sharing!
Danielle Feth
I feel!! I'm 4'7" and I did Dance and to see all those skinny girls I was jealous! High school was rough because all my friends were skinny and tall. I was 130 and it didn't help that I have a big chest so I was very self conscious about my weight... so I started not eating as well and then went to therapy... and my adoptive mom always tells me I'm beautiful and I'm so proud of you I've been a fan for years!!
vickie houde
I have been following since " PARTY's hereeeee!" I love seeing you progress, you are a really awesome women!
phils eyelash
We love a healthy self loving queen that also cares for others 😘😘❤🙏
Daniel Hubley
I love her so much. I love the entire shore family (I even kinda like Angelina 😂) But I love how really Snooki always is and always will be ❤️ so happy you’re happy and healthy now!
Ashley Hansen
I swear this sounds just like me growing up!!! I was always the chubbier 1 in school and always was so worried about my weight and hated 11th grade I got pregnant and after that I have no idea how but I got smaller and I have had 4 kids and with each kid I got smaller and smaller and still always worried about my weight and what i looked like and then I got obssesd wit how small I could get and then I got sickly and did not look good. So noe I'm 30 and trying to gain weight but the healthy way cuz it seems like I can't get past 115 and I'm 5'4......but I still struggle when I notice I have gained some it really bothers me still.....
Lex Grace
It's really amazing to see how far you've come and how much you've grown in the past decade!
nate adams
Really want to hear about your time on dancing with the stars so badly Please!!
Kendall Taylor
Could you talk about your high school experience ? Love you!
Omg I can relate. Last year I would get really sick from not eating and drinking water and I would go to the restroom and just stand in the stall while shaking and crying. I lost one of my best friends that I got back now thank God. But it sucks and I know how you feel. I wouldn’t eat at all and I would eat less than a half of a plate of food and my mom would get mad cuz she’s like I MADE THIS FOOD. And she’s very smart so she knew what I was doing. So yea that’s my story
AnneMarie Belongia
I used to starve myself and one day I was at work and I feel on these stairs and I don’t even remember falling. I just remember being down. I still struggle with it a lot and I’m actually starting to go back through it. But I’m trying really hard not to. And the crazy thing is I started it when I was a cheerleader my sophomore year. I had a guy tell me I looked like I was gaining weight and my dad also told me that. I’m 5’4 and I weight 118. So I started starving myself and it lasted until I was a freshman in college. I have obviously gained a lot of weight and other factors in my life has caused me to gain weight. And I am struggling to not go back to starving myself. It it’s becoming difficult. And when I try to talk to my mom about it she just says I’m being over dramatic and my boyfriend just blows it off. So I keep it to myself.
Natalie Volpe
Nicole, thank you for this. really truly inspiring how you have overcome that. I am kind of in the same boat now and we have just about the same body type, I am about 5'1" and have a short torso and legs. I am 23 almost 24 now and am the heaviest I've ever been. Although I have never actually had an eating disorder, I think about not eating all the time but don't do it because I love food too much and am just honestly too lazy to diet. I go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week but getting older just doing that isn't cutting it anymore. So this video was very inspiring to me. Any tips on how I can start eating healthier is much appreciated. Sending love and good vibes your way always!
Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us Nicole it means so much❤
Bridget Adams
I love this! My focus is to be healthy too. The funny thing is that once you start focusing on health it's easier to lose weight. Thank you for sharing!
The Martial Boys
I’m 4”8 and 33 years old and I could so relate to this. THANKS for making this makes me know I wasn’t the only one feeling the way u did too. Not many people are as short as us and no one really understands but I really feel u do with my situation and I was a cheerleader just like u. It’s crazy how much we have in common
Cody Miller
Love you sooo much Nicole! Thank you for sharing your story! I love your story time videos and learning more about you! ❤️❤️❤️
Anna Belle
I feel like I grew up with you !!!!! I also struggled with eating disorders (anorexia and binge eating) and I was all about party and drinking when I sterted to follow you, and now I feel like I have change so much like you have. I can relate a lot with you and you are such an inspiration to me and to many young women ;) thank you for this video <3 Love u <3
emmy hackett
This is one of my favorite sides to you Nicole (besides your amazing mommy skills)!!!!! Such a positive video! STRONG IS THE NEW SEXY ❤️
Liz Cruz
Whit Marshall-G.
I am 4'8" and I have struggled for years with my body. It is such a struggle being short and having a short torso. Bulimia, anorexia, all of it. I was a gymnast as well. But I was always overweight. From all the damage I have done to my body, I can only eat in the evening now. This is a struggle for the rest of my life. Thank you for this. I'm not alone. Much love ❤
I can’t pay attention to anything your saying because I’m so distracted by your lips 😩 please tone them down your bottom lip looks ridiculous
Alessia Diana
So many people need to see this video ❤️ Thank you Nicole ❣️
Amara Peterson
Thank you Nicole! This has helped me so much today. I’ve been struggling with my eating disorder lately mine is the opposite of you but we have the same mindset. It’s so hard. But this has helped to stay focused! Love you!!!
Amani Zambrano
You are absolutely inspiring! I love you as a person and as someone that I can relate to! I suffered from anorexia for awhile in grammar school. In 4th grade I was worried about my weight and was afraid of being "fat" so I would eat salads while others ate peanut butter and jelly. You are absolutely right on as we get older we start to realize that starving yourself is not the answer. I recently joined the gym to try to lose weight the healthy way! I want to be the best possible version of myself! Thank you Nicole, you will forever be an inspiration to me!☺️
Gabriella Longoria
Thank you Nicole. I needed to hear this today. Yesterday was just a terrible day for me and I almost let that negativity take over today. Watching your video helped me to not care what other people think. Thank you for being so positive. You just don’t know how much I relate to this. I’m literally crying, thank you for being an amazing person. I just needed to hear this pep talk. I hope you have a beautiful day!
Fiorella Valladares
I went through something similar, not eating much from 12 until 15, then I gained a ton of weight and was my heaviest from 18 to 21. I lost weight the healthy way instead of not eating. When I had my daughter I almost slip back into not eating to try to lose weight but when I will look at her her, I will just think how much she needs me as a mom and that I couldn't do that to her and I lost all my baby weight the healthy way. Now I am ok, I do think I can lose a bit more weight, but I am happy with myself, with the way I eat and my work out routine. Thank you for sharing your story.
Joyce Adams
I am so thankful for you sharing your story. It's amazing how your were able to overcome your eating disorder. I recently feel back into a cycle of either starving or purging and I know it could ruin my body in the long run which helped bring me back out of it. I am plus size but I've had this issue since I was 12 so it's been 13 years, I know I just have to stay away from sugar which is easy but in my mind it makes more sense to just not eat or get rid of what I've eaten. but I'm getting better and your story definitely helped.
Reece Cook
Love you girl! Watching this helped me to remember to accept myself and how this terrible disease that we’ve both had to struggle with isn’t what has to tie us down!
Elisa Villanueva
This was amazing! I love you! Topic was on point! Thank you!!!!!!!! You’re awesome!
Roberta Desiderio
Thanks for taking the time to share this, Nicole. I’ve been through hell and back with my own disorder and it’s relieving to see someone with a platform talking about such a serious issue. I really appreciate your honesty and vulnerability. 💗
Linda Herrera
I feel you i went through it, i never knew it was a bad thing, i thought i was the only one doing it. I was in gymnastic as well, I over came it by running . I'm older now and really i dont care, who gives a mad fook.. But i still look good.. and proud of who I am.
Victoria Morrisa
Awww I'm sorry to hear of your struggle, but I'm glad you're better now. Thank you for sharing. Now that you mention it, I remember also feeling insecure and chubby in my gymnastics leotard when I was little. I've always thought that I was fat even though I wasn't. I feel like our society doesn't want women to feel good about ourselves. It's really sad and damaging to us. We are all beautiful and perfect. We need to focus on being healthy, not thin.
Cecilia Guerrero
I went through the same thing! Im so happy that now i want to be healthy and the best me! Can you tell us how to lose weight the healthy way? Thank u & love u !
Pam the Unicorn
I have a question does it count if you were adopted by a family
I am a mom of three and suffered an eating disorder when I was a teen and young adult. My children are what literally saved me. Being a mom took that daily obsession out of my brain. I had other lives to care for, and they needed a healthy momma!! There were times when the ED wanted to creep back in and I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror.. but all I had to do was remember my 3 blessings! Xoxo’s Nicole ❤️ thank you for sharing your story!
Gessel Monzon
Omg I love this , I can relate so much I’ve had so many eating disorders because of bullying and know that I’m not the only one who struggled makes me feel better because I know that have there are people out there who have overcome it and I can too ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love stuff like this you should do more Do a husband tag !!!
Karen Baker
I'm loving these real life topics you are covering at the moment. I would love to hear you talk about social media and how you deal with trolls. I would also like to hear how your relationships have changed since being in the public eye. Did you lose any friends or had to deal with any jealousy towards you? Are you still best friends with Ryder?
sammy santoro
I wish i could love this instead of just like it. I went through the same thing and i couldn’t have explained how I feel personally better than she did ♥️
Gina Livecchi
Snooki I love you so much and am so thankful you made this video .. such a huge fan, I too battled with an eating disorder anorexia, and sadly still struggle with my syptoms. My story is people used to say that I was fat and I always was crying to the point I stopped eating. I would measure my bones. I still struggle, but I started working out. But i honestly admire that you shared this. I love the fun you. Your my favorite fashionable icon, and your my favorite on jersey shore. But hearing the personal story, made me relate more. I absolutely think your an incredible inspiration and beautiful. Luv you and love your snooki slippers and perfume 💜
Julie Cameron
Thanks for sharing! It’s so important for everyone to know beauty comes in all shapes sizes and colors. You decide what beautiful looks like and feels like. As long as we know we are beautiful that’s what matters
jess jones
I struggled with an eating disorder as well and I can remember how groundbreaking it was for me to hear you & Demi Lovato both come out with your stories when I was young. Thanks for sharing your story! It’s a mindset that never stops unfortunately
izzie chandler
I love you so much I’ve always watched you and ever since Jersey 😂😭 so yea