Stan Freberg - "Banana Boat (Day-O)"

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"Banana Boat (Day-O)" was radio humorist Stan Freberg's take on Harry Belafonte's hit single with the same title. Freberg's 1957 tale of a picky bongo player (played by Peter Leeds) wreaking havoc during a recording session went to No. 25 on the Billboard Hot 100. Belafonte's single went to No. 5.

Stan Freberg Harry Belafonte Banana Boat Day-O 1957

"Hold it man!  Hold it man!  Too loud!"  God bless my mom and dad for introducing me to the comedy of Stan Freberg.  Sir:  you are, and every shall be, damn funny.
Gary Callahan
RIP Stan Freberg ( August 7, 1926 to April 7, 2015); a very funny man who put a huge smile on everybody.
Mark J. Rockman
It was 1968 or so. I was in a math class, and a buddy walked into the classroom. I just don't recall the context any more, but when he remarked, "I come t'rough da window" -- I immediately knew exactly what he was referring to. Crazy, man . . .
"Hey man, don't don't sing about spiders, oooh, like I don't dig spiders..."
Steve Berlin
I now realize where "more cowbell" originates.  R.I.P., you funny man.
Judy Gabaldon
Weird Al Yankovich had to have considered Stan Freberg as an early inspiration!!
mark rubin
this song rendition stan did was more memorable than the harry belafonte version in my childhood memory for its funny slant on this song not to take anything away from Harry Belafonte but I never tire of this version! RiP Stan if you can
Daniel Gibson
"I come through the window" was the undisputed pinnacle of comedy in my youth. RIP.
Palmer Short
Stan Freberg was  my hero. I was in high school in Tacoma Wash. in 1953, my dad was stationed at Ft Lewis. In my English class we were allowed to write a skit and record it on a tape recorder. I wrote a script featuring Joe Fridayovich who was assigned the job of finding out who was stealing salt from Siberia. The first line was " I was working out of the third iron curtain on the left when word came down salt was being smuggled out of the salt mines in Siberia. My job Iodized it. Dum de dum dum. 
chinze bo
FABULOUS!!!!!  It's too piercin' it!!
Greg Sanders
One of the best sendup records ever :)
Brian Stoll
Pure Genius!!!!!! Thanks for the comedy..and thanks to Doctor Demento for exposing me to this kind of stuff!!!!!!
AM 1490 WAYB
this song was the first time i have heard of STAN FREBERG.years ago H.B.O. showed a cartoon short that someone made using this song.and i love it.also his humor.thanks for this version of a classic, and many others.r.i.p.
Ah, so many good memories. "I come through the window." Crazy. :D
Jukebox Jonnie
Crazy, man ! Never heard this guy before today :D
Arthur Throovest
Genius... He also revolutionised the sanitised radio ads in the USA. Some of the best material commercially produced... ever
Sarah Sapp
I love that it says "Interruptions by Peter Leeds". Brilliant
Jonathan Vernot
I come tru da window
D Heine
R.I.P. Stan Freberg.
Happy I found this.
RIP Stan Freberg.
I haven't heard this since I was a kid! At a resort my mom and I used to go to in the summer they did this as a lip-synching sketch for one of the evening performance shows. I loved the "window" part where the guy playing the singer would jump through the curtains back onto the stage.
I remember Stan Freberg for three things: this record, chun king commercials, and the history of the united states of america. the guy knew how to mix music with humor.
Peter Emmert
Glen Campbell on guitar - This was even featured as a cartoon.
bob b
Don't forget Stan Boreson & Doug Setterberg .
JAvery gmailcom
This killed me!!!!!!!!!!!!
Terrell Robinson
Far better than Bela...what's-his-name.
Bryan Smith
Reminds of Spike Jones a little.
Battle Of Trenton
It's too loud, man.
Tom Kelly
Geowyn Leda
l have been looking for this for years!
Princess Celestia
It's too piercing man, too piercing.
Charlotte Powell
I was raised by my grandparents and my grandads introduced me to Stan and to me he was the best ever. We used to sing it all the time. Sadly my grandad died Xmas day last year and we recently found the tapes of Stan. Omg
noel griffiths
Although my grandson has never heard this superb version of The Banana Boat Song, thanks to me he knows the line "would you mind leaving the room" & keeps quoting it. Brilliant!
Paul Putnam
Heard it a hundred times - STILL makes me smile !
Tim Roebuck
That bongo player is a jerk.
Doug Montgomery
I was in grade school when this was first played on the radio. I had never heard of Stan Freberg and I thought this was just a different version of the song, recorded by the same artist who made the original. And years later I found out that Harry Belafonte was "not pleased" with Freberg's version.
We all loved this at home, way back when in the Fifties. Me, Mom, Dad, sisters and brothers. Crack up.
Kyle Hill
10 people left thru the window.
SleepyCorn XD
Fred B.
A true genius..I still have most of his albums. Played :The United States of America" till it was almost worn oue. Love him...R.I.P.
I considered myself a big Stan Freberg fan. I'm ashamed that I missed that hilarious "I come tru da window" line. He was so great! R.I.P.
Sounds like he wants more cowbell,
r.i.p. I discovered him on the "moby phone"
I'm so glad my music teacher showed me this
Home now remembukh the R.A.F.
Rod Murray
What was b side song
Brilliant. My parents loved Stan. Grew up with him.
I was alive when this was released. Must have heard it, literally, hundreds of times. Yet I'm still sitting here in tears of laughter!It was the footsteps that got me going this time!Ah, priceless stuff.Thank you whiteray1 :)
Michael Bauers
Gregory Freeman
Kind of ahead if its time in my opinion
Apparently Belafonte hated this. Good.
Maren Huwald
I don't dig Spiders, man' So, funny.
Night Garden
LMAO!!! 😂💜
Jim Barker
Beautiful...Stan had perfect timing!
James Newman
Loved when this was played on the wittertainment cruise
Julian Nicholls
Ironically, I heard this first and several times, before I ever heard the Harry Belafonte version.
Julian Nicholls
Garry Matcham
Hello to Jason
Richard Davies
Mayo and Kermode bring you here too?
This has forever ruined me for the original, it just does not have the same pizzazz as this!
garry brown
one of the best
Penny Judge
so good
Meredith A.
My ears, my ears! Like my ears! .....Too piercing.
Marc Glinert
Too loud man!
Ive been listening to this for years and it still gets me every time.
What a great sense of humour Stan Freberg has.
Ken Carson Tribute
Ah hah! You nailed it. I grew up with Raffi! That's it! Thanks! :D
Cates Schwark
Fleksnes Fataliteter The Norwegian comedy character Marve Fleksnes uses the phrase "Day-O" whenever he sees a situation which he can benefit from, or when agitated or insecure. Harry Belafonte sang this song in an episode of The Muppet Show
Cates Schwark
American rapper Lil Wayne samples the line "6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot bunch" for the song "6 Foot 7 Foot". The Harry Belafonte version was used in 1988 film Beetlejuice. Hasil Adkins recorded a previously unreleased rockabilly version of this song that was included on the 1990 Norton album, Peanut Butter Rock and Roll.
Cates Schwark
Dutch comedian André van Duin released his version in 1972 called Het bananenlied: the banana song. Jamaican singer Shaggy recorded a dancehall version for his 1995 album Boombastic. Children's singer Raffi has performed the song in concert, replacing the line "I work all night on a drink of rum" with "I work all night 'til the morning come", and the line "Hide the deadly black taranch-la" with "A beautiful bunch o' ripe banana!" He also recorded this song on his 1980 album, Baby Beluga.
Ken Carson Tribute
*giggles* Love it! I'm trying to figure out how I knew this song before hearing Freberg's any rate, this is hilarious. :D