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Download the Father-Son Kamehameha song here! ➤ /> Arrangement by Cliff "AinTunez" Weinstein

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"Now plant your feet, grit your teeth, and *eat* *that* *horse!* "
gokus silhouette looks like he's got two dongs hangin there...just saiyan...
Lumiose Trainer Zac
I hear: - DB Piccolo Theme - Day of Fate (SSJ2 Gohan Jap theme) - Faulconer Gohan Theme - Faulconer Perfect Cell Theme *PERFECTION*
oh shit you mashed unmei no hi and gohan's anger together that is actually like the coolest thing ever
Timothy McLean
See, Nail? It's not like the makankosappo at all!
please tfs,i can only take so much quality
Fans: "Why didn't you use Gohan's Anger for the SSJ2 transformation?" TFS: "We have... *other plans* for it."
That EAT THAT HORSE speech is actually very Motivational
If DBZ Abridged ended here, I would have been satisfied. What a damn conclusion. But no, they're doing a season 4. TFS are gods among men.
Watching this, I had such an emotional moment when "Gohan Angers" kicked in. I know Kaiser isn't the biggest fan of Faulconer's score, but it means alot that it was included. For me, and many fans that grew up with the dub, that song defined that moment and made a huge connection. It shows alot of respect for your fans that you recognized that and put it in, so thank you!!
I'm so damned happy Kaiser and Cliff put in "Gohan's Anger" as part of this arrangement, because it shows a level of respect to the fans even if if Kaiser has some pretty 'meh' feelings about the Faulconer soundtrack. A lot of people who watched and loved DBZ when it was playing on Toonami years ago never had the chance to (and still haven't) seen the original Japanese version so they're unfamiliar with its music. To people who fell in love with the series this way, Bruce Faulconer's score was just as important to American audiences as the original music would have been to Japanese fans. Keep in mind too that Dragonball Z first aired in the US when anime was in a pretty interesting transition period between localizing every show that was brought over and leaving them as close to original as possible. Localization didn't just mean changing the names of characters and storylines, but also involved rewriting entire *soundtracks.* Yugioh! was a great example of this and it came out *after* DBZ started gaining popularity in the states. Some of that localized music is just as important to our nostalgia. I love the original Yugioh! soundtrack, but there isn't a person in my generation that doesn't know the US theme song or the phrase "It's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-duel!" Back then, "sub vs dub" didn't mean what it means today - it meant the original show vs whatever the localization of that show was, and sometimes the localization barely resembled the original show. It didn't take long for the anime culture in America to move past this, with shows like Gundam Wing and Inuyasha and most of the Adult Swim block keeping all the original Japanese music of the shows they brought over. It's not an issue today, but that's something that's distinctly part of and unique to the early/mid 2000's anime fandom in America. For a lot of us, Faulconer's score was integral and some themes will always be associated with some pretty incredible scenes - Vegeta's SSJ theme for example during his Final Flash against Cell. I love the Gohan Angers theme, not because of the Cell games, but because of how it's used in the Buu saga. That theme will always be associated with Gohan's *best* line of the dub: "Fight you? No. I want to *kill* you." Faulconer's SSJ3 theme is as important to American fans as Unmei No Hi is to Japanese fans. I guess the point here is that by doing this, even though Kaiser doesn't really like the Faulconer soundtrack, is that it shows how deeply TFS not only understands Dragonball, but how deeply they understand people''s experiences with Dragonball and how it affects them. The remixes of the Japanese tracks like Unmei No Hi and Hikari No Willpower were incredible, and I love that you're taking the time to treat some of the more popular Faulconer tracks the same way.
travis illerbrun
“Gohan I want to tell you that if you don’t do this, piccolo is gonna die. Your mom’s gonna die, everyone is gonna die. But before all that if you don’t do this your gonna die. And your better than that, your better than him, better than me. See I’m no were near that strong, yet. Your more than my son. You are son gohan! Now plant your feet, grit your teeth, and eat that horse!”
Dark Okami
Oh my god 2:13 gave me whiplash in the best way possible.
Cameron Hampton
Behold the power... of TWO HANDS!!!
Ganymede, Jupiter III
The Piccolo theme at the start was great, and the interpretation of the Bruce Faulconer Gohan theme (2:10, "Gohan Angers") was perfect. Actually, it was better than perfect: it was SSJ2.
Shinobu Sensui
So... nobody is gonna point out how the very beginning of the song is Piccolo's theme? Because that's an awesome detail...
Yura Zoldyck
Now we need Cell's "My Way" song, the instrumental of Day of Fate, and that version of Day of Fate used in the "special thanks"
Mr Arca9
Still wish Gohan was the focus of the series, and not goku
Kevin de Haas
"What's this, brat? Your second wind or your dying gasp? Either way, it doesn't matter. Behold the power... of TWO HANDS!! Take solace Gohan! Though you have fought alone, you won't die alone. That is my last gift to you: A PERFECT DEATH!!"
No but seriously, I demand an EAT THAT HORSE shirt. Make it happen.
Unclaimed Username
I'm not going to lie this orchestral version of Gohan's Rage is going to be my favorite song this year unless a face-melting, screaming speed metal cover comes out.
The Neverending Twilight
Gohan's Anger being used for this particular scene was just so god damn perfect. It fit surprisingly well for it. Honestly, I think that if we combined both the original Japanese score and the Faulconer scores, we would have something legendary. Because the spots in which the Faulconer remixes were used within DBZA were just soooooo perfect. And the spots where the remixes of the original Japanese score were used were equally just as perfect. Now, full version of Cell's My Way when?
Ryaan Zaheed
"All I want to do, is see you turn into, a Super Saiyan, a Super Saiyan!" Looks like Goku got that wish
Gohan SSJ
*I only listen to real music, this is that music*
Oliver Walker
Please do cell my way next
Shitty Name
I feel like everyone forgot that and I need you to listen KRILLIN GOT LAID
The Legendary Hero
This song is a perfect d*ck against Mr.Perfect Cell. Next work: Cell's last song. That made me cry because I'll miss him so much !!!
0:40 "Magnificent! One last stand against me! a climactic showdown!"
Makes me want to eat a horse
Rafa Mamani
Real fans will know where that artwork appeared in... *Dokkan...*
John Meaty
Regrets....i've had few but then again TOO FEW TO MENTION
Wow, that's a great mix of the Japanese and Bruce Falconer versions.
Michael Antonelli
"... if someone with one arm speaks in sign language, is that a speech impediment or an accent?"
junior gunter
I'm now convinced that this is now its own canon universe. For god sakes it even has its own ost.
Jeff Li
"You're better than that! You're better than him! You're better than ME!"
Gohan's Anger was always my favourite Bruce track. But never imagined it would not only turn up in DBZA, but be done in this way too add. Seriously, thank you for all the hard work put into this for the past ten years. Despite what a certain company might say, I strongly believe you guys helped bring Dragon Ball back into the mainstream. You can rest easy now, you did it guys, you truly did well.
Radic The Hedgehog
*D R A M A T I C F I N I S H !*
Mitch Nelson
I feel like the piano line should have continued with everything else to the end of the song. Edit: 2:35 is the cutoff point.
CyberTiger 45
“So this is how I go down-one arm and killed by an Android-why does this feel oddly familiar?” Ha I get it
God I love this version of Gohan's anger when it hits. It's so good. Thank you guys for all your hard work on this series.
Yurozix Gaming
“Vegeta Noo!!!” *VEGETA YES*
When the Gohan angers section came on, I was absolutely blown away.
Poohpoo Soup
I feel like this would be the champion battle music in a Pokémon game
Kyle Lambert
2:10 Kaiser: “Never ask anything from me ever again!” Edit: HOLY CRAP THIS COMMENT GOT OVER 1K LIKES!! THANKS EVERYONE!
midnight smash
I’m glad they left gohans rage/anger in the track I love that track from the show
AnimeNerd Videos
2:09-3:09 Goku: Gohan! if you dont do this Piccolo is gonna die. Your mom is gonna die. EVERYONE is gonna die! But before all that, if you dont do this...your gonna die. And your better than that. Better than him. Better than me!. Gohan:Gasp. Grunt Cell: Woah nelly. Goku:See im nowhere near that strong. Yet. You are just anyone. You're Son Gohan. Now plant your feat, Grit your teeth, and EAT THAT HOOOORRRSE!!!!!
Darius Cole-Samuels
The day that eat that horse became the most inspirational sentence of the year.
2:10 *Gohan’s Anger Theme*
Just a Normal Cat
This song makes me want to eat a horse for some reason.
Skijaramaz - Tone Shift
So, not to ruin this for anyone, and out of courtesy I'll hide this under the 'read more; tab... . . . . . . Is it just me, or does this picture make it look like Goku has 3 penises?
Mind-Forged Manacles
A remix of both Day of Destiny and Gohan Angers? FINALLY. I've often wanted that but never found it.
Full version of cell singing "My Way"? is that at all possible?
I just realized something. *Before season 4, guys...* *W E N B O J A C K*
jimmy devron
That Gohan Anger's theme is amazing
Seamus Kirkland
Here i was expecting a cheesy and silly father/son disney-like parody, but i am happily surprised by this epic instrumental.
Trent Keller, Lord of Cringe
*Horse... EATEN!*
Jesús Alberto Raquel Pallares
That throwback to the King Piccolo theme at the staaaart!
Rayshawn King
Do the cell song please
"Take solace, Gohan! Though you have fought alone, you will not die alone. That is my last gift to you. A PERFECT DEATH!!"
uR mUm gAy
The fact that they added multiple theme's, and there own cover, is amazing.
Mach Tails
YouTube asked me if I knew how to flag content just I came into this video...... *eyes YouTube suspiciously* You'd better not take this down....
Clean song. Composer needs a raise.
They Call Me Jay
daAmazin FatB0y
I love how the theme is sort of a combination of Gohans Theme from the English dub n the Japanese track Unmei No Hi
Jose Romero
“Woah Nelly!”
night hal 1
When the Bruce Falconur score kicked in at 2:10 during the episode I actually started tearing up a bit. I know you guys don't really like his score much, but it's what a lot of us DBZ fans grew up with on Toonami, and hearing it brought back with such love and care put into its rearrangement is really emotionally resonant. Thanks.
Space Duck
Can yall write a love song about me and 18 👀
Gohan, I wanna tell you, that if you don't do this, Piccolo is gonna die. Your mom's gonna die. Everyone is gonna die. But before all that, if you don't do this, you're gonna die. And you're better than that! You're better than him! You're better than ME! WOAH NELLY! See?? I'm not even close to that strong.....yet! You are more than just my son, you are Son Gohan! Now plant your feet, grit your teeth, and EAT THAT *HORSE!!!*
Just a Normal Cat
I just Kamehameha'ed in my pants from this song.
2:16 "Gohan, I wanna tell you, that if you don't do this, Piccolo is gonna die. Your mom's gonna die. 'Everyone' is gonna die. But before all that, if you don't do this... you're gonna die. And you're better than that. You're better than him. You're better than ME! ... See? I'm not even close to that strong...yet. You are more than just my son. YOU are Son Gohan! Now plant your feet, grit your teeth, and EAT THAT HORSE!!" TFS is truly amazing
"See? I'm not even close to that strong. Yet." You have no idea how true that is, Goku.
that one stormtrooper
If you ask me this scene is much more fitting for gohan's anger. It's all about appealing to gohans pride and anger. You are better than him do dig in and win!
2:10 brought out some emotions in dem cords!👍
Perfect Cell *Ultron*
Does give me ptsd but still perfect 👌
Travis Williams
Now have mr popo Sing just give up.
Plant your feet Grit your teeth And EAT THAT HORSE
Shu Shirakawa
In b4 Justin Y.
Combination of all the greatest Gohan themes that’s a win!
Ken Beimer
I hope they will include the Faulconer versions from Majin Buu aswell. (with a rework ofc) Those really set the tune in the Majin Buu saga.
William Lafond
So how long should we wait to start expecting ''TFS Trunks saves the future''?
Sean Murphy
I didn't know I needed something so badly until I got it
Generation Sigma
Best part starts at 2:10!!!...
The Gohan Angers theme gives me chills every time
Was that a small bit of Piccolo's theme at the start? It works really well for Gohan's badass power-up and charging of the Kamehameha.
Brenden Byrne
Anybody else realize this is both a orchestral remix of Unmei No Hi AND Gohan's Anger?
I hope they do Cell's take on Frank Sintara's "My Way".
Γιώργος Γραμμ
You are more than just my son, you are Son Gohan!
Mike Clark
Piccolo Day of Fate Gohan Angers Perfect Cell Is there anything I'm missing?
Monkey D. Mugi
Lol 00:09 kinda sounds like the beginning of the Netero’s rose OST from HxH and @ 00:43 it sounds like the one piece ost from luffy vs doflamingo where Gear 4 luffy uses King Kong Gun. Coincidence? Inspiration? 🤔🤔🤔 Also a PERFECT Soundtrack Plz tfs make this on Spotify!! Like if you Agree!!
Tony Thepenguin
Hey, can you guys upload the “My Way” song Cell sings please?
Star Espeo
StarBlast Studios
I love the mixture of all the songs in here from King piccolo's music in Dragonball, to the Japanese song used for Gohan's transformation, to falconer's score of Gohan's anger. This is why Dragonball z abridged is awesome! They stick to the source for references of all versions of Dragonball showing how much love they have for the series. Thank you guys so much for all the work you have done on the series and the impact you have made on the fandom. You guys are truly one of a kind. And the fact that you guys are gonna be making the Buu saga and continuing on with the series is a testament to the dedication you guys have for this series despite all of the hardships in doing all of this. Unbelievable.
Jeremy Stradling
2:10 literally screamed during the episode
The mashup/sampling of classic DB-DBZ themes across both Japanese and Faulconer soundtracks here is amazing, and it seems like all the different tunes have been identified EXCEPT one... Listen from 1:25 to 2:09. It is a VERY subtle nod to the Faulconer "16 Rips off Cell's Tail" track (0:30 to 0:50). What's crazy is that it may or may not have been intentional. Surprised no one else caught it, but check it out.
Nero Mystyra
If you look at Goku's silhouette, between his legs you will see his 2 shriveled up testies after Chi Chi emptied them to make Goten.
Listen, the music is great, and I understand the style choice for the picture, but come on. Goku’s pants makes it look like he has two dicks just flopping in the wind. I can’t be the only one who sees it, right?