Baby Justin Bieber First Concert X Factor USA (Video_EditionLimited)

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girl life
Who is here in 2018
meuthia 30_
Being Tezh
Jude is not satisfied with this song
Kumar SP
Yriimedov Volhebnic
Супер 👏👏👏
Harshita sharma
he is not Justin
Kinga Horváth
Miguel Trinidad
0:26 we got clickbaited.
Varsha Burande
Friends believe me he is not at all justin biber
Gaming Channel
Thats not justin!!
james bond
He is not justin but his voice is amazing
Love u JB😘😘😘😘
Angela P
He isn't Justin Bieber
Anila Butt
Haha fake not Justin
Trynn Martinéz
He said he is 13. But he looks like 8-10
Carlotta Rieger
Who is watching that in 2018 ?
Varsha Burande
I cant believe i think his first was baby my favorite one
She Luvs Football
Avi Jalthariya
Esther loli
This is not Justin!
Kavya Kusuma
i think the judges are not satisfied with his performance at first
nicol ML
2:11 como se llama esa cancion
Parkin Wannasawag
What music
Noya Beauty
Andreas Rasmussen
Morgan Lashay
I love it
Abdu Vc
喋り方ずっと変わらんなww 可愛すぎ
mohammed nisar
Is he really Justin ???
Nico Grant
Who's whatching this is 2018
Numan Maşalı
Türkler burada mı alper erözerle kıyaslanamaz bile şunun sesine bak bide alpere bak
good 240p °_°
Preeti Rathore
I love your voice yaarr . I am bigestttttttttttttttttt faaaaan of you
Saloni Bhakte
He is not JB
Zenfone 6
hey..everyone in 2018?.....
Marami Sutradhar
Is it Justin!? 😵
Mosayeb Afshar
Shanta Brown
That's not Justin jerks who say it him
Click bait lol
9 11
Who is watching this in 2018 NOW BEACUSE ITS 2018 YAYYYYYY!!!%%%%
Thilak Kaarthik
I think he is not justin
Fuzzytinypuppy8 AJPW
I mean, he sang pretty good but his low notes were a bit shaky. His voice definitely progressed throughout the years.
Paquita Alya
siapa sangka sekarang dia udah jadi artis terkenal
Yara Al Omar
Aragon-IIIV wak
i'm watching this december 2017
Really love love💕 Bruno Mars music!How Justin Bieber singing Bruno Mars😢 Voice - and too handsome.
Asma Khalil
Crazy Cool Kid
What happened to him over the years? I need to know...
sanika sathe
Justin is looking super cute
Im laughing at all the people who think this is Justin, especially the people who love him cause they should definitely be able to tell it's not him. Looks and sounds nothing like him, this kid also said he was 13, Justin was 13 back in 2007. The song grenade that this kid sang wasn't even released until 2010. Sorry to burst your bubble :)
Pasa Pasa
he is justin
Δέσποινα Μητροκλή
Văn Vũ
tài năng
Siyara Gomez
omg he seriously looks like him!!!! I'm thirteen too!!!
Beattie 11
He is not justin he's name is reed deming!!!
Adhel Thacapsadao
the jude is rong
gaming boyz
Bruno mars is best
Ajay Bhaskar
Cyber TronH
Hari Bharti
Mohammed Irfan
m mo
deep at 0:59 JUST DEEP
Aditay Bishnoi
im a j.b bigget fan j.b is best
He isnt a Freddy Mercury, but not even close to him..
hooba first
He is so cute and sweet
satish kumar
wan yicheng
he is so cute
Maite :D
wan yicheng
i love justin bieber
kira 14x
who would have though that this innocent, sweet and lovely kid would grow up into a mean, rude ,proud and abusive man ... his success is great and worth appreciating ... his hard work is inspiring ... but its very very sad and disappointing to see the behaviour change in him! 😔
Zaheeb Ali
Ha ha ha its not justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Henna Patel
When he said "future pop star"
9 11
Who's watching this is 2017
Hm Hm
Baha. if you actually believe this is Justin Bieber youre legit an idiot and would believe anyone with this outdated Bieber haircut weeeeeell actually actually, shaggy from Scooby doo had it first people js, is Justin bieber. but hey Justin worked hard, he earned his career. I don't personally like him, sure hes hot, hes talented but isn't every celebrity? Without their looks and talent would you care bout them? doubt it. Just another person. idk him personally to like him, nothing special to me. He didn't audition for xfactor or whatever, he would busk or some shit took his guitar and sang his heart out, like you name it, he started on youtube, luckily got noticed, he didn't go to them though, they came to him, for his extreme talent. Man I seriously fucking hate seeing that singers, I look up to James Arthur, Zayn, Leona Louise, Emily middlemas (I'm Scottish like her right, I'm friends with her cousin Jade I don't see why she had to audition for a dumb show, she could get where she is actually FURTHER on her own, she's original and her voice is fucking amazing. but its annoying to think these really talented singers did NOT work for their lifestyle, you think a singing show is working hard? Nah nah. Not at all. I'm talking, doing shit for yourself, stop relying on the public and high class celebrities on shitty singing shows to give you a boost, I believe success should be earned not handed to you. Hard work pays off.
Zoey TheCat
that's R E E D ! Not Justin Bieber! Look at 0:28 "Reed's family and friends" Do everyone see?
Manish Rajput
Mind blowing song bro
Chandan Kumar Das
Wow..... justin... Great work man...... This video prove that ntg can be achieved without hardwork ...✌✌✌💪
Dominik Konečný
What's name of the second song?
stickman creator
Britney is one of the judges
fahila Khan
I love you Justin you are amazing
Louise Solana
andui alvarado
Crazy Cats Slime and More
I liked him better when he was this age! What about you world? By the way I have been on broadway
my channel
He is not Justin Bieber
Pol Spoorti
He is not Justin Bieber
le gameur AÉRIEN
He is not Justin bieber
little justin awww <33333
IliSayan 25
22 abril 2018
ruth Baigalmaa
3:53 *REAL*
cute girl's kids
I was waiting for him to sing the song baby
captain_ smart.casual
Y'know, say what you like about him now, but then, he was pretty adorable.
Carlyn Chew
"I don't want to fall into the Bieber steroetype.😂"
Nithya M
He looks like him but not him
TayTay. xoxo
That’s 100% not Justin.
Adeline Villegas élève
Randy Oyet
This is sooooo not Justin. This is Reed.
Siegel Seagull
Who tf is Reed 0:28
laney ray
Thats realy not justen