Baby Justin Bieber First Concert X Factor USA (Video_EditionLimited)

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meuthia 30_
The Princess Fairy
His name is Reed, so don't get confused cuz he's not Justin
Flower Kitty
He said he is 13. But he looks like 8-10
Chems Edine
This child his not justin biber
Kumar SP
anime audrey
Who is here in 2018
Crystal Boehler
October/November 2018
We got clickbaited 😱
Shubham Pimparkar
Simon is feeling shame now
Dennis Liau
Who is here in Nov 2018?
HinTech India Fan
2019 Watching anyone 👍👍👍👍👍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Syed Haseeb Ali Shah
Who is here in 2018 ??? 😂
This is reed beiber.
Actually The Truth Is He Can Become A Singer Like Justin,That's All.MGBU!
Who's whatching this is 2018
Justin: "I'm 13." Me: "Waaaaht??"
Dub For You
December 2018
Диана Шайнурова
почему я смотрю это в 2018 году
Arif Khan
He is as same as Justin but not him he is reed
Who is watching this video on 2017????
skit girl!
Ani i Maki
2019? love
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Cud Fam
Not Justin but ok
Tomika Stretton
Today's my birthday and I turned 10 today so can I please have 10 likes
Akansha Dobriyal
He's an amazing singer....
Mohit Point
*🔥Love You From India 🔥*
Akash Mekkalaki
Is he really Justin?? I'm confused
She Luvs Football
Who's watching this in 2017?
Thilak Kaarthik
I think he is not justin
TheWay2¿ Gamer
It was 10 years ago
Musical Channel
Monica Chelani
Seeing this after he got married
btw this isn't justin cause when grenade was made in 2010 when justin was 16 and just to point out and the x factor started in 2011 when justin was 17 and just to point out demi was 15 when justin was 13 and of course she wasn't judging at the age of 15 and also when justin was 13 demi wasn't even famous. Justin was a random canadian musician youtuber back then
Giovanna Scarpante
Tão fofo. O nome dele é Reed Deming
de pug nomads
What happened to him over the years? I need to know...
Hdhhrhdjdj Jdhhehe
Avi Jalthariya
pop toys
2018 anyone
Eleonora Daducci
But he's not Justin Bieber
Priyanka Pan
Any Indian??
cornercell cornercell
I love you
he looks more like justin bieber than justin bieber does
FUn UnIon maheen
He is not justin.
masa shkr
مين عم يشوف ب 2018
Dileep Rock
This not justin
The Potato Memes
Nahhh that's not Justin! Cuz the judges are Britney Spears & Demi Lovato (i think) & Justin is just a few years younger than Britney wtf clickbait
Neko xxMango
Thats not justin
Farabi Raj
Nov 2018
Technical Brain
Mst ha
Khan Asif
He is a good
unbox and uke
Simons face at first 😂
Amayma Hamid
This is not Justin Bieber. They said "Reed's family" so whoever posted this STOP lying
Andreas Rasmussen
Rimi Chakma
Siyara Gomez
omg he seriously looks like him!!!! I'm thirteen too!!!
Rakshana Selas
Any one watching this in November 2018
Michael Maldonado
no way he was 13 right here he looks like 8
Aleesha Chaudhry
They would have known Justin bieber at thirteen and it said REED and his family Justin bieber doesn't have that many siblings
Jacaranda Visconti Parisio
WoW 💥
TiJan Dia
july. 2018 ?
Hitesh Master
Hiii.. Random people scrolling down and reading comment😄✌🙌
Dominik Konečný
What's name of the second song?
Nithya M
He looks like him but not him
Zaheeb Ali
Ha ha ha its not justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hooba first
He is so cute and sweet
Im laughing at all the people who think this is Justin, especially the people who love him cause they should definitely be able to tell it's not him. Looks and sounds nothing like him, this kid also said he was 13, Justin was 13 back in 2007. The song grenade that this kid sang wasn't even released until 2010. Sorry to burst your bubble :)
Nana Brooks
He's cute 🐶 but the people are mean love ♥️ u Justin
Zoey TheCat
that's R E E D ! Not Justin Bieber! Look at 0:28 "Reed's family and friends" Do everyone see?
Really love love💕 Bruno Mars music!How Justin Bieber singing Bruno Mars😢 Voice - and too handsome.
Shinn' Muelki
2018 here
Lil Cash
Thanks Simon, someone eventually had to tell The kid off.
nicol ML
2:11 como se llama esa cancion
Indraa tea
Henna Patel
When he said "future pop star"
All unlimited by meeth
He is not Justin..... He is Reed.
How is it JB It says Reed's family
what's the second song's name?
alien grl
Sizin amk Justin değil bu
Paquita Alya
siapa sangka sekarang dia udah jadi artis terkenal
Rahul Chaudhary
Vikash Sharma
He is not Justin Bieber
Ella Nutella
Hahha Simon its now THE Justin Bieber😂
2018 like for justin
Clap for justin old , lol 😉😊😊😊
Niha Honey
He is Justin ?? He looks like Justin onlyy
Tori Adams
Guys, he is not Justin. Hi sname is Reed Deming and he is super talented. Try to listen his cover Love You Like A Love Song . I love it
lea schaedel
Were is the german comiunety
wan yicheng
he is so cute
Darlene Turner
He is not Justin bibber
saikat mosha
Monica Craciun
this isn't Justin bieber 😂😅But he sings very well & is So cool🙈😹😻
Santhosh Tamil Selvan
Don't subscribe please
JB In Nutshell
Nico Grant
Văn Vũ
tài năng
Harshita sharma
he is not Justin
deep20052005 singh
2018 justin was come with her item
IDSB Music
Did he swore infront of his family