Ritchie Blackmore Amazing Electric Guitar Solo 2011 HD

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Blackmores Night iTunes = ,,,,,,, Ritchie Blackmore Electric Guitar Solo HD ... Blackmore's Night - The Circle ... A Knight In York DVD 2012 .... Buy DVD - ......... 01 Locked Within The Crystal Ball 02 Guilded Cage 03 The Circle 04 Journeyman 05 World Of Stone 06 The Peasant's Promise 07 Toast To Tomorrow 08 Fire's At Midnight 09 Barbara Allen 10 Darkness 11 Dance Of The Darkness 12 Dandelion Wine 13 All The Fun Of The Fayre 14 First Of May

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★★★★★ New Video = Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Highway Star Live Loreley 2016 ( Memories in Rock - Live in Germany DVD ) = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZEfHn6SjSs
Whoever disliked this should be hit with a fireball, burn, get shot straight between the eyes, get thrown off the silver mountain, fall down to earth, and be sent trough the gates of Babylon!
mick m
Saying he's overrated is pure bs as some commented. All the killer riffs he wrote , the solos , the feeling . You'd prob rate noel Gallagher more because I guess you know Shyte all about real guitar .
Randy Bellous
The Greatest, The Greaeest, The Greatest, The Greaeest!  Love his style and his technique.
I'll never get the point of switching pickup every three seconds! But that's me.
Chris Seaman
Probably the most under rated guitarist ever. Blackmore is a true pioneer of the guitar and is one of the greatest ever.He inspired guitarists like Vai, Satriani, Malmsteen, and many others.
I think this man´s solos still are as fine and magical as they´ve always been. To me it seem like he´s been through a natural process - from being young, explosive and aggressive to becoming more quite, mature and harmonic. And he is still a MAGICAL WIZZARD with fingers like wands on fire.
abel wayne
He is as weird as they get, but still he's my favorite all around guitarist. His vibrato(not using the magic wand) is my favorite.
rob temple
Blackmore always no 1.
dodger g
i never liked ritchie blackmore at all but i have to say this was an excellent guitar solo...
Ritchie played middle eastern melody as if he came from there in particular Persian riffs. You are fantastic
Radostin Doychev
Ritchie THE KING !!
Aleksa Abramović
I wish he'd make more music like this, to add Strat touch in it.
Amir Hosein Ghaem Maghami
everybody can be Ritchie but no one can be Ritchie Blackmore!
Fabio Scorrano
Fantastic !!! The Man in Black is The Best !!!!
The Solo itself was? eh "OK"... I wouldn't say it was one of his best ... But, the band as a whole? Wow! This is great! Love the whole kinda eclectic electric renaissance vibe ... Very Cool! :-) 
Arjun Kaul
All his solos are so much fun to listen to
Jorge Melodia
Only some minutes and I can see him like fire!
Thomas Crocini
What an amazing and tasty solo...
Sabjit Athwal
He’s on a whole different level, always has been. I love the tone... just brilliant!!
vesselin kostov
Тhe best of the best!!!
Jonah Fuerstenberg
I love his slide technique.
Alwin Stark
Meisterhaft, echt klase.
JR Rosalez
Set you free...........
alex papa
1:29 opss mistake!!! hand up. sorry guys...
May your genius wake you up. You are no one's minstrel! You belong front and center stage; all vocals should be in your background.
Krani Dell
Hab mir das gerade mindestens 50 mal angehört...bin ich verrückt ? ..ein bisschen schon 😉 ....Er ist aber einfach nur ein Genie...bin geplättet.
Shridhar G S
Magic is too mild a word to describe this
Ahmed Esat
Melody, harmony and technical brilliance rolled in one!
amir khan
If someone convinced me that all I would be hearing in heaven is Blackmore playing guitar solo, I would have believed in GOD
80s Rock And Metal
Great Video
Mihael Petkov
10x ritchie :)
duchess eagle
Νελλα Θεοτοκατου
Dimo Kumanov
Pure joy!
hum zaad
Mohamed Tirmizi Bin Mohamed Nassir -
snow angel world
yves perrin
Ritchie the best guitar player from all Time.
Kurt Sherrick
The cleanest left hand along with Shawn Lane to ever play. Never hear his hand moving on the strings as he goes up and down the neck.
Hadi Korr
ritchie always loved middle eastern melodies.80 percent of ritchie,s guitar work is comprised of middle eastern and eastern euro melodies
Patrick Kelly
Anyone know what scales and modes he’s using here? Particularly at the beginning?
Is it that ritchie use only Mexican Strat? Coz i never saw any amercan for his signature series.
Moondog Lightning
Wow that tone he produces sound like he's playing with a slide.
burak yy
Anlamadım ki, Erkan Oğur dinlemiş heralde..
Carlos Augusto Gomes de Sousa
Niilo Nevalainen
Song name?
Dicky Arianto
Only him used switch a lot
Jack Demare
I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  Ritchie Blackmore is an absolute effing genital.  His wife knows what side her bread's buttered on though...
Makes you realise how good a band Blackmores Night was compared to the terrible new line up of Rainbow, i wasted 60 pounds of my money going to see what was basically Ritchie and a group of session musicians playing old Rainbow songs, i preferred him in Blackmores night because every concert was different him his wife and the band were always experimenting to find new sounds, but now Ritchie for some reason has gone backwards in time a nostalgia trip and don't get me started on the Awful MK2 DP reunion concerts Leave the Past in the past please.
Lord Nelson
Милош М. Малиш
retro racing
I can see some Mike Oldifield in that solo...
Ritchie Lord
kdyby takhle hral i v rainbow.........
Lord Nelson
whats this song called?
Gitfiddle 7766
Ritchie Blackmore jamming in the Hobbit's Shire. Nice.
song name is the circle
Joe Kid
De lo mejor que he escuchado.
can he smile?
Jimi is good but he is not Blackmore.
Still got it after all the yrs ! One of the top 3 guitarist to be in 2 of the worlds greatist bands..Rainbow ...Purple..!
Ville Wallin
Tästä on hyväksi. Relaa.
The Steel Tsar
Overrated! The only reason people rate him as high as they do is because he was very innovative back in the days.
flavio vieira
mandou uma tinta preto petróleo no bigode e na cabeleira, tu não precisa disso coroa, tu é o cara!!!!!
gary pilgrim
Love him or hate him no one can deny Blackmore is the ultimate guitar hero !!!!!!!
The Steel Tsar
Never heard of someone called Jimi Hendrix, have you?
Tim Penfield
as Ronnie dio said. "HES A GENIUS"
Zakk Ray Burton Official
This sound so Rainbow :3 Ritchie is the best!!!!!!
Clive Bindley
A sham..? Heard the new album?
Roby Lazarus
This man is amazing!!!!
Joseph Bezzina
The man with the golden cords.
This man came out of the womb with a guitar. Phenomenal.
Happy birthday, Ritchie!
George Lecter
Happy Birthday Ritchie \m/ Thank Your For Your Beautiful Music!
Michael Stephen
FUCKING AWESOME!! Melody and tone to die for. Still hankering after his days in a proper band by the sound of this. Purple's just a sham without him (and lord, RIP) and Rainbow can never be again (Dio RIP)
Jesse Alderson
I gotta say it's just too bad he and Gillan can't get along-I think of Gillan's singing as soon as I hear this solo-just like Plant/Page or Osbourne/Iommi
Though Ritchie plays Renaissance music, the Stratocaster is still a part of his arsenal.
Cody Wilson
The spirit of this music is not as amazing as Rainbow or Purple, but his playing here is as good as it ever was. Very melodic, memorable, genius improv and his intonation has improved by leaps. His vibrato right now is killer.
Cody Wilson
Schenker and Uli Roth are easily as good as Ritchie, with that said those are by far three of my favorite players. Especially for classic hard rock.
C`est vraiment une grosse tete de con ...mais il sait jouer le monsieur !!! il me fait delirer avec sa tronche de jamais content !! hahaha
Could not agree more...brilliant !
he's truly a god
I was there, RB was amazing!
Guy Coriatt
He sure still plays very well, but this is not Rainbow! Loosing the finest rock group for this masquerade doesn't make me happy at all. :(
not a path to his prime, but creamy tone tho
Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow 1977
gallagher ?
Patrick Michels
Great amazing solo!! Blackmore is the best. Plays from his heart and soul
my guitar god belongs in rock, man....so many of his loyal fans from deep purple and rainbow want him back in rock...
John Oberle
Who`s the best? I really don`t know but I`ve yet to hear better Than Blackmore.
drum clown
yeah great ,,but blackmore did a lot better amazing guitar solos and works,listen made in japan from 1972,,die middle part of child in time,,best of the best,,,
Yes, 'amazing' up until 2' 08"! ;-) \m/
Yasir Lashram
Glad to be the first to comment on this video ! Ritchie still fantastic ! .. anyway what's this song ?