Whirlwind Barbarian Speed Build Diablo 3 Patch 2.6.4 Season 16 Wrath of the Waste Guide

Welcome to the Barbarian Wrath of the Waste Speed speed build guide for Diablo 3 Patch 2.6.4 and Season 16, enjoy! FULL SEASON 16 PLAYLIST: /> SPEED T13 [WIP]: />BOUNTY BUILD[soon]: PUSH BUILD[SOON]: Monthly Giveaway: />► Support on Twitch Below! ◄ /> ►All Dfans Builds on Patreon Page!◄ › />Top Patrons: Jory, Thomas, Drake, Dr.Kill, Toioiz ►Join the Community on Twitter!◄ › /> ►"BLUDD" for 10% off @GamerSupps◄ /> Gear Shop: />------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Gaming Secret Weapon />Mouse Bungie />Facebook: />Instagram: />Amazing Source: />------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music By NCS: -- Watch live at

Blizzard please give us the patch, we thirsty out here! twitch.tv/bluddshed
Christian Johansson
I would love it if death breath was auto pickup, so that i never have to stop for half a second, or go back if i missclicked :P
Neh Burgardt
Quem joga biablo 3 no xbox 360 me add ai iTzKillerBr007
jon arbuckle
Thanks, Bludd. I don't think it can be understated how much work and cognitive load go into putting these builds together takes, especially when you're pretty much a non-meta player, right. So good job. Thanks to this I think I'll be maining Barb now after flipping between it and monk for a long time.
1 button all game Pog
best build for killing some demons coming late from work, spin to win baby!! 🤣🤣🤣
Anomaly 123
you are not utilising free rorg with this build. you could have easily wear pride of casius and mantle of channeling while cubing chalanik chain.
MP Lovecraft
Fun:ness ranking? I know it's super subjective, but still :P
I ended up using the S16 buff to put the mantle shoulders on and cubing leorics helm for more cdr. Put a travelers set on for the DR, and pretty much abandoned all defense in favor of killing power. Works really well, unless you get a blighter in gr70+. He just one shot procs you without IP, striding giant or unity. I'm likely going to drop the travelers set for a unity and hellfire, if I can ever find/roll a decent unity or skull grasp.
How about Mr Yann, BoP Gem and RR Ring for more dps ?
Dracken Darck
How do you handle the left click? I use shift+click, because.. it wont work anyway :/
you missed RROG Season Bonus - you have one spare slot - aquillas cuirass for example or any speed buff
Dracken Darck
For season 16, with the free ring that reduces your needed set amount, I use other pants, which increase the rage gain and your dmg.
Nicholas Desmarais
Love the WW build. Made it my primary build for season 14 i think? Whenever it was last given as H-gift. Super fun and like you said super chill. T13 speed farming all day. The buffs for 16 will only make it better. Been watching all your build videos and bookmarked your builds page for reference. Keep the great videos coming man.
I'm so glad ww-barb is back! :D Thank you for the video! :)
oh how I want to play barb in season 17. I'll miss the luxury of wiping screens with multishot (actually I'm probably just going to level a demon Hunter later just for that) but there's something terrifyingly alluring about being a spinning top.
Patrick Höing
Please remember to add the push build, im looking forward to grind this season like hell
My ALL TIME favorite build. I played it last season. Thanks Bludd as always!
Seba Fernández
Not sure if anyone else is having the same issue as I do but when I'm moving during WW sometimes the cast stops all of a sudden and I have to be constantly hitting the right click button. It just drives me crazy because it happens everytime!
No One
I'm stoked for the new ww buffs, my ww barb already blows through gr 70 so the dam buff will be crazy nice.
beauty man bud! keep up the good work! WW!!
Jonny Upchurch
Recommendations for someone on t11 trying to make the push to t13? My damage is obviously great cause of this set but I keep getting one shot by almost everything.
Tom Bailey
Can you please cube the Boots of Disregard.....the completionist in me is freaking!
Tiffany Feltrin
Just wondering, when will we get the other versions of the build?
Daniel Mitchell
I played Barb last season and I’ve enjoyed this so much. I liked it better than WD which I rolled this season, so much so that I’ve been going back and playing my NS character. I didn’t have Zodiac ring and I just realized that it lets you keep up Wrath indefinitely and now I need to get one! Keep up the good work!
I'm just getting 1 shot left and right.
Can you numblock more than 1 skill?
Phantom Blues
What they could’ve done to make this set better and GR-competitive is to also increase Rend damage by 10000% when WW is active, instead of just boosting WW damage. The only thing this set need is a way to kill High GR Rift Guardian.
What about the belt that allows you to rend each target twice, that would make Rend a viable option for T13.
Dracken Darck
I love the WW Bard, but... he die soo fast, I just tried today an 80GR and... I had 1min left :( And getting the needed ring did take... days... 70+75 was okay, but not 80. I have your W (btw. I use QWER too^^, MOBA did bring me to it...) replaced with the jump, with the ring that give me a lot protection after every jump. The ring is just too strong. Gems I use: 100%: Taeguk + Bane of the Trapped Not sure which is the best: Bane of the Powerful; because the protection +dmg on elite, Bane of the Stricken; doesn't feel soo strong vs elite/trash, the Powerful stone feels there better but for the endboss this stone feels better, I did think about gogok or the Esoteric for lesser dmg from all the magic.
I think i am going to do a 3 piece waste and full 5 piece IK for this season
B S.
Lose the strong arms for the warcry speed belt. 40% more.
Fru Bru
Please fix the audio sync in your videos. Every one is out of sync
Pork Jackson
I play HC mode WW barbarian, in GR91, I can't keep going, damage is too low....
mr beast bodybuilder
I need help how do I get the plan for the demon skin armor
Only thing I see with this changing is aquila cuirass chest piece with the rorg passive effect
Gary Bennett II
This is my first real effort for a Barb in seasonal. I have had no luck obtaining the Skull Grasp ring. Kadala and the cube are being very uncooperative with me. 8( Other than that I am greatly enjoying the WW Barb. Normally I would play as a Wizard or Demon Hunter. Love your videos, keep up the good work. \m/
Inferno we barb is the best!!! So far in all my bounty farming, I can finish a whole map + half of another before the other three finish one. I once finished two befor their one XD and yes there was a lvl 1000 and I was 750 :D
Kelly Adams
You're a good salesman immatryit
Jacques de Jager
Push build please :(
Hammerd8n crusader please!!!11
Kiril Zdravkov
You can wear the shoulders from the cube and trow in strongarms there for group play or maybe hexing pants since you are always moving around since you don't need to wear all 6 pieces in s16. Just forgot to mention it in the video I'm sure you are well aware of it. Anyways cheers mate great guide keep them coming :)
Hmm 6 Piece Ik 4 Piece waste rend build
Make sweet love to the barbarian
Mika Grönmark
What should I change if I want to use boon the hoarder,avarice band and goldwrap?
Nícolas Hoffmann
Chillness 10/10
Ian B.
I can't get sprint to activate on my left mouse button. I'm in elective mode, etc. Any ideas?
Slicing and Dicing!
punky savard
now spin 2 win is viable
Andy Shannon
I remember when level 60 was max. I had a hybrid ww hota barb that crushed ubers. Wish there was still a good build for that.
dzoni b
You have free items to use and still use all ww set? Pants for moving or shoulders chaneling on you and speed belt in cube, speed belt is must have for speed T13 or bounty, also for allies.. so test pls in this option, Ignore pain- Bravado, War cry- Anyway(belt in cube ), Sprint - maraton, BERSERKER - insanity, WW - lighting rune, battle rage - 15 % speed or F. charghe, jump to elites when in goem active 10s, Passive - Healt globe speed and Berserker 30s CDR , other passive as you wish..
I’m running a similar build but got the bracers that hit for 1000% of my thorns on enemies. Using Boyarsky’s chip (thorns gem) and The Hack in my cube is pretty nasty. What do you think?
big matt
Been trying to get a ww set drop for a week, not one drop :(
banmia suadi
why not showing the part where you kill the RG..
Toxic Gamer
OK can someone expalain how does someone have 90k dex and is speeding trough gr 150 like it's nothing plus he has 3 sockets on a ring and his items are named dragon like wtf help
Pavel Mikelevich
ещё один мудак
Jeffery Shelton
I may have not right to ask but check my build plz i am not running a season char atm but this build pulls x2 the dmg and increases your survile buy almost x2 beucase it give meatshields the char name is noirmamuu i am still fine tunnning it this was my frist char every i took a 8 year break so still learning new stuff but you might like it
Stankin' Thankin'
Are the buffs retroactive ?
Honest Acehole
How much of this applies to the ps4?
Will Carlson
Question: Im a new player. Just picked it up a few days ago as I've been sick. Im paragon 103 now. Im playing something of my own accord similar to this albeit without the right gear set but im running something to help me generate enough fury. My question is how are you always at near fury it seems like the abilities you've chosen aren't even condusive to producing fury and im confused. I seem to run out of fury a lot.
I've loved the spin-to-win barb for years. Playing it almost exclusively. I'm not the best at the game and the highest I've ever hit solo was GR 80. I'd love to go further solo but when I get that high I literally die instantly over and over. I typically stay at GR70 for comfort but my paragon XP slows to a crawl. Any tips on how to increase my survival rate? I use resist all gems, have my paragon resists. Not sure what I can do to improve. Thanks in advance for any tips.
why on earth would you ever change mantle of channeling (1.25 multiplier) for strongarm (30% additive dmg, on top of +WW skill +taeguk%, etc). I get what you're trying to say with the hurricane rune, but the cube slot would still be worse if youre changing it to strongarm...
If your WW build is slower than charge barb, you're doing it wrong. T13, WW build with avarice band, gold wrap. Use spring marathon, almost constantly. Hellfire to make sure you have weapons master passive. obsidian ring of zodiac for CDR. You can use Threatening Shout Falter for an extra 25% dmg on elites. With the RORG bonus this season consider using Hurricane rune with WW and then adding Frost Burns. For GRs keep mostly same, but add call of ancients. with RORG you can use waist and 1 other item from IK set to get call of ancients perm, so use Together as One for perm 50% dmg reduction. Use Endless walk set, since always in motion, again 50% dmg, then 50% dmg from Waste set. So that is 3 perm 50% dmg reducers. And if you continue to use Hurricane rune, can wear strong arm bracers to proc the extra 30% dmg increase. If you really want to go nuts for speed when you plvl someone add Wreath of Lightning for legendary gem and warzechian armguards, along with krelm's buff belt in cube.
Dan Hall
Cant decide to start barb or dh, simply on the basis I enjoy IK but hate nats
I dont know why but damage feels like a shit and i have almost same items, cant even compare to my charge speed build that can do GR70 in a under 3 min, with this i couldnt do t13 rift at all, somehting is wrong :(
Andrew Gough
ok have to ask with the risk of being laughed at. how do you keep the fury up? im level 70 now with all the skills set up but cannot see what is generating the fury. ive had to slot an attack into left mouse so i can kill things
Necris Phyder
How about for Hardcore? what would you suggest?
Remember Bane of the Trapped Only works if you're within 15 yards of mobs, so if you're flying by and your Tornados are 20 yards behind you, you're wasting that gem and are better off using Powerful, or Pain Enhancer.
Heinrich Dam Jensen
Does it matter which of the two weapons you have in your main hand?
What's the highest GR this can push ?
Moritz Levold
Rune Solberg
just for info 4:14 its 10.000% now live
bdawgg_73_ _
U could be going so much faster
Christian Harnisch
WW Barb, the best speed build if you're baked as fuk.