Be You | Bruce Lee Motivation

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jose marques
Bruce Lee is the true meaning of inspiration and that is the truth.I will never forget the legend that is Bruce Lee.
Sujith Kumar G
Be water my friend.........
All the respect for this true legend!
Reggie Hearun
Jason Mit
he was advanced even back then when compared to us now
Bruce Lee you bruised a lot of people before u went to heaven my friend ;) u expressed yourself till the end
shiv sagar
Bruce Lee was a Great Man.. Bruce Lee was a inspiration for all Human being.. 🙏
Running water never grows stale so you Just have to keep on flowing
Gaming Gamer
Bruce Lee was cool
xaniga xaniga
the legend of the legend of the legend of the legend of the....
Robert David
I've seen Bruce twice on the astral planes. I saw him teleport like raiden from mortal kombat. The first time I saw him doing spinning kicks and smiling while wearing a red gold robe with his open chest and abs showing. He's doing fine.
Greg Ardon
There’s only ONE. RIP, master of all masters!!!!
I believe as an Artist, Bruce Lee is one of my favourites to draw and paint. Brandon Lee should also never be forgotten as a great Martial Artist and actor. The Crow was just one of the best films I ever seen to this day compared to a lot of superhero films.
It is hard to express yourself and maximise yours skills - just if you stop doing your best!!!
At least 90% of these views were from me
Davide La Neve
Name of the song?
nexa Malik
World number one miracle😍😍😍omg i love you bruce😭😭😭😭😭miss u
nermeen karm
اغلب المشاهير تقتلهم الماسونيت
Manish Gurung
Honestly express yourself
Dylvel Motivation
We as Dylvel Motivation would like to thank you for your outstanding support and feedback - we are actually considering whether to create another Bruce Lee Motivational video in the near future. We would also like to point out that we were aware (whilst creating/editing this video) that the scene beginning at 1:31 [in which 'Bruce Lee' is playing Ping Pong/table tennis] was most probably a fake but we weren't 100% sure. We did not remove this clip even though we had a suspicion that the individual playing Ping Pong was actually an impersonator of Bruce Lee because we still wanted to show B.L.'s popularity/positive effect on society (even though this clip just shows an advert of his instead of people showing admiration for him). Nevertheless, we would like to thank those that pointed out that this clip is a fake. B.L.'s skills and wisdom are one of a kind, which is why this athlete is still talked about/admired to this very day.
SalãoamordeDeus Vanda
Boxe esgrima wing chun= jeet kune do
Tiến Nguyễn
one of the greatest person I've ever known.
Alex Hur
How can you not love and respect this man. Times change principles don't.
Gurpreet Kaur
Bruce Lee the greatest of all #legendNeverReallyDies
Azariah The Alkhemist
Playing ping pong with nunchucks? LOL that has to be top 5 coolest things or something
Youssef Ayman
Be you ... NOT YOU HIM
Riya Gumber
WOW I have heard this before but d video was amazingggggg👌👌👌👌👏👏👏
2:33 chong li already fought with Bruce Lee then? Never knew he was that old :)
R!dersWorld 1999
Couldn’t have said it better.💯
4 wheel Creations
ChavaL perez perez
My master ☯#🌎☝
Massive respect for this guy. He was wise, strong, accomplished, talented but last but not least humble and sincere. RIP Bruce Lee.
Kristijan Gievski e kuce.
D Ramos
I want his Genetic Material Lmao
How about a punching bag that hits back just as hard lol, awall
Charudarshan Pandey
Name of music in background?
Sandhya Dey
what to say? HE IS A LEGEND HE WAS A LEGEND HE WILL BE A LEGEND BRUCE LEE no matter where are you now but you are in my heart forever. Even if i die i am not going to forget you
...a most extraordinary mortal being ...💓him and his philosophies and his outstanding will RIP
paul burke
airmir when you arrive in hell say hello to Bruce Lee for me. Captain Jesus. END OF LINE
Rogelio Valencia
I wish we could've seen Bruce Lee vs Bolo the fight that never happened that only dreamed it did
Huston Thomas
Ip Man
l1 0 9 l
the reason he was strong is he had the willpower and mindset
Viktor Victorious
Bruce Lee doesn't drink water... He drinks WATAAAA!!!
The philosophy he lived by was amazing
Stephen Schlachter
This really helps me thank you Bruce Lee May you Rest In Peace and May your teachings and wisdom and forever!
that nunchuk table tennis gotta be fake. You would have to be godly accurate to be able to do that. Edit: (and i have heard this is fake)
hello hello
such a person , legend can only be born once on this planet 👏☝
Yami Reddy
I love Bruce Lee soooooooooo much.A big respect to this LEGEND
Anderson C
It never ceases to amaze me how highly respected Bruce is 40+ years after his passing. How he's still featured in martial arts magazines. Talked about in YouTube videos. Countless. For a 130 man who accomplished so much in such a short span of time. His film career was roughly 3-4 years. Did 1 TV series that only lasted 1 season before being cancelled even thought it was super popular in North America and Asia. That I think was it was "too popular". Same reason why they canceled the Arsenio Hall Show after a few seasons. It was doing "too well". Countless biographies done about Bruce. Tons of "Bruce Lee Story movies". Mostly garbage. Done to cash in. Tons of impersonators. Theories about his death (IMHO--murdered...same with Brandon). Will there be this much talk 40+ years after Norris passes away? Joe Lewis passed a way recently. Quiet. How about after Van Damme passes...40 yrs after that...Segal...Will be forgotten I'm sure quickly.
Bill Proud
This great man was definetly the closet thing to One Punch Man in real life
Great man.
jacques niyibaruta
Don't worry I'll be just as great
Dawid Rocha Moreira
Blessed n special individual in side out n man THA mastered him self through following THA spirit of GOD WITHIN HIM
Chou Moblie
No! I Can See that you are still alive. I know. ... O wait.. yes! I expressed my self next is .hmmm.. heheheh
Anish ani
I respect u Legend
Bharatkumar Kumar
I love you bro
Assaf Goldlust
how the music called?
Kaytwo 7331
<333 i love this musiccc
Erick Vicedo
i do not believe in style. i like it. very true
Del Gawd
Incorporate all styles to make your own form. Bruce's form was water. He would've evolved into air
that "water" quote is the fkin best
Valaria Frank
Legend of all legends 👀
Gary Guillaume
The best in the World! Forever🙏
Human Andrade
Thank you for sharing this
Bruce lee's tribute channel.
Bruce lee was the greatest of all,he is my inspiration. thank you dylvel motivation for uploading this video. His philosophy was really great . thank you very much.
damien departed
Lighter and quicker
Mark Bain
Happy Aniversary sifu lee :)
Lee Jun-fan, known professionally as Bruce Lee, was a Hong Kong and American actor, film director, martial artist, martial arts instructor, philosopher and founder of the martial art Jeet Kune Do.
rock lee
niksue p
He made table tennis look lyk a
One Raven
Motivation For Vigilantes!
Parin Thapa
He is my grandmaster in my life😤😤😤😤😤
Shamsad Begum
Best video
Ryan Laconte
From,the very root.
xd Y2 L
I miss him a lot #RIPLEGEND
Kid Dynamite
this video is underrated
Sifu Zoli JKD
.. igen, de a " Ping-pong" jelenetben nem Bruce Lee - t lárhatjuk!
Sanmi Olatunji
I love Bruce Lee, he motivates me to keep chasing my dream
Tushar Devdhare
this is a good
محب العاب والانمي وAWV 00
سيضل بروسلي اصطوره
siddhardha k
This guy never gets old 👴
Shit stained Pants
Legend of human being
Jeffrey Lau
what is the name of the background song?
Ali 62
Bryan Harold Fuller
thank you, needed that,
Ping pong player is not bruce..remove it please
EARTH Matters
oh man 7000 likes only 70 dislikes
Caartoon shows
I love you bruce you r my idol
Ryan Laconte
..I like how he said I don't believe in styles anymore Bruce was so evolved unlike any other.
sanjay koduri
Ur a true legend
joseph joestar
I was not going to work out now I'm gonna be up all night
Tushar Devdhare
💪💪💪💪💪👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 i love Bruce Lee
oullah takane bghik awili hbiba diali
1.23 big mistake .. the guy punched really very far from bruce body lolll
Siddharth Balamurali
Bruce Lee is a legend amazing speed
david macias
Bruce Lee✊✊💪
Nargisa Parveen Laskar
he is my boyfriend
Umar Dar
Bruce Lee..... That's my goal