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"Tasty City" by Rone: / />GRAVITY // UN RÊVE DE DEMAIN by Filip Piskorzynski Listen to the album on YouTube: /> A young woman wakes up to find that she has become weightless, and floats through life until gravity inevitably catches up with her. Check out Rone's new video "Lets Go" (Wild Edit) /> Une jeune femme se réveille dans un rêve de demain. Elle vole dans la nature. Jusqu'à être aspirée par un monde où règne la gravité. Où on l'oblige à mettre les pieds sur terre. Les gens qui l'entourent se ressemblent tous... Music : "Tasty City" by Rone *** Follow Rone /> /> Follow InFiné /> /> /> ** The Creators Project is a partnership between Intel and VICE:

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that's... a lot of jumps.
Guille Arana
I bet this girl ended up with leg cramps after the shooting
Victor B
Gravity doesn't catch up with her, she FALLS from nature into civilisation, sucked in against her will. The first person she encounters literally pushes her down to his level, takes her 'gift' away and dresses her in the same dull black colours to blend in with the rest of the population. Gravity is another word for modern civilisation, both of which weigh us down until we all become a herd of sheep, just as she becomes at end walking among the other 'grounded' civilised clones. Either you live free of the system or you'll be pulled into it against your will where you will inevitably be shaped and molded by society to conform until you strip away what makes you unique.
aditya dogra
Time is the substance I am made of. Time is a river which sweeps me along, but I am the river; it is a tiger which destroys me, but I am the tiger; it is a fire which consumes me, but I am the fire.
Matias Mendez Parisi
Reality is gravity. The pressure of regular life that take away all the fun of actual life and enjoyment. At first i didnt like the video because of the technice that i find quite distracting of the idea of being smooth and floating but the end was so great that i have to love it.
Özgün Tunç
Never let someone fall you into the reality
Pablo Ortiz Lopez
This is like that vine of that guy pretending to be Harry Potter, but now as the serious version of it.
Time for Fun
Is nobody gonna mention the fact that she made cold tea with sea water? She's gotta be tripping after that.
Aggressive Asparagus
Woman:What do I do? Director:Jump
HOLY SHIT. IM DYING BC OF HOW AWESOME THIS IS. its so amazing the world has creative minds like this. thanks thanks thanks. im glad i discovered this youtube channel too.
Amazing! Both music and video!
Spruce Lee
leg day
the good side of youtube
2:35 - alter Elbtunnel (Hamburg)
a delight to my stoned eyes my friend, thank you much love
Yash Aditya Vyas
That says so many things. Words couldn't have done a better job.
jirapat sipach
really great artwork.
Cindy Hickman
That's gotta be a lot of jumping
Kornél Ladányi
This is what I feel on every weekend,and when I start to work at monday.
Elektro GOWK
Everyone who disliked this video is such an idiot
Ashish Jadhav
Edgar Barajas
Who would dislike this? This best is awesome!
Mario Ramirez
I counted about 517 jumps. But i'm sure she jumped more than that of camera.
le clip magnifique <3
Praveen Rachuti
urban life screwed her..
This is freaking awesome.
rouse Amore
Muy bueno...el vídeo estuvo fantástico...!
Anakarina Da silva pereira
Such a nice video! pff
lohi vam vsem pizda
где я был 13 сент. 2012 г.
Peter Silie
It's definetely an awesome tune, but WHY YOU MADE IT THIS SHORT?
Mason Dechiara
Her legs must be so strong
Sarah Jones
90 people thought dislike said Dis I Like
this is actually ketamine
Gintarė Rinkevičiūtė
this actually look like my dream.
Younes Boukroun
I think now she have dead feet muscles haha
Xteve Tyler
love it, caught just how my sleeping mind runs. spot on. loved kerala and cirrus etc....
Jimmus Maximus
THIS VIDEO IS AMAZING. I cannot imagine how long it took to make it. Great music, as well!
Michaël Claudy Siar
I am wondering why Rone did not credit the author of the sample he used to make his song: You can distinctly hear the sample used in the background. That is copyright infringement my man. The worst part is that when I sent an email o just agent he just denied. Credit authors when you take something from them dude. It's a principle. Unless you don't have any...
Resul Yılmaz
Great work!!!
Her day and life. Morning is like a beach, she loves the forest and is happiest. She's forced/fallen into main stream/conforming, and she loses hope.
Javi Gómez
I wonder how many times the girl had to jump to take all the photos for the video... awesome work btw
soapy mermaid
Maaaanifiqueeeeeeeeee(mais son petit déjeuner dois pas être bon)
Guillaume Internoscia
C'est vraiment inspirant
Piece of ART !!
zurab paitchadze
Thank! "The Creators Project"
ATO 743
2:50 he want a blowj..
!!! Saludos amigo♪*_* ♪*_* ::::
I truly like this video, well done!
Her legs must be tired from all that jumping.
ally mcfuckyou
so this is chun-li's training
Onurhan Berber
it's the best video i've ever seen
Marine Prost
WOW! Ca c'est du clip! un grand bravo au réal...sublime!
Magnifique! Et Chapeau pour la perf sportive =)
po u
Jacques aime cette chanson
magdalini red
loved the idea and artwork! gj
EnigmatcStatic 7
This guys music always has some amazing visuals. Niiiiice
I_Eat_Ass *
do you know how long this shit probably took!
Lautaro Bernard
Que estilo de electronica es?
To Ho
<3 top
Rouge Chevelure
Martin Romero
this needs a longer version
Thomas Sonnental
🔥 🌎 💧 💨
wowww!!! <3
So good. Really.
g shrinivas
How did they do the 'hair standing up' part?
I love it! :D
Paul Venetz
cécile clupot
Oprescu Florin
It gave me goosebumps and emotional charge...
great job !
Jorsh Hunt
brilliant video!
lml_ Bien Alto _lml
Kıvanç Yılmaz
Jack Wolfe
:( that ending is kinda sad. cool clip though.
Europe Insoumise International Communisme
Ce clip de fou!!!!!!!!!!!!
Europe Insoumise International Communisme
35 000 like, 0 commentaires? Ptdr youtube!
Cassidy Keen
Thank goodness that man came along. She would have spent her life jumping roud and not serving the patriarchy. Good song none the less. Probably written by a limp dicked self deprecating male.
Great idea, beautiful to look at this. I think many many work and patience for this project. Sorry for my bad english ;)
sea water monkey's ,, all life on earth comes from the sea,, the salt content in our bodies like our eye's tears; from ocean fish to fresh water crap, all life here on earth = same salinity levels, but now for the 1st time which it seems,, we have lowered the ocean's salt levels, by diluting it with freshly melted polar ice caps. who makes tea while floating in the air with sea water and powdered tea? only you.
Liber 8
Awesome video! I've never seen anything like it! Very cool!
shirley monet
c'est moiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ömer Kaya
Thomas Packer
AWESOME!!!!....amazing video and cool music!
oh my god this is amazing!! i mean at the start i was like wtf how is she "flying"? And when i realizaed that she was jumping during the hole vid i was stunned! this is truelly incredible! bravo for the all the technique involved and the beautiful meaning of this gravity :D
Rosie Posie
Wow this is incredibly beautiful... it was making me so happy, but damn, turned into HEARTBREAKINGLY beautiful...but wow, yes, powerful. Love the concept, so well done! <3 <3
Anton Kovalev
Gorgeous work and is embedded deeper meaning.Шикарная работа и вложен глубокий смысл.
Roberto Santesteban
Willy Smit
Ok first time I watch this sober, it's actually sad if ur not totally absorbed by the video
Kollective Radio
love it
Eli Lilleskov
this is so cool but also lowkey reminds of like a jc penney commercial or something
Listening to this at times gives me a feeling as if looking at mountains for the first time as a very young child and wondering, "how did they get there?". Or, how did any of this get here? I feel that my parents sometimes thought I asked too many hard questions as a child...
Daniel Scott
Wow, I knew Sydney was awash with drugs, but I haven't ever seen anyone *literally* flying around there before. Awesome video!
I really like this piece. I picture the little bubbles in the sand under her feet as her energy, her physical aura shifting around her. If gravity caught up with her, what did she get out of those train tracks? I love it
Thing is you don't notice how great the track is because the video is so good!
William stoy
beautiful video, that poor girls legs are prolly sore as hell shooting all that stop motion.
Aaron Andrade
Hamburger Elbtunnel present!!