Iguazu Falls - Power of Nature

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Iguazu Falls are among the most monumental Water Falls in the world, situated at the border of Brazil and Argentina. In the year 2000 spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy established a plaque dedicating the site as "A Sri Chinmoy Peace Falls". This video offers you the power, majesty and beauty of the Iguazu Falls which following a recent news item nearly dried out because of a long drought period in 2009. Soundtrack by Parichayaka Hammerl.

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One of the most "AMAZING" places in the world!
Brandon NL
Honestly, iguazu falls makes Niagara Falls look like a faucet, I've been to both.
swanette oudshoorn
Miguel Angel Sosa
Been there ! I can't wait to return, one day !
Sajan K M
amazing one.............. wanna see it..........
Guiih Santo's
Ja nadei ai daora
now it's just amazing watching this on video imagine being there in person
lmao many people saying that they were in Argentinian part, Argentina has like the 80% of the Iguazu falls so that's obvious lol. In fact the most beautiful part is in Argentina, although you can have "panoramic" view from the Brazilian part.
Eron Almeida
they are huge! There are 2900 falls . The Devil Throat (Ggarganta do Diabo) is the biggest. When the rains come over the rivers , it becomes the biggest of the world...
Edwin Negapatan
amazing you could feel the power
The Travel Channel
View of Webster's Waterfall in Hamilton Ontario Canada https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0ZqXO6xU8w
francineide florencio
Lindo maravilhoso. Quem vai jamais esquece.
Wow !
Si alguna vez. yo tuviera la facilidad de visitar algun lugar en el mundo, este seria el primero!
I just returned from this amazing place. It is eternal you can feel this ancient spirits alive in the mist that rises above the falls. 
this is my favorite island!!
Elvia Garabito
Beautiful pretty ILike
Victor Demeester
cant beleive its gone...
Gonzalo Graf
Hi, If you like the Iguazu Falls, please check out this new song I wrote, called of course IGUAZU. I have had the privilege of being there twice, and it is amazing and inspiring. Thanks! Iguazu Gonzalo Graf
Platinum slash
It's majestic
Dennis Oconnor
love flows like a river...falls over harsh rocks....eternally
Nanda Kumar
Ferocious Nature! Amazing place
Nenhum desses paises, Brazil, Argentina ou Paraguai nunca reivindicou as Quedas de Iguazu par si mesmo. Nos compartinhamos essa beleza da natureza em paz. As Quedas de Iguazu ali esta para todos apreciarem. Algumas pessoas e jornais sensacionalistas criam essa rivalidade que se extende alem dos campos de futebol. Porem Iguazu Falls e soberania desses paises e eles lutaram juntos se alguma força ou outro pais tentar tirar deles.
Actually we don't argue if Iguazu Falls belong to Brazil, Argentina or Paraguai. Ue share this nature wonder in peace. None of those countries never claimed it for themselves. I believe some people or tabloids explore that idea to create a little rivalries which extent and go beyond the soccer fields but we do just for fun of it. Although is there for anyone to enjoy and appreciate the Iguazu Falls are sovereign to those countries the same way the Grand Canyon is to United States.
Rubens Cardoso
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jose pablo andrade
it is very awesome
Michael Cosgriff
Great vid
El Rincon de Teshimide
Una maravilla...
Nelida Casoli
سليم القلب
سبحان الله
beautiful thanks for uploading love from Israel
Correction, the Big Bang gave it to us...
WorldOfWarCrafts Blizzard
i want to swim there,,, can i ? :D
Vanderlei Brognara
... La mayoría se encuentra en el lado argentino, sin embargo, desde el lado brasileño se pueden admirar los más bellos paisajes ...
Cataratas do Iguaçu BRAZIL E ARGENTINA!
Hipolito Quiroz
hermoso lugar en la tierra!!! ahi estoy
A great, well made video! It shows the falls as they really are!
Brazil 20 % falls Aregntina 80 % falls
AyuTube55 said : Oh! Its Great! It is the largest waterfall in the world and it is so powerful that it is overwhelming! This is very inspirational :D
Wow, and i thought Niagra falls was a big fall. Thats like a faucet compared to these falls. Ive been to Argentina before but unfortunately never been to Iguazu falls. This is something i'm definitely putting on my to do list for the next time i go out to Argentina. So much to see in that beautiful country!
Chris Ruddle
I went there in October 2013. They are beautiful and show how puny we are as human beings. They belong to God.
Great video thx for share with us
Dave Kelly
Incredible sight! Especially the Argentinian side!
abdul aziz furaih
Thanks for keeping the music low, I much prefer to hear the water in its natural state. Gorgeous video!! Well done!!
Julie Anme
the great waterfall, gifted by the greatest creator..you are luckier than others to be here..i don't have a chance to have a great experience like you..too sad
A UNESCO World Heritage Site that God gave to the world to show the true beauty of this earth. 100,000 times more beautiful than Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls.
Itchy Fetus
belongs, and was stolen from Paraguay.
It is has been a dream to visit this place for many years... The beauty astounds me! noblinkingnamesleft is right! God's gift to us all...
MiaoE Ee
newly voted as the 8th Wonders of the World..
Great video..!
Argentina Excepción - Voyage sur mesure en Argentine
This video is impressive! Iguazu is such a nice place anyway. We have a video about Iguazu as well and some others about different regions in Argentina also. It is worth it to have a look!
Javier Perez-Pignatelli
i've been to iguazu falls and it washed all my sorrow away
Purple Class
Impressionnant! Magique!! L♥
A w e s o m e
I just love that there are plants clinging onto life at the top of the falls. Thank you for sharing!
Road Bike Adventures
@LotuS386 yes.....without humans.....
Estuve ahí el martes, del lado argentino, es hermoso, uno de los paseos te lleva prácticamente sobre la garganta del diablo. El sonido del agua cayendo, y la bruma que viene con son increíbles. Ni hablar de que hay 270 saltos aproximadamente, y cada paso que das es un ángulo distinto y querés sacarle fotos a todo. Me quedó pendiente el lado brasilero, por lo que se puede apreciar, desde ese lado se tiene vista panorámica completa. Voy a volver, cruzar a brasil y hacer todas las excursiones
Baterdene Telmen
Baterdene Telmen
what a wonderfull world
Protocolo Olivares
Extraordinario video. Solicito permiso a su propietario para emplear unas partes con fines estrictamente didácticos, y con el debido crédito. Favor de contestar a [email protected]
marcelo maidana
I was born there are and there is i'll die no matter which side they are cataracts are our are south american ase as the biggest reservoir of fresh water the Guarani aquifer we are the salutation of this world we squabble among us are going to conquer easy puts in the union is strength brothers kisses from argentina
Gregório Dutra Kastelic
@TheAsadak Foz do Iguaçu - Brazil border Paraguay Argentina
Gregório Dutra Kastelic
@maryxenei mas a mais visitada é a nossa Brasileira.
Hermosa maravilla naturalquecompartimos connuestros hermanos del Brasil
@TheAsadak , Its located at Brasil-Argentina border (south of Brasil). At Brasilian side, there's a National Park where you can visit a zoo, travel by boat near fall, etc You spend, at least 4 hours to visit all the place..... Its a very nice place. It worth to visit the park!!!
Albert Clack
This arguing about whether the falls "belong" to Brazil or Argentina is pathetic. They are a wonderful part of this beautiful planet which God gave to all of humanity to share in. No te olvides.
Marica Vidakovic
magnificent .... brilliant .... love it <3
@lenasacchetto las cataratas del Iguazú en su mayor parte están en territorio argentino, no te olvides.
Abdulwahab Aymach
@kedarvideo Beautiful and amazing views.
Pablo Augusto
Buen video!
@lenasacchetto the view belong to brasil.. if you enter to the falls that belong to argentina.. from brasil side the view is the best but from argentinian side you are inside the view
This is prime, camera shots, nature, brazil water falls...everything. Everything about this video is amazing. Great job Kedar!
@kedarvideo "Scenery is beautiful and very wonderful"
Lena Sacchetto
Maravilha brasileira. Uma das maravilhas da nossa natureza
Tommy Shorette
I bet these falls make you feel very small.............
Iguaçu Falls are situated at the border of Brasil and Argentina :) good video !
Taziane Araujo
Este é o meu Paraná, no meu Brasil :) Linda Foz do Iguaçú!
WOW! Those falls are huge! Not unlike Niagara of course, but the roar of those falls must be deafening! That sure is a lot of mist too. No wonder they call this "the place where clouds are born"!