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Mike Hatcher
Sorry for the audio issues with this video.
Alastair Larwill
Sad day for standard if turbo fog takes over. Although I am sure the disgruntled Desolator videos about it will be hilarious.
I actually don't think Nexus of Fate is the problem. The problem is that Teferi is essentially Jace the Mind Sculptor 2.0, and he enables all these crazy control decks. Also, Search for Azcanta is the most busted consistency booster since Ponder and Preordain.
Cultivated Jerk
Haha, great video. These buy-a-box exclusive promos are problematic because there’s practically no supply to meet any demand. How does the average standard player get a playset of 4?
Ethan Battles
Weak video
Edwin the Magic Engineer
Forget that gal, buy the Timetwister!
extreme psykosis
How about they change it from an unobtainable card to an alternate art version of a good card, with a foil signature or something on it? Or a foil rare of a good rare already in the set?
standard has never been an entry point for players...its been a cash cow plain and simple.
For God's sake, turn down the volume of the music at the end. It's earsplitting if you had the volume turned up to hear the much quieter dialogue.
Ronnie Doyle
Me: We were just heading to canada for some french fries and gravy COP: well you almost made it dident you
Colin Hofer
BR is weak to fogs. Most the field was. It will adjust cuz turbo fog doesnt run counterspells or much control. A Tempo deck will come from this and beat turbo fog.
Robert Romine
This was 100% ineptitude. This was the same RnD that thought batterskull was good in a standard with stone forge mystic. My theory was they thought 7UU was just unplayable in standard fullstop. If this was a sorcery it would have been completely unplayable. I’m also curious as to why this didn’t self-exile. It might have been safe as a time warp + 2 mana for instant speed.
Aržang Of the Brothers of Light
I just made a deck to counteract this one. It's called "Grixis Gateway" It's main win condition is through Azor's Gateway into Banefire/Torment of Hailfire. It runs maindeck Duress, one maindeck Lost Legacy, and a few random cards to fill out the Mana Costs needed for Gateway to work (Dark Intimations, Etali, Nicol Bolas). I just faced off against a Turbo Fog deck with it, and Managed to win both games.Tell me if you need the list, Purp.
Robert Romine
Also this isn’t selling boxes anymore. Stores have since ran out. This is the only m19 of any relevance anywhere. Nexus might hit $100 as the rest of the set tanks.
Dee Light
So you either get a whole box, or spend 2 boxes' worth of money to get a playset. I wish I had enough curse words to throw at WotC.
joshua hughes
it will get the wizard ban hammer
Rodrigo Luiz Dantas Pinheiro
Hope they do chaleger decks and put it with Teferi in one deck, and karn in other, etc... I can't see they doing it on mana bases (unless they do a fetchland that can onlt fetch legendary lands) but would be cool for legendary lands.
JR Boyd
9th view! Lol
Teferi is the real problem. Not fate. Again, it's not fate, It's Teferi.
WOTC should just ban this card, not cuz its OP, cuz its not in boosters, simple
Sakamasi heragotu
buy it in europe you can get a playset for 37 euro thats about 40 $
Lester Jester
They’re going to ban it. Mark my words.
Greg Lott
Can you really say it swept through the tournament if it didn’t top 4? The sky is not falling, chicken little.
It's clear their playtesting/rnd isn't working that great. One would think after dealing with the saheeli cat combo fiasco they would be more consciencious about shit like this.
This card is almost $40 on TCGplayer also play set of banefires against it.
zane ka
People who say that it's a limited supply card or a super rare or limited print aren't thinking about it in the right way. There are probably more copies of it than any of the other mythic rares in the set. If you buy a box... you get one. You can't say that about any other mythic or even rare card in the set. Stop crying, save your money, and buy a damn box.
Captain Hindsight
Buy a box exclusive cards were a mistake.
Kazekage_ Gaara_-
What is the likelihood that it gets banned in the August update due to the fact that it is a card of a "limited print", and it has broken the format in an unintended way?
D. Rather
I for one appreciate them doing something like this. I have played since ice age, this card is nothing like playing during Necro Summer and Combo winter. I miss the days of bombs. I miss rare and exclusive cards.Let us have this. It's not something they do all the time, but it has done it in the past sporadically. In addition, it could be said they are trying to help LGS out because it encourages people to seek out brick and mortar for their boxes. At the time of this video its 37 on TCG , teferi is 32.
They won't do this. If the promo goes from $10 to $50 they make $0 on that since that's the singles/secondary market. If people buy a box from an LGS instead of online because of the promo, they make what like $60 in either case anyway. The only way to make more money is to make people buy more boxes and that doesn't really have anything to do with a buy a box promo.
I was just thinking that they were going to move to the land base because of runic armasaur and sylvan Awakening, . How can these cards even work if they're on the rare slot?
Jon Martin
I see people saving money by picking up a case or 6 boxes to get the cards they need for trade or to make a few good decks. It is getting out of hand. My friend is getting out of standard because its to much like a job. We enjoy playing for fun. I made sure that he got 2 Nexus of Fates for the 2 boxes he purchased. Now they are in my commander decks. However I did think about running a white green blue Approach deck. Still Magic is like the stock market. Get the stuff you want and watch others complain about the how nasty and limited standard is because of broken combos that get pre figured from the spoilers. So there are really no surprises. Remember everything is actually 2 years behind for us people waiting for the finished product.
Zach cash
Could be worse, 3 colors could be easier to play and they could have Holy Day & the Pariah enchantment in play while we have all these indestructable creatures in standard.
extreme psykosis
plz normalize your audio...there are large jumps in volume... :(
Andrew Luciow
Firet time i played against Nexus Here in Osaka I couldn't believe they made a time walk that jumps back into the deck for nothing after being cast. First thing that came to mind after losing 2/3 was card draw engine planeswalkers and deck thinning for an infinite turn loop. Sure enough about a month later i played five straight turbo fogs on arena and almost put my head through a wall with frustration and I was playing a wide array of top standard decks as well. Each game 2nd turn azcanta 3rd green mana enchantment gain 3 life 4 th turn fog 5th teferi and then it's game over.
No more PURP huh
Justin P
I can't really blame them for doing something sinister when I'm not convinced they have any idea what they're doing with the entire product line.
Jacob Bourg
This deck isn't busted at all.... it's good, but far form unbeatable.
WotC is a perfect example of Hanlon's Razor. It makes me wonder if the train of thought for this buy-a-box ordeal was that they were throwing players a bone after hosing other promos so hard. I like the idea of buy-a-box promos quite a bit, but they need to be a) a decent card that is b) IN THE NORMAL SET. Birds of Paradise is a great example.
sadlly a simuler probelm happoned a few years ago when the fetch lands can though. but this loosk ot be far.. more painfull.
There are several cards that hose that deck. But since no one was ready for it they weren't playing those cards. Black, white and artifacts have the answers to it.
Grinning Goat
75% to 82% win rate? Sounds like a future ban, at least once they are all sold out.
What do you mean when you say that Wizards is going to go into the land slots? I don't get that part.
RushXAnthem TCG
Looking at it from a numbers point of view, r/b aggro is still vastly out performing what is essentially a rogue deck. R/b is currently at 28.33% of the Meta on goldfish and fog is at a mere 3%. It's really hard to say what will happen now being we are so close to rotation, but the Supreme dominance you are discussing in your video simply isn't happening, and maybe that is down to an accessibility problem, or maybe it's simply not strong enough in this meta yet.
The whole buy a box cards from Dominaria and M19 piss me off. I collect sets and its getting expensive as hell to get a full set of anything anymore.. special cards in planeswalker decks... now from buy a box. I think it was a bad move to do this, go back to alternate art variants imo =(...
Lucius Knight
I made a mill deck and I tested it at fnm. Well it went ok winning some but losing some too. It was untill i hit my 4th game that night. I played against a friend of mine and his deck is a form of counter to kill because he plays cards from his graveyard but I went around this with crook and scavenger grounds. I was about to win with my next turn due to kill but then he pulls nexus, I couldn't win once that happened. He infinite turned me cause he kept on pulling it from his library so I couldn't mill anymore so yeah. Sad days for me 😭
Cam Bryan
Wasnt the entire top 8 of the pt br aggro and rdw. How is this deck broken if it didn't even top 8?
Michael Perner
6 decks that didn't even make it into the top ten this past weekend, and you seem to think it's detrimental to Standard? The cost??? Remember when lil' flippy Jace was $100 a pop and there was a playset of his baby face in pretty much in every deck that ran him in standard? With fetchlands, too?? Hell, I cracked open 8 boxes of origins, and I pulled 3 copies of Jace, Violator of Wallets. At LEAST when I bought boxes of M19 from my LGS, I felt justified spending the extra $20 versus purchasing them online BECAUSE I got something really cool and exclusive. But this will pass. They printed a few MILLION copies of Nexus, and in a week or four, it will cease to be the dog's bollocks. There will be something else bright and shiny for retards like me to scoop up and quadruple sleeve and stuff into degenerate Commander decks. Jesus, Purple, quit being so fucking Canadian!
Stoned Monkey
That was easy to call the moment it was spoiled as a buy a box only card
Hans Vader
ok, complain that this card would be more expensive then Karn and teferi (both are about 3x the price of nexus) while I get my playset of Nexus for 40€ :)
Keld Tundraking
Lol, I'll give you a hint about it being intentional. Jace, The Mindsculpter. They don't care about pretesting this kind of bullshit sells boxes and to hell with the meta.
RW Firesong and Sunspeaker, Guttersnipe, Jaya Ballard, Banefire Fire Burn Deck, with some instant/sorcery life gain white cards, I'm thinking that would be a pretty cool deck to cook up :D, thks for revisiting the Dominaria Buy a Box promo. Time for me to heat up the Cauldron
Jim Harris
I will miss Lost Legacy in Standard. It was my FNM answer.
Sasuke kuniski
standard will become yu gi oh
WOTC just blasted copies all over MTGO through an open and publicized change in the Treasure Chest system. Now just to wonder if they'll do something similar in the paper world.
Jared Wilson
My dude... this will blow over in like 3 weeks turbo fog was an meta call for the pro tour. And what about rotation? I mean it's gonna be laughably cheap. It's not even a good card. I just don't get it
When was the last time, standard wasn't broken? I mean clean healthy enviroment without any bannings and at least three decks to beat.
Joseph Marcum
Last I checked there was removal and counter spells or maybe this isn't magic lmao
Justin Lay
The meta will respond
Shane Klein
i dont think they test anything anymore i mean were talking about the same standard the hat feldar combo
dork getreal
I breat turbo fog at my lgs with merfolk and that green card that turns all lands into creatures. For got the same.
K. David Woolley
9:15 of course buying four booster boxes didn’t work, sounds like stores were given permission to only give one Nexus to someone buying six booster boxes :( ... we’re the capital of New Brunswick and I think we’re down to two places you could buy-a-box so you can’t even buy one booster box from each of four stores without driving 1.5 hours. Ending, I bought a Timetwister for Commander, maybe that’s why I’m single :) I’d love to blame it on fine cardboard rectangles. No other power though, only buy for Commander (singleton format FTW).
jeffrey Barrass
Another reason for standard to suck and also where are all these cards coming from? If i buy a box will i get it? Or has the store sold them all on ebay?
Henrique Araujo
Fuk! I was going to buy a set of that for 40 USD (32 EUR) . I tought it was a good card to keep in my collection as having a new turn was a powerfu rsource. Now I can only buy half set or not even that. In Europe a full set is around 80 EUR (100 USD).
Add Nexus of fate on top of a wrecking ball. Que the music!!!
Stormerbuzz FyfEnDertig
I'm still pissed I'll never have Firesong and Sunspeaker. I love that card!
Mr. Mammuthus Africanavus
Turbo Dawn evolved into Turbo Fog LOL
Evan Moon
Great 6th color ending
Shane Klein
you this is why edh is best format everones running atleast 60 or so differnt cards
pascal raskal
Standart is trash in Europa everybody plays modern because standart is to expensive and in the end all cards are out
Chris Tomlinson
Time for another changer deck!
Bruce Praska
If u think this card breaks standard just wait till it shows up in commander an instant speed extra turn with no down side that slots in with cyclonic rift and shuffles back in is insane
Personally I want to play Turbo Fog, but I've been short of wildcards for MTG Arena, it's a hugely expensive deck to build in Arena, but I look forward to crushing people with the new JANK!
Adam Cazinske
But it dies to rotation
I did the same thing with the life gain in ixalan. Attrition is a busted trope at the moment.
Eric Hines
yea its not intentional at all they didn't want to make a bunch of money in the secondary market at all they don't inside trade.
Shamanic Technology
Dude, where's the best spot to play Modern in Toronto.. <3 ?
waka 3d
Personally i think they didn't think its good because most 6 mana sorcery speed extra turn spell dont see play.
Michael Gleason
Two weeks layer the deck is barely in the meta.
Edward Horne
Great vid Purp, do you think we might see a ban on Nexus?
Michael Knives
Lol @ the end 😂🤣🤣
David Epstein
By any chance can u get a new camera
Jesus if they start doing something with lands im going to die.
slade bonge
This card is trash lol $3 next month.
Mystical Glimmer
Kami_Koala 93
Why do you keep changing your name?
"That is the model" for new players. Um, no. Very rarely will a true new player be able to come in new at open house and a few months later be Store Champion. Experience counts., and the learning curve on Magic is brutal.
In the next 2 sets coming out, I hope WOTC brings rare dual lands, pain lands, fetch lands, I would love to be able to run more than 4 rare lands of any given color combo, and also with rotation a lot of the needed dual lands will be leaving, so hopefully they will be replaced. They however would be horrible as a promo, unless it's a promo like the original dual lands as a mythic and comes into play without tapping/zero criteria :D
7 mana doesn't mean it's unplayable, just look at Approach of the second sun, r&d thought it as a joke, but then the deck took over standard.
Lim Lim
This is all about WotC's directive to isolate and cut off the physical MtG. Their 'Direct Sales' department had been retrenched. Their 'Printing Quality' department had been retrenched. Their 'Playtest' department had been retrenched. Their MtG movie had been abandoned. MtG Duels gone. MTGO to follow. How will players fare in MtG Arena!?
Turbo Frog would of been cooler
Josh Dracoian
Someone I know at my hobby store says this is a good thing. The buy a box exclusivity thing. Him using the excuse of "oh, you can always get it online."
Nathan Hall
I believe wotc is trying to kill paper magic. This to me is further evidence. Printing all powerful control cards that synergize this well? They saw it coming. They want to switch everything digital because they make more money with less cost. Truthfully mtg is just becoming hearthstone the gathering.
Tatsuhiro Satou
Its ravnica we will probably get shock lands in standard again.
I think everyone was afraid of this. When anecdotes rose last week that pros were dropping hundreds of dollars for playsets of them on MTG Online for testing, you knew there was smoke in the forest. And the worst part is... depending on the variant, the deck actually looks pretty fun to play, which is only going to stoke demand even more.
so i think i will buy it for 10 $ in like dont know italian or some stuff on the 2nd market xD
chris hoffman
broke standard/dominated the pro tour is apparently canadian for had 1 deck in the top 8 towards the middle of the pack.... whats that aboot?
sad das
Was the playtest league reduced in dragons because not catching coco is ridiculous
Silly Simic
I honestly hope Wizards abolishes Standard. And then completely starts it over. Like with the new Ravnica block, Standard gets reset. All past sets rotate out and for a few months Standard is Guilds of Ravnica limited. That's my first thought considering the brokenness of the format anyway.
Michael Cerda
fog to win is back baby! bahaha