unfaithful - rihanna (lyrics)

the song Unfaithful from Rihanna with lyrics

rihanna unfaithful lyrics

Swathi R K
who is listening to it in 2018???
i'm crying, cause i'm the 'him' in the song.
Stay Loki
The only woman to sing about destroying someone else and still manages to sound like the victim. That being said, I love this song.
The Hernandez Sisters
You are with someone but you realize you like someone else your still with that person and they know deep down you like some other guy. This is the perfect song😔
Katherine Trinidad
Bianca Ashelle
Not unfaithful but I love this song ❤️❤️😍💍👸🏾
My life dedicated to school : I dont wanna do this anymore i dont wanna do the homework why ! every time i walk through teh door( school's ) I see paper planes fly i dont wanna do ThiS any more ! i dont wanna take away my life i dont wanna beeee... a scholar.
Passing By
''Don't wanna do this anyyyymooooooore'' Then stop doing it lol it's not that hard
Wahaj Qureshi
i miss this rihanna
hailey hirschel
That moment when your boyfriend likes your best friend and he asks to date her, only if you are ok with it and secretly you're not but you say you that you are, then the next day it's awkward and you just want to tell him that you're second guessing it, you want to scream it out loud but you can't because you don't like talking about your feelings and you want your boyfriend to be happy but it hurts you so fudging much, but you just act happy for him but it kind of feels like he's cheating on you.
Miselania Agramonte
Pasion, emotions, talents Why can't i find that now!? With this song, I realized that humanity is lost, Dang!! Rihanna is cool now, but back then she was really talented! (Of course she is now, but saying "work work work" and repeated all over again, for me that's off)
Eve Burns
Whose listening to this in 2018... my love life in 2018... lol
Tefo Ntebogang
who is listening to this song in 2018😍😍🔥💅❤❤
Ashley Matteson
Who is listening to this song in 2018 ?
Great, now 20% of the comments in this video will be "South Park s21e07 brought me here"
Micayla Bevly
This is my favorite Rihanna ❤️
BabyG JensilaLother
Who is listening this song in 2017? ❤
Alexander Selene
this songs makes my heart ache
Haley Marie
Whose here in 2018?
Hannah Barnes
When your single but this song is too good too resest
Ehdneth Bolivar
One of my Favorite of Rihanna's song
Awesomely Awesome
you girls see how much u hurt us
Mariel Acevedo
If you don't wanna do this anymore then why keep doing it
Omar Dabbagh
Girls cheat more than men. Girls are just better liars
sharen loeffler
made so many mistakes I needed to listen to this song
Kate Victory
helps me realize what i've done.
A good man who loved her but she wanted the next one...shit happens💩
Helen estrada
I'm using this for my The Voice audition !!🎤
shaw miserix hellsing ultimate fan
I'm listening to it in 2017 this song makes me cry because I've been in his situation 12 times with a girl who I kept forgiving time and time again until she got pregnant by this one guy and I just couldn't handle it and attempted suicide twice each time failing I spent a year in the state penitentiary and am now out and starting up a YouTube channel with my niece 😭😖
Marco Arancibia
i hope never have to live a situation like this guy on the song.. it will be sooooo sad
man gal
i told my teacher whats this song called and she told me it yay 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊。^‿^。。^‿^。
Elena Wade
I've been listening to this song non-stop.
Who else searched this out after the latest South Park episode?
South Park brought me here. #Heimanforever
Jackie The WeirdGirl45
......heard this from South Park
Thumbs up if you came here from the South Park episode
Beatrice James
I'm Still Listening to this song and it's 2017
Patricia Roak
I love This song so much
Eternal Myth
South park❤
Its Just Maya
it sounds like the song from the movie frozen OMG!!!!!!!!
lynn beauty
2k17 and 2k18✨👐❤will never stop listing😭
One of the best of Rihanna. Always going back to this song
Mark Walker
Ive been cheated on three different times by girls I would have did anything for one in particularly I don't date much but when I listen to it it gets to me every single time just proves all females are the same they know exactly what they are doing and they will always do it no matter how good you treat them sucks but one day I will do it back just to have a peace of me back no longer will I ever be the victim again I'll proudly be the cheater who doesn't care anymore
Who is listening to this in 2018
Purpose Malkin
The Bipolar Bear
I'm the man in the song also. So why don't they just keep their legs shut? It kills me, because I always have FAITHFUL.
Yellow Boy
Anyone came from South Park Season 21 Episode 7?
Scha Nissa
this song part of my love story ! damn
Nanda Fernandes
South Park 😂😂
Love This Song, So Relaxing :3
dahami ela
Who's listening to this in 2018
craìg túckér
Two Words: Heidi Turner.
Soumya Majumder
south park brought me here..
kenyada Riggins
I miss the old rihanna💯 like if you agree 💯
Alana DIY
this is my favrote music i love to sing to it
Ryuzaki Lawyiet
Everytime i listen to this song, its reminds me to my best friend parents, his parents are same like this song. His mum is having an affair and his father knew it but he doesn’t do anything because he love her so much. And his mum can’t left the guy who she having affair with, and she also really love her family. And at the end of their family crisis its not only affected his parents but my best friend too, he destroy his life, college and he is taking drugs too. Screw his parents. Sorry for my poor grammar, english is not my mother tongue language. 🙏🏻
patriece jenkins
rihanna this is christian daughter patriece speaking love jesus christ and follow your heart
Anton Rukhlin
it sounded better in South Park
Neko :3 Neko-chan
South Park <3
Typical ho anthem lmao
Sofia Zermioti
+1 if anyone is listening this song in 2017
Super T
Shambree Sims
💜💜💜💜 this song!!!
Paige Teddy
who's here in 2017
Ajuaye Juma Omari
Unstoppable tears, gush out from my eyes when am listening this song
ryan ross's eyebrow
a merderer.....
Manuel Orozco
One of my favorite Rhianna songs! Why is she not singing stuff like this right now?
Unique Rxse
Who else is listening to this stunning song in 2k17?
Wishie Sheep
I forgot how much I loved this song
Eain Dray Bo Bo
Not even in a relationship, but this song makes me cry 😢
Joey Schramm
have y'all seen the video she cheats on a black man with a white guy to get her credit right
Azra Babača
puppy lover
this song fells like I have been there this before
Whiteasorus6 GT
Im him in the song too :'(
Nomthandazo Ziyanda
still listening in 2018👌
Zoe Wilson
Why is this my love story 😥😥🙁☹️😔😕
Edz Ballar
Im hear for south park, anyone else?
Kduplang.Shylla.Dkhar Shylla.Dkhar
I don't wanna do this anymore... I don't wanna be the reason why...
Bree Knightly
Jovana lana
This song is so strong....👌
Skye Toyne
Love this song ❤️ she is a queen👑
Nicole Haley
i love this song
Necro Tech
This is how i feel when I've done everything for my girl and she treats me bad and cheats on me, I've written a song for her and only her and i swore to protect her from everything bad and always be there for her and she's bad to me. I've been crying for a week straight because she's lying to me, kissing other guys, etc. But I still love her and i cant let her go!
Sonam Thakur
Right now
Giselle Hdz
still in 2016
brianny marte
miss you rihanna....
Gamer 3285
Who is listening to this in 2017
victor hall
I love this song♥♥♥
Lills lodge
Who's listening to this in 2016
Nana NunYaBizz
2017 Still slaps.!💯 🤗
santeria elder
2017 still my ish ❤
Sylvester Lover 123
just love it :)
Mr Stone_age_man
Killing me softly with this song
sebastian x ciel
doesn't this some similar to the frozen song intro
Cherrel Lingaard
darling babe
who noticed that her voice sounds like a 12 year old girl at first
Sometimes Cupcakes
Kydi, anyone? <3
Gabriella Allocca
I absolutely love her voice here, it feels the most genuine of all her songs... If only it wasn’t about cheating...
Madison Tyner
Who's is listening in 2017
Kyrie James
Who's going on an old song funeral