What Kazuha knows about Heiji

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This is a clip about a veru especial and cute thing that Kazuha knows about Heiji Detective Conan episode 222. Enjoy^^

Heiji Hattori Kazuha Toyama

"Kazuha.....you are so.....CUTE!!!!" :D
Is it just me or the last two lines of Kazuha are entirely bad translated???? As far as I understand, Kazuha says to Ran: "But don't fall for him. If you were my rival, I won't stand a chance." I wanted to check it on the full episode but I can't find the old one and the remastered one cut that scene (who knows why...). Well, not that surprised since the name od the deceased is also bad spelled. It's Toshimi, not Tosumi :/
helen Liu
This scene was never showed in the episode
My favourite couple <3!
Say the Name Lilly!