The Voice 2018 Blind Audition - Teana Boston: "Unfaithful"

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Teana Boston sings Rihanna's "Unfaithful" during her blind audition. » Get The Voice Official App: />» Subscribe for More: />» Watch The Voice Mondays & Tuesdays 8/7c on NBC! » Get Teana's Performance on iTunes: />» Stream Anytime: /> THE VOICE ON SOCIAL: Like The Voice: />Follow The Voice: />The Voice Tumblr: />Follow The Voice on Instagram: /> NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season's blockbuster vocal competition. Find The Voice trailers, full episode highlights, previews, promos, clips, and digital exclusives here. NBC ON SOCIAL: NBC YouTube: />Like NBC: />Follow NBC: />NBC Tumblr: />NBC Google+: />NBC Instagram: /> ABOUT THE VOICE The Voice 2018 USA YouTube channel features exclusive content with The Voice coaches, highlights from The Voice auditions, interviews with The Voice winners, as well as The Voice recaps and results. Learn more about The Voice contestants, The Voice tour, the eliminations, and follow your favorite performers all the way to the finale. In season 14, Kelly Clarkson joins returning coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and welcomes back Alicia Keys as celebrity musician coaches, while Carson Daly continues to serve as host. The show’s innovative format features five stages of competition: the first begins with the blind auditions, followed by the battle rounds, the knockouts, the live playoffs and finally, the live performance shows. The Voice 2018 Blind Audition - Teana Boston: "Unfaithful" /> The Voice

dawn florr
my algebra teacher showed us this video earlier because she used to be a student at our school 😂
Annie the BookTuber
I love her voice. I was so worried that no one would turn for her. She deserved to stay. Way to go, Kelly!
Lisa Murphy
Is it just me or was she really good and deserved a four chair turn within 20 seconds! This show makes no sense.
Jayla Clemente
I've watched it so many times already, I already know the note at 1:15 is coming, but I'm still shook each time👏
Van Nguyen
I like how country singers barely have to open their mouth, bring a guitar, and get more chairs than her.
They’re so quick to turn for an average boring country dude but don’t have the decency to turn for an astonishing voice like this? Wow and they call this show the voice? Smh But thank god for saving the Day kelly 🙌🏻 I was about to cry literally
This was high risk and she did a wonderful job. Can't wait to hear more from her. Geez 1:14 Gorgeous!!!
Manik goyal
omg, she just killed a rihanna song and that note was 1:14 was a really huge risk.
Jennifer Sparber
Sounds like her nose is plugged up!
There's something about her voice that I enjoyed a lot. I'm happy she made it.
Thang Vuong
Carolina Gaming Syndicate
Some technical issues but I love this song. I like how she did a changed up version, but still paralleled the original song enough for me to smile. Again, a couple of missed pitches and some intonation issues which I think was probably nerves. She got a great coach....Kelly is a great singer and will help her immensely. I also like how she did not try to do too many runs and ad libs and kept it simple.
Simon Cowells left Nut
Ok come on this girl deserved way more than 1 chair! That’s ridiculous!! 😑
Mr. ToadTheGamer
when and how did shalyah fearing find a way to clone herself
Im literally so confused how she got one chair. She's going to shock the other coaches when she goes far.
the ending with those falsettos did it for me It was breathtaking
Aaron Williams
I'm a singer myself.. I post covers on YouTube as a matter of fact but I digress. My point is I feel as though I have an ear for music... So I'm kinda confused about this girl. To me she sounded phenomenal.. her voice has many layers and that high note at the end was Nice all together. So the response in seeing is wired
Jasmine Dupree
I can tell she'll get far. She took many risks. The song choice and at 1:15. But she still has a lot of work to do. She should loosen up her voice, she sounded a little nose plugged. But anyways AMAZING
Jacob McCain
My heart was pounding lowkwy because I was super scared no one was gonna turn for this girl, yes there was some shaky notes but the chorus was bomb. She hits some beautiful runs and Kelly gonna clean her voice up I think and she’s gonna really benefit from the show I think!
She did a great job. Alicia definitely should've turned her chair around.
King Sass
She is amazing her voice is nice and angelic she deserved more than 1 chair
Dashan Luckett
When that voice matures more she will be a force to be reckoned with
Vicman Ruelos
Kelly heard that there's potential. She's just nervous so some notes are messy. That's when the coach needs to step in to train and give her confidence. Kelly's got the true spirit of what a coach should be! 😊
Her dress was so cute
I got goose bumps at the end of this performance which means the conviction was there👍
Yves John Bricks Akle
Marian Rivera from the Philippines is better
🤷 Decent, but didn't kill it
Xy lo
wasn't a big fan of the song choice..
I don't think people realize how much potential she has and how good she could be in this competition.
Guido Gatmaytan
It’s okay, not as good as MARIAN RIVERA DOE 😂😂😂
Serge Angelo Majillo
Marian Rivera of the Philippines brought me here <3
Kaitlin Greeley
yoooooo i go to school with her 😱
JC Mispelaere
Better than the original !my gosh 😮😮😮
RR Love02
0:34 Sounds like Alicia Keys' "Karma" song?
sa ilalim ng puting ilaw sa dilaw na buwan
Marian rivera did better on this
Abdul _
I have this on loop :s
Mortal Enemy
Sarah Newton
That was amazing! I would've turned my chair in a second!
Nicolas Pantelides
Hans Tweeten
next shalyah? fearing?
Lauren Kristina
Congrats Teana!!! You're adorable and we miss having you as our neighbor! Get it girl!
Breathing control.
christian felix
I have a feeling her next song will blow us away. Now that the nerves are under control and she has a coach to help with song selection. Her range and pitch give her unlimited potential. Looking forward to seeing whats to come.
Owen Polley
What is going on she is absolutely perfect that note kills me at the sheer talent I am litterally crying that she was eliminated in the battles because she could be the perfect winner if she had the chance
Niyi Marcus
The last 6 seconds of the performance were my best part😍😍
Sokchan Dr Harris
I love her voice so much.
leos rule
She's good but could be great with better breathing techniques, better use of diaphragm to prevent nasaly notes, and timing - which I think she was off because of breathing issue. With the right coaching she could have a great future.
Venessa Cobham
She sounded really good just wrong song choice 😎
Un Ceejayable
Nasal . But still great . Kelly got her .
ida flicka
i love her voice
mr jeon
she’s amazing omg
M Danielle
She has potential 💕
Natalie Melendez
For her age she’s good kelly gonnaaaa make her bomb !!!
she's got some lungs!!!!
Yousef Niaz
Amazed that only Kelly turned around..... she was phenomenal
Ik I go to school with her 😭💓😍😍😍 omg!!!!!
What Alex
1:15 was so pure
Jamie Lyons
for 16 she is going places .. Just waiting till she's 18 #PureTalent
Greyson Bishop
Vern Vest
i'd be super sad if nobody turns their chairs cause she deserve a place in there and luckily kelly did turn her chair!
Jestina P. Blayon
Wow 😳 She's so good 😊
Un Ceejayable
Wow, what a beauty!
Rebecca Gross
She goes to my school!
omg I never thought that my past neighbor is on the voice dang go Teana!!
Cristiano Goetten
Arrazo mulher
Mr. Joshua
She can sing but Wrong Song
Her voice is just pure perfection
M.M Silva
She's really good!!☆☆
Nam X Vo
She goes out in the battles to Jamella. rip
Dicas de Santos
Niqueuu Tv
That’s my cuz.
Jaybyrd So Anti
She was dope ❤️
Jazzy Sehgal
She is my classmate. #amazingvoice❤️
zae 18
OMG 😍😍❤️
wow... FULL Package... possibly the next Rihanna or Alicia Keys..... Kelly got lucky saving her for the show.... Teana might win the whole thing or come in 2nd.
Pema Bhuti
So many emotions rolled in my mind . Beautiful voice though 😘
Josie Bee
Kelly is the new queen of 1 chair turns. 💜
Paula Gabriele
Love this song ♡ #ClassicRiRi
Naomi King
Wow I thought she did great and only got a one chair turn? Smh...
Hans Tweeten
if adam doesnt steal her in the battle or knockouts like he did shalyah ! imma be mad
Aaron Sanders
This was so wrong she sounded amazing
Waleed Atef
1:16 how sick good is this
david cr7
her voice is so strong WTF . she was amazing
Yes thank God Kelly turned for her. She does have a good voice!
Ekene Anonyai
love her choices with riffs and runs; and control! just love it!
Alireza Mosadegh
Dat hight note tho ❤
1:16 👌🏻
Daniel Assis
Koryn howthone de volta !!! Obrigado Kelly tomara que vá longeeee
Joey R
I actually think she wasn't good at all.. no hate..
Dee Dee
She’s good but she’s no shi’Ann
Serena Hayek
She has a great voice
her voice sounds like shes got a clogged nose to me.
elyned. -Army-
What’s wrong with them!!! ._.
Chris Blue
She lost her battle to Jamella 😢 no steal 😢 SPOILER ‼️‼️‼️
Bench Ibuna v2
Alexandra Trespalacio
Como se llama la Canción?
They are all fooooollllsss she is fricking AMAAAZZZINNGGGGG!! MY GOD!! seriously. Divine voice. 💗💗💗
She goes to my school lol
Guido Gatmaytan
It’s okay, not as good as MARIAN RIVERA DOE 😂😂😂