How to make your own home made compost tumbler step by step.

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This is a step by step instructional video on how to make a home made compost tumbler with a 55 gallon drum (or similar) and some plywood. You can also visit our web site at

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only turns when its empty!
Pep D
Love the vid, but Dude, I'm mad at the  padlock, really? Is it that serious where you live at? Lol, great job, keep it up.
Ron Selliers
Simplest design I've seen. Will be doing this soon, Thanks.
Diosdado Fernandez
not a good tumblr man
Carrie Morris
you can buy casters and screw them to a couple of 2 x 4's and easily place the barrel on it and it will spin fine. Como on folks. He got you most of the way there.  
Stevan Woller
Just put a pipe through the middle and be done with it. Or really you can just roll it back and forth. It's not rocket science.
Haha you just locked it. I never heard of a compost thief. :D
Carmen A Scheid
pretty cool
Hiramya Wicks
Joel Aarden
why do you put a padlock on your tumbler? do people steal compost where you live?
I like the design concept of using the base and top rebated areas as the rotation keeper. good idea.
very good but u dont tumble them daily or u'll end up losing the heat...1st tumble after filling to mix...2nd tumble when the heat drops off...3rd tumble only if it gets smelly.
vadim videos
This is a cool video! Made very professional! Thanks!
スゲー判りやすかった、今までどう処理したら良いか等々、アイデアの宝庫みたいな 動画だった、そうだよね現物合わせで結構行けるんだよねえ。
this is pretty complicated and sort of a "production". Gotta be a more straight forward way
Ar Talshajar
como se llama la cancion??
Lee Pee
Thank you for that superb share,,,!
Van Avakian
what if i've made too many holes....i made it after seeing this video
thinhpro minh
thank you !
good luck tumbling it when its full of compost
Just Janay
wow, this was so simple I think I might be able to do it by myself! thanks!
neat simple good job.i reckon a pole through the middle of the barrel with or without blades :D and crank handle at one end could be added to help spin better? just a suggestion.
Chuck Bailey
this guy cracks me up he's wearing a respirator for painting and he's got a combo lock on the compost
Le Minh Trung
Nice video...
The best so far,simple
Vanessa Hadden
This design looks awesome and easy, but I'd like to ask how easy it is to spin when it's full of wet, steamy compost :)? Thanks for the tute.
Robert Askme
Very cool setup nice and simple but most likely very effective!
Looks good, but I wonder how long the plastic 'hinge' will last before snapping? I was thinking of using stainless hinges.
Charlie Ricks
This is so convinient
Nila Jegeg
Gud idea,,thanks
Юрий Казаков
и для чнго это конструкция?
Chris Scully
gunna be so heavy and hard to spin
thiru h
what size tumbler you are using?
In Australia it would be probably cheaper to buy one already made. The water drum, like the one here, would cost something between $60 and $100 (second hand) and the plywood itself (the one on the video is at least 3/4" solid) a full sheet from Bunnings would cost another $100 to $140. And remember since you have to wet your compost from time to time you need better one than just ordinary plywood board, probably structural. Good, gearboxed tumbler, like Maze brand, costs at Bunnings $215 and no labour involved except some assembly (plastic panels snap into each other). The one I just mentioned is very practical and easy to clean. Same goes for buying plastic containers to build a worm farm. New one costs about 70 to 80 bucks, but if you wanna built one yourself with good quality plastic tubs (what goes without saying) it will costs you over $150. Plus you still have to drill holes, buy a spout, figure out the stand, etc. So far the only thing I have done cheaper, rather than buying them were timber raised garden beds. Which are extremely expensive if you after good quality once.
Mamady Traore
Great video as for the critics i ll say , it easy to critic a prototype because easy to improve on something thats already made.
ahmed khazal
Great! I like it.
libya boy
Thanks 
Shahila Siddiqui
How much this cost ? Please let's us know
Kent Rockwood Tyler
Thanks for the video. Many suggestions below, everyone will have an opinion. But this is a start.
Lily Pond
smart and excellent video
The lock is probably so it doesn't open when you turn it.
Stepan Yeomans
like the video very good design and looks neat too =) thank you for the upload 👍😄
what if you cut a hole in the bottom large enough for a tote and cut open another hatch that has a screen in it so that when you tumble it the already finished compost falls into the collection container and can be used? if I'm very wrong I apologize I literally just started learning this stuff and not really entirely sure how it all works for sure just kind of guessing. lol
Pretty easy
Your welcome. Thanks for watching.
I tumble it daily. It works great.
Greg Otterstein
Thanks, I made one just like it.  It looks like it will work well!
Sure, why keep composting simple while you can spend extra time and money on it. For many gardens you probably need more than one tumbler so that's another great project to work on. Oh, and let's not forget the pleasure of having to make it tumble each day. Brilliant.
Ron Yerke
Take a deep breath and hold it until you have to exhale. Now you can breathe. That's one high friction tumbler.
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Great instructional video!! Thanks for sharing. One thing I would add to this tumbler is a few fins on the inside of the tumbler to aid the mixing of the composting material.