Vast NYC Townhome Tour with Ryan Serhant | Open House TV

We catch up with friend to the show, Ryan Serhant of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing New York. He’s showing us around an elegant five story townhouse on the Upper East Side. With luxurious detail and expansive outdoor areas, this home is perfect for entertaining - both inside and out. Subscribe to Open House TV on YOUTUBE: Open House TV INSTAGRAM: />Open House TV TWITTER: />Open House TV FACEBOOK:

j Mark
For 18,000,000 and the neighbors look right into your house. no thanks.
Vitalstatistix Stats
That package delivery doors are clever yet stupid... Basically your $18mil house is going to be secured only with a locked wooden door...
okay, so you shown the first and second door, what's the third door?
thedrk_ knight
he has a great on screen personality
Nice home but doesn’t look 18million to me.. i would go for it for 8million I guess..
Maximino Morelos
$18,000,000 AND NOT GARAGE !!!!
Good luck paying the 2018 property taxes.
Beltran Village
Recently sold by 18.000.000 and you don't show the bedrooms , gym or sauna. This spectacular townhouse deser a better Video Ryan!¡!¡
Mocha B
I love this guy he is handsome dressed sharp and VERY entertaining I would love to tour this home with him
Okay... so left main entry door is delivery room. What's behind right main entry door? Why is my mind drifting to stripper delivery?
Musa Issa
Gorgeous house, staging was sterile, showcase wasn't detailed. Ryan is a typical ENTP - the classic salesman. More detail would've been great.
minx meow
what if you get stuck in the elevator when you're home alone
booyah booyah
New Yorkers call buildings a view🤔🤔🤔
I think they installed 3 front doors to fool the in-laws when they visit.
C 74hm
I was so distracted by Ryan in that suit he looks so sharp
Levi Young
he sold me this house and i have $5
Nonna D
Didn't like it at all, no personal touch. 3 main doors??? That's wrong. 18 mil? Way too much for this one.
HippoDino Reserve
Stylish, elegant man.
You've got the vibe of a used car salesman. Depressing.
For 18 Mio. you don't even get a terrace anymore with a Skyline view? :O)
Sourish Saha
3:05 something tells me the cameraman didn't took the elevator
michie jewel
I love this guy,such a beautiful person with a beautiful personality.
the people in New York sure do like their gold Interiors
Simon Pettersson
Good looking dude! Probably pretty great at selling as well.
Clark Oteyza
Can someone contact me I'm looking for a upper class town house budget is 15-20k
Moe Moe
3 fronts doors with no peep holes
Travis Mccoy
Remember people $18M in New York is less than $18M just about anywhere else lol
Junito Punto Comm
What a nice townhouse !! Can you take off three of the zeros and sell it to me for $18,000 !? 🤔😅
Wesam Mansour
You guys give us the best videos ever!! One day I'm buying a house from you guys..
Romano Gitano
Is Chic, however, NOT PRACTICAL!
Frank V
Glad I left NewYork I rather have my $500k mansion in Miami lol
I've seen a bunch of these millionaire NYC houses/condos and all I can say is NYC is very overrated
Tamara Haskin
Great video! But wish we could have seen the bedrooms. Thanks! :)
Odoru Pompokorin
Unless you are some very important person that needs to receive people on regular basis, to say that this is an excess is an over statement. It's too perfect to a point that it looses it's warmth and comfort.
John N M
'Receiving room'? You mean reception room? Lmao.
Givens Resumes
A kitchen with A balcony or terras is a must have for me. The kitchen is indeed amazing! I find houses with a elevators kind of creepy.
he's sounds like a real-life Barney Stinson from How I Met you Mother
Katie Jeremiah
Badly decorated !
Andrea Rose
Ryan is cute. I remember how one of his female customer was hitting on him. lol , he was so funny on that episode, " are you going to buy or.. " lol
Love this home! But what's the parking situation?
Cheryl R Leigh
$18m but no view...nope.
Ranji Singh
You rock Ryan! I enjoy watching you on your shows!
Not real thrilled with the three door system as presented. I like the idea of it but it looks too Stark in the home. The elevator is wonderful. Bit too modern for me love more historical look. You have an awesome personality though.
Out of the three MDLNY brokers or any MDL show for that matter, Ryan is my favorite. Charming, cool 😎 & funny dude. I like his style. The crib was most impressive. But to be honest, even if I had that type of cash, I rather invest few of that money into a beautiful home in FL & buy a nice condo in NY & still have most of that money chilling in the bank. The prices are ridiculous. Impressive home though.
Titus Thompson
Was it sold? No pool or garage parking? Good luck with that and NYPD non skilled meter maids!
Shelly Shelly
Seems boxy. Meh views. Next.
Michael Miller
I love the townhouse, and he us drop-dead gorgeous!
ทองม้วน ยศคําแหง
Wow so beautiful.
It’s only good value if you come with the house!
Niko Porter
He has very similar mannerisms to Jim Halpert
Os Zo
$18m with no pool
Raju Bueno
Lacks in showing details. Surely handsome fellas might good in sales.
Jasper DiLincoln
Ryan has a cute butt
Peter Bird
That' one lonely house.But it will make a nice tomb for someone.
1:30 but there is no lock built in yet.
Viola Spruill
I would of loved to see the Masters bedroom and bathroom.
Caligula Germanicus
This guy makes Ryan Seacrest look like Rambo
His dermatologist is really good!
With 18 million dollars I can build a real palace else where. New York City is way over rated for suckers who would be willing to pay 18 million dollars for this piece of real state because : I can afford it" SUCKERS!
Sarabjit Riar
terrible layout - deff not worth 18 mil - save the 18 mil, invest it and just rent this place and you will want to move out after a year.
Sometimes I like to give. Sometimes I like to receive. Sometimes I like both at the same time.
I'm Green
New York is so over priced...for less money you can get better homes around other states.
1:35 ...and find a derelict sleeping in his own urine on the floor of your package room. Charming.
I love this dude
That Guy Scott Webb
A MacTown house, yuk.
Raymond J.
Loving that Package Doorway and the Second Floor with the view of Billionaires Rowe.
Maxwell Smart_086
@3:38 - interesting - the ugly terracces of the neighbours. His great idea was a U form of the terracce with plants around it. Great.
Dream city living
18M to see the view. 🙄
ken masters
what if ur elevator breaks down while ur in it?
Spencer Hastings
Where do you sleep btw😯
Tabula Razor
I'd NEVER wanna stay in that ugly living room!!!
This in Mine! :o)
Aryan Sharma
Nice but where is the bedroom..??
Khristal Khri
I see he married his girlfriend from his other show:-)
Guilherme Kalil
this dude is a dork!
Clara Vela
Wow Amazing!!!!
Jaqueline Wildner
Love the "this house has everything" SpongeBob's voice at 3:15 lol
Andry Koumis
Literally heaven on earth!
Inspirational word
I wish I could afford it...great video..👍
jinshuo zhang
the elevator is a bummer, makes you feeling at a hotel
Beautiful house but tragic presentation.
Mike Dee
Would you take 300k?
Cheese Lover Girl
Townhouses like these are waist of money tHeRe Is No WhErE tO pArK townhouses and apartments that are little bit more at like 25-35 million typically have at least 1 free parking spot
Cally Girl
I lovvvve your dress. Wow. Stunning.
Pierre O. Park
If I wanted to forget myself, I’d just have a shot of vodka every time he says ‘cool’.
Mike McFly
I am sure he is a great receiver.
clarence spencer
does ryan come with the house?
hunk RE2
i have 3000 BTC and i am going to buy it soon!
Johanna Toivonen
So... is this that small house movement?
You might recognise him from that show....To catch a predator....
Sonia Bregman
Nice Roof View and Nice Hair!
This man needs a promotion!
Simon Huang
ok but why he showing this house with 50 friendship bracelets on his wrist tho
Mark Pedro
a nice house without car garage
Jordan S
This housing market reminds me of 2005 more and more each day... Crash incoming.
Stan SonOfAFather
thumbs up for the sash windows.
Abdallah Al Mutawa
he looks like the guy from santa clarita diet
JikKoh RoBoCoP