Hollywood Casting Couch Satan's Playground

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The Black Child Channel explains how Hollywood a.k.a Hollyweird satanic agenda.

Truth Monger
The Lord Jesus Christ warned us repeatedly. "I know thy tribulation and thy poverty, but thou art rich: and thou art blasphemed by them that say they are Jews and are not, but are the *synagogue of Satan.*"  Revelations 2:9
N. Collins
who is the person narrating this video clip? What credentials does he have to speak to such accuracy and detail
Horrible truth in this video. It's not easy to believe, but mostly because we have been brainwashed to just believe that Hellywood is great and from time to time some stars go crazy. But when they promote satanic themese, drugs, sex, materialism, immorality, anti God behaviour on the surface, what else are they doing behind closed doors? No wonder these entertainers freak out from time to time and are drug and alcohol addicted, it's not only what they have to do to get their fame, it's what they see, what they hear, what information they have to swallow, how much they have to lie all the time. The pressure of losing their career, the fear of having to degrade themselves to keep their fame, the pressure of having to perform on such a high level all the time is gigantic and to be able to perform all the time, they have to take meds to regain health after injuries or sickness much sooner (like athletes have to in order to not lose their careers). Also the have to have beauty surgeries to look good enough to get roles. Plus their is MK Ultra and demonic possession. I'm not exactly sure how the process works, mabye those stars who are not completely willing to do anything their handlers want get a treatment and musicans/actors probably agree on doing some satanic rirtuals to get demon possessed for being able to do all these great performances. The elite has free choice who to give a role, who not, who to make a star and who to drop. Since they own videos and pictures of the disgusting things the stars had to do, they own these people. Hollywood actors are modern slaves. It's way easier to control them than most people think. For me it's getting clearer and clearer, the more I search, the more I can see the big picture, sadly the majority has no clue at all, that Hollywood itself is rotten to the core, promoting all evil and worldlyness, predictive programming and they throw their money at them to keep the system running.
so they all get popped in the ass?
Alexandria Scott
Truth. You have to sell your soul for rich and fame. Just sick how the matrix is. It's the end times
Wes Hunter
I was offered this by BIG wigs in the Movie Business/Music Industry. I laughed in their faces as I walked away with my head UP. I am KC and I approve this message Oh yeah...I was framed in Presidential assassination after walking away from 2 dozen PERVERT'S in the busine$$.
DenR& AMoovee
The "Women" are men. I believe it but no real women in hollywood. C'mon now
You're so smart. 🙊🙀
Strange there are not many views considering Hollywoods scandals this past year ?... You tube censorship doing a great job hiding things i guess
Angel Messtanoffski
Casting Couch is Satan's Playground? Are you kidding me? All of Hollywood is Satan's Playground! The Jews overtook that land and put as much evil in it as they could. Look how many lives are destroyed there. How many fatalities occurred. If you want a early death, move to Hollyweird!
John Doe
he sounds like denzel washington....
Dole Gilmore
Those peps at the top don't have nothing to live for and come from extreme abuse and incest
Steven Jessup
You know from your session....
NO surprise
Nick Martell
now you know why these big gorrillas bow to short jews.
Jaydon Deese
Hey my grandpa met the dude that got Little Joe from Bonanza famous. He met him in a bar or bootlegger's house. My grandpa said he was a fag and tried to hit up with the country boys around here. And he told some men about how Little Joe had hired him as an agent and when he got famous, he fired the man and threw him away like trash. The man actually went missing.