Until the last day/GACKT (English mix ver From YFCⅠ)

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Sean Escaflowne
Dragon Age :Dawn of the Seeker brought me here :D
I like the Japanese Version Better, but you can't find it on Youtube because it's always taken down for Copyright reasons =T
Gackt es increíble!
I love how YFC would throw some english into gackt's old songs. Yeah, I don't speak japanese, and yet I love Gackt's music soooo much!!!!
oh i feel man
Can't stop listen to it !! O_O
Kay Majunie
I Remember a old Comment on a other Gackt video from Until the... Somebody 'said' he traind his 'Rape' face. But who do not want it to Happen with THIS Hot PErson^^? ;)
Wtf? Didn't you notice how much better his english got? Listen to earlier songs from him in english versions and you'll see, that he got really much better ô.o Not meant bad, but that's how it is =3
Omg... it's awesome <3 Pure perfection!
As for the lyrics...just put: Gackt: until the last day lyrics in the search query
Someone who's gonna steal it Someone has stolen it What makes you satisfied? I guess you'll never know You want to run away But since there’s nowhere left to go
溜息こぼすのは・・・ (Tameiki kobosunowa...) そうさ、今じゃない (Sou sa, ima ja nai)
戦う事に目を背けてもいいさ (Tatakau kotoni me wo somukete mo ii sa) キレイごとだけ並べてればいいだろう (Kireigotodake narabe tereba ii darou) On the brink of losing everyone you ever cared about But if you could justify I guess it’s what you really want
逃げ場所も持たぬ戦士であれ (Nigebasho mo matanu senshi de aru) UNTIL THE LAST DAY Make yourself get up despite the heartache Take another step into the limit UNTIL THE LAST DAY
Fly to the blackened sky To feel your soul you’ve got to spread your wings 同じ運命 (Onaji sadame) 皆 命はいつか消えるから (Mina inochi wa itsuka kieru kara) Rise up into your night Until you blaze just like a burning star
Everyone is on the road So let yourself in view tonight On the battlefield of life One truth only is to survive 涙を流すのは (Namida wo nagasu no wa ...) そうさ、今じゃない (Sou sa, ima ja nai)
Here's the lyrics to the song (I had to transcribe the English bits of it and if you guys want to know where I got the Japanese part of the lyrics I'll put it below after I posted the entire lyrics) (Also...with the romaji, I was sure about certain parts where it's correct and others not so much so please bear with me. I'm also still learning the language): 最後に誰を信じればいいとか (Saigo ni dare wo shinjireba iitoka) 迷うようならオマエも終わりだろう (Mayoi you nara omaemo owari darou)
I've tried to figure out what the English bits of the song were, however, since Gackt's English isn't as good as it seems if you listen VERY carefully...in the beginning when he transitions to English before going back to Japanese...it's hard to pick up because it sounds like mumbling. Not trying to be rude but I'm paying attention to the detail as much as I can.
Robert Paulo
Love this one so much Gackt are THE BEST <3
Robert Paulo
add repeat after youtube in the URL = PARADISE!!! <3 <3 <3
i cant find a download for this
This english ver is really awsome^^ please put a download link for it~
Zhandra Graham
Personally, I like his new look too. It grows on you when you realise how incrediably masculine it is compared to his previous styles. Very sexy, before I would have called him beautiful but now he is just fucking sexy
Zhandra Graham
Yeah. For me when Gackt speaks or sings in english it still is really fucking hot with his accent.
Why does this song is so addicted ? And Can Relate to some or alot of people life ?
this song is too Awesome and great !!!
Liaz Med
would you care to shared the song?
Madie Dye
Thank you for this <3 Love YFC <3
Carrie Ghoul
Thanx a lot Dear ^^
Uesugi Austen
One of my fav from GACKT
I hear Gakupo in there! hahaha Awesome mix of this song. Oh my! hehe