British Food - BEST FOOD MARKET IN BRISTOL! + Exploring The City (Bristol, England)

We're finally back in the United Kingdom! We're starting off with an epic day in Bristol, England exploring the St. Nicholas Markets and eating some delicious British street food. Next we'll start our road trip up to Wales and Scotland! WATCH NEXT ▶ German Food Tour in Cologne! /> == BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER! == Get access to special emoji and exclusive live chats with us! /> == MERCH == Get Your T.E.A. Merch!! /> == MUSIC == Access Thousands of Songs for FREE with Epidemic Sound! /> This video's music by: /> == SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL! == Supporters get early access to never before seen vlogs, hand-written postcards and more! ► /> == OUR TRAVEL GEAR == ★ Camera - />★ Lens - />★ Microphone - />★ Drone - />★ GoPro - />★ Camera Belt Clip - />★ Tripod - /> BROWSE ALL OF OUR GEAR ► /> == Follow Us == ❤ Twitter - />❤ Facebook - />❤ Instagram - />❤ Travel Blog - /> == About Us == We're Eric & Allison Bieller and we're on a journey to find the most interesting places and unique foods this planet has to offer! We've traded in our steady paychecks and permanent home for a life of travel and adventure. Come along and see the world with us!

The Endless Adventure
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You missed about 3 months where we hardly had any clouds or rain. People literally filmed themselves dancing in the street when it finally started raining again.
Old Skool Fool
Lol you were saying you haven't seen 'a Banksy' while you were literally walking towards one on Stokescroft, it was less than 30 steps ahead of you, the teddy bear vs Police 'Mild Mild West' piece
Dan Lewis-Leaver
Bristol; England's best city.....
Maya Padmi
Bristol !!! My favorite city in the UK, always wanted to go back again 😍😍
Anna Parry
Yay, Bristol, my hometown. While you’re there, if I’m not too late go to the Coronation Tap, a really old cider bar, known locally as the “Corrie TP”. It’s near the suspension bridge, another must see in Bristol.
philip gardiner
when you are in Wales i recommend paying a visit to Portmeirion if you can
Travel With Mansoureh
Welcome back to the UK :)
Andy Ward
Try to visit the Black country and The Black Country Museum its a great day out they have a real ale pub and a fish and chip shop that cooks the food in Beef dripping the real way chips were cooked 30+ years ago , and its were lots of Peaky Blinders was filmed .
Helena T
Definitely see if you can go to Liverpool on your way up towards Scotland!!!!! You will love it! 💕💕💕
John Street
The west country of England has some of the best food in the world.
Sam Kenyon
So glad you made it to Bristol! It's by far the best place I've lived
rob claridge
You need to visit Bristol in the summer. There is a street event nearly every weekend. When I say street event, I mean 10's of thousands sometimes. Search St. Pauls Carnival, Bristol Harbour Fest, Upfest (Which accounts for a lot of the graffiti), amongst many many more.
Halcro Johnston
Pieministers are the BEST! They sell them all over the country through stores as well as their restaurants. If you ever get the chance, try the Saag Pie-neer pie (pea, paneer, spinach, chilli, potato and mango) and The Heidi Pie (goat's cheese, sweet potato and spinach) if you're into vegetarian pies. They're terrific. Loads of variations in the meat side as well.
Thomas Hedge
Ngl I tend to drop of watching some of the videos when it's outside the UK but as soon as I see a British title I never miss it! Glad to see you back!
Aw man you guys were in Bristol and I had no idea! I could have shown you the sights and best places to eat (and got some good wifi!).
Ash Khagram
Shame you didn’t pop to Devon, you could have used my wi-fi. When you decide to come back send me a msg.
LOL, concerning the shots. Great video today.
cary zincke
welcome to bristol its a shame you missed all the out on the big festivals we have
I actually lived in Bristol for many years. You were in St. Nicholas Market, a terrible place for internet. You need to go up Park Street, towards the University, you will find wifi up there. Also you must go a little bit further out to see Bristol. Go up Gloucester Road and follow it up a mile or two. You could go to St Marks Road in Easton(an area of Bristol not far from the centre). You will find a lot of Asian shops and find a good Indian curry there too. There are a hundred a more places in Bristol to visit, the Clifton suspension bridge is a sight to behold and to walk across, 200 feet above the Avon Gorge. Go down to Tasties bar in St Pauls and have Jamaican Chicken, rice and peas. Oh yes, there is a real Banksy at the bottom of Park Street, on the right hand side on a building set back from the path by a bridge going across Union Street, I think! I could put you ointo a friend of mine who might be disposed to show you some sights, or at least know someone who could show you around, I unfortunately, live a 100 miles from Bristol. There is plenty of good live music in Bristol, all on the internet, I know a lot of musicians in Bristol, check that out if you want to go out for a good boogie.
fave dancers
Yayyy bristol my home town, very under appreciated city
Sergio Delgado
You're channel is blowing up 142K subscribers awesome job TEA
hazza grazza
You guys are so respectful and doblegable about the countries you visit. Welcome back to England, good to see you return :-)
sado man
Sorry about the weather, you missed a lovely summer here
Flash of Splendour
Come to Oxford when you're in the Cotswolds! So much to see here, including some wonderful exhibitions on at the moment.
Robyn Hendry
My hometown! Loved this vlog. If you ever visit Bristol again. You should take a trip to Clifton. Very nice area with Brunel history and the Clifton suspension bridge. Also for more graffiti you should head to North Street where they host Upfest which is a graffiti festival. Also Gloucester road is worth a visit, longest road independent shops on it. Also connects to Cheltenham Road which has more graffiti and some Banksy. Also classic Banksy piece on the bottom of Park Street. Hope you enjoyed Bristol. X
Mr. MaryJane
I live in Bristol and despite it being a little rough around the edges it's a beautiful city. You guys should of took a trip to the south of the city and had a walk through the countryside. It's extremely beautiful there.
Travel With Mansoureh
Whenever I have been in Bristol it was sunny. I think I was the lucky one
Jessica Lauchlan
You guys are so underrated! Excellent editing, great personality, interesting commentary..shall I go on? Amazing
Shamir Patel
If ur looking for good WiFi then the best bet is a public library or mall like Cabot Circus where the WiFi is usually free. There may be problems as Bristol has a lot of old buildings and narrow streets and alleys which can sometimes hinder WiFi strength.
Hello to you both , Love your vblogs!! I'm from Telford , Shropshire England. What''s the name of the first background tune please? Best wishes.
Bristol is one of my favourite cities, love the harbourside, I'm jealous of you guys 😍
Annie Newton
Come to East Anglia loads of places to visit 😊👍🏻
Blah blah Nana
Ahh Scottish highlands white sand beaches, wild dolphins, beautiful 🌈🍀
Nothing like some quality Internets... :P That pie 'n' peas looks yummy... :)
So happy to have you back in the UK! Love your videos and your presenting style, and love how you are always so gracious and complimentary about our little island. It's strange how two foreigners can make me so proud to be British. Keep up the good work guys, and I can't wait for your next video ❤️
Francesca Martinez
Ok, the ending of the vlog, so funny! Goodness, the Mexican-ish dish looked delish! Have fun out there and of course, thanks for sharing😊😊
Trust Joe
Btw this vids in the Scotland playlist not England
Maxine Blackham
A true cider is cloudy and flat (not fizzy/sparkling). Tastes really nice. You should visit Nottingham
D B M official
You should come down south at some point to places like Blackpool, brighton, Norfolk etc.
Miss November
I guess the best option for WIFI in general when you travel are hotel bars/lounges they usually have pretty good speed.
Bristle Hof
Bristol, best place on earth 🤗😘
Molly Owens
Manchester is amazing! You should definitely visit 😄
Origin Mid 19th century: from dialect scrump ‘withered apple’.
It's a Wanderful Life
When that Lime & Chili shot was so tart that it made Allison spontaneously dab @ 7:33 , LOL! 😂😂
You're back in Blighty!! Welcome back xx
It's a shame what the vandals have done in their street art. It isn't big or clever. Bristol is the city of my birth.
Dave H
We've had a fabulous summer, thank you very much. Popular American belief.
Coolest city in the world! And not just because it's my hometown ;)
Colin Maltman
that was quite a refreshing video. good work guys
Becky louise
Scrumpy is amazing. It hits you all at once so be prepared hahaha Xx
Sophie Millington
Ah! How long are you in Bristol for?! I live here! Xx
Erin Colleen
I always feel like I'm right there with you two. Thanks for letting me travel vicariously through you both.
Welcome to my hometown, hope you enjoy your stay. Checkout the SS Great Britain and Clifton Suspension Bridge if you have time. Looking forward to your travels around the UK.
Ray Blackford
Come to the black country ! Lots to do and greatest bands ever are from this area! Black Sabbath Judas priest Led Zeppelin Roy wood Let's rock!
It’s so weird to see my hometown from a travellers perspective! You make it seem so much better 🤣
Christine Thornhill
Northumberland including Holy Island . Wonderful .
The Cotswolds, Snowdonia and Scotland. Three of the most beautiful places in the UK. You guys are great people and great for the tourism industry and i loved the ending to this video.
Dave Lambert
Guys you filmed at least two Banksys along graffiti alley.
Roy Perkins
Back in the UK wonderful glad you're back . The veg shots are not for a omnivore!
Helen C
Yay so happy to see you in Bristol, my home city. Can't wait for the next blog. (Great choice going to Pieminister, a Bristol classic!)
Paul Catherall
Excellent ending , made me laugh. Cheers . Hope you enjoy Snowdonia.
helen shanahan
Welcome back to the UK. Sorry to hear you had problems with Ryan air. Not the best company to fly with. A hint for great wifi. Find an apple store and just stand outside. We do that all over Europe. Sad you couldn't have visited our great country in the summer to see it at its best but fingers crossed autumn doesn't come quickly.
Ian Sartoria
Please come to Newcastle if your heading up Scotland way. Come to the coastal side to Whitley Bay and there you can find St Mary’s Lighthouse, you can climb to the top. The local council have just reopened the Spanish City Dome which is now a grade 2 listed building and great to explore. Please google it all and have a think 😊😊😊 thanks guys (Also national award winning ice cream at Di Meo’s and fish and chips at Pantrinis right next door to each other!) 👌🏻👍🏻
Ash Allen
Welcome back, you just missed the solid months of summer weather across the whole uk 🔥 one of our hottest since the 70s.
Nikki Nik
Will you be able to go to Skipton Castle (in England) on your way to Scotland???? Ive always wanted to go and I know you 2 are loving the castles! 😉
Laurel Hamilton
You guys are the best! I'm still Loving your videos! Thank you for what you do!
Ady Gee
we need a video of you guys playing flux :)
James king
Sexy highlight of the video is 9:43
Welcome back to 🇬🇧 I highly recommend walking up Ben Nevis ⛰ in Scotland. And there is a great Pub at the bottom too, Ben Nevis Inn & Bunkhouse, where the path starts 👍
Jemaine Pearson
🤣🤣🤣🤣faces you guys made tasting veggie shots. The salads Allison got looked A-mazing! Always like when you’re in the UK. More time in Scotland, ya!
Thanks for all the videos. I will go to work in United Kingdom in a few days. I am learning a lot for my work in the restaurant. I´m from Spain....
Dave F
Yah! Absolutely love St. Nick's market - such an amazing selection of food - and the cake stall if stunning. Utterly stunning.
If u haven't already been to Snowdonia, go to Beddgelert and Portmeiron. Also the railway from Porthmadog to Blanau Ffestiniog
Big Beat Manifesto
Lol Ryanair is a joke, easyjet is the best for cheap flights I find
Keelin seager
I live in Bristol so I recognise pretty much all of it hahah
maddy h
i live here! i haven’t watched the video yet but i’m predicting you went to st nicholas market :) bristol is such a beautiful and interesting city, i hope you enjoyed your stay!
Jonny Bravo
God bless America from sunny England lol 🇺🇸🇬🇧
lloyd anstice
How did you manage to make Bristol look so good lol
I love zombie flux!!! Have fun in my home country :-) love watching your vlogs
My home town wow. It’s a decent city great bohemian life very cultural diverse lots of great nightlife and food
Evil Twin
Your timing is brilliant! You just missed the longest and hottest summer we've had in over 40 years! So it isn't always grey, honest!
karen gray
Great to see you both back in the UK and still smiling after a rather frustrating day. Hope you get a little bit of sunshine at some point during your stay. Allison, how does your hubby know what poo tastes like? 🤔 😜😂
Bindi Owen
Allison, you’re juice shot tasting expressions are so cute! Love your travel vlogs!!
Simon Jester
Scrumpy refers to Scrumping, i.e stealing apples from the orchard belonging to the lord of the Manor.
Simon Templar
Just bought Flux on your recommendation. Still getting the hang of it, but seems a great game. Thanks for the tip.
Problems with Ryanair .... such a shocker LOOOL, good you guys made there ok finally. I went to University in Bristol, such an amazing cool city :)
Chris James
You're going to have a great time, but based on your itinerary I wouldn't be too optimistic about sunshine!
Chef Life
hello what app you used to edit your video? thanks for answering
Stephen Curtis
Welcome back you two ! Please come up to Manchester and visit ! We would love to see you both.
Denise Gale
Yay you are back in my country, I live for these videos and at the moment my life is v stressful as I am having house renovations so these will help me escape for a while😁
Jamie Browne
You should go to Norwich, beautiful city and Norfolk in general has such beautiful countryside.
Chris Peters
Happy to hear that you two are going to the Cotswold! We are planning a trip there next summer! P.S. - you two are great!
Ceilidh McPhee
When we were traveling uk we got a SIM card which included unlimited data! It was great for uploading and streaming! Was about £30 for a month.
Loni & Al
Endless Adventure and fun bantering together ❤️❗️. Just so TEA🌈👏👏. Always love your tasting expressions ❤️📷👀👌
David Evans
I'm addicted to watching you guys . Brilliant
Ady Quinn
Good to see you guys back in the UK. Try and find time to visit Coventry near Birmingham in the midlands 👍
Max Jeggo
Try easyjet or jet2 instead of ryanair. Still cheap airlines but soo much better xx
dominic spurrier
Henry westons vintage cider is the one!! Smooth not too sweet and its 8 half percent lovely!
There is only one real sausage - Polish sausage - Kielbasa :)