British Food - BEST FOOD MARKET IN BRISTOL! + Exploring The City (Bristol, England)

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We're finally back in the United Kingdom! We're starting off with an epic day in Bristol, England exploring the St. Nicholas Markets and eating some delicious British street food. Next we'll start our road trip up to Wales and Scotland! WATCH NEXT ▶ German Food Tour in Cologne! /> == BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER! == Get access to special emoji and exclusive live chats with us! /> == MERCH == Get Your T.E.A. Merch!! /> == MUSIC == Access Thousands of Songs for FREE with Epidemic Sound! /> This video's music by: /> == SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL! == Supporters get early access to never before seen vlogs, hand-written postcards and more! ► /> == OUR TRAVEL GEAR == ★ Camera - />★ Lens - />★ Microphone - />★ Drone - />★ GoPro - />★ Camera Belt Clip - />★ Tripod - /> BROWSE ALL OF OUR GEAR ► /> == Follow Us == ❤ Twitter - />❤ Facebook - />❤ Instagram - />❤ Travel Blog - /> == About Us == We're Eric & Allison Bieller and we're on a journey to find the most interesting places and unique foods this planet has to offer! We've traded in our steady paychecks and permanent home for a life of travel and adventure. Come along and see the world with us!

The Endless Adventure
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Julie Pownall
Come to manchester it wont dissapoint cool city most cosmopoltian city in the UK
Old Skool Fool
Lol you were saying you haven't seen 'a Banksy' while you were literally walking towards one on Stokescroft, it was less than 30 steps ahead of you, the teddy bear vs Police 'Mild Mild West' piece
You missed about 3 months where we hardly had any clouds or rain. People literally filmed themselves dancing in the street when it finally started raining again.
Travel With Mansoureh
Welcome back to the UK :)
Dan Lewis-Leaver
Bristol; England's best city.....
Andy Ward
Try to visit the Black country and The Black Country Museum its a great day out they have a real ale pub and a fish and chip shop that cooks the food in Beef dripping the real way chips were cooked 30+ years ago , and its were lots of Peaky Blinders was filmed .
Maya Padmi
Bristol !!! My favorite city in the UK, always wanted to go back again 😍😍
Anna Parry
Yay, Bristol, my hometown. While you’re there, if I’m not too late go to the Coronation Tap, a really old cider bar, known locally as the “Corrie TP”. It’s near the suspension bridge, another must see in Bristol.
philip gardiner
when you are in Wales i recommend paying a visit to Portmeirion if you can
Dave H
We've had a fabulous summer, thank you very much. Popular American belief.
John Street
The west country of England has some of the best food in the world.
Aw man you guys were in Bristol and I had no idea! I could have shown you the sights and best places to eat (and got some good wifi!).
Halcro Johnston
Pieministers are the BEST! They sell them all over the country through stores as well as their restaurants. If you ever get the chance, try the Saag Pie-neer pie (pea, paneer, spinach, chilli, potato and mango) and The Heidi Pie (goat's cheese, sweet potato and spinach) if you're into vegetarian pies. They're terrific. Loads of variations in the meat side as well.
Ady Quinn
Good to see you guys back in the UK. Try and find time to visit Coventry near Birmingham in the midlands 👍
Helena T
Definitely see if you can go to Liverpool on your way up towards Scotland!!!!! You will love it! 💕💕💕
Travel With Mansoureh
Whenever I have been in Bristol it was sunny. I think I was the lucky one
helen shanahan
Welcome back to the UK. Sorry to hear you had problems with Ryan air. Not the best company to fly with. A hint for great wifi. Find an apple store and just stand outside. We do that all over Europe. Sad you couldn't have visited our great country in the summer to see it at its best but fingers crossed autumn doesn't come quickly.
I actually lived in Bristol for many years. You were in St. Nicholas Market, a terrible place for internet. You need to go up Park Street, towards the University, you will find wifi up there. Also you must go a little bit further out to see Bristol. Go up Gloucester Road and follow it up a mile or two. You could go to St Marks Road in Easton(an area of Bristol not far from the centre). You will find a lot of Asian shops and find a good Indian curry there too. There are a hundred a more places in Bristol to visit, the Clifton suspension bridge is a sight to behold and to walk across, 200 feet above the Avon Gorge. Go down to Tasties bar in St Pauls and have Jamaican Chicken, rice and peas. Oh yes, there is a real Banksy at the bottom of Park Street, on the right hand side on a building set back from the path by a bridge going across Union Street, I think! I could put you ointo a friend of mine who might be disposed to show you some sights, or at least know someone who could show you around, I unfortunately, live a 100 miles from Bristol. There is plenty of good live music in Bristol, all on the internet, I know a lot of musicians in Bristol, check that out if you want to go out for a good boogie.
Sam Kenyon
So glad you made it to Bristol! It's by far the best place I've lived
Thomas Hedge
Ngl I tend to drop of watching some of the videos when it's outside the UK but as soon as I see a British title I never miss it! Glad to see you back!
cary zincke
welcome to bristol its a shame you missed all the out on the big festivals we have
Julie Pownall
Its my home city l disagree with you we have fine architecture fine shops art galleries museums restaurants we have everything but a beach
Stacie C
'Banksy is believed to be from bristol'. First off, he is from bristol and went to school here (He went to bristol cathedral choir school to be precise). Secondly, he has plenty of pieces all over bristol, you only looked through a speck of bristol.
rob claridge
You need to visit Bristol in the summer. There is a street event nearly every weekend. When I say street event, I mean 10's of thousands sometimes. Search St. Pauls Carnival, Bristol Harbour Fest, Upfest (Which accounts for a lot of the graffiti), amongst many many more.
sado man
Sorry about the weather, you missed a lovely summer here
Dylan's World
Probably too late now, but you've got to go to the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, in South West England. Its a UNESCO Heritage Site now.
Ian Sartoria
Please come to Newcastle if your heading up Scotland way. Come to the coastal side to Whitley Bay and there you can find St Mary’s Lighthouse, you can climb to the top. The local council have just reopened the Spanish City Dome which is now a grade 2 listed building and great to explore. Please google it all and have a think 😊😊😊 thanks guys (Also national award winning ice cream at Di Meo’s and fish and chips at Pantrinis right next door to each other!) 👌🏻👍🏻
LOL, concerning the shots. Great video today.
Shamir Patel
If ur looking for good WiFi then the best bet is a public library or mall like Cabot Circus where the WiFi is usually free. There may be problems as Bristol has a lot of old buildings and narrow streets and alleys which can sometimes hinder WiFi strength.
Annie Newton
Come to East Anglia loads of places to visit 😊👍🏻
Flash of Splendour
Come to Oxford when you're in the Cotswolds! So much to see here, including some wonderful exhibitions on at the moment.
fave dancers
Yayyy bristol my home town, very under appreciated city
Ash Khagram
Shame you didn’t pop to Devon, you could have used my wi-fi. When you decide to come back send me a msg.
Ryanair have pissed off their pilots as well as their passengers.
Simon Jester
Scrumpy refers to Scrumping, i.e stealing apples from the orchard belonging to the lord of the Manor.
9:30 - Erm, you're not supposed to eat the salad, you're supposed to wave the assorted components of it across the unhealthy stuff, then leave it at the side of the plate ready to be thrown in the bin. . Passage of lettuce over or near delicious sausages, bacon etc cuts the calories in half and makes you feel less guilty.
Baking Sweet Hope
It was your last round of videos in Scotland, Edinburgh specifically (that I all but have memorized) that first got us excited about visiting Scotland and now I can confidentially say it’s our single favorite place on the planet! We spent two weeks there last fall (followed by two in London of course) and ate haggis on the Royal Mile where you all did and it was awesome! We just went a couple weekends ago to the Scottish Pleasanton, California. Not exactly the same but still, I closed my eyes, listened to the bagpipes and ate a meat pie. It was....close. So go to Scotland? Yes, PLEASE!!!! By the way, I was relieved to hear that was mushy peas on top of your plate Eric. At first I thought it was the nastiest looking guacamole.
Travel Artists
wow im super surprised by the low internet speeds in Bristol! that looks like a cliche British meal and the cider doesn't sound so appetizing... better luck next time with the game bar!
maddy h
i live here! i haven’t watched the video yet but i’m predicting you went to st nicholas market :) bristol is such a beautiful and interesting city, i hope you enjoyed your stay!
My home town wow. It’s a decent city great bohemian life very cultural diverse lots of great nightlife and food
Alistair Thow
If your driving upto Scotland, come off the motorway M6/M74 at the border( 90 mls of boring/bleak motorway) and use A roads to get to Glasgow/Edinburgh, it won't take much longer but you will see stunning historical places.
hazza grazza
You guys are so respectful and doblegable about the countries you visit. Welcome back to England, good to see you return :-)
Welcome to my hometown, hope you enjoy your stay. Checkout the SS Great Britain and Clifton Suspension Bridge if you have time. Looking forward to your travels around the UK.
James king
Sexy highlight of the video is 9:43
FiFi Eats
Yay! I’m from Bristol!
Robyn Hendry
My hometown! Loved this vlog. If you ever visit Bristol again. You should take a trip to Clifton. Very nice area with Brunel history and the Clifton suspension bridge. Also for more graffiti you should head to North Street where they host Upfest which is a graffiti festival. Also Gloucester road is worth a visit, longest road independent shops on it. Also connects to Cheltenham Road which has more graffiti and some Banksy. Also classic Banksy piece on the bottom of Park Street. Hope you enjoyed Bristol. X
Mr. MaryJane
I live in Bristol and despite it being a little rough around the edges it's a beautiful city. You guys should of took a trip to the south of the city and had a walk through the countryside. It's extremely beautiful there.
It's a shame what the vandals have done in their street art. It isn't big or clever. Bristol is the city of my birth.
Username Given
The cringe of it!
brian poole
welcome back to good old "Blighty"...we've missed the way if you are going from snowdonia up to a one night detour to's Britain's most popular seaside resort by far..(20 million visitors a year)...back in the day. it was called the Vegas of the north...the illuminations are on till November...(5 miles of animated lights all down the coast)..the greatest free light show on earth..3 piers...second largest tower in Europe, after Eiffel...all amazingly lit up,'ve gotta come..just spend one night...the home of fish and chips..bed and breakfast from ,£10 a's a must see
Kenny G
In England "scrumping" is a well known term for stealing apples from someone else's tree. Must have the same origins as "scrumpy" but I'm not sure what they are. Great video as usual!!
It’s so weird to see my hometown from a travellers perspective! You make it seem so much better 🤣
Nikki Nik
Will you be able to go to Skipton Castle (in England) on your way to Scotland???? Ive always wanted to go and I know you 2 are loving the castles! 😉
Michael MacDonell
Trouble with Ryanair? Never! Unheard of! They are the worst. Get stuck in, while you are here, and if you are in (the original) Norfolk, give us a heads-up.
Sarah Ackroyd
Come to Manchester.
David Pearson
Watch that draft cider it can have a very high alcohol content 8% isn’t uncommon I know from experience !!!!!!!
Kriswan Sully
should really visit Northumberland, Newcastle and the borders,
Go from Bristol, to Wales too, thats very close
eileen haveron
You folks NEED to come to Manchester - home of the Suffragette movement, Alan Turing's works, the oldest library in the English-speaking world, football leagues, vimto, THE BEST MUSIC, Socialism, Graphene, the splitting of the atom, a thriving food and drink scene, and you just shouldn't miss it!
bryn mordey
Come to my home town Newcastle
Tim Jenkins
Glad to see you back in the UK!! Hope you enjoyed your time here so far =D
Having my coffee with you guys this morning ☕️
Ian Brown
Why don’t you download a WiFi testing App on your phone? That way you can stand outside, test the quality of the WiFi before going in and buying anything?
The Travelling Ulcers
Such a pity! Was only in Bristol a couple of weeks ago. Moving on to Asia tomorrow for my ongoing foodie tour.
Adam's Eats
Ah you guys, if you ever come to the UK again, come visit Leicestershire. I can show you some amazing food. We are not only the inventors of the melton mowbray pork pie, red leicester and stilton cheese, but we have some of the best indian food in the UK aswell. :)
If you find yourself in the area I think you'll enjoy a pub I know called The Crooked House, it's in the West Midlands.
Jade Cummings
Early on today's video! 😊
Hey both, a very warm welcome to England! 😀 I just watched this video on my TV, but have to comment via my mobile. I discovered your channel thanks to a collaboration video you did with Kara and Nate and another travelling couple a while back, loved your stuff and have been following you for a few months! First up, as a Ryanair fan (we do exist!) I'm sorry to hear you didn't have a good experience with them. I've never had an issue with over 20 flights with them, and I'm gutted you didn't film the travelling as I love watching other people's experiences. Hopefully next time they'll do you proud, keep the faith. They've got so much better over the years! Also, welcome to the South West. I've learnt a few things about Bristol I didn't know and I really want to find that cider bar now! Scrumpy is an old-style cider, modern cider is far nicer and you must try some! If you find it, try Henry Westons' cider, easily found in most shops and worth a try. Also, do try some British beer while over here as we make some amazing stuff, and yes I speak as a semi-pro in this area! I hope you enjoy your tour of the UK, I noted you plan to do Snowdonia which I haven't yet done and will be watching with interest. If you find yourselves up my way in Hereford, do pop in and visit our amazing cathedral, it's one thing we're famous for. Apart from Bulmers cider, which we manufacture here and you'll love it more than scrumpy!
Tiger's Eye
Goooooood morninggggggg
ye〜 ye〜
i love uk.
Toni Myers
Hiya. Few things. Public WiFi is the UK (especially in coffee shops) usually has bandwidth limits for up/downloading. Supposedly it's more for checking emails and websurfing, and you're not supposed to use it for heavy stuff. You will find it is a problem in many places here. :( Scrumpy is specifically Cornish cider, it is flat not sparkling, and tends to be very strong. In Cornwall it is poured from a stone jar/jug. I'm fairly sure it's one of those area protected food/drink items (like champagne). Hope you have a wonderful trip here despite the crappy public wifi. :)
Shelley Walker
You guys should visit Land's End Cider Farm (also known as Rodger Wilkin's Cider Farm). It's in the west of England, so not too far from where you are. It's literally a barn with a dirt floor. You can hang out with the charming owner and the locals, drink cheap, but authentic Scrumpy and eat cheese. In fact, I think the first is free. It's a magical place and frequented by many celebrities.
Stuart Taylor
Nice to see you back in England! Always love to see your opinions on this little bit of land with poor weather i call home! I live in Preston in Lancashire it has quite a bit history dating back to the industrial revolution but unfortunately very little to do these days. Blackpool may be of interest to you though just down the road with the illuminations this time of year, trams, Blackpool tower and lots of fish and chips!
Colin Maltman
that was quite a refreshing video. good work guys
Leyton Jay
Scrumptious used to refer to a homemade, imperfect or ancient style of cider. Nowadays it's used for premium in the same way 'craft' is used for premium modern beers. I live the cloudy stuff that looks like a bad urine sample and tastes like a farmyard. They're mad for cider in Cornwall, the rest of the UK thinks they're a bit strange because of the chemical in cider that collects in the brain.
lady mel77
Omg! So funny! We have the same plans! Haha! Maybe we will see you on the way around! We are currently in N. Wales in Llandudno and having an amazing time! Will be touring the town today including the Orme and also the amazing churchyards and promenade :D After tomorrow we will be headed to Conwy castle and Caernarfon + Cearnarfon castle :D much much more to do lile Snowdonia and Scotland as well! Including many famous castles like Eilean donan, Glamis and many more :D
Ella Mae
You should go to Camden Town in London and go the the Camden market, also think you’d love seeing the lanes of Brighton and the pier there
R Walker
told Ya St. Nicks Mkt. is pretty cool ... Scrumpy or 'rough cider' traditionally brewed in local farms is, well, kinda rough (for local, fruity, easy drinking 'zider' try Thatchers, haze or gold, used to be rough years ago but now more 'refined'and in most pubs) ... If You NEED a new backpack and can't wait to order online try Blacks (in Broadmead), North face (Cabot Circus) or Mountain Warehouse (has reasonable prices) ... Also don't forget the Suspension Bridge !
petee rodgers
You will know scrumpy cider when u get it, tends to taste flat but normally very strong ,it goes down smoothly then 3pints later your dancing with lamposts lol My recommendation is "old rosie" 7.2% from wetherspoons 🙃😵🤕
Living Walks
Hi there, we've been enjoying watching this. We film 4k walks in cities too, and have just filmed Bristol, so it's lovely to see someone doing something similar but from a foodie's viewpoint, thank you for taking the time to add your video. As we do a similar thing, perhaps we could subscribe to each other and share more?
I know you're planning to go north in Wales but if you're heading back to Cardiff at any point, be sure to check out both Hard Lines coffee stall and Clancy's vegetarian stall in the market, both are awesome!
Dave H
I really enjoyed your video, even the bits when you are wingin about the Internet, Ryan air, the weather and the cider. Maybe you should learn a bit about the slave trade while in Brisl.
Peter Haida
Great video the Mrs & I always look forward to your UK tours, shame you didn’t come a month or two earlier, the weather was ridiculously hot, hope you have a great time here.
that pie and mash looked filling, sod the fancy stuff, lets have sausage pie and mash!
Matthew Pritchard
You can't beat a good old pie and mash dinner. It's proper British stick-to-your-ribs stodgy food yum! P.s. please don't use Ryanair it's such a poorly run airline.
Scrumpies are generally cloudy ciders and get their name from the act of scrumping. This is when people would steal apples off the trees in orchards and make their own cider hence the smaller batches. They also usually have a much higher alcohol content then regular ciders and are nowhere near as sweet.
Peter Jakeways
You guys should check out the food at the "Hickory Smoke House" their a small chain in the North Wales area. Its my favourite restaurant.
WV Productions UK
Another great video, and you are in my home country. I hope one day you will venture down to Norfolk where I live. Also don't know if you will remember me. I'm the insane one who suffers from an anxiety disorder and bad OCD. well to cut a long story short my goal was to make to the seaside. (As I find it hard to leave the house.) Well I managed to do it. Although it was at 12:30 at night, but I took my zoom recorder and got 5 minutes of ocean sound effects. Anyway enough of me, can't wait to see where you go and what you get up to next. I'll soon be congratulating you for 150k beats my 44 lol.
Drinking Scrumpy? That's cloudy cider in the UK. Careful adventurers it messes with the little grey cells in such subtle ways. I have always gone with the buy a half rule: If you wobble as you go to the bar for the second half order anything else. Some of those scrumpies go to 8.2% alcohol by volume... If you get that second half pint... well I have seen people fall down ;) Hope that helps :D
Saxman t
Some farmers were known to throw in the odd animal carcass into their scrumpy cider barrels to add to the flavour !
Jemaine Pearson
🤣🤣🤣🤣faces you guys made tasting veggie shots. The salads Allison got looked A-mazing! Always like when you’re in the UK. More time in Scotland, ya!
Bernard Finucane
The usual stereotype about England is that the food is bland, and there still is some justification for that, but nowadays everybody seems to be a foody, and trendy restaurants are pretty exuberant with their spices.
Thanks for all the videos. I will go to work in United Kingdom in a few days. I am learning a lot for my work in the restaurant. I´m from Spain....
Robin Spencer
So glad you enjoyed my city... and found St Nicks, King Street and Christmas Steps... good start! Given the short time you had to be here, the M Shed is the best (free) place to get an overview of Bristol through history... it has a little of everything. It is frustrating to watch you go so close to places with amazing stories, to hear you excited about things and know there is so much more... I guess that is the true story about traveling the world... we see some amazing things, taste and feel things that surprise us... and miss so much more.
Andrew Steel
Like #700! 👍
selina wilson
Great to see you guys back in Blighty! Message me if you are near Hartlepool in the north east, willing tour guide!
no name
Pie mash mushy peas , good stewed brown tea. 👍🏻 She gets salad with sausages lol, then rips off his mash and gravy 😂. Great blog , keep it local and traditional with the food ! Kale shots haha
Martina Micko
I am soooo happy you're in England :) Don't take me wrong, I love all of your videos yet somehow I love a combo of England + autumn (my favourite season) And holy cow, one month? Woohoo :) You just made my whole day :) Enjoy the country and have fun! Greetings from Germany :)
Glenn Wheatley
Scrumpy cider is the traditional made cider. It is very famous in the Southwest, especially Somerset which Bristol sits right on the edge. We used to go to scrumpy farms as kids with our old lemonade bottles and get the farmer to fill them up, although some farms were very rough and ready, some of the old vats that the cider fermented in had various decaying matter in them hahaha