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The full movie, dumped from the DVD. All I could find on YouTube were VHS dumps with awful video and sound, so I'm sharing a DVDRip I found.

You Make Me Laugh
😆 I can't believe, I've never seen this before... Thanks for sharing 🙋 I love the tv version of bates motel 📺👀🎬🎥🍿
Scott South
The recent TV show with Freddie HIghmore was first class, especially Highmore--the perfect young Norman. Really good acting.
Bunny Biedenharn
So, for over two decades, someone's been paying the taxes, and the utility bills, on the Bates Motel? How nice of them!
Berta Hernandez
15:05. Eso no lo esperaba
Chaleco Salvavides
I was going to stay here once on my travels but I ended up at Motel Hello! They serve up great BBQ.
The Greek Pianist
Bryan Partington
I wondered why I hadn't heard of it before. Now I KNOW WHY , UTTER SHIT ........................
Merchiante Productions
Hmm... I never knew Paul McCartney was Norman Bates.. 😐 I'm so confused, who's Alex??!!
big ron
Big fan of the original I didn't even know that this movie was made thanks
Fernesque Golan
The announcer at the beginning of the movie should be shot for a bad case of overacting. This is about the Bates family. There is the father, Mister Bates, the mother, Mrs. Bates, and the young son, Master Bates.
Cynthia Hughes
Interesting take on was a wasted opportunity to make a really creepy movie. I think if they had taken it more seriously (made it into a horror movie)could have been great. I had fun watching it anyway because I kinda like old bad movies. Thanks
At 1:29:40 I was expecting Tom to say, “I would’ve gotten away with it had it not been for you meddling kids.”
Bianca Lynch
Also, GLORIA Bates??? This is ridiculous.
Big Owl
That was as scary as my aunts beard
The suicidal lady almost spoiled this show,.other then that it was ok,.but why didn't she pay for her room,.and the other ghosts Alex never charged anyone,.
Derby Lane
The news reporter looks creepy himself 😂😂😂😂😂
Amanda denman
The girl in the Chicken suit added a level of cheesiness that they would have done better to leave out entirely.
Carole Hardy
Great to be able to see this movie again . Thanks
Hey I'm in your room by accident. You just got out of the shower and you're wrapped in a towel, still wet. I know what, let's do the Twist. Edit: Thank you for the upload and for sharing this whacky movie.
Morgan Renee
So her name is Gloria instead of Norma??
Jorge Prieto
The recent TV series was the BEST story Prequel ever made. Period
80s Halloween Horror
hey Pilgrim can't find the Bates Motel just Google it don't ask them Savages they're just a bunch of mean punks
Rhonda Dargue
Norman set the house on fire in the 4th film, so how can it still be standing. What crap
John Q. Public
Thanks for wasting precious time off my lifespan. This is the worst movie I've ever seen, it's not even bad in a good way. I'm sure I missed this when it came out back when. Is this a comedy?
Petra Lucie Žaloudíková
Yeah, that was lame, I thought it´s the original movie where Bates is killing.
Dayangku Intan
Wowwwwwwww.. so amazing this movies.. I watch it juz now.. actually I'm stay at homestay in my town because my partner traveling, so he suggest me to stay at hotel in town..then inside my room here got picture of Bates motel. Its look like creepy motel n I search at Google n YouTube.. suddenly YouTube recommended this movies.. spent my time in balcony watching it and I feel the same way like a lady want to kill herself. Makes me feel that I must appreciate myself in life.. thanks to my partner, he always hope me enjoy every moments with or without him.. Thank you!!
Mikey Rosario
Scooby Doo !!!
abod kalaf
thanks for the super quality upload of afantastic movie.
Very enjoyable loved it!
The Cold Raven
Well that was uh....totally not like the others I've seen lol.
Dina Johnson
Who is Alex and where is Norman???
Nina Marquez
what happened to the TV show it was interesting
John Wilson
Yes what a load of rubbish. LOL no xxxx LOL
damn i love when the young come to the motel its so sweet
Mark Rawls
thanks for posting this, i have never seen it.
Char Timberwolve
Funny how he's at a few funerals in this movie also. The lady in black is the ghost of Maude! 😂
anjo de deus
Muito bom filme gostei meus parabéns obrigado
Thomas Chatterton
Thank you for sharing this movie. I really enjoyed it.
Rose Panama
Marvelous excellent slender love Bates I'm old school and new school
Alexandria Dee
I Norman Bates, being of sound mind.......😂😂😂
Bianca Lynch
norman shworman
Ann Foy
I really love how I can watch the movies I want to see on my smart tv.
Nina Marquez
really 😎
Daniel Dambrosio
We'll leave the light on for ya!
Luvs Snow
I love these movies they are what started the phase of fear of whats outside the shower curtain and you have to admit at times we all pull the shower curtain aside and stick our head out once in a while hehe.... I would like to find the one that henry Thomas played a young norman bates
William freytes - cheverez
That sure is an ugly norman
Louise Reeves
Never saw this one . Thanks 😃
Kadmos Phoinikou Kanaanon
@1:19:25 A seventeen-year-old Jason Bateman to middle-aged Barbara: "Can I at least get some head?"
Thanks a lot! Finally can hear the beautiful opening theme in good quality!
Hillary Clinton's makes a Special Guest appearance as Norman's mum
Christina Bako
Lori Petty was a good actress, too bad she ruined it with Tank Girl.
Kelly Patterson
This was supposed to be a weekly tv series where people would stay and have their personal experiences, then resolve something in their lives. Sounded good. But i guess it fell through.
Bryan Bates
I should open a motel.
As a Hitchcock PSYCHO fan from way back, this was really totally unexpected. The suspense just kept happening..but the plot read more like a happy exorcism. No great ratings, but I thought it was FAB.
David Jones
boring couldn't watch this without skipping ahead lost intrest after 30minutes.
Twincy Rigby
Nice,good quality movie!😊
Panama Rose
A beautiful old school movie X-Men bravo bravo
Ben Weaver
She was cute... Lori Petty
Elle I
They always use very unattractive actors to portray Ed Geins but bundy they always use cuties to play him🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
dave johnson
The entire moving is nothing more than "talking heads" !!!
Eliana Alejandra
Esto es realmente divertido , lo peor que he visto despues de psicosis y Bates Motel (actuada por Freddie Highmore y Vera Farmiga ) por favor no hagan estas versiones echan a perder los verdaderos trabajos que se hicieron con harto trabajo durante mucho tiempo , soy una fanatica de psicosis y Bates Motel y esto es una burla
Lyle Gerard
More cowbell!!!
Marco Molina
can u please re upload this movie link no longer works thanks
Arturo Rayos
A true classic horror movie thanks for uploading
Awesome Quality :D thanks !! Love Jason Bateman
edgar grossman
ooh dang, thanks! wanted to see this gem again, for a long time.
really lame... some off take on the original
Lisa Borsella
Thank You! A decent little movie, especially to any "Bates" fans like me)
Marc Allen Castro
No wonder why this didn't become a series. So glad Psycho IV happened!!!!
jo egleton
That was creepy
Frank Enstein
Huge psycho fan. I need to go in that house one day, maybe stay in a hotel room
Kristen Temple
Oh brother was that a dumb movie, there was not one single scary part in it... It was more like a Scooby Doo episode than a horror flick, sheesh... Mrs Bates is likely turning over in her grave over how dumb this movie was, Norman too, lol... 😂👻😱
Ray Chris Enriquez
thanks 4 this movie
Miyaan Bhai
what was it ?😯😯
Its not a great movie but if you're with someone you love and alot of wine...
Gloria Bates?? I thought it was Norma??
Rivs Amazing
psycho movie or a comedy???
pukito diaz
What a beautiful movie upload thanks more film of 80's pls.
Karol garcia BTS
Josie P.
Lol is this a comedy,,,,,,NOT 4 ME
Tony Montana
Wtf is this?
Adrian Verrua
Hi guys!, how are you?, i need know the name of this movie, please any can help me? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I REMEMBER ONLY THIS INFO ABOUT THE MOVIE -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I remember that a man enters a place that is made of wood inside, clad in wood inside and looking for the camera and from behind it falls someone dressed in death with a scythe, is like a murderer but it does not kill him, it's like he scares him and he touches him and he gets scared. Another part of the movie that I remember, is that of two men in a convertible car and the one in the passenger seat was blond, I think, with wavy hair and was eating Snacks or something similar, he would toss them up with his hand and catch them with his mouth. Another part of the movie is that those two friends, the one who drove the car after a while long and crosses it with the car and wavy hair as if it were in an army of People on horses and with old clothes, as if it were from the 16th century, something like that. Another part of the film is to get to the kitchen and the kitchen of the house because they were chasing a woman or a phantom sonambulo and escape, I think it was through the kitchen windows and running through the grass, and I think he had a refrigerator next to the window. That's all I remember, son flashes that I had left of the movie, I saw it in the house of my neighbors there 1996, and for me the film of the 80's or early 90's
Coşturan Bilbo
Batesmotelpro demek burdan almış ismini..
B. Hidalgo
🤔 interesting. Good film 👍🏻
Gerald McWilliams
Good movie
Ancienne Belgique
Jake and Gloria Bates...
Melina._ ok
Thomas Cervasio
"There are certain things in life that can upset you Of course I never let them cross my path We made our mother take us out of *PSYCHO* When Janet Leigh was bleeding in the bath ..." -- From the 1966 Off-Broadway Musical *THE MAD SHOW.*
William Miller
Good movie thanks for the movie to watch
That woman is annoying as heck, what is she supposed to be? The overacting in this movie is grating. She's a tough guy that's telling a man she just met what to do with his property then the ditzy music starts?
Hardy Weeks
Enjoyed it with popcorn
*this is the positive side of PSYCHO*
Wayne Sidler
I Norman Bates being of sound mind.... What a classic line
Bryan Turley
Norman was alive all was still his The house motel, and apparently, he had enough in his estate to pay the tax. And will the estate. to his friend in the mental Institution. A good plot like Betty Sues getting married. Or Ghost
Henry Carroll
Not a bad movie. I have to say the wide eyed expression of the lead is a tad much. Too something I can't name but it's just over the top to me. Almost all the way through and I wonder how many times Bud Cort hyperventilated. Not wide eyed, but bug eyed and mouth open breathing and gulping in amazement acting. Acting?
Marcela victorya
Aqui só tem gente que fala inglês kkk
Timberline Construction
Bud Cort from Harold and Maude !
Paticia Phea
Tony Tafoya
This guy looks like the guy who, back in the good ole 70s, used to do the voice characterizations for Milton the toaster.