Katy Tiz - Famous (Official Explicit Video)

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like if the sims 3 brought you here!! :DD
Melanie Burch
Lol talking about sims 3. Gossip girl brought me here :))
Twinnie Twisterz
It sounds Much better in simlish
Raquel De Almeida
thank you Blair and Gossip Girl
ruhee juvekar
Gossip Girl!
Marissa Perkins
She's so pretty. :3
Cess Lavapie
This is my fav song in sims 3 island paradise even though i dont understand it in sims :)
Olivia Madison
I Only know this song from the Sims, But I Still love it XD
Lol If someone wants her cause she's famous it's because they've mistaken her for Lindsay Lohan.
Antonia Bignoux
I heard this on sims
Luana Silva
The Sims 💜
David Simmer
The Sims 3 Island Paradise Soundrack yee
Lisa R
Gossip Girl and Sims <333333
THE MAIN SYNTH MELODY-LINE IN THIS SONG very closely resembles the synth-line from the 1988 song "Wishing Well" by Terence Trent D'Arby (... give that song a listen, and you'll see what I mean). Otherwise (as some folks have already commented here), Katy Tiz just sounds a lot like Rita Ora.  In-other-words -, stylistically, a lot about this song seems "derivative". By the way -, since I'm on the subject of "other songs that this one resembles" -, let me suggest also checking-out the 1976 song by the Australian group Skyhooks entitled "You Just Like Me 'Cuz I'm Good in Bed". (I mention that one, just because its "lyrical concept" is similar to this song "Famous".)
The bitch
Из симс 3,есть русские?)
Eden S7
It's really better in simlish ! lol :P
Sims 3 xD
if this is the level of lyrics you are proud to publish......
Connie Johnson
Katy tiz is amazing!!!!!!!
Thạch Trúc
Catchy song though 👍
One of a dozen.
poppy paul
ha-ha, this is so lame, she's NOT famous.
Depressed person
.....But she aint even famouse.
Sounds exactly like Rita Ora
Sun Flower
Heard it in Gossip Girl and immediately thought of Sims3. Good old times
Murilo Correia
tocou no meu spotify e eu fiquei tipo mds de onde eu me lembro disso SIM GOSSIP GIRL 💖
Toast Y
Wow... this song.. I liked it in sims but now.. wat.. no. NO. instantly regret looking this up. 8'D
Deea D
caught an acoustic set... vocally talented beyond all the production tricks of other 'artists'. hoping she does well in this biz
caught an acoustic set... vocally talented beyond all the production tricks of other 'artists'. hoping she does well in this biz
AskMeAnything AtAll
This was from sims?? 😂😂 dude
Luiza Garcia
essa musica tinha tudo pra bombar,nao sei pq tem so 160.000 viz. é mto boooa essa musica 
Meghan O.
Rock Mafia did such a better job at this originally...
SaraSwo Lovety
Aha, so thats how the lyrics go..hmm...think I prefer it in the "sims language" actually XD
aaaaaawwww yyeeaaahhh
Die Traveler
Buen song!
gawwdd!! <3
Thank you Sims 3 for making my jam! :* ♥♥♥♥
Please reply. I really do love you.
Sheila Teles
Much good your music :)
Michael Boland
Anyone NOT here from Sims or Gossip Girl? No? Just me? Well ok then...
andy johnson
Maya C
Heard on the sims
andy johnson
how you are a amazing singer
Travis McCullough
a radio edit of big big bang... and this is earlier than the song people actually know?? No one knows you in america... get on katy perry's level honey
Francisco Javier Molina Molina
Sings like an angel!!
zur farahanis
Chuck and blair brought me all the way search n listened to so many song include this :)
Anyelo Gonzalez
great song ! i love ti ! <3 <3
Jasmine Harmon
i love this song it rocks
George M
Katy Tiz I LOVE Is Song
Tania Alejo
she reminds me of macy kate
I hear this on sims 3! :-)
Alexis Abreu
Not to be rude but she has big i brows
Εύη Μτσ
The Sims 💘
Tania Alejo
Does she curse?????
Nancy Mitshell
Luciano Arantes
linda !!
Moe Colls
Lmfao i LOVE sims and had no idea this girl had songs in the game and i love her too 😂 whoever put her songs in the game knew what they were doing
Sherry Nasir
Katy Tiz is a rising star and I loved her Big Bang
Francesca oreilly
Virginia Rasberry
Isn't there another video for this...
Ella Morris
got it of sims 3
is she actually famous though? kinda looks like lindsey lohan i guess that counts
Julia Gorasińska
" Not even 30 seconds" did I spend watching this shit video and music
Sim File
No wonder why she wants to fuck so much
Is it just me or does she look a little like Lindsay Lohan in this video?
ikr? only here for that XD
William Burgoon
best sims song in the game
This music is so catchy :D, but the lyrics should be better···
Le Tams
Gossip girl
Baby, you're not really famous, but I'd still fuck you.
Kyser Ehrhardt
the sims sure puts a lot of innapropriate songs in their games
Iman Al-Saiegh
you look like Lindsay Lohan !!!!
SylwiaDusia Grodecka
The sims 3 Adventure Island !
Génesis Quintero Amaya
The Sims 3 Adventure Island <3
Los sims 3 aventura en la isla
Pitiens Sam
The Sims 3 !
gossip girl sent me here!
Vanessa Ulibarri
I love this song! Love you! And yes you are, FAMOUS!*-*
Paola Jung
I know her for snsd
She's famous?
dosent she kind of look like Lindsay Lohan in some parts of the song
so true
Jennifer Minor
She's like a combo of Cher Lloyd and Bridgit Mendler.
lucy galvin
Such a good song but it won't let me buy it on iTunes
Mean Kitty
you're trying to insult me by saying I look like this girl at 2:28? you MUST be Katy Piss, too, cus honey that chick not only doesn't look like me but she's 100X hotter than Katy Piss, and she (you) doesn't know it...I've never known a more conceited over NOTHING idiot than Katy Pisshead! even this song is PERFECT for her, really, is why I can't believe she's SO stupid to release it as her first..HA..you can use all the big producers you want to bottle this piss and try to sell..it's STILL PISS!
Cairstiona Benson
Mean Kitty : 2:28. I have nothing to add to that.
Jonathon Cole
Why did you reshoot it? what happened to the first version?
Mean Kitty
chirp, chirp, chirp.... ;)
Mean Kitty
hey Donkey, you can now say someone wrote about you in a song!!! FINALLY!!!!!!! hahahaha....how's the 'diet' going? Too bad your fatness problem midsection is hereditary for 'Troll' types... :(
Lisa Turtle
she looks like a non drunken/drugged up, Lindsey Lohan
Mean Kitty
and I never called her a 'whore'!! to be called that she'd actually have to succeed in seducing/sleeping with many, and at this point I don't see her scoring '1' yet!!!!!!!!! THUS, she is Miss Piggy, whom no one wants....
i don't care , if she is a piggy or whore.. THE LADY HAS SOMETHING , AND I WISCH HER ALL THE best in her future endeavours , and to you too.... BIG UP FROM MORROCO...... PEACE AND LOVE......
E Zed
Wow i do really do want to fork her Even if im gay i want to fork her :-)
Mean Kitty
she'll always be Miss Piggy, even 'famous'.... :D
you are famous already , and YOU WILL BE VERY FAMOUS , if you work with red one