Fernando Alonso's 7 Tips for Young Drivers

Want to learn from a two-time Formula 1 world champion? Fernando Alonso is our latest driver instructor giving young drivers a tutorial on how to be the best racer. is a free Online Driver Development program for aspiring drivers providing video tutorials as well as direct advice from today's top racers and industry experts.

Paweł Stepień
"Tip number one: avoid Honda engines."
How many of you see Alonso as a future team principal in an F1 team?
esquire eventrade
Best driver in F1. Deserves to win more championships.
Aleksandar Vukojev
Great driver, poor carrier decisions.
Awesome insight by no one than the best.
el Mikas
I like this guy. Vettel said Alonso was the best driver in F1 right now.
Paul Slavonik
Many may not know this, but Alonso is actually my twin brother. I got the good looks, he got the driving skill.
Rob C
The best driver of all.
There are two ways of becoming a racing driver: 1- Start karting as a kid, be really good at it/be rich and progress from there 2- Be a rich adult that can buy his way into motorsport and be a GT, Touring or Rally driver
Ronit Nayak
You all know that this channel is presented by Honda right? 😂
Schneider Alejandro
Robin Holden
Great insight from one of the smartest drivers on the grid. There's never a boring interview with Fernando (hear that, Kimi?!). He expresses himself so precisely in his second language.
Julian R
The less you see the faster you are, this guy is the best xD
>has a video about fernando alonso >proceeds to show stoffel vandoorne clip at 0:04
Francisco Martínez
Increíble! How easy explains such difficult thins and condensate years of experience in just few words.
Spam Can
#1 have rich af parents that get you into a kart as a toddler and move to Europe to continue your career.
Michael Decker
Only dislike is from Honda
Angga Pratama
In other words you need to let your ego take over yourself :p Just look at Hamilton and Vettel
Rice Crash
Train on simulators / video games....check. I am on my way
Kevin FanDelos
Great advice from a real pro. Honest, positive, and simple
Imagine if poor people could become f1 drivers! We'd probably have the most talented drivers in the world
#5 is definitely a specialty of his
Beat PewDiePie and T-series Without Subscribers.
1. Don’t be mean to the team 2. Don’t make a bad decision (Switching to McLaren Honda) 3. No Honda.
easily one of my favorite videos on YouTube
aaron names
lol @ the dark visor story
Reinaldo Cordero
Awesome insight from one of the best!
Meh , we don't all have money for karting , especially when you need to start very young to really be good at it . Maybe i'll just train myself , in a old crappy car , alone , in a dark forest. I'll maybe kill myself but at least it will be worth it !
Fernando sure is really good at speaking.
Random Brown Guy
One can hate him as a person, but no one can deny he is one of the best drivers in the current grid.
2:31 that's true haha, same when you are riding a motorcycle. if you have the helmet on, you feel more comfortable and it gives you a sense of going slower while on the other hand if you ride without a helmet it feels like you are going faster. same with lighter or darker visors :=)
3:29 Baku GP 2018 you mean?
Ever Green
less you see, faster you are
in my opinion, he's as good as or better than senna. he's made some unlucky choices with career moves, but he's always spectacular in any car he drives.
Its raining! Nooooooo my friend, my apple phone says it will not snow today.
filipe beat
real shit! thanks alonso
Aaron Dixon
Shows stoffel vandornes car at start
Bayerische Motoren Werke Motorsport-Abteilung
I hate it when people say they will hope to get to something. If you want it don’t hope act to make it happen. I’m fortunately enough to be racing karts, I’m 16 and next yeah I’ll be racing states. I’m not planning to get a carrier in this sport I will.
Brilliant. Hope you get back to the front battling with Seb, Lewis, Danny ric and max. You will add some brilliant spice to those battles. Mercedes should be falling over themselves to get their engine back in the mclaren. Force India and Williams are not in the mix right now.
Alex Mc Keown
If you learn quicker in a race then why the heck do we not have loads of Irish drivers :D
Jose P
3:25 nice description of Max Verstappen.
ham brgr
felipe and massa =killaz
Johannes Rau
Am I the only one who has noticed that Alonso speaks English a bit differently all of a sudden?!
Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino
Thank you Alonso,u always look like u are having fun,one reason why I have been a fan,Helios too...but I really wish kids would here that I see parents a lot of the time not realize the little things that they say put so much pressure on small kids that don't no how to process stress yet,and I don't want to be rude but kids want to do what they want it takes some physiological work to get kids to move,but pressure useally push them away from listening and learning too.I wish I had gotten into carts years ago,I was afraid I would never have the fun that I have racing on two wheels racing on four,nor did I ever think cars where faster,hah hah,wow was I wrong,racing is racing craft,good luck Alonso in F1.with new power plants....
ham brgr
i feel alonso is being sabotaged .? why
John Radz
Have a con man like Briatore as manager.
Forever Purple N Gold
The last one: Use common sense
Patrick Charlton
@safeisfast Where is that go kart race in Vegas featured in the video? :)
Nicola Lucas
Get a fa kart you like Alonso
Cool vid : D
The best tip...........get in the best car, if it's got a Honduh engine, it's the worst car.
Never drive with a boner.
HUN MateGamer
I want to karting but we dont have money and my parents dont supporting it...
Safe is slow
Abdul Lateef Hakeem
Nice guy
Fernando has been the best driver on the grid since 2005. His 2012 season with a dog of a Ferrari was one of the greatest I’ve seen. If he hadn’t been hit and taken out at Spa or Japan, he would have won the championship with the 4th or 5th best car on the grid and that is unheard of. Fernando deserves another 2 championships.
Tip 1: have a rich family Tip 2: Have a rich father so he can buy you a seat, just like Str.... Tip 3: Find rich sponsors Tip 4: Give up because you are not rich enough kiddo
Hicko iRacing
As a young racing fan I used to hate Alonso as he was Schumi's closest match after The Flying Finn retired. Schumi of course was my idol. Now I've grown up though... I love Alonso. What a guy and driver he is. Those in the comments who say he's shit and overrated can go do one. He only got 2 glory years with superior machinery. Unlucky decisions cost him more titles. Vettel had 4 glory years and Hamilton has had 4 glory years over a period of time. I'm not taking anything away from these guys, they are amazing at what they do in the cars they have but to call Alonso shit and put him in the same sentence as those two, "how he's overrated because he finishes behind Hamilton and Vettel"... Total bollocks. Jenson Button was equals with Hamilton at Ron Dennis Racing and he too was also way behind when they went to Honda... or maybe the fact the team actually went to shit rather than just the engine supplier. Obviously, Vettel did actually cut his teeth in a mid pack team, but come on... Alonso got good results out of a Minardi. By the way, do you lads remember the likes of Toranosuke Takagi, Mark Gene, Mika Salo, Luca Badoer... or have you been following the sport since 2014? I'm not saying Tora Takagi would have beat Schumi in his '99 Ferrari, of course before Schumacher fucked his legs up. However, I'm sure he would have done much better than his absolute dog, Repsol livery, '99 Arrows. F1 is about the car...then the driver. Put a great driver in a great car and they win. Put a lesser driver in a great car and they do reasonably well. Put a great driver in a shit car however... nothing they can do when people are blasting past you on the straights. I can guarantee all the Hamilton fan boys will leave the sport when he retires. Hamilton is an amazing, out of this world driver but a lot of his fans come from his lifestyle not his actual trade of racing.
Elind 78
Those are basic tips of what you need to have to be atleast able of starting into go kart racing, there should rather be (fernando alonso's 7 tips of how to get into go karting)
The best
"If your car is slow, blame everyone but yourself"
Best advice... STAY IN KARTS!!!! ALL fun NO pressure!!!!!
Aniruddha Ghosh
No 1 . ask Hamilton not me he's quicker you know
And before any of these, remember, you need to be rich out the ass. So daddy can buy you a spot in F1.