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Old man here thought it was cool to shed some of his gangster thoughts about me... Oh the joys of GTA Online :D __________________________________________________________ Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: /> __________________________________________________________________ Want to join my crew? Check it out here!: /> Music 1: Quirky Comedy Music

ᴅᴀɴıᴇʟʟᴇ ᴀɴᴊᴀɴᴇт
people take GTA to serious😴😴 I remember when we used to play for fun 😧😩
The Sneaker Oreo
I don't remember thermal being able to tell you where people will spawn🤔 must be after the new after patch👌
If you go into settings and change the party audio to headset and TV it means you can record them and still have a mic!
1 it's not tht hard to get rank 200 2 why would you let someone kill u xD 3 people need to stop complaining about modded accounts it doesn't make u special 😂😂
He laughing at his own jokes
Lmao GS
Psycho Ghost
how do u always meet red necks?
lol grampa
Lol he mad!!😂😂 #TryhardGang
Nice to see the gta community still positive and full of nice people. ;)
XX-_-Destroyer -_-XX
I think that girl has more kills on bad sport then that trash talker lol and she only has 3 lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
II NɨghtFall IIv
Yo yo bad im gonna go add this guy and smack him😂😂
tank 4777
lmao this was nice bro
KrZy Khomical
These are the type of players to never learn
To be fair your account is modded
mohammed nasrullah
He was literally clenching his cheeks to get that kill if u listen closely @9:22-9:26 😂 😂 😂
I love this Intro 😍
The Legion
Goddamn grampa complains too much take the L
Gerald Garcia
Y need t stop killing your self. U play like trash...... lol..... I this a try hard video lol
Omfg I hate people who say "Really? Off radar?" or "Really? RPG?" They talk like it's an illegal thing to do/use... Like omg no, first of all it's freemode so anything goes and second, rockstar put those abilities/weapons in the game so why complain? GS Badsport! :D
Lmao @ 4:58 but GS bro
jp_tru 3
Lmao he said the N word like 50 times
Acee Jess
Grandpa was so mad he was about to have a heart attack
1:33 AM thank you for another video!!
Bro every time I kill him he look for a excuse
Don't zoom in while sniping, Stay as zoomed out as possible we're u can see them because when u zoom out you don't have to move around much to get ur target
Chipsahoy Plays
First of all I’m comment number 1,000 and second of all if I was in that session I would come in and make that grown man cry lmao 😂
x N1ghtmxre II
He knows where you are because theres this thing called a radar..... bruh im sleep 😂😂😂
Dr youw hef ey Mic tok
Chem Nrd
One of life's lessons: the accuser is the biggest offender. The good news is he gave you content for your You Tube channel. 😛
Sepni Phänie
The music 😂
Damn dude no lie you play like a tryhard
This guys laugh reminds me of the laugh from feel good inc lol
Just on what he said, he said no one's 2000 (most likely meaning legit) well I know of 3 people who are 2000 + legit and 2 out of the 3 people I know also have another character 1500
- Forever Silent -
The outfit In the thumbnail got my attention GS LMAO They Sound Like My Principal😂😂😂🔥🔥
Cuzzo Mode
Hahahahahahahaha! Why was he so mad throughout the whole video?!🤣🤣🤣
Badsport you are a beast keep up the work man😎😎😎
II Raven II
When you act all tough at the start then you realise your getting destroyed... “Yo imma just let this dude kill me cause he has mods on his account Dog..” Logic ;)
He was saying trash to you and you destroyed him, LMAO, gs bro!
Elija Smith
II BADSPORT IIV is it ok to use a Heavy mk 2 because I'm a tryhard
Trap Kxng
He got so happy when he got those 2 kills 😂 gs bro
ahh i love when they say modded account...
Felicity Jane Vlogs
I tried to find that old man xbox gamertag on xbox but his GT doesnt work
Anthony Ab
He keeps complaining about Modded accounts like "super fast run", "double damage", and "double health"
There's of noobs tryna be like you on ps3 😂😂 they be putting a "-" at the end or mix up the last three letters of your name lol, but Gs I enjoy watching your videos❤
v llPrincessx2Rawll v V llGoDQuEeNll V
Lol Bruhhhhhhhh i cant stop Laughing that background music and the dude talking matches the whole Video😂😂😂😂
Levxidz YT
Gs Badsport!😊👍🔥 This made me laugh so god damn hard!
King Pali YT
His play style kinda reminds me of my ex crew XD free k/d lol even 15 of em can't get up on me😂😂👊
Yo add me Xbox let's tryhard sum time xI CRY Ix
Joseph baine
gs man keep up the good work
jay ievoli
I see that dude Lowlyfe in lobbies hella bro he must not have a job or some shit 😂
Carlos Vasallo
Lmfao this is my favorite video the funniest part about the video I like is the way he laughs and talks also the music makes me laugh XD
Aldair Sanchez
Hahahaha hush mode
Lol dude said modded controller 😂😂 noob
Absolute chill
That is some great reaction u got of them 😂😂
SGT-_ Peanut
Those guys gettin salty cuz they have to work to get a kill on you GS buddy✌🏽🕶
5:57 those some bs excuses GS BRO
KroniKz Tryhard
I liked it they old guy sounds like a rapist 😂 LMAO
SecretEXONigHT 1954
love how they say you trash but you up on both of 'em LOL XD
Don't Bother
I hate when noobs think that modded accounts can give you 2x health etc.
Jamel Miller
Why is he so mad about 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
The dude was just having fun XD
Lol gs bro keep making grandpa's mad out here 😂😂
Im a legit rank 426 n they still say I have a modded account 😂 even after showing them proof😑
TéârDröp Áłöñé Śád
Hi badsport I was in ur game my gt is TryingHard9183 on Xbox
Dan Dan
Badsports and motmus Intro are the best
MixedBoii Kingin
Lol they tryna jump * BadSport * 😂😂👏 and still got bodied lol them low life's was feeling salty cuz they know they trash af lmfao
Darth Revan
Modded Account??? He has 6mill left😵
Upload when I was smacking you
That solar guy has a modded account to coz he bought it from me LOL
I'm Early!
Paul A.v
The dude is saying he trash but he only got like 3 kills trash
sans boos King
keep up the good work bad sport
1v1 me my gamertag is VoidGFXYT
Brayan Rivas
Dat edition bro!
Javis Flores
Nice vid bro
i have a legit account and i still get accused of hacks XD
When the smack talk turns to salt mines. I laughed it loud, the excuses! I would've definitely started talking back to this salt mine.
Bum Dobe
He was legit salty about it 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Thomas Thomas
I saw you in badsport lol I 1v1 u you beat me 2 kills
Legendary Deadpool
I feel bad for badsport he must be dealing with dumbasses like grandpa everyday
BRB Pzycho
Bro u did Nola wrong Bruhh dats my homegirl I wanna RnG you badsport even tho I know I might not win
OG Takishi
I wanna rip that guys voice box out GS
The Angry Vlogger
Bruh ill 1v1 that dude any day he makes excuses he said I'm legit letting him kill me
Best Gamer
Badsport you are awesome bro I am regular viewer
Follow the Snail Trails
7:49 You have to unplug your mic to talk in party chat? Sounds like BS.
Patrick Butler101
Anyone that attempts to kill bad sport has to have a bit of respect 😂
ILLX The God
My guy said he had a modded account this game has been out for 5 years
1v1 plz 😂 like he'd ever do that.
PhsYc0- Child
The music is fire 🔥🔥
KrZy Khomical
And only retards complain about modded accounts on next gen consoles THEY DO NOTHING SKILL WISE FOR YOU
Big Boss
Never heard so much shit talking in my life
Cameron Sipprell
The music is what makes this soo funny 😂😂
Dab Gaming
What old man is a Tryhard lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
Jaden Gaming
I got jumped 12v1 but didn't record it tonight😠 they all left but I went like 32-2 one of em lmfao Edit: HERES THE SCREENIES
BADSPORT is so trash I 1 v 1ed him and I went 500-0 bro
Kevin Hanson
I swear. Some of the people you fight make me lose brain cells😂😂
Lmao I love these videos. People always be giving excuses
xd FortLife OCE
If I saw bad sport trying to troll me I would gives my self a shoutout lol, I love the vids and your intro is the best