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Old man here thought it was cool to shed some of his gangster thoughts about me... Oh the joys of GTA Online :D __________________________________________________________ Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: /> __________________________________________________________________ Want to join my crew? Check it out here!: /> Music 1: Quirky Comedy Music

If you go into settings and change the party audio to headset and TV it means you can record them and still have a mic!
Lmao GS
ᴅᴀɴıᴇʟʟᴇ ᴀɴᴊᴀɴᴇт'
people take GTA to serious😴😴 I remember when we used to play for fun 😧😩
Its so funny when grown ass people talk smack over the Internet 😂
The Sneaker Oreo
I don't remember thermal being able to tell you where people will spawn🤔 must be after the new after patch👌
1 it's not tht hard to get rank 200 2 why would you let someone kill u xD 3 people need to stop complaining about modded accounts it doesn't make u special 😂😂
lol grampa
He laughing at his own jokes
Psycho Ghost
how do u always meet red necks?
XX-_-Destroyer -_-XX
I think that girl has more kills on bad sport then that trash talker lol and she only has 3 lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nxriega x
Lol he mad!!😂😂 #TryhardGang
ᴄᴀss ᴛᴇʀʀᴏʀ
Omfg I hate people who say "Really? Off radar?" or "Really? RPG?" They talk like it's an illegal thing to do/use... Like omg no, first of all it's freemode so anything goes and second, rockstar put those abilities/weapons in the game so why complain? GS Badsport! :D
II NɨghtFall IIv
Yo yo bad im gonna go add this guy and smack him😂😂
To be fair your account is modded
Legendary Deadpool
I feel bad for badsport he must be dealing with dumbasses like grandpa everyday
Goddamn grampa complains too much take the L
KrZy Khomical
These are the type of players to never learn
Nice to see the gta community still positive and full of nice people. ;)
tank 4777
lmao this was nice bro
I love this Intro 😍
mohammed nasrullah
He was literally clenching his cheeks to get that kill if u listen closely @9:22-9:26 😂 😂 😂
Don't zoom in while sniping, Stay as zoomed out as possible we're u can see them because when u zoom out you don't have to move around much to get ur target
This dude has no skill dawg , watch kutch the master he actually does have skill , no disagreeing , this dudes basically a try hard , kutch the master doesn't kill himself no matter what & he still be getting them kills , now that's called true skills ...
Follow the Snail Trails
7:49 You have to unplug your mic to talk in party chat? Sounds like BS.
Sepni Phänie
The music 😂
Lmao @ 4:58 but GS bro
Gerald Garcia
Y need t stop killing your self. U play like trash...... lol..... I this a try hard video lol
Acee Jess
Grandpa was so mad he was about to have a heart attack
Hahahahahahahaha! Why was he so mad throughout the whole video?!🤣🤣🤣
AceQuickZayy 4K
you are kinda trash tho .
Trill Jayy
how are you not at 200k wtf
ahh i love when they say modded account...
Chipsahoy Plays
First of all I’m comment number 1,000 and second of all if I was in that session I would come in and make that grown man cry lmao 😂
Paul A.v
The dude is saying he trash but he only got like 3 kills trash
Bro every time I kill him he look for a excuse
Dr youw hef ey Mic tok
jp_tru 3
Lmao he said the N word like 50 times
This guys laugh reminds me of the laugh from feel good inc lol
l Killer Oppz l
Grace Morgan
Everyone lets get it!#Tryhard-Toys
Why is everyone so pist at little kids? Like you shouldn't be mad at us were just little kids and you should know how alot of us act when we die so not saying I'm good at GTA 5 but alot of grown people are tryhards too so plz stop the madness
Salty bitch
Aldair Sanchez
Hahahaha hush mode
The Boss
He can't Evan spell he said poooooooosy I bet he dropped out of school
Pika Cake
7:49, what?? You can record people voices and still hear your own, this is just bullshit you're saying, and it's game chat, not party chat.
Damn dude no lie you play like a tryhard
big daddy
5:57 those some bs excuses GS BRO
Jessie Love
Are you so butt hurt that you had to show their gamer tags so your "following" can harass them. That's extremely messed up.
Lol this dude sux
69 Tekashi
they try tooo hard
I'm Early!
ConsulRicky. Marty Z
Javis Flores
Nice vid bro
Zyaundre Bryant
Why they talking about his family
I hear so much fake laughs XD
cutest welder
There both trash
Nice Gs!!!
RanKz -
I'm early af
The Sneaker Oreo
Your videos make me moisttttt every time!!!!
You are a biiitch bro
WhiteRoses -
Gs😂 I was laughing the WHOLEEEE Time!!!! Sub back ❤️❤️❤️
I can’t even 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 bahahahahahahaha
Jamel Miller
Why is he so mad about 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ok let me get several things straight, K.D on a modded account doesn't affect how a person plays, their rank doesn't either, you can't have no recoil, modded rolls, modded health on Xbox one or PlayStation 4, u can't have shit except modded run on Xbox one PlayStation 4 and it's still easy to kill people with modded run if you know what your doing, the rest are just excuses
im in badsport XD badspoet get it but sersly im in bad sport
EG Godz
Is this guy stupid some people have got to level 2,000 ligit
Christian Quinones
these ppl to old they lost there memory that they trash
LiNo CaLdErOn
He said every time is spawn he knows where I’m at like there’s a map
Blaize 2k9
Lol these kids want to 6v1 me but I cant wait
“ Oh no he’s off radar.” Lmao.
There's of noobs tryna be like you on ps3 😂😂 they be putting a "-" at the end or mix up the last three letters of your name lol, but Gs I enjoy watching your videos❤
Call Me Alex
Badsport did u join the crew's group That gamer boy made he invited most of us Btw i'm no one nobody12 and KEEP up the Good work
Dum blaze
That guy needs like 5 people to kill used 😖
Adam Belong
It’s just a game end of day haha
Trøbkle Løkø 400
He thinks he knows everythingbut when it comes down to tryhardo he dont know anything 😂😂😂
iTz _GhOsTz-_-
What mask was he using In the first part of the vid
Nonce Adams
what i dont understand is that people try to "expose" him and many other youtubers, but the get like their little circle jerk buddies to join in :/ :)
Complaining about modded bullets? Seriously? I have a modded account for money and lvl 350 only. They legit do nothing for you skill wise at all. Fast run is patched. And past 120 you have every weapon unlocked. So he needs to quit crying over a modded account
He’s trash and why does he sound like ksi
edgar.dopey lechuga
Godddshit badsport..insanecelll
DeKa Darcklor_D
just to make sure that no body will say that legit level 2000 deosn't exist i have over 5 friends legit level 2000 😉
Zv DxntCry vZ
Lol I met rastalocks420 and destroyed him to😂 bad sport can we 1v1 on xbox one my name is ll DontTryHard
xxx R.I.P
Idk if this is true but you can't get mods on next gen idk if it's true
I I've your content and how you play clean against dirty player with no Helmet and body them your the best bro I support you all the way and you have upgraded sniper and upgraded combat MG but you still use a Ar your a really good clean player.Whats your Kik
YaBoy Nic
I don't have Mic and I play Xbox one
MixedBoii Kingin
Lol they tryna jump * BadSport * 😂😂👏 and still got bodied lol them low life's was feeling salty cuz they know they trash af lmfao
I hate when someone says there losing because the other persons account is modded, a modded account doesn’t help u kill other players lol
lol only modded accounts have a map that shows a pink ceo circle that shows where you are... he needs to get off gta and go eat supper
T H E R M A L ?
love seeing noob (tryhards) getting rekt while talking smack
Rofl my uncle a lvl 2000 his account not modded
Julius Arredondo
Add me monkey swag 3
Lol you are the best grampa was upset best YouTuber❤
UnKnOwN PsYcHo1
i play xbox and don't have a mic XD
Bum Dobe
He was legit salty about it 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Lol gs bro keep making grandpa's mad out here 😂😂
I’m level 2500 on gta but got banned
Lmao 13 to 1 " ah you ain't gonna get me"
Finn Clark
Fucking noobs