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Japan´s war in colour. The Japanese army aims for world domination together with Nazi Germany and Italy and they start a war against China, The United States and the Brittish empire.. The Soviet Union joins the war against Japan at the end of the war.

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Glorious Japanese Empire !
a nation of professional robbers!  aim directly to total destruction.
Raymond Supleo
North Korean like that today
Pierre MaryJs
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nimab youtub
japanese lost war like shit thier woman be american slave and men being worker for american soldier since 1964
@MyPeopleWakeUp ...sit on what?
Antony c
Wow. Ok Awsem Pinoy! Why do 12 year olds sound 8, 9. Why are they speaking English? Why are they happy that they are at war|? Dont you no anything about the Japanese culture during ww2
Awsem Pinoy
First: why do the 12 year olds sound like they're 8 or 9? Secondly, why are they cheering they're at war?
Where are the fire bombings on Japan mentioned in this series?
midget submarines
Not saying this is excusable at all, but what happened when the British conquered their territories along with the Spanish and French.. was it as brutal as this?
Bruce Wayne
this video such as propaganda as much as what japan and german did to their people. Now it showing how badly they were... didnt like it at all
those submarines are smaller than a torpedo XD
lol at those tiny subs
Daniel Alas
I shit on it, just like my ancestors did on your people. Wealth has always matter through out the countless civilizations. The Romans, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks. As for morals go, every ethnicity have their wackos.
Daniel Alas
Yup, I am the 1% that you hate so much. Not my fault you were not taught properly, I keep forgetting, your broke ass could not afford a good school.
Daniel Alas
Who would the majority be? all natives are either mestizos or mixed. Do some research before you rant little girl.
1:15 "No one can disobey an order" yet after the war, Japan claimed the Emperor was just a figurehead. 2:11 "The speed and extent of the NAZI victories in Europe convinced Japan's leaders to sign the Axis Pact with Germany and Italy. Japanese troops occupied thoughts of French Indo-China." 10:20 If Japan wanted to protect Asia from Europeans, why did Japan side with NAZI Germany? It would have been nice if Japan treated Chinese people as brother, but the Rape of Nanjing proved otherwise.
Danny Degrassi
wow. imagine the people who fought in these wars. i cannot for the life of me imagine the horrors our soldiers faced to guarantee our present day freedoms. this is like the lord of the rings but in real life. imagine if hitler would have won. *shiver*
I've been on that beach @ 09:20. Wiamanolo beach near Bellows Air Force base. Incidentally just down the coast from the Magnum PI house.
Daniel Alas
@ Aikiach, LOL, fucken MEXICA'NT still hurt cause the US kicked their ass back in early history...
I agreed with akinhoo.Japan instead helping other fellow asians,they replaced European powers as masters.except they were more vicious and brutal in enslaving them.Slogan "Asia for Asians" were just lipservicing....
Banzaii !! Saludos desde los desiertos del Norte de Mexico !! Esto es fabuloso, felicidades y gracias por recordarnos que un pais logro salir adelante y cambiar su historia y su orgullo sin necesidad de los gringos. Banzaii !! Grettengs from the barbarian northern deserts of Mexico, this is great footage, congratulations and thank you for remind us that a country can go forward and be proud of itself with out the aid of the "Gringos"