How to Do Facial at Home | Step by Step | Salon Quality Results

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I love your accent and you are so pretty!
Ally Abraham
Okay there are a few things she's doing wrong. 1. Skin is so delicate you don't scrub it for 7 minutes! Then you don't wash your face with cold water that will close your pores, you want them open to really cleanse the skin. Also don't use moisturizer before a mask because then the mask will not clean as well. So she did not do a good facial.
Kavitha Shashikiran
please do a updated facial video
Rashell jack
what kind of cream is that? any moisturizing cream? like dove beauty cream or nivea soft?
Sharma Williams
U need a good Photographer Baby
Sashina Rana
After using peel off mask why u wash ur face instead peeling off 😢🤔🤔🤔
Girishita Nag
I had the face cream she's using its makeup removal cream.
r venkataraman
Kavitha Lalitha
can u plzz make a video for hyperpigmentation..
Kim Morris
I loved this video and have gotten some great tips! I am going to do these exact steps! Can't wait! Tyvm!
rams mind
all videos of good
Sangitaa Mirchandani
for Oily skin which fascial is best.
Zayn Mondavi
I love your lovely Indian Accent 😍
Imelda Martinez
Excelent!!! Thanks for sharing♡
Sarandeep Singh
love it
Dorababu katuru
so nice its very easy to handle
iqra baig
I wish someone could do that to me bring all the things and do it on my face for free...Wow so amazing feeling. Like if u agree.
ibtissame el amri
can you re-do this routine with natural recipies?
Shoaib Shahid
i found this video very helpful
Sashina Rana
Easily u can get facial kit for facial ur face but why u using this things 🙄
Rashmi Nair
Sangitaa Mirchandani
Which Facial at age of 30s
Asra Mehveen
Why u use ice cold water ??? And not warm water / steam ???
Owen Mam
U still look ugly...
Mamta kumari
plz make a video for natural fruit facial
Ankeeta Mishra
it is really nice
Chezle Arboiz
just believe in yourself and your worth it :)
alizaasia TV
You are so beautyful with and without make up
Jasey Rae
little too much cream there doll
Andrea Patane
I really want to try this at home on my friend's sick days, because that way I won't have germs be spread from her. Instead, it would be cool to home spa yourself along with friends and family.
Varun Makhijani
very nice video
isla williams
Thanks I did it on my mother!!!!!!!!!!
sneha SAROHA
your all step are wrong of facial .
VANDANA's kitchen
Nice video
Rose Khan
Aishwarya kalkar
Hi for dry skin which facial is best
Bhav Chinta
ur voice then 😁😁😁 sooo different 😀
Decent Muni
aankh ki goddi ander hai bhair nikalni ho tou masla nhi hai me nikal dungi
priyanka tyagi
Face pack kb lagaye??
praveen sharma
மூன்று முடிச்சு
Overra pitruu vudatha
Minion Icon
I love your videos very much I try this at and it is cool pls reply me
gabe kim
a bowel
Arjun Pawar
red wain spa 7350052661 onli ledice
Liza's Beauty Tips
very helpful,thanks
Kaushik Das
Sangita Bhuva
Hello mam, muje facial oil banana shikana hai . Please batao.🙏🙏🙏
Chetan kumar
It was just wonder full
Md Sahil
Natural Beauty Salon And Spa
nice video it literally helped
Kaminee Rajguru
Anjana Pandey
Ellareej12345 Arer
love u much
Varinda Markan
Actually u should always use cold water for ur she is right
Shazia Wali
Hassan Ali
where we can get this complextio brush?
Prakash Thakur
Hii its Miss Priyanka Thakur Which types of face cream u have used can i know that please because the cream i am using there r no good result sooo
Mdnafees Nafuu
my eyes are burning up mam what should I do
Parmod Tiwari
Its really good
Sinda Xchaefer
I found a pair of exfoliating gloves at Ulta, they have Charcoal Woven In To The Material!!
jagdeep kaur
Its nice
S.k. Prajapati
Jeetu Singh
thank u very much....................
Akshara cheng
madam I dont know scrub and facial cream,pack also.which company brand we use and tell me.ur video clearly show facial thank u.pls clear this doubt.
Rashell jack
i have himalaya whitening scrub.can i use that?
Dinesh Somwanshi
Dinesh Somwanshi
Hrituparna Deb
How can I understand which cream should be used at 25.. ?
Hrituparna Deb
Hie Shruti!!! I m following your tips and videos since yrs.. Recently i have turned 25!! So i got stuck in a question that what type of skin regimes should i start for keeping my skin youthful.. I am working woman.. and i m almost stay out in sun for almost 8 hour's! so my skin is affected badly by sun.. I again searched videos in your channel to get ans of my question.. but didn get any.. I hv dry skin but combined skin in summer.. its a mixed typ. I m thinking about Lakme Youth Infinity range.. Should i use it?? please help urgent!!!
sana shiekh
agr face oily ho tou cream lagao ke nhi
Ash Sing
anushka das
Prakash bhuvana
nice super
Laleine Mirjang
Sonali S
who is zooming your video ?
fatum husen husen
wow wow go od
momina doll
phle b lrki kali thi r facial k bd b
Suranjana chatterjee
Hello!!!!!😊😊😊😊😊 my beautiful didi... plzzz tell me some home made remedies of open pores ...... plzzz upload a video.. ur organic facial is just great.... I have tried
ontora ontora
Priyanka Yadav
Hi Shruti I tried this at home. It's really good and helps saving that extra money St the parlour. Just wanted to know how often should I do this facial
Renuka Jayashree
goo video
Arvinder Kaur
i like your videos very much
Ujjwal Karki
you rub should be inward and ice should not be used more then two cube.... because it may darken your skin.. thanks!
Home Cooking
sorry massage send by hashir is my massage and my name is rasiba
Home Cooking
can i use mud mask
Ramzan Ali
it's bikes
karima rek
Can I a special video work to care for the bride on the Indian way and thank you especially turmeric and thank you
Eman Choices
I think it's very ruff method on skin
saba shaikh
can i use any scrab n facial creams
Fatima Maqsood Akbar
Can I replace face cream with moisturising body lotion or baby lotion?
Sangitaa Mirchandani
Is best.
susma gartaula
fruit facial is good or not at age of 21
حلا لؤي
saeed ahmad
saee pawar
it doesnt work
santhi murali
it worked great for me
Muskan Bangha
na chavilan mar
Misbah Shaikh
Please use light colour back ground while making video for hair styles. As viewing is not clear.