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Ally Abraham
Okay there are a few things she's doing wrong. 1. Skin is so delicate you don't scrub it for 7 minutes! Then you don't wash your face with cold water that will close your pores, you want them open to really cleanse the skin. Also don't use moisturizer before a mask because then the mask will not clean as well. So she did not do a good facial.
I love your accent and you are so pretty!
Kavitha Shashikiran
please do a updated facial video
Rashell jack
what kind of cream is that? any moisturizing cream? like dove beauty cream or nivea soft?
Linda Gurumayum
U need a good Photographer Baby
Sashina Rana
After using peel off mask why u wash ur face instead peeling off 😢🤔🤔🤔
Girishita Nag
I had the face cream she's using its makeup removal cream.
r venkataraman
Kavitha Lalitha
can u plzz make a video for hyperpigmentation..
Kim Morris
I loved this video and have gotten some great tips! I am going to do these exact steps! Can't wait! Tyvm!
Sangitaa Mirchandani
for Oily skin which fascial is best.
all videos of good
Zayn Mondavi
I love your lovely Indian Accent 😍
Imelda Martinez
Excelent!!! Thanks for sharing♡
Sarandeep Singh
love it
Dorababu katuru
so nice its very easy to handle
iqra baig
I wish someone could do that to me bring all the things and do it on my face for free...Wow so amazing feeling. Like if u agree.
Lavanya Kumari
Hi i m a 23 year young girl ...and mostly i m using my scooty for going college. So complexion is become dark ..and i heard tht facial is the optn for 30+ ladies .so what should i do for cleaning my face and how i get my fair complexion .. give m some clensing tips .
ibtissame el amri
can you re-do this routine with natural recipies?
Rashmi Nair
Sashina Rana
Easily u can get facial kit for facial ur face but why u using this things 🙄
Sangitaa Mirchandani
Which Facial at age of 30s
Shoaib Shahid
i found this video very helpful
lynette longmire
Nice review!!! Xoxilynette3232
Asra Mehveen
Why u use ice cold water ??? And not warm water / steam ???
Chezle Arboiz
just believe in yourself and your worth it :)
saba shaikh
can i use any scrab n facial creams
Ankeeta Mishra
it is really nice
GirlPower a.
You are so beautyful with and without make up
Jasey Rae
little too much cream there doll
Andrea Patane
I really want to try this at home on my friend's sick days, because that way I won't have germs be spread from her. Instead, it would be cool to home spa yourself along with friends and family.
Natural Beauty Salon And Spa
nice video it literally helped
Shruti Arjun Anand
its actually a car glass cleaning towel but its so soft so I use it.
Shruti Arjun Anand
its good but I get breakout by that :-(
Shruti Arjun Anand
yes i will do that soon :-)
Shruti Arjun Anand
when i was in Indian i use to do waxing but in US it is really expensive :-(
Shruti Arjun Anand
As I am working and I like to wear skirts and dresses in office I remove my hair every 3rd day.... I use Panasonic ES2206AC Rechargeable Ladies Wet/Dry Shaver
Shruti Arjun Anand
opps my mistake....
praveen sharma
priya tyagi
Face pack kb lagaye??
Shruti Arjun Anand
yup i will do that soon hun :-)
Shruti Arjun Anand
thanks hun :-)
Kera's LuvTechniques.
Must Try.
Stacey Castanha
Could you give some tips on how to remove sun tan??
Misha Chawla
Hi From where can I buy Sephora complexion brush???
Vidhi Khandel
7-8 min scrub? insane! that will rip off all your natural oils.
gabe kim
a bowel
Liza's Beauty Tips
very helpful,thanks
adilakshmi yagala
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Sonali S
who is zooming your video ?
Nisha Agarwal
shruti arjun anand where r u from?
Thank you very good video so informative
Between how many weeks it can be done??
Sinda Xchaefer
I found a pair of exfoliating gloves at Ulta, they have Charcoal Woven In To The Material!!
Hrituparna Deb
Hie Shruti!!! I m following your tips and videos since yrs.. Recently i have turned 25!! So i got stuck in a question that what type of skin regimes should i start for keeping my skin youthful.. I am working woman.. and i m almost stay out in sun for almost 8 hour's! so my skin is affected badly by sun.. I again searched videos in your channel to get ans of my question.. but didn get any.. I hv dry skin but combined skin in summer.. its a mixed typ. I m thinking about Lakme Youth Infinity range.. Should i use it?? please help urgent!!!
Hrituparna Deb
How can I understand which cream should be used at 25.. ?
Arvinder Kaur
i like your videos very much
Senu Gamage
Why am i seeing this video 😂😂 what is this ???
Simran Gharat
Mdnafees Nafuu
my eyes are burning up mam what should I do
Shazia Zahid
Good videos
Nice.. Yaar
bssith sbdul
That's great
Zain creation
fatima arushya
Is this facial suitable for all kinds of skin
Manal Abrar
u use alot of jergens cream
Reena Gajjar
after using any kind of mild scrub my skin looks lil bit rough n small fodli on my face..
this title is misleading.
Karen Fereira
Finally found the michelle phan of india...thank you sooo much fr ur videos....
Roxie Schroeder
Best video
Hassan Ali
where we can get this complextio brush?
Ananya Das
Hey Shruti, I like your videos a lot. They are very informative. Have you ever tried cure aqua gel as a scrub. Its an amazing products and works really good on sensitive skin. All the best for future videos.
Prakash bhuvana
nice super
Mira Wilder
All that scrubbing is so bad for the skin, I doubt if your face is that dirty that you need 8 minutes of scrubbing and a 17 minute massage! You only need to clean the top layer of skin that has been exposed to daily living, and not deeply into the pores inflaming them ...You never get the top layer back so it's best to be careful, next you showed us how you applied the stuff in an upward motion then put your 'Mask' on dragging the Brush downward onto your cheeks...sorry, your sweet but uh uh..
Mahi Virk
oh wow.. m doing it tomorrow :D thanks bunches!!! xD
anushka das
Seema Jagtap
What should my pimples on my face so forth.
Valerie Tay
I do facials at home do. Among the masks I use are lavender cream mask from Provence and also home made pearl powder mask. The latter is very effective for delaying the signs of ageing.
nalini kalokhe
I love you for making this video. <3
It's almost gone ! Lol! Yes it's really gentle. More of a cleanser than a scrub.
Sanjay Bhatt (coming soon in 2018) pls visit for genral info.
kaif yusuf
L Nakshatrala
Hi Shruthi! I love all your videos. Where did you buy your face towel? I liked it very much.
U can find orange peel from Indian Grocery Store..:)
S.k. Prajapati
Marissa Hosein
I find u were harsh when scrubbing ur skin.....
Priyanka Yadav
Hi Shruti I tried this at home. It's really good and helps saving that extra money St the parlour. Just wanted to know how often should I do this facial
Oh thank you! And what about the Jergens cream do you have to use it?
Do you have to use the Jergens cream and where did you get the orange peel from?
Ellareej12345 Arer
love u much
karima rek
Can I a special video work to care for the bride on the Indian way and thank you especially turmeric and thank you
Misbah Shaikh
Please use light colour back ground while making video for hair styles. As viewing is not clear.
I know its so expensive here, I tried making home made wax but it never comes out right n hurts like hell lol.. I use the fem hair removing creme in sandalwood which I get from indian grocery store and it works great on hands and hair grows back thin. ThAnk you so much for replying
shruti, can you please show us how or with what you remove hair from hand?wax , or creams? Thank you!
Katharine Jones
Nice step by step video using easily available products.
Anjana Pandey
santhi murali
it worked great for me
Sayrah R
Can you give tips on how to remove blackheads from the nose?