● Emma & Alex | HIGHT [Skam France]

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mood for chaos
This is Chris and Eva ?
I like them...TBH I like the whole cast but obviously the original will remain in my heart forever...looking forward to the German one too!! Great edit!
Reader Skeeter
This is so good! I'm really liking Alex and Emma so far.
I'm so waiting for their kiss
mad World
Please dont be a womenizer
Amazing! I really like them! But I can't wait for the dutch one coming in the fall of 2018
amazing ♥
Felicity Queen
Y.E.S !!! <3
Jack London
OMFG I ship them💞
Варвара Роснива
So Cool!!!!
Sude Sivrikaya
Eva and Chris>>>>
Faegan Mara
It’s so good but obviously the OG Norway one is my favorite because I speak that language
mad World
Watching over and over
mad World
I want them so much together!!!! I hope we'll see them hands in hands
Malia Raeken
Awww....😍😍😍I love Alemma and this song really fits them. P.S Have you seen the new clip? The way he winked at her...I melted. 💘
proud cule
Foody Poet
I am in love with this edit 😍 My ship is sailing 😁
i døn't knøw my name
What is the name of the song?
сем. Такшарови
This is soo cute❤
Dasha Zabolotnikova
yaaaas! BEAUTIFUL!! Can you do me a favor and tag this video and the emma/lukas video like #skamfrance instead of # [Skam France] so your video can be found easily and is also under skamfrance? :) merci.
Büş Celik
Chris and Eva better
Lara Z
I haven’t watched skam france yet but are they basically Eva and chris
Лиза Цыганкова
Song please
Арслан Насрединов
What the song Что за песня
Sanjana Verma
I love my older Chris...this one doesn't stand a chance in front of him.
Lolita Stark
Great vid😘
Emily Rashell G.
I love it 😍, Where can I see the serie?
Katherine Pierce
Where can I watch it?
Would you guys mind to check out my last video? I just really love watching skam and things related to it, if you do too... what are u waiting for? + really loved the edit!!