● Emma & Alex | HIGHT [Skam France]

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I like them...TBH I like the whole cast but obviously the original will remain in my heart forever...looking forward to the German one too!! Great edit!
stydia forever
This is Chris and Eva ?
Reader Skeeter
This is so good! I'm really liking Alex and Emma so far.
I'm so waiting for their kiss
Amazing! I really like them! But I can't wait for the dutch one coming in the fall of 2018
Felicity Queen
Y.E.S !!! <3
mad World
Please dont be a womenizer
Faegan Mara
It’s so good but obviously the OG Norway one is my favorite because I speak that language
amazing ♥
Sude Sivrikaya
Eva and Chris>>>>
Jack London
OMFG I ship them💞
mad World
Watching over and over
Варвара Роснива
So Cool!!!!
Malia Raeken
Awww....😍😍😍I love Alemma and this song really fits them. P.S Have you seen the new clip? The way he winked at her...I melted. 💘
mad World
I want them so much together!!!! I hope we'll see them hands in hands
proud cule
To the Moon and back
I am in love with this edit 😍 My ship is sailing 😁
i døn't knøw my name
What is the name of the song?
сем. Такшарови
This is soo cute❤
Would you guys mind to check out my last video? I just really love watching skam and things related to it, if you do too... what are u waiting for? + really loved the edit!!
yaaaas! BEAUTIFUL!! Can you do me a favor and tag this video and the emma/lukas video like #skamfrance instead of # [Skam France] so your video can be found easily and is also under skamfrance? :) merci.
Sanjana Verma
I love my older Chris...this one doesn't stand a chance in front of him.
Büş Celik
Chris and Eva better
Арслан Насрединов
What the song Что за песня
Lara Z
I haven’t watched skam france yet but are they basically Eva and chris
Лиза Цыганкова
Song please
Lolita Stark
Great vid😘
Dasha Zabolotnikova
Emily Rashell G.
I love it 😍, Where can I see the serie?
Katherine Pierce
Where can I watch it?