Silent Hill Downpour - Speedrun - 1h 41min 10sec - HD

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Silent Hill Downpour Speedrun on PS3! Action Level: easy Riddle Level: hard Watch in HD!

Rina R. N.
Thanks for not skipping cutscenes. I don't play games on consoles so I'm here for the main story. The other walkthroughs are either too confusing or people keep talking. Thanks again!
Thanks for not skipping cutscenes. I really appreciate it.
20 minutes until the nightmare realm, and there's no combat, half of the time being running around and watching unskippable cutscenes. Christ, reminds me of how 15 minutes until Last of Us actually lets you play the damned game.
Wendel Bolide
his screaming cracks me up
Chris Carson
Is anyone else having the sound for the video cut in and out?
Shaun Stewart
What is this? A jogging simulator?
Artyom Nevecherin
Amazing run! For the first time I've watched a 3 hour video on youtube in one sitting, that's how good it is.
king play
Excelent movie quality! :D
Sam M
is this max payne
Oscar Memo
game so boring
Good job, I'm currently running this game over on my stream ( My Current PB is 1:45. The world record is 1:37 as of this post.
sergio frances
I did this almost a year before. But mine was 1:45. I could do it better in another run, but I got bored.
Space & Time
omg white ppl ruined this franchise lmao
M.P 66
I love this game old memories thanks great video
killerpot. stuclaire
why you said 1h40 and the video lenght is 2h52 min dont try man
This looks like alan wake
Roland TheGameKing
I like dis speedrun cuz he put da cutscenes in it
Jaymes Pherry
LoL :D 
Robbie B
Man this would be a better speed run game if you could skip cutscenes.
had to give it a thumbs down not as quick as was posted
2:06:54 What happened there? You weren't sure?
Midnight Swami
Breakin ankles my guy
BioHazard De Namguns
no sub, what a pity!
Steidus C
Audio is in and out
noname noname
Why ps3 ? Xbox version is better (for speedrun too)
thumbs down for dulling the sound
William Lucas
I got 2 hours 41 and thought that was quite fast guess not.
The surprise ending is awesome, totally unexpected.
What's up with the sound??.. I was just getting into this as well!!...
Marc Gaines
what a load of balls!
+Sam Levin  then my friend i guess you never played silent hill shattered memories or book of memories before.
B0LeZ0L - TeamFortress2 & MoreGaming
Good speedrun
Every time I ever get a new silent hill game it always takes me days to pass it and figure everything out. But once it's done I know it like a book.
22:02 Evil Within taking this idea lol
John Smith
Thx for no commentary
Ahmad Maher
amazing playthourgh nice work
Om Nom
Shattered memories was better, but i still liked dp
Adriel Caraballo
this game is like a nightmare
the sound keeps cutting in & out fix it
Murphy Pendleton = Leon Kennedy
Kirby Krios
Holy moly :o
dude love wwe
you sir earned a new sub, the best playthrough I've seen.
hola mola
thats it!! great work&thanks for upload
nice speed rum brow
17:37 - Morgan Freeman ;)
The sound keeps disappearing,what's up with that?
Do you get the best ending because the cutscenes in it were shorter?
Foxen Oxen
2Hr 52min. Why does it say 1Hr 41min? But. Are there a great run I remember playing this game long ago and beating it. but I sat here and watched you play the whole thing anyway. LOL! good job my friend.
I didn't watch the video yet, but can somebody explain to me, please, why the video lasts for 2:52:20, when it says in the title that it's 1:41:10. Just want to know, thank in advance
Jesus that first bit where fat bloke is butchered is a bit brutal!
Adriel Caraballo
this game is creappy
Sucks how Silent Hill went from survival-horror to action-thriller.
Господин Ли
its much fun n scary if u got the radio.. im missing the static sound here..
Lucas Layton
The audacity of them to slap the name silent Hill on a random game. The monsters suck. It's just a bunch of generic humanoids wtf?
Boubekeur Boukermei
Very nice
Apra Dox
This is great =) Like a good movie.
Does this game suck? I have played SH1(Classical dark awesomeness)-SH2 (Epic)-SH3 (The best) -SH4 (Not bad), and I am really not sure if this one is another disappointing post-team silent hill game, even silent hill homecoming seems to be better than this one, anyhow,  You have done a great job man! That was a great speed run!
Soha Sss
I have a silent hill downpour music video  
Soha Sss
details, plz =D
Is Radix still in charge? XD We had some differences some years ago...
Josh Charter
This actually helped me with getting my Capital Punishment and Puzzle Master Trophies. :-) Thanks a lot man!!!
they should have show ol boy falling off the Devils pit 0:42:29
devin Museryai
but still give holymoly some credit :\
devin Museryai
nice... id like to watch that :D
devin Museryai
cuz he's got skill...
Shit story.... all that for nothing...
Leonardo Mariano
eu vi o silent hill downpour enteiro
Sam Levin
This was not a Silent Hill game.
because of copyrights :(
why the hell the game don't have sound in so many parts ?
nice job man!!