NEW Star Wars Luxury Hotel Experience at Walt Disney World | D23 Expo 2017

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The Star Wars Luxury hotel has been officially announced at the D23 Expo and will be a completely immersive experience as a hotel in Walt Disney World! Subscribe to the DIS YouTube Channel - Be the first to watch! /> Visit for more information on Walt Disney World Resort! Like us on FACEBOOK: />Follow us on TWITTER: />Follow us on INSTAGRAM:

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Júlia Almada
love it, not even a star wars fan but love how disney is so innovative!
Kimberly Schwartz
Oh. So, westworld
i cant wait to see what they do with the windows. i hope it's 3d-ish so it actually looks like youre in space
Robert Rodgers
Yes! Take My Money, Please! My family & I are going to be spending most... if not ALL... of our future vacations there! I can not wait!!!
Barry Blackwelder
This place will probably be at least 2 to 3 times the price of the Polynesian. Place your bets on over or just close to 2000 a night. Hard to get excited about someplace I will never be able to afford to stay. It's definitely Disney.
.......the reactions are overwhelming........clap because the host claps..
Guessing 2000+ dollars a night easily.
That is awesome. But yeah sounds like Westworld. Haha
Oh My God! Oh My God! So much yes! Need to stay here too!
Twiddle Bugg
So excited!
Ken Holmes
I guess I'll enjoy the lobby while the rich dorks enjoy it... ugh
The Legend
We all know some terrorist is gonna dress like Anakin and try to execute order 66 there.
How westworld
Vincenzo Vieri
Please make the windows look and feel like ur in space!!! I want to look into space in my hotel room and have it create that 3 dimensional feeling and look to it. I never stayed in a Disney hotel but I will now. Please do something about the prices the Disney hotels are too over priced
Why release this information now? 10 minutes after this went live, I bet Universal broke ground on the same concept.
Joe S
The host talks and acts like Donald trump. I don't like this guy.
Sean Denny
I bet the price will be out of this world too